Gefest or burning which is better gas stove

Gorenje G 6111 WH

Gorenje G 6111 WH is a classic representative of the stoves of this manufacturer with the function of electric ignition of the oven and hob. The model has the ability to clean the surface with steam, and the smart enamel prevents contamination. Keeping the gas stove clean is easy. Patented SilverMatte materials withstand high loads, are not afraid of sharp temperature fluctuations. Trays and oven surface are treated, making them steam-resistant. Better insulation is ensured by triple coating.

This Gorenya model is part of the new generation of stoves, so it has the most efficient design. Vaulted ceiling raised for more space. Unobstructed air circulation in the oven, so food cooks evenly. Faster cooking time is achieved. Customers write about convenience and modern look. Door closes smoothly. Only the trays and rails rattle a bit.

Characteristics of gas stoves


For ease of operation and a better match with the interior and design of the kitchen, gas stoves are made in different designs.

  • Floor-standing. The most common type of gas stove, consisting of a cooking top and an oven.
  • Desktop. Small-sized stoves, due to their mobility are used in country houses and cottages. For small kitchens, they can be placed on the worktop.
  • Built-in appliances. The latest in kitchen design, a cooking top or oven integrated into the worktop of a kitchen cabinet.

There are only three design options for gas stoves


Typically, the gas stove is chosen based on the size of the kitchen and matching furniture. Their standard depth is 50 60 cm., The width can vary from 30 cm to 90 cm., The height is 85 cm.

Cooking surfaces

There is a great variety of cooktop materials and colors to ensure that the gas cooktop blends in aesthetically with the kitchen. Five main types of materials are used in the manufacture of gas stoves.

  • Aluminum alloys. One of the newest materials, processed by a special technology, is used in the manufacture of gas stoves. Stoves with aluminum cooking surface have a modern design and are practical to maintain. These surfaces are impact resistant, but fear scratches due to the softness of the metal, easy to clean with conventional detergents and powders.
  • Enamel Coatings. The technology has been used for many years and is now slightly outdated, and is widely used in many variants of inexpensive domestic plates. Enamel does not show any streaks and dirt, and is quite easy to care for. The main drawback of enamels is the susceptibility to chips from sharp blows with sharp objects.
  • Stainless steel. Has a modern aesthetic appearance with glossy and matt finish, good temperature resistance. The only problem is the coating marking (absent in matt models) and difficulty in care, for cleaning you have to use expensive cleaning products.
  • Glass ceramic. Alloy clay and glass, looks aesthetic and modern. Surface is resistant to stress and high temperatures, but has poor resistance to point impacts from sharp objects. No metal objects are used for cleaning, causing scratches on the cooking surface. Another significant disadvantage of vitrified cookware aluminum cookware leaves indelible streaks on it, it is afraid of the melted sugar and liquid sugar-containing substances.
  • Tempered glass. The material is a good alternative to vitrified clay, made by heating ordinary glass, followed by a sharp cooling. Cooking surfaces look stylish and modern, they do not need any special care. Glass is high-temperature resistant, flexible and strong, can withstand shock loads, and is many times cheaper than ceramic glass. Disadvantage of tempered glass chipping on the edges, fear of sharp temperature fluctuations, there are noticeable scratches from metal and abrasive cleaners.

For an average family, 4 burners are the best choice


Standard solution for gas stove burners with different diameters: small, medium, large. Often the stove has one large, one small and two medium burners. Their number can vary from 2 to 6. Multi-circuit burners are used for fast cooking. The double crown produces a flame that quickly and evenly heats the bottom of the cookware.

Triple crown maximum speed cooking. In addition to the classic round shape, oval, square or triangular burners are sometimes used for better bottom heating.

Often the burners are equipped with additional functions


There are two types of grids: sectional grids for the whole stove or individual grids for each burner. The sectional type is more convenient for cooking large pans with several burners used at the same time.

The main material for making the burners is cast iron. It is practical, has a long service life, withstands heavy loads and does not deform. The cheaper and stronger material is steel, but such grids are short-lived and need to be replaced after a while.


There are also double-circuit ovens, which will allow you to cook two dishes at the same time

Modern gas stoves come in two varieties: a gas stove with a gas oven or a gas stove with an electric oven. Many fans of cooking on an open fire prefer a gas oven, although the electric is more functional. It can have different cooking modes and arrangement of heating elements.

Often an electric oven has a built-in fan that provides constant air blowing air to the food being cooked, this allows the oven to handle any dish.

Gas oven requires more professional control skills, but it is cheaper than the electric model. Also, the newest modifications have the function of blowing when using slow-burners.

The grill can be present in both electric and gas models. With the gas cooking method it is difficult to achieve precise temperature control, but it is more than compensated for the great similarity of flavors of cooked food with cooking on coals.

Safe operation

Among the expensive gas stoves, you can see the childproofing system among the additional functions

Operation of such kind of appliances as a gas stove is always associated with danger, it uses explosive gas and open flame. Therefore, all manufacturers of gas stoves equip their products with the necessary features that ensure safe operation and do not require the presence of a person.

  • Gas Control. Makes the stove better and safer, this system is equipped with all modern models, it blocks the flow of gas on the burner in the case of blowing or pouring. This system is usually present in the oven as well.
  • Electric ignition. Takes outdated matches, when you turn on the gas it is ignited by pressing a button. convenient to work with automatic ignition, when the gas is lit by turning the knob (in the usual ignition, for this purpose uses a separate button).
  • Child lock. Makes it impossible for children to turn on gas when no one is home.
  • The increased amount of glass in the oven is also designed to protect against possible burns when touched, the glass remains barely warm when the oven is running.

Additional functions

  • On indicator light for burners.
  • Built-in timer.
  • Automatic cleaning of the oven.
  • System that automatically pulls out the pans when you open the oven.
  • Different dishes can be programmed.

May not include extra functions as standard

Best professional model

ModelExample costAdditional functionsAdvantagesDisadvantages
Gorenje GI 52339 RW 21 thou. 500 Gas control of the oven and hob, control of functions from the display, automatic control of functions, and so on. Electric ignition, electronic buzzer timer, 5-set oven function. Numerous additional functions, attractive design, large backlit oven, pots and pans. High cost.
Gorenje GI 52339 RBR 19 ths. 700 Gas control, electrical ignition, buzzer timer, grill. Non-stick burners, many extras. Fixed minimum gas flow.

#Combination cooktop

As separate panels or types of plates it does not make much sense to consider them: as the name suggests, it is simply a combination of electric and gas stoves (and not even glass ceramic, of course). In such stoves, there are usually three gas burners and one electric, or both are equal. May have a compartment for a gas cylinder, the oven can be either gas or electric. Such stoves make sense in areas where there are gas outages.

Combination stove ARDO has three gas burners and one electric burner

Combination stoves also come in the form of a separate cooktop. They are produced by the same manufacturers as everything else: Gefest, ARDO, Gorenje, Hansa, Brest and others.

What gas stove is better to buy in the kitchen

Now many people can not even imagine their life without the use of natural gas. With the approach of winter and cold weather we feel more strongly the benefits of its use for heating our homes. No less important is the benefit of using natural gas for cooking. Although electric and microwave stoves are also widely used for these purposes, but still the main role in the kitchen continues to play their gas counterparts. Our topic today is how to choose a gas stove for the kitchen.

To choose the right model in the existing variety of assortment will help us to assess the following main characteristics of gas stoves :

In selecting a gas stove must calculate the possibility of its installation in the interior of your kitchen. If the dimensions of the stove will be unsuitable, then it can bring you great inconvenience or even become the cause of the impossibility of using the device.

The height of the gas stove is in most cases standard and is 85 cm., It’s probably the standard. But the width and depth of the gas stove can vary from 50×50 to 60×60 cm.

Before going to the store, take a centimeter and measure the available space, this will help you to orientate yourself in the right size gas stove.

In the old Soviet stoves there were often only two burners. Two-burner gas stoves are now mostly only available in table-top versions, as the standard is a four-burner stove.

Some models of gas stoves can have 3 or 6 burners, but this is quite rare.

Обзор напольных газовых плит GEFEST

Burners for gas stoves have different sizes and power, most often in the stove there is one large burner of high power, two medium and one small burner of low power.

This is done in order to ensure that dishes of different sizes are placed on the appropriate burners large pot should be placed on a large burner and respectively coffee pot or other small dishes. on the smallest burner.

Today we look at the features of the gas stove, but it should be noted that there are also combined gas stoves. Such appliances can have three gas burners and one electric, or two gas and two electric.

Газовые плиты: GEFEST или HANSA. Что выбрать в 2021? �� I Бытовая техника I #Shorts

There are also purely electric stoves that have no gas burners at all. Such devices already have some similarity in the principle of action, for example with multicookers, where heating is carried out with the help of electric energy.

The surface of the gas stove must have special physical and aesthetic properties, as it has to deal with high temperatures, as well as all sorts of mechanical stresses.

The main types of surface coatings of the plates are enamel and stainless steel.

Enamel surface coating is more traditional. It is quite durable and resistant and can be cleaned relatively easily.

The enamel coating can be made in different colors, although white and brown are the most common.

My personal opinion. it is better to buy a gas stove with a dark coating. it is less noticeable by dirt and other defects.

Stainless steel coating is more durable than enamel coating, but it is a little harder to clean from dirt such as finger marks.

Newer gas stoves can have a glass ceramic surface coating, which has a number of advantages and one small disadvantage in the form of their price.

In most household gas stoves, dishes are placed on special grids above the burners. It can be one complete rack for a gas stove for all four burners, two grids each for two burners, or a separate rack for each burner.

According to the experience of many housewives, it is better to choose a gas stove with a solid grid or with two large grids, because they are more stable. Separate grids for each burner are a bit impractical.

You should also look at the shape of the grid itself, in order to imagine how convenient it will be to put this or that dish on it.

In addition to the direct function of heating food through burners, almost all modern models of gas stoves have built-in ovens. You can even bake a loaf in this oven if you don’t have a special loaf oven.

Ovens can also be operated by gas or electricity.

The peculiarity of the gas oven is that the heating occurs mainly at the bottom, which can cause uneven heat distribution. In electric ovens, the distribution of heating is more even.

For purchase, we can recommend a stove with a good oven that has forced air circulation, which ensures even temperature distribution and improves baking quality.

It should also be noted that the oven must have a backlight.

If you’re a fan of crispy golden browning you might want your gas stove to have a grill. Grill, too, can be gas or electric. You’ll often find a gas grill on gas ovens, too.

The main additional features of a gas stove include:

  • electric ignition. The electric ignition of the gas stove allows lighting the burners without using matches, which is quite convenient and reduces the risk of fires.
  • gas control system. This is a very necessary and important system, which stops the gas supply in case the flame goes out. Gas control helps prevent gas leaks.
  • timer. The main task of the timer in stoves is to give a signal after a certain period of time, which helps to avoid burning of food or t.д.

Among the manufacturers of gas stoves can be noted the firm GORENJE of foreign and Belarusian GEFEST of the post-Soviet.

I hope this reading will be helpful and that you get the best gas stove for your kitchen.

In this category there are budget models, they have compact size and small ovens from 42 to 63 liters, which is enough to serve the interests of a small family of 2-3 people. At the same time we paid due attention to the quality of the door and glazing quality. It is important to note that for the indicated price it is difficult to find a functional solution, but you should not neglect the degree of protection. It is desirable that the selected model at least supports gas control.

Flama RG 24019-W

Opens our top 15 model of gas stoves Flama RG24019-W, whose size is 85x50x60 cm. The surface is made of good enamel, which is not afraid of the aggressive chemicals. The power of the burners is 3 at 1.3 kW and 1 at 2.1 kW, and it is quite a convenient solution for cooking different dishes when using cookware of different diameters. As you have already guessed, uses a fairly large gas stove for 50 liters to meet the needs of a family of 2-3 people. The power of the burner is 2.4 kW. From additional features can be distinguished the presence of a profile table grid, a utility compartment. in general, all in the classics of the genre.

De Luxe 5040.38Г

Considering budget gas stoves, I would like to draw your attention to the model De Luxe 5040.38G with smart ergonomics and good power. The dimensions are 50x50x85 cm, and there is also a compartment for pots and pans. Control of burners and oven is carried out by means of rotary switches. It is worth adding that the manufacturer has taken care of the presence of gas control and two-glass door. An oven volume of 43 liters is not the greatest of all. We are pleased with the quality of performance of structural components and enamel coating. Judging by reviews, the model is reliable and has a good service life.

GEFEST 1200C7 K8

If you have not yet decided what to buy a budget gas stove we recommend to pay attention to the model GEFEST 1200C7 K8 with an attractive design and high quality build. The size of this appliance is 60 by 60 by 85 centimeters. The design, however, has a classic design, and easily fits into any interior design. On the front you can find 4 simple switches that allow you to adjust the flame of the burners. There is a temperature switch to control the heat in the oven. On the bottom, there is a compartment with a hinged lid for storing dishes. The volume of the oven is 63 liters. The kit includes a grill, a grid and a DEKO.

DARINA S GM441 001 At

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but good gas stove, we recommend checking out the DARINA S GM441 001 At. This is no longer a little-known manufacturer of large household appliances for the kitchen. At the same time, this company constantly pleases with good quality and affordable price for their products. This model is a confirmation of that. The hob has 4 durable burners of different power. The volume of the oven is 50 liters. On the advantages of the device should be attributed a good enameled tray, durable grid, gas-control feature. The size of the appliances is 85 by 50 by 50 centimeters. There is a metal panel and quality rotary knobs.

GEFEST 3200-08 K86

The best inexpensive gas stove of 2021 is the GEFEST 3200-08 K86, made in a stylish brown design. Perfect for modern kitchens. The surface has a durable heat-resistant enamel, which is not afraid of small mechanical damage, including scratches. On top you can find 4 good gas burners, which have different diameter and heating power, respectively. The volume of the built-in oven is 42 liters, with stamped guides and a gas control function. Another advantage is the thermal indicator, which is located on the door of the oven. This allows for accurate control. A drawer underneath to store molds and other cookware.

Selection Criteria

Reliability and functionality of the product is usually guaranteed by all brands. This is only natural. Therefore, objectively, the choice of gas stove should be based on the following parameters:

Number and size of burners

The diameter of the nozzle that supplies the gas-air mixture to the burner surface directly affects gas pressure and its power. As a rule, the gas stove is equipped with 4 burners, two of which have a standard capacity of 1.5-2 kW, one reduced and the other increased power.

Cooking surface

The main material for the gas stove hob is enameled or stainless steel. Stoves with glass and glass ceramic top were launched in production relatively recently, its important advantages are minimal heating power, easy care and a variety of colors. A couple of such models you will find in our rating.

Parameters of the oven

If you do not use the oven regularly, you can give preference to varieties with one bottom burner. A more advanced option will be a multifunctional oven with a grill, a rotisserie and even convection.

In our market there are more and more models of gas stoves with electric oven. Electric oven is easier, safer and gives the hostess much more opportunities (because of the large number of functions). The price of gas stoves with an electric oven does not differ significantly from stoves of the same class, but with a gas one. If you appreciate the convenience and modern achievements of kitchen appliances, then the choice in favor of a good combination stove is justified.

But there is such a design and minuses. Firstly, it is an additional cost of electricity, albeit quite small. Secondly, the need to connect the stove to electricity, which is not always possible. So it is worth thinking before you make a final decision about the type of oven.

Additional functions

Gas control system, oven self-cleaning and electric ignition are not necessary, but very convenient features that significantly increase the comfort and safety of using the gas stove.

Comparison of manufacturers of gas stoves

Despite the fact that electric stoves are gradually flooding the market and slightly push back gas models, the latter are still in high demand. Gas is much cheaper than electricity, and as long as this trend continues, gas ovens from different manufacturers will be in demand.

Given the large number of manufacturing companies, it is appropriate to ask the question: what gas stoves are considered the best today? It is impossible to answer definitively, but it is possible to talk about it more or less in detail.

Selection criteria

Many people often have a question, which electric stoves and gas devices to give preference to? The choice can be complicated by the fact that in modern stores of household appliances offered a wide range of devices, which may differ in a set of functions, features, quality.


This criterion is chosen by the customer according to his needs. The number of burners can be from two to six.

It is definitely worth considering several criteria:

Housewives, who often have to cook in a hurry, should choose models with high heat power. This will allow you to quickly heat water in a pot or kettle.

Universal devices are equipped with combined burners, which have 2-3 rings of flame. Each of them can be adjusted separately. This function is very convenient for experienced cooks who know the correct selection of heat mode for cooking a particular treat.

In terms of shape they can be not only round meet triangular, square, oval. They do not have a metal grill. In fact, they act as a stand.

For many it is mandatory to have an electric ignition. It can be manual or automatic. Usually, on the gas stove, on the front panel, there is a button, which turns on the electric ignition. It eliminates the need to use matches and special lighters. After ignition, the strength of the flame can be adjusted independently to the desired level.


All models of Hansa, Gefest, Darina, Gorenje stoves have durable and wear-resistant housing, which is made of high-quality material.

  • Resistance to high temperatures;
  • high strength;
  • There should be an enamel coating on top;
  • The coating makes the product resistant to corrosion and gives it greater durability;
  • Some appliances may have a matte finish, which from the side makes them elegant and beautiful. But it has difficulties in care it is difficult to clean it with a brush, dirt gets clogged in the pores and degrades the quality of the coating.

Cooking surface

With all the hob models, the quality of the cooking surface is of particular importance. It must be made of durable base (metal, stainless steel) with high resistance to high temperatures. Additional coating of enamel protects against corrosion damage.

In some appliances, a good cooking surface is made of stainless steel. This option is considered to be the right one. This is explained by the fact that the basis has increased strength, resistance to corrosive damage. In addition, it is easy to care for. it can be easily removed from any contamination.

Газовые плиты Гефест GEFEST обзор разных моделей

Oven options

Manufacturers of stoves from different companies. Gefest, Hansa, Darina, Gorenje, equip devices with different types of ovens. There are several kinds in total:

Experts say that the best option will be products with a combined oven.

In operation, they will not place excessive load on the wiring, unlike electric ovens. They also have the ability to quickly reach the desired temperature.

Gas appliances can be equipped with several heating modes. Optionally, they can be equipped with a gas grill. It allows you to cook delicious treats that taste similar to dishes made in nature on coals. However, their use requires some experience.

Electric ovens provide several functions. They have a fan that spreads the heated air around the perimeter of the oven. You can bake in them using the bottom heating mode, side, bottom, back wall.


When selecting a gas or electric stove, it is worth paying attention to the size of the device.

The device is usually chosen depending on the area and size of the kitchen space:

  • The first thing to consider is the depth of the planting. It can be from 50 to 60 cm;
  • The width of the design can vary from 30 to 90 centimeters;
  • The height of the household appliance can reach 85 cm.

The most suitable option would be a stove with a height of 50-60 cm. It is desirable to purchase a hood for the appliance.


The safety of the stove is considered the most important criterion of the device. When buying, it is worth checking whether the device has special temperature sensors on burners. They control the shut-off valves on the nozzle. In the case of extinguishing the flame escaped water, milk, they will automatically make the gas stop.

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