Heating boiler on solid fuel long term load

How to choose a solid fuel boiler for the house | Advice from the expert

If you wonder what solid fuel boiler is better to buy in a private home, then this article will give a comprehensive answer and help make the right choice. Also below you can find important information and many nuances of how to choose a solid fuel boiler on your budget and do not miss the mark.

  • Nuances and non-obvious moments when choosing a boiler;
  • What types of solid fuel boilers there are;
  • Wood boilers (they are also boilers constant combustion) budget option;
  • Boilers of long combustion differences and varieties (conventional, candles and miners);
  • Mine type boilers underestimated model;
  • Pyrolysis boilers myth or reality?;
  • Pellet boilers are an expensive solution to all problems;
  • Installation of a solid fuel boiler is also an expense;
  • How to choose a solid fuel boiler.

Boilers of long combustion

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The most economical in fuel consumption and autonomous in time of combustion of one deposit of fuel are boilers of long combustion.

Long-burning boilers are divided into models of rectangular shape and cylindrical candle-shaped boilers.

Boilers of long combustion of the classic type are:

  • Top combustion of fuel
  • The furnace chamber, which holds a large volume of fuel
  • a special air supply system
  • automatic equipment
  • Two-, three-, four-way shelf or tube heat exchanger
  • high quality insulation
  • water grate
  • EFFICIENCY 80-83%
  • Fuel burning. 8 hours to 24 hours (depends on the type and quality of fuel).

Extra-long burning candle boilers. advantages:

  • upper fuel combustion
  • A special air distributor that descends from the top to the bottom as the fuel layer burns
  • Cylindrical shape of the boiler, which is a volumetric combustion chamber
  • Automatics in universal models or draught regulator in wood-burning models
  • air preheating chamber
  • Duration of operation cycle from 24 hours to 5 days
  • 86-90% EFFICIENCY.

Boilers of long combustion are in demand today as never before. High gas price has affected the increased demand for this kind of heating, which caused the market saturation with such goods. Today on the heating market in Ukraine you can buy a boiler of long combustion, both Ukrainian and imported production. It is more reasonable, in terms of service and possible replacement of spare parts, to buy a boiler of long combustion of domestic factory.

Long-burning boilers on firewood and coal are used for heating the house, as an independent source of heating and as a reserve type of heating.

Wood-fired boilers are more economical and quickly pay for themselves. Since the duty cycle of different models ranges from 8 to 24 hours, and in some models may be two to three days, this type of heating is quite popular.

Long combustion water boilers are installed in the system, both with and without a heat accumulator. Boilers of long combustion of solid fuel work even more effectively with a heat accumulator.

Boilers for space heating of long combustion: principle of operation, device

Since, the purpose of the buyer of a solid fuel heater is to save natural resources, the manufacturers of heating equipment have thought about how to make the wood-burning unit work as long as possible without refueling it with solid fuel. Loading the boiler 1-2 times a day makes it possible to use fuel rationally and reduce its consumption.

How do solid fuel long burners work?

Boilers long combustion price in Ukraine

The price of durable boilers depends on many parameters, such as the thickness of steel, furnace chamber volume, the presence of automatic or mechanical control.

It is worth telling at once that the boilers of long term loading. These are often models that work with automation. Automatic boiler is equipped with a microprocessor control, as well as a fan to blow air into the furnace, and often the air is fed through a special channel from top to bottom. That is, boilers for long combustion on solid fuel. They are units of upper combustion.

That is how to achieve layer-by-layer, slow combustion of wood, coal or fuel briquettes. When the flame covers the furnace from above, only the top layer burns, and the lower layers, as it were, are waiting for their turn.

Top combustion and loading units provide for primary air from above and secondary air at different levels into the furnace through afterburner nozzles.

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Solid fuel boilers with automatics depend on power supply, are slightly higher in price, in contrast to the mechanical models.

Mechanical models. are units without automatics, which are controlled by the draught regulator. But, in this case, the air in the combustion zone enters under the grate, which means that such a unit can no longer be top combustion and its working cycle will be shorter. The advantages of boilers with mechanical control are energy independence and price, lower than that of automatic models.

of solid fuel boilers also depend on the popularity of the brand.

Fuels for heating boilers

Heating boiler long load works on almost all types of solid fuel. Wood, sawdust and chips as an additive to the main fuel, briquettes and all kinds of coal. Naturally, the boiler of long combustion on coal, will work much longer on a single load, especially if you use anthracite. However, due to the situation in Ukraine, wood is more affordable to consumers.

Long-burning wood boiler, usually works for a minimum of 8 hours, a maximum of 15-18 hours, or a day or more if it is a cylindrical type boiler with a voluminous furnace chamber, such as Buran. of solid fuel boilers cylindrical are higher than standard models of long-term operation.

Also, quite popular in Ukraine have become solid fuel samples with the ability to mount a torch burner. Such boilers can be heated by pellets.

Scope of use

Long-burning boilers are successfully used for heating private houses or country houses, and for supplying heat to production areas.

How are the heating boilers for the house on a long combustion?

Solid fuel long combustion boilers are equipped with a closed type furnace. Air access to the furnace is supplied in small quantities, as mentioned above, through a channel from the top down and under the grate.

The grate of the heater, as a rule, is made of a thick-walled tube, which is filled with coolant. water. Such grate does not burn out and does not need to be replaced.

To prevent heat loss, the body of the boiler is insulated with heat-resistant materials, and the outer casing is painted with powder method.

The boiler is equipped with holes for connecting to the water heating system: water supply and return pipes, water drainage and the connection of safety. Usually the technical connections are located on the back wall. On the back wall there is also a branch pipe to connect the chimney, equipped with a draught dampener.

The front wall of the housing accommodates three doors. heat exchanger, loading and cleaning. The doors are sealed with ceramic cord for air tightness.

The upper part of the body. It is usually a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger can be in the form of shelves, or tubular. Shelf heat exchanger of the vertical type is easy to clean, it is universal, both when using wood and coal firing. Tubular heat exchanger is more suitable for using coal as fuel.

Installation of a long combustion appliance

Solid fuel boilers for long combustion for the house must be installed on a solid base in compliance with the distances from the walls and ceiling specified in the instruction manual. It is very good when a private home is equipped with a special room. Boiler room where the heater is located.

For a private home is characterized by the installation of a solid fuel appliance next to the gas one. Before installation, it is necessary to consult with employees of the gas service to learn about the necessary safety precautions when installing two heating devices side by side.

The chimney for the heater on solid fuel of the modern sample should be metal, preferably made of stainless steel. High-quality insulation of the pipe in the street will protect the heating system from condensation. Sandwich chimneys are used for insulation.

It is not difficult to buy a solid fuel wood-burning boiler in Ukraine. Just call the online store of wood burning equipment “Ochag” and order the equipment at a low price.

Solid fuel boilers

Today the most common heating system of private houses and premises of different purposes boilers on solid fuel. Modern mini boilers of domestic and industrial level of different capacities are in demand in many industries. Their main advantage is considered environmental friendliness, low cost of fuel, high efficiency and autonomous operation.

The main reason for choosing this type of heating equipment is cheapness and availability of solid fuels (wood, coal, to, wood and sunflower briquettes). This is what often leads to the choice of solid fuel boilers as an alternative to other popular systems of space heating. There are, however, a number of other advantages that should be mentioned to form a more complete picture:

  • Autonomy. Equipment operates without additional supply of electricity or other utilities.
  • Availability. The price of mini boilers and solid fuel heating boilers makes individual heating quite affordable for all segments of the population who choose it among all options.
  • Assortment. The breadth of the model range of solid fuel boilers, varying in price and performance can satisfy the tastes of any customer.
  • Lack of permits. Solid fuel boilers, differs from gas boilers by absence of necessity of their registration or introduction of changes into the house book or other documentation, and also gets rid of expenses for purchase of spare parts and for all coordinating and approvals.
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However, there are some peculiarities of using solid fuel boilers, which need to be known.

Solid fuel boilers need to be constantly loaded with fuel. Some models are designed for no more than 5-6 hours of autonomous work, for others this figure is not 10 hours. If there is no possibility to be at home all the time, pay attention to the pyrolysis boilers of long operation, capable to work up to 2 days after loading.

You should also understand the fact that you can not install boilers for solid fuel in the apartment, but there are models of mini boilers on the basis of solid fuel boilers, capable of heating small apartment buildings as a separate boiler room. For private houses and country cottages, this type of heating will be most acceptable and for efficiency and economics. In this case, you need a separate room for the boiler and the fuel storage.


Types of fuel for solid fuel boilers

The advantage of these boilers is that they are almost indifferent to the fuel and most models work fine on all types of wood:

  • The familiar wood. And not only, so to speak, clean, but also of technical level (painted and so on).
  • Coal and lignite. Familiar to our parents and grandparents types of fuel that are actively used today.
  • Wood briquettes. Wastes of woodworking (bark, chips, sawdust), prepared and formed in a special way to create the maximum temperature in the furnace during the long combustion.
  • Toy briquettes. Same as wood briquettes, only on the basis of tojaniks.
  • Pellets. Essentially the same briquettes, but from special pellets, including the wood base and combustible natural resins. Gives the best ratio of combustion time to output temperature.

Solid fuel steam generators Wichlacz automatic fuel supply boiler

The main parameters, characterizing heating boilers for solid fuel are their size, fuel loading combustion rate, rated power, size of loading window, the number of sections. The level of efficiency is also important. Current development can deliver efficiency up to 90%, in addition, many models are provided with automatic systems, which facilitates the work with the equipment and increases efficiency.

Solid fuel boilers in the online store

Our online store offers the best solid fuel autonomous heating systems. Assortment is represented only by the leading manufacturers of heating equipment in Ukraine.

Equipment purchase is performed by cash or bank transfer to the Privatbank card. It is also possible to send your order by cash on delivery. Delivery in the capital is carried out by own operative forces and is completely free of charge for the client. Delivery in Ukraine by courier services at the best rates.

Solid fuel boilers

The constant growth of gas and electricity tariffs. This is always a great blow to a of an ordinary consumer. After all the income of the Ukrainians does not allow them to pay the market price for gas, and to heat the house with electricity is the most expensive way. The problem of gasification is still relevant, because there are still settlements, mostly in rural areas, which use liquefied gas.

Choosing solid fuel boilers of Ukrainian production from Altep, you get reliable and easy in service equipment with high efficiency, as well as the opportunity to use different types of solid fuel. Solid fuel boiler for your home means energy-independent!

Features of heating boilers

The peculiarity of ALTEP solid fuel boilers is the principle of stratified combustion from top to bottom, which slows down the burning process.

This method contributes to a more complete combustion of fuel, while minimizing the amount of ash and soot. It also allows prolonging the work of boiler on one loading.

If you have already decided to buy a solid fuel boiler for heating, an excellent solution would be to install a heat accumulator along with the boiler. It accumulates excess heat in the heating system and returns it back as needed.

Thermal accumulator will significantly increase the time of operation of the heating system on a single load of fuel. Another option to use the thermal accumulator is to heat water for household needs.

Solid fuel boilers

With the constant rise in electricity and gas prices, electric. And gas boilers are becoming less popular. They are replaced by solid fuel boilers that can run on different fuels and save money on heating the room and water heating. This is a great alternative to heating systems that depend on utilities.

Solid fuel boiler is a kind of prototype furnace, but, of course, with new engineering findings, the equipment is much more modern and improved than the grandmother’s stove. The only thing that connects the products of the past and modern heating systems is solid fuel. This type of heating system is a godsend in off-gasified areas and large rooms, which require large amounts of energy.

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The old way of heating homes in a new way: solid fuel boilers instead of stoves

Heating a private home with traditional gas and electricity is getting more expensive every year. And no matter how alternative energy supply systems are, their power is not enough to heat the cottage in winter. Unless you have a field of wind turbines or solar panels near the house. But within Kiev and other settlements of Ukraine such a project is difficult and expensive to implement. That is why the best option for modernization of the heating system in a private home. boilers for solid fuels.

The main difference between these units is the type of fuel for their operation:

Solid fuel boilers are made of steel and cast iron. The advantages of the latter. durability, simple manufacturing technology. Cast iron is not afraid of corrosive environments, it does not rust, but it weighs a lot and can be damaged (cracks appear) in case of sudden temperature changes. The steel model, unlike the cast iron, has less inertia, but greater thermal conductivity. The price of solid fuel boilers made of steel is lower than those made of cast iron, they are lighter, but they also have a disadvantage: steel versions are rusty.

SWaG 10 Solid fuel heating boiler

The company carries out return and exchange of this product in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

Return periods

Returns are possible within 14 days after receipt (for goods of proper quality).

Return shipment of goods is by agreement.

According to the current legislation, you can return or exchange a product of proper quality if:

  • the product is unused and shows no signs of being used by the user, no scratches, chips, scuffs, stains, etc. п.;
  • Product is fully completed and factory packing is preserved;
  • All labels and type plates are intact;
  • Product preserves its appearance and consumer properties.

Candle Coal long combustion solid fuel boilers

Manufacturing Technology

Candle Uni series is equipped with a modern ventilation system, special grate cleaning pedal, remote control and automation. Candle Coal range has four doors each. A distinctive feature of the Candle Time series is the concrete base with reinforcement.

Practical, long combustion solid fuel boilers are characterized by high efficiency and good appearance. One load of fuel enough for a day and a half for heating the premises with total area of 500 square meters. Another important feature is the fact that these units are not at all fastidious about the choice of fuel with respect to the percentage of moisture. Heating devices Candle equipped with a steel bottom thickness of four millimeters. The heat exchanger is made of galvanized steel. All this points to the high quality and reliability of the product.

Advantages and principle of operation of boilers on solid fuel long combustion

The long-burning boiler is slightly different in design from the conventional.

The classic wood-fired heating element is characterized by an affordable cost. However, its significant disadvantage is the low productivity, frequent fuel loading. With its help it is difficult to regulate the temperature of the coolant. To increase the periods between tossing of wood or coal, heat accumulators for heating are installed.These disadvantages are deprived of the solid fuel heating boiler of long combustion.

Solid-Fuel Boiler Presentation CGI animation

The positive characteristics of the heating element of the long combustion:

  • High efficiency (reaches 90%);
  • Impressive volume of the loading chamber;
  • a long operating time;
  • The possibility of adjusting the temperature of the coolant.

Heating boilers on solid fuel of long combustion differ from the analogues of classical structure by a principle of combustion. In this case, either “upper combustion” or “upper-lower combustion” is used.

A long combustion solid fuel heating boiler can sustain combustion for 30 hours, if wood is put in the furnace, and 5 days, if coal is used.

The above equipment is two metal cylinders, one placed in the other. Between them is the heating medium. The inner cylinder is loaded with fuel, and therefore it also serves as a combustion chamber. A telescopic tube, which serves as a chimney and as a device for the reaction of combustion, is lowered into the other one. At its end there is an air distributor. So, the fuel starts to burn in the boiler, but since there is no air supply from below, but from above, only the upper layer of the energy carrier burns, thanks to which the energy carrier burns completely, giving its maximum to the heat carrier. As the fuel burns, the telescopic tube lowers, igniting more layers of wood or coal.

A modern coaxial chimney for a gas boiler is no longer the old brick pipe, not even close.

Proper connection of the boiler to the chimney has many nuances. About this written here.

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