High temperature of the walls of the fridge

Why are the sides of the refrigerator haier heated??

As the compressor runs the refrigerant through the system, the heat transfer lattices heat up, and this heating can be quite intense. So, where the heat transfer grills are built into the sides of the refrigerator, the walls are noticeably warmer. This is normal and not a temporary phenomenon.

When the fridge is operating the grill is heated by the heat from the chambers and cooled by the surrounding air In Samsung fridges the grills are installed on the side instead of the rear and are covered by a sheet of metal. That’s why the side walls get hot. the grilles draw heat away from the refrigerator chambers and heat the metal.

Why do the side walls and the partitions between the chambers get hot?

First of all make yourself familiar with the construction of your equipment or look at the instruction booklet. Soviet-made fridges have a lattice. condenser. on the rear wall. When the engine started, the rear grille would heat up and then cool down.

In modern two-compartment refrigerators, the condenser tube is located inside the side wall, which heats it. Why is this done?? When the freezing chamber is in operation the minus temperature is created and in the places where the door touches the body the cold air finds its way out. If the room temperature is high, then condensation can form on the walls, which over time leads to corrosion and mildew on the gasket.

Condenser tubes on the back or sides allow moisture to evaporate.

This is how the system works. For whatever reason, the walls of the refrigerator (LG brand) become too hot:

Samsung 192 Litre 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator-In-built stabilizer������

  • The room is too hot, ventilation is poor. For the normal operation of the refrigerator the distance between the cabinet and the furniture should be at least 5-7 cm.
  • Appliance defrosted recently. Then it will take time for cooling to occur and the temperature to resume. The same thing happens after loading warm food into the compartments.
  • The silicone (rubber) seal in the freezer compartment gets hot, causing the door to fit tightly against the cabinet. As a result, cold air is not flowing in to cool the walls.

In some fridges (“Nord”, “Indesit”) the partition between refrigerating and freezing compartments gets warm. This is a normal phenomenon, because moisture is formed here most often. It is recommended to take care of the side walls of the appliance, if they are always dry then you are not in danger of breakage.

How to fix a failure

If you all the same did not identify the reason why your refrigerator strongly heats on the sides, we recommend to address to the experienced masters in a service center or to call by phone for warranty service, it is written in the warranty certificate. Only note that to have your appliances fixed completely free of charge, you will need the store stamp and the seller’s signature on the warranty card. Important! After the purchase of the refrigerator do not throw away the box from it, because in the case of manufacturing defects, you will take away and exchange it only if the full package of documents (instructions, technical data sheet, warranty card) and in the original box.

To summarize

Even the most innovative models of refrigerators with No Frost (or Frost Free) system also tend to heat up. Before you call or run to the service center unplug the equipment, it should cool down completely, but if the walls remain hot for a long time, then you should immediately contact a professional.

It used to be that refrigerators had a freezer on top. Nowadays the layout has changed and it is more advantageous to put the freezers downstairs. Firstly, it’s more convenient, and secondly, the freezer should hold more cold than the refrigerator. It starts at the bottom and goes straight into the freezer. this system makes the most sense.

We have got used to the idea that refrigerators keep cold inside and therefore they should be cold. But here’s the trouble, sometimes you can touch the walls of the freezer and feel that they are not at all cold, but on the contrary, warm.

Many users immediately start to panic, because it seems strange. Do not be so panicked, do not rush to call a master. Actually the heating of the walls of the freezing chamber and the whole fridge in general is not critical and the repair of the fridge is not required. Let’s look at the technical process to understand where the heat comes from and warms the freezer.

It’s a natural process of releasing heat from the inside out. The temperature drops in the freezer and the food starts to freeze. The fact is that freon is constantly circulating through the system. It has this thing called heat absorption. Over the circulation circle, freon gives off the cold and takes away the heat, which goes back into the heat pipes. Previously, the tubes were only on the back of the freezer, so we didn’t often check to see if the back wall was warm. Now, however, refrigerators are more compact and therefore the tubes are not only in the back, but also in the walls. And since the tubes get hot, the heat is transferred to the walls, so the fridge compartments get warm.

high, temperature, walls, fridge

You don’t have to worry about the walls being too warm. It’s different when the walls are pretty hot. The refrigerator book usually tells you what the temperature of the walls can be. It is not necessary to measure with a thermometer, but if you feel that the temperature is much higher. it may be a malfunction. Call a technician who will professionally diagnose and repair your refrigerator.

The first part you can “blame” in this situation is the thermostat. Look, maybe you initially set the freezing to the maximum setting. If it is, you just need to put the regulator on the “medium” mark. Another reason for the heating could be the high temperature in the room. You need to reduce the temperature in the room a little bit, because such “harsh” operating conditions will quickly put the device out of order, and will need to repair the refrigerator. If you have tried everything about what is written above, and there is no result, it is better to call a master, who will conduct a diagnosis and explain why the freezer is heating. It is better to fix the problem before the refrigerator is broken.

Why are the walls of the refrigerator getting warm?

If the fridge began to frighten by its noises or it began to heat up “all of a sudden”, then of course only a master can solve the problem after the examination of the device. In fact it is difficult to give any advice “from a distance”, especially when the user explains the situation implicitly.

Still, before you call or run to a workshop, ask your neighbor for help, you should first perform some simple actions.

Defrost the device, wash and dry it with a soft cloth. Let the appliance rest for a while. Probably, the fridge began to heat up due to the ice, snow coat.

Inspect the refrigerator, identify the areas of greatest heat. If it is the sides or the end part and the fridge is quite new, take into account that the new models have condensers on the sides which take away the heat. The fridge itself can’t generate cold, it can only cool the necessary areas by heating up its own parts.

Well, in older models of devices, the “condenser” tubes are built in behind the back wall. So the side walls can not heat up. Only the back wall should be warm.

Asking the question, why the walls of the refrigerator are heating, read carefully, study the manual and the scheme of the exact location of the pipes. It is worth to know the temperature required for them.

Heating of this or that wall, the specified range is a norm. But, if the wall is heated more than the specified temperature, there is cause for concern. Such a device should be examined by a specialist, it is possible that there is a problem with the heat pump. This problem occurs more often after a very hot summer.

It is only worth itself to imagine: the summer is hot, the heat pump is trying to provide the desired temperature inside the device, and for this, it begins to work with a doubled force. And so it turns out? The walls from the heat and doubling work become very hot. Advice: move the appliance away from any flammable surfaces.

And that is why the new models, which have condenser tubes on the sides, should not be placed very close to any surface, at least two centimeters. This is the main condition to be observed for the walls to cool and ventilate perfectly, which will not happen if the device is placed too close to the surface of any other device.

There are also other problems due to which the refrigerator “heats up. For example, the unit is overloaded, leaks, or a defect in the refrigerator compartment.

And if the “partition wall” between the freezer and the cooling compartment becomes too hot. Not only the partition itself is heated, the whole perimeter of the freezer is heated. And it’s necessary, by the way. The heat completely prevents the condensation of moisture on the surface of the chamber. And the moisture is obtained because of the difference in temperature in the freezer and the air.

What to do

Depending on the cause and the location of the heating, the solutions are different:

  • If the sides get hot, the cause could be a damaged compressor. You will need to replace it. It also happens due to the fact that too much food or hot food is loaded into the chambers. They can also get hot because the refrigerator door is opened very often. If these errors are avoided, the problem may go away.
  • When the back wall turns out to be too warm, it is worth checking whether the grill is dirty. On the outside, you should clean it by turning off the device. It is important not to damage the condenser. If this does not work, you need to check if the temperature sensor and the condenser itself are working properly.
  • If the condenser heats constantly, the problem is often due to a faulty heat exchanger or temperature sensor they will have to be replaced. Sometimes a full defrost and proper use of the appliance is enough.
  • To prevent the bulkhead from getting too hot, it is worth repairing the heater or replacing the seal if it does not fit snugly enough.

The refrigerator heats in the partition between the chambers

When the motor is turned on, the partition between the freezer and refrigerator compartments becomes slightly hot. This part is heated to avoid condensation and its further dripping down the inner walls. But often the service center gets a call: Should the partition be so hot that it is hard to keep your hand on it?? No, if the device strongly heats between the chambers, it indicates a valve failure or depressurization of the circulation system.

If you determine that a particular part of the body of the household appliance is hot, you need to find out whether it should be heated in working condition. If the answer is negative, you do not need to think for a long time what to do. Just call a master refrigerator repairman who will make a diagnosis. A technician will find the problem and point out the possible solutions to the equipment malfunction.

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Diagnosis and Repair

Listen to whether the compressor shuts down or runs without stopping? If the operating time is exceeded, this indicates a malfunction. Therefore, the walls get hot and have no time to cool down.

What could be the indirect cause of the non-stop operation?

Compartment door open often and for long periods of time

Also, a gap may have formed in the seal and warm air is getting in. Temperature rises, sensor reports it to the main module. Therefore, the latter does not give the command to turn off the motor until the necessary values are reached.

  • Read the manual again. Do not open the door for too long.
  • Inspect the rubber seal. If it is worn out, replace it. If it is clogged, wash it with a lukewarm solution of water and soap. If deformed, hot water treatment will help bring rubber back into shape.

Wrong thermostat or mode

If you have set the freezer to “Super-freeze” mode on a mechanical model, the freezer will chill “until it freezes” until you turn it off. Check to see if you accidentally set this mode.

Too low a thermostat will cause similar problems. Correct.

Incorrect setting

The rule is to keep the enclosure 5-7 cm away from walls, away from radiators and stoves. If there is too little space for proper ventilation, the walls may overheat.

Warm foods

You have loaded many products into the compartment at once? Motor will continue to run until temperature is restored. Normally it should take no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

If there is ice buildup in a Know Frost freezer, it indicates a malfunction. The heat exchange is disturbed, the compressor works with double load, the walls of the freezer become warm.

What breakdowns lead to continuous operation of the motor and require repair?

Thermostat is broken

When the thermostat breaks, the module can’t get data on the temperature in the compartment, so it doesn’t send a signal to the motor to shut off. You can replace the thermostat yourself. It is most often located inside the chamber on the side wall (with separate adjustment).

Evaporator problems

Breakage of any element of the evaporator threatens the failure of the whole fridge. Need to diagnose defrost timer, sensor, heater. In such cases it is better to address to the master, as the special equipment is necessary. He will remove the back wall and replace the broken parts.

Changing temperature of a Rio or Sao Paulo.wmv

Freon gas leakage

It is the refrigerant that circulates through the system. This could be the cause of the leakage:

  • Corrosion of steel circuit. Refrigerant moves through the circuit tubes, and the slightest corrosion damage leads to leakage.
  • During defrosting, you used physical force and damaged the chamber, possibly puncturing the cabinet. For more information, see ” What to do if the freezer or evaporator is punctured “.

You need to call a service center to locate the damage and refill the system with freon.

Sometimes the problem may be with the control board. If there is a short circuit or moisture on it, the triac, which controls the compressor, could burn out. You need to check all the elements and repair the defect.

Have you noticed that the walls of the freezer are heating up?? Do not panic, check these elements, and then call a specialist.

Causes of heating the sides of your refrigerator

Heat energy output is through the condenser located on the backside of the unit. But in modern units it is often installed on the side of the compressor. When the compressor is actively operating and distilling the refrigerant, the condenser grilles get very warm. For this reason the temperature on the side surface increases significantly.

Another common reason is the presence of heat sources nearby. For example, some owners place a refrigerator next to a gas stove. It also causes the walls to become warmer if the room temperature is too high due to hot weather or heating. The refrigerator should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should not be placed near a radiator.

The equipment often fails when there is no normal heat exchange. It is not for nothing that the manufacturers suggest to place the fridge at the distance of not less than 5 cm from the walls and furniture. If possible, it is better not to place the device in a niche.

If the walls all the time are hot, and it is in no way connected with the natural reasons, it is better to address to the master. often than not, improper use or transportation of refrigeration equipment leads to breakdowns.

Factors not connected with the malfunctions

The main causes of heating of the refrigerator on the sides, which do not require the intervention of specialists:

  • Intensive operation of the technique after full defrosting;
  • Your Sharp fridge is full of food, which causes the temperature inside to rise sharply and makes the fridge run even hotter;
  • placing hot foods in the refrigerator;
  • activation of the fast freezing function;
  • Large amounts of ice accumulating in the freezer, disrupting heat exchange in the unit;
  • Opening the door too often or not closing it properly;
  • The thermostat turned on to the maximum.
high, temperature, walls, fridge

Sharp refrigerator heats up (hot walls)

You notice that the case of your Sharp refrigerator is very hot and this has caused you concern? There is no need to panic immediately, because during the daily operation of the refrigerator its body heats up a little, and then cools down. This is due to the way the machine works. However, if you feel the body temperature is over 45 degrees, it’s time to check the appliances.

There is a big layer of dust and dirt on the grid. In older models, the grid is located on the back wall. Your fridge-freezer needs to be periodically emptied of accumulated dust

Super-freezing” mode is enabled. In this mode, the unit operates very intensively and overheats

Too much food is loaded into the refrigerator at one time

The refrigerator can overheat due to improper installation

PLEASE NOTE! depend on complexity of work. are for labor only, not including the cost of parts and supplies.

Refrigerator malfunction Repair cost Replacement cost
Thermostat (temperature regulator) replacement from 1200
Leveling, adjusting the fridge from 1000
Door Seal Replacement from 1400

PLEASE NOTE! Final cost is set after the specialist diagnoses the defect. Diagnosis is free, but if you refuse to repair it is necessary to pay 400 for the departure of the master.

Troubleshooting: repair or replacement of the cause part, adjustment of the equipment and electronics;

If the walls of your Sharp refrigerator are hot call our SCVIX technician for diagnostics. We regularly take care of the causes of overheating in our customers’ appliances of different brands. Our specialists will find faults and fix them before your eyes! Contact!

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