Hotpoint ariston oven how to turn off the timer

How to set the time on an Ariston stove?

Notes: To reset, turn the oven off by turning the selection knob to ” “. An acoustic signal sounds and the display indicates the end of the operating mode. Turn the selector knob to choose another setting,” or turn it to ” ” to turn the oven off.

  • Press repeatedly. until the following icons flash on the display.
  • Turn the TIMER knob towards ” ” and “-“. to set the clock value.
  • Press the button again. repeatedly until the display shows.
  • Turn the TIMER knob towards ” ” and “-” to set the minutes.
  • Press the key again

HotpointARISTON FA5 834 H IX instruction manual online. Page 3

Instruction manual HotpointARISTON FA5 834 H IX for electric oven contains pages in Russian.

File size: 710.39 kB. Consists of 8 pages.

How to start the oven

You can download the pdf file of this manual: Download PDF

How to turn off the clock on a Bosch oven?

The oven switches off. Press 0 button twice and turn off the function selector switch. Press the “Clock” button 0. Change the cooking time using the ” ” or “-” button.

Use the keys to set the desired duration: the countdown starts after a few seconds. The time of day will appear on the display and the “bell” symbol will remain, confirming that the timer has been set. To switch off, press and hold the “Time” button for at least 2 seconds.

How steam cleaning works in the oven?

Steam, hydrolysis or Aqua Smart The heating process creates a “steam bath” that softens grease and other dirt, after which it is easy to clean the walls of the oven. Some models of oven have a special indentation on the bottom (instead of a baking tray) for this procedure.

The timer is a special device that allows you to time or program the cooking time. Depending on the setting, at the end of the programmed cooking time, the oven may stop heating automatically or it may alarm the user with an acoustic signal.

How to turn on the cleaning of an Ariston hotpotent oven?

To activate the “Diamond Clean” mode, pour 200 ml of drinking water on the bottom of the oven and turn the selection knob and the thermostat knob to the icon. Note: During the cleaning cycle, the position of the icon does not correspond to the actual temperature.

To set the time, you have to: Press sensor 1 (MENU). The “Steam cooking pan” symbol must light up. Set the current time using buttons 2 and 3 (arrows pointing left to right) After 7 sec. after the end of the time setting operation, the new data will be memorized.

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How to turn on the electric hob veco?

To turn on the electric oven, press the recessed switch and turn it to the desired position. To turn the appliance off, press the knob and turn it to the up position. To set the desired cooking temperature, turn the thermostat knob to adjust the setting.

To set the Amica oven clock, you need to press and hold the left and right hands simultaneously. Then the clock will start flashing, and to set the time it is better to hold one of the hands to reach the selected time.

How the oven timer works?

Thanks to the time counter, at the end of the set period, the user is informed by a characteristic sound that indicates the end of the cooking time. For convenience, manufacturers place timers on the front of ovens in the area where the adjustment knobs are located.

To turn the timer off, press any button on the display. For models with a mechanical timer, simply turn the knob with reference to the time symbols on the panel.

How to set the time on a Bosch electric oven?

On Ariston, Bosch and Electrolux ovens, you do not need to select the time of day. Number 12 should flash on the display. To set the time accurately, either use the rotary knob or the button on the display. After setting the correct value, press the symbol for the hours and move on to setting the minutes.

  • Press the knob repeatedly until the symbol flashes on the display and.
  • Press “” and “-” buttons to set the time.
  • Press the button again until the following two numbers flash on the display.
  • Press the ” ” and ” ” buttons to set the minutes.
  • Press the button again

Using the oven timer requires no special skills. Knowing that the counter is designed to count down from one minute to a hundred, the user must select the desired time. To do this, turn the knob clockwise. When you reach the right level, you need to press the adjustment button, which will fix the relay in the set position. At the end of the measured minutes, the appliance will notify the user.

Аристон духовка и её таймер

But operating a home appliance doesn’t always require a time meter. If the oven is not equipped with a timer, we recommend that you reset the regulator to the manual mode. This mode is usually indicated by a hand symbol. By setting the relay to the manual position, the user can be sure that the timer of the Ariston oven will not cut off the power supply to the device. At the end of operation, if the oven needs to be completely turned off, the mechanical timer 2 chip 100-2r must be reset to zero.

If the hostess has an oven with an off timer, you must remember that the device may not turn on if the time relay and thermostat are disabled. Given that the time counter Zanussi, Ariston, Hansa, Electrolux is closely related to the main functions of the cabinet, when turning on the device should check the functionality of the thermostat and relay separately.

Excellent, if the mechanical timer of the oven functions properly. However, any mechanism can fail. Owners of Ariston, Bosch, Zanussi ovens after a while notice that the relay does not work as it should. Extraneous noises appear in the process of work, the counter does not work at the right moment. If the timer 2 chip 100-2r not only notifies with an audible signal of the end of cooking time, but also turns off the device as a whole, its failure is serious.

What to do if oven timer doesn’t work? Given that this detail is built into the appliances, it is advisable to call a master. After all, brand models Zanussi, Bosch, Electrolux, Ariston are expensive. It means that unprofessional repair can entail considerable expenses. Let’s not forget that well-known companies. manufacturers of household appliances provide warranty repair devices. By contacting a specialized center, the user will receive quick and professional repair help. Masters will either repair the old one or advise you to buy a new timer for the Bosch oven.

Oven with a mechanical timer is a convenient purchase. Using such appliances, a housewife does not need to be on duty in the kitchen, waiting for the end time of baking. The relay will notify about this event with a beep. If the model is equipped with a timer for shutting down, the hostess need not worry at all. As soon as the dish is ready, the device will turn off completely.

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