How long before the hair grows back after the epilator

Hair ingrowth is not just an aesthetic problem. Yes, it’s very unsightly and sometimes even painful. But you should understand that ingrown hairs are inflammation, which can affect not only a small area of skin, but also a very large “territory”. Therefore, if you often face this problem, you should go to a doctor. There have been cases where an ingrown hair has given rise to an abscess. And its removal. the prerogative of the surgeon. What else can help you in this case??

  • Anti-inflammatory ointments and creams. But they must be prescribed by a doctor, do not dare to self-medicate.
  • Mechanical opening of the lesion of inflammation. This is also done in the doctor’s office if necessary. It does not hurt and allows you to “break through” the ingrown hair.
  • The use of peels and constant moisturizing. If you have hyperkeratosis, you have to watch your skin twice as carefully. Body scrubs and regular moisturizing can help you get rid of ingrown hairs faster and reduce the risk of them in the future.
  • Hair removal by laser hair removal. This method, though not cheap, but the most effective. After all, modern laser devices allow getting rid of unwanted body hair forever. So, what happens to an ingrown hair in case of laser treatment? The laser destroys it with thermal energy, and the remains of the hair are “eaten” by the cells of the immune system. In one session you can solve the problem of ingrown hairs, and in 4-5 sessions you will get rid of unwanted hair forever.

If the problem of ingrown hairs bothers your man, laser hair removal will also suit him. It won’t stop him from letting go of his beard in the future, but it will help him get rid of ingrown hairs in one session.


Is there a type of laser hair removal that removes down, blond, and red hair?

Natalia Grigorieva: No. No light devices (including elo-epilation) can remove down hair. Blond and redheads can be removed with any laser, but the result can be either good or bad. no guarantee can be given.

Elena Nasatskaya: No. Laser and photoepilation slows down the growth of such hair, but does not remove it completely. Electroepilation is effective, but it has a serious side effect. scars.

Carina Musaeva: Yes. By combining different types of lasers. alexandrite, diode. you can choose a program for downy hair. But their removal on face and shoulders can provoke the opposite effect, making them tougher (this phenomenon is called paradoxical hypertrichosis). The laser multiplex Cynosure Elite MPX (neodymium alexandrite wavelength) can do it with light-colored, red hair. It simultaneously targets the follicle pigment and the microcapillary pigment that feeds the hair.

Is there an apparatus which makes hair removal completely painless??

Natalia Grigorieva: Yes. Lumenis LightSheer Duet with vacuum amplification. The HS handpiece covers two or three times more surface area than other devices (22×35 mm) and has a vacuum “gripper”. It blocks the transmission of the pain impulse to the brain.

Elena Nasatskaya: No. But each subsequent treatment becomes more comfortable. because the hairs get lighter and finer. In general, whether it hurts or not depends more on personal sensitivity threshold.

Carina Musaeva: Yes. The easiest to handle Motif HR Elos hair removal on Elos Plus (heat and light tingling) and Multiplex Elite MPX Cynosure (cold air blowing by Zimmer Cryo). All devices have an integrated anaesthesia system. At our clinic patients can choose the laser which they find the most comfortable.

Is it possible to remove hair in between treatments with anything other than a razor??

Natalia Grigorieva: No. Other types of depilation (wax, shugaring, chemical depilation) traumatize the hair follicle. When the root of the hair is damaged or missing, the laser cannot heat the hair pigment and destroy it.

Elena Nasatskaya: Yes. Except for a razor you can use a cream for depilation. The other methods remove the root of the hair, and it takes a long time to repair it.

Carina Musaeva: No. Depilation with electric razor, wax, tweezers damages hair shaft, but the laser beam should influence on melanin which is in it. Before coming for laser hair removal, it is recommended to grow hair 2-4 weeks.

Is it true that swelling and redness are signs that the hair removal procedure was effective?

Natalia Grigorieva: Yes. Perifollicular swelling (around the follicle) is a sign of hair follicle destruction. It occurs within 24 hours after the procedure. Therefore it is recommended by rule to make test flashes on the control zone and let the patient for 24 hours to be sure. the laser parameters were set correctly.

Elena Nasatskaya: Yes. There should be swelling after the procedure. There may be no redness, it is an individual reaction caused by the peculiarities of the vascular network of the patient.

Carina Nasatskaya: No. Swelling and redness are not necessary side effects. Swelling occurs in patients with sensitive skin. The redness depends on the color, thickness and density of the hair on the area to be treated. Black thick hair, because it contains a large amount of eumelanin, absorbs light and heats up well, so the redness can be stronger.

Elos-epilation is more effective than laser and photo-?

Natalia Grigorieva: No, rather the opposite. About 10 years ago Lumenis created the world’s first contact-cooled photo system and protected it with a patent. Syneron couldn’t get around it, and had to reduce the power of the light energy to avoid skin burns. And to increase the overall heat, I added an RF pulse. It is “elo-epilation”: low-power light, strong heating of the skin without destroying the hair follicle. Because of the high painfulness of the procedure, experts sometimes turn off the radiofrequency heating. the remaining energy is not enough to irreversibly “kill” the follicle.

Carina Musaeva: Yes. Elos-epilation has advantages over the light methods of hair removal. First of all it can remove light and stiff grey hairs. Secondly, it does not matter the color of the skin. Thirdly, immediately before and after hair removal procedures, you can sunbathe.

Does waxing affect the appearance of neoplasms? Are there any studies on this topic??

Natalia Grigorieva: No. Special studies have not been conducted, but a connection between hair removal and the occurrence of cancer has not been found (for so many years, not a single known case of cancer, which was caused by hair removal). Most devices are approved by FDA. an organization that studies the effect of different products and techniques on the appearance of neoplasms.

Elena Nasatskaya: Not quite. American scientists came to conclusion that appearance of malignant tumors is “programmed” by body. Epilation can not provoke their appearance, but can accelerate their growth, as in fact the procedure is physiotherapeutic.

Carina Musaeva: Lasers that have FDA and Ministry of Health approval prevent skin cancer. However, frequent thermal damage to melanocytes of moles activates their growth, and eventually can lead to the transformation of benign formations into melanoma. So I recommend to do hair removal after removing all the doubtful elements in the irradiated area.

How long does it take for hair to grow back after using an epilator?

How hair grows after waxing

The problem of unwanted hair removal is quite acute for women. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the perfect way to. This is probably the case when the choice literally makes your eyes diverge. There are so many methods that absolutely anyone can choose them, with any type of skin and hair. From the most inexpensive to the most effective.

Depilation is a method of hair removal in which only the outer part is removed, while the follicle remains untouched. Shaving, vaxing and shugaring are all methods of depilation, which are most commonly used both at home and in salons. Shaving, of all these methods, is the most ineffective. Hair after shaving grows back the next day, plus they become darker and thicker with each time. But with vaxing or shugaring, you can achieve more attractive results. The hairs on the treated area you will not see for at least 3 weeks, and the new ones will grow thinner and not as dense.

Laser hair removal. one of the most modern methods of hardware cosmetology to remove unwanted hair. One of the main advantages is the ability to remove hair for a long time. Of course, it takes 4-8 procedures depending on the area to be treated. Such results are possible due to the laser technology: high frequency light beam destroys the hair follicle and the hair does not grow out of it anymore.

Why then do you need 4-8 sessions?? Judging by reviews, it is this fact that most confuses the girls who are thinking about laser hair removal. It’s simple: a pulse of light affects only mature follicles, and those that are in the phase of growth or sleep, remain untouched. That’s why it takes time to activate dormant follicles. After systematic repetition of the procedure the hair can be forgotten for a long time. However, already after the first session, the hair that grows back will be thinner and lighter.

Photoepilation is also one of the methods of hardware cosmetology, but in this case the hair is removed in a slightly different way. The appliance in the hands of a master is emitting short bursts of light, somewhat like a camera flash. These pulses have a specific, predetermined wavelength. one that is capable of destroying the hair and the follicle. In a sense, the effects of laser hair removal and photoepilation are similar: it takes several sessions to remove hair permanently, and already after the first session the hair grows less frequently and is weaker.

Whichever method you choose, one thing is clear: hair removal for the modern woman is just a matter of time. Perhaps some people like wax or caramel better, because they also give good and permanent results. And someone prefers to use modern devices, immediately giving one hundred percent result.

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About the myths and truths of laser hair removal

Depilation is the removal of the hair shaft above the surface of the skin: that is, it is shaving, tweezing, chemical hair removal, waxing, shugaring, electric depilatory, flossing. But unwanted hair keeps growing, and it is a lifelong “struggle” and a high risk of ingrown hairs, post-traumatic pigmentation, coarsening of the skin and the risk of a secondary infection.

It is a myth or the truth that any such methods can enhance hair growth in the long run?

Could you please tell us more about the reasons of ingrown hairs? And whether it’s possible to fight this problem at home or not?

After hair removal the hair grows fast

The topic has resurfaced here at Sasha, well, ok, I’ll write about my experience) Especially since it is about photoepilators a lot of paid reviews, which I suffered in the choice. I don’t know if it’s the theme or the bullshit.

So. I first became interested in photoepilation when I heard about Philips Lumea device. Then, of course, I remembered the good old Aliexpress and went to look for something cheaper. And I found a company Lescolton.

The choice fell on the model Lescolton T012C, which cost me about 7 thousand. Maximum power. 6 J, which is not bad for home photoepilators.

Throughout his not very long life looking for different means of depilation, even tired, some bad hair removal, others they grow out quickly, from a third irritation, others burn and so on. Once again saw on the Internet a novelty “depilation cream for sensitive skin Mini bikini x6. The packaging felt very professional, so I intuited me to go for it. The parcel came a week later:

The instructions are very simple: unscrew the cap, use a spatula to apply the cream to the entire surface that you want to impel, wait 5 minutes, then use the spatula to remove the cream along with the unwanted vegetation, and really just scraping, not scraping until you faint, until capillaries are visible through the irritated skin.

Perfect for sensitive skin, after the procedure there is almost no irritation, just a slight redness that disappears in a few minutes after you rinse the epilation place with water. But the result is amazing:

It doesn’t dry out my skin too much, but I should still use a moisturizer. I just loved it, so far I’ve only tried it on my arms, and then I’ll experiment with the rest of the body. After the procedure, it has been more than a week, and the hair is almost not growing, and it is very thin, they are almost not visible. I recommend it to everyone, even those with very sensitive skin)))

The unique depilation cream Depilation Extra Cream makes your skin sensationally smooth in a matter of moments! This revolutionary tool eliminates the need for shaving with a razor, waxing, and shugaring. Removal of superfluous hair by means of a novelty depilatory is painless and 100% effective!

long, hair, grows, back

That’s why the hairs don’t all grow at the same time!

What does hair growth depend on? Primarily, it depends on the phase the hair is in. There are three. anagen, catagen and telogen. active growth phase (anagen); transitional phase (catagen); resting phase (telogen).

Epilation affects only the hair that is in the active phase of growth. The percentage of hair in anagen and telogen phases on different parts of the body is different.

For example, at any given time, 65% of facial hair is in the active phase, but only 20% of leg hair. This means that:

Firstly, you should not expect long-term results after a single hair treatment; Secondly, the duration of the resting period (telogen) also depends on the body part. Consequently, the period between treatment sessions is also chosen depending on the body part.

Other than that, these are statistical averages and they are not necessarily the same for you either. Hair growth depends on a number of factors: age, gender, race, genetics, etc.д. That is why only personal consultation is the best way to determine the frequency and number of treatments. During the first one, which lasts 2-5 years, the hair grows. When catagen comes on. intermediate phase. The hair stops growing for several days. Telogen. This is the resting phase, the hairs do not grow and fall out in the amount of forty to one hundred hairs a day. Then comes the anagen phase again. But that doesn’t mean that all hair is in one phase or the other at the same time. Some hair grows, while others fall out. It is a natural process. Simply, the older a person gets, the less hair grows, as the anagen phase gets shorter. Conclusion: hair growth depends on age. A person’s race is also important. For example, mongoloids always have longer, stronger, and healthier hair. it’s genetic. That’s why you can’t make your hair grow faster than it naturally does.

To understand regrowth and the ideal time interval between hair removal sessions we first have to understand the basics of hair growth.

If we look at any 10 facial hairs, about 4 out of 10 are in the resting phase, called the telogen. Six out of 10 hairs are in a growth phase, called anagen.

long, hair, grows, back

For 3 days after shaving, only hairs that are in the growth phase will grow. Hence the name growth phase. Note that in the above example, the first hair in the beginning of the growth phase has not yet reached the surface of the skin.

This means that 5 out of 10 hairs are not visible during the first electroepilation session. Thus, they cannot be removed because the electroepilation technician can only get the electrode into the visible hair. This is called false regrowth. Hair in early anagen reaches the surface in less than a week.

Now let’s take a look at what happens to facial hair. The duration of the resting phase also varies with the facial area.

The hair on the upper lip is on average 6 weeks at rest, the rest under the lower lip. 10 weeks. Keep in mind, these are averages, so there are differences for each individual. Accordingly, the duration of rest and growth is also different for everyone.

In other words, any hair above the upper lip that appeared before week 6 was not visible, so could not be treated during the first electroepilation session.

After waxing, how long before the hair grows back

Different parts of the body grow hair at different rates. many women have found that they spend more time waxing their armpits than their legs, for example. In addition, hair follicles in humans lie at different depths, which also affects the speed of appearance of the hair above the skin surface after waxing.

Racial differences also seem to affect hair growth. Europeans grow about 1cm of hair each month. that’s 0.35mm per day. natives of the African continent grow hair slower, at just 0.8 cm per month. This is due to a different structure of the hair follicle, which has a spiral shape, which makes it difficult to quickly regrow hair.

Because hair is pulled back with the bulb during waxing, it grows back much more slowly.

Since hair is pulled along with the bulb when waxed, it grows much slower

This makes the skin stay smooth much longer, as the time between the creation of a new hair follicle and reaching the surface of the skin is greatly increased. This process lasts an average of 3 to 4 weeks, which is the most common interval between waxing treatments.

This is because pulling the hair out at the root makes it weaker and thinner. Weak hair follicles produce weaker, sparser hair. Nevertheless, genetics still have the greatest influence on the thickness, density, and color and growth rate of hair. Don’t expect thick hair to turn into delicate hair after a few waxing sessions. It will take some time before you see any significant changes.

As a general rule, each area is characterized by its own timing of hair growth:

It is worth noting that if you previously used creams to remove unwanted hair or shaved, then after the first hair removal, hair is likely to appear earlier than the specified time frame.

It’s possible: 4 types of hair removal that will get rid of hair forever

Getting rid of excess hair forever is a dream come true. The types of hair removal that allow you to destroy the hair follicle to block future hair growth are suitable for this.

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