How long does it take a boiler to heat water?

Question about the water heater (boiler)!

Recently installed in an apartment boiler 100l. Just for fun, I put the clock on before I took a shower. surprisingly enough for me only 100 liters were enough for 20 minutes, the water in the boiler heated to maximum temperature and it is still diluted with understandably cold water. Why do they tell me that families with 3 people have time to take a normal bath, I do not understand. Maybe I have a defective one and it does not reach the end? Before it’s too late, you can still change it. The time is not given in the instructions for how long it should be enough. Who has a boiler to share the time of the shower, how much should suffice.

You just aren’t used to using such things, more precisely to the amount of water. I used to take a long bath too (not to mention just to lie down), but now I live in a different apartment and it takes no more than 10-15 minutes to shower. My husband only has time to wash up after me. There may not be enough time to wash the dishes.

Yours is only 100 liters. 20 minutes isn’t long enough! What’s the temperature?? 90C or 60C also makes a difference.

I got a 5kW flow-through. I mean, the pressure in the shower isn’t super duper, but it’s fine. take a bath. moreover. dishes. no problem at all.

maximum temperature of 85 degrees. For some reason, when you select the time is not put it, but they write that it should be enough for 3 people

How do you bathe? Pouring the bathtub? You can bathe for an hour under the shower, it’s also heated at the same time.

5 heats it up completely unplugged from the socket.and I’m taking 20 minutes

So maybe I have a defective one. what hour are you what

Don’t make this up. I have two boilers. one at 80 and the other at 30. Even 30 liters is enough for 2 people without any problems

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10 Paramosha, why am I making this up? I’m worried that I have a defect? I was sure it would last longer, now I’m thinking about going to the store

Paramosha and what it means for 2 people.I don’t understand it.for how many minutes.

13- for 11 minutes 18 seconds. Why do you ask nonsense, if you do not turn on full pressure, then the water in general will flow hot for 24 hours, because it is constantly heated.

How to Install a Combination Boiler/Water Heater | Ask This Old House

14 what do you mean by nonsense.I unplug it when I get in the shower. yes water again will not have time to heat up if the heating time of 2.5 hours according to the instructions of a 100-liter boiler

I get it, I think I’m defective, since everyone says I’m talking nonsense, after 20 minutes exactly, I got cold water from the shower. After 15 minutes, I started taking more and more of the cold water

yadda.I have a tank of 30 liters, heats up half an hour, the temperature is 70 degrees. enough for one person, but you need to wash sparingly, the only drawback. you just aren’t used to it and don’t know how to use it.

enough for how many minutes.I wash my hair twice.I’m just a quick mask.Well, I clocked 20 minutes, soJust now forcibly turned on the mountains. long as it lasts and the hours are clocked

Well, 15-20 minutes somewhere, if the water is turned off when I wash, t.е. ♪ so I don’t go to waste ♪. I wash my hair once, wash myself with gel/soap and a mask on my hair once. The main thing is to turn off the water in between.

20 and I’m the same as a 100-liter, maybe a little longer

I just turned on a little bit of pressure in the kitchen.30 minutes was enough for a thin trickle

Folks, do you have no hot water at all??

No, Yu in Ukraine has not had it for 3 months now)))))))) in the Crimea.there’s still hot water in kiev\

(6) I hooked mine up to the electric stove wiring, so in three years of using it. Nothing has burned yet. And in the summer, the air conditioner works in parallel. But phew, phew, nothing burned out and for the light 300 rubles a month at most

Asol! You’re a man after all)))) And there’s only women speaking out.

What to do?? I’m afraid to go out

My grandmother calls me ugly

The Martian! Why such a nickname?? You are khokhlushka)))))

23! Neither is Aslov’s. Not a hoholu. pardon me, Martian, there is no hot water)

You’re showing off.I’m not a khokhlushka.I live there

Martianca! I’m from Guinea Bissau myself. and I live.

The Martian! Naive and stupid! For me, your homeland is worse than Guinea Bissau. in my day! Bullshit!:)

32 what a strange water heater you have:((( I wash dishes tozhe 30 minutes usually, with pauses to turn off when soap, 20. 30 minutes goes, wash with warm water, baby hot water. But I, thank God, the water heater is rarely needed, in the summer usually when everyone has preventive maintenance. I have an Ariston.

Where do you all live?? Guinea Bissau. Barbados. or khokhlady? What are your problems?? No shower, no laundry, no dishes to wash?

How do you get the smell of stink out of your apartment??

Issue of apartments to the inhabitants of Donbass

34 and how many liters do you have? I don’t turn it off when I soap. mountains. water and when I soap myself, or I’ll freeze

why the author is surprised, if you turn on the shower for 20 minutes, it’s enough time, all hot water will go, have you tried to turn it off for the period of soaping and equipment of a sponge?

in Crimea lived on an apartment last year, there was a water heater for 15-20 liters, it was enough for several minutes, to wash one person very quickly, then the cold went, so at a good head 20 minutes is quite decent time.

38 no. Well, others don’t turn it off either and take three in a row

long, does, boiler, heat, water

40, well, they bathe, but not for 20 minutes each, but 20 minutes for all and with heating in between for sure.

41 no, what surprised me a few people said that 3 in a row bathe, without heating in between 80 liters. A few families said they didn’t time it, they don’t know. That’s why I’m worried that I might not buy a marriage

They buy all kinds of bullshit. just to make it cheaper

And then they torment themselves and the people on the womans

You need to buy a flow storage tank

at least 30l.- it is enough with the water flow without even noticing the water

unless you just turn it on full blast and dial it in

A full bath of water 50-60 degrees. then of course enough for only one

Why else would I be worried?when the guys installed it for me.I said, how long do I have enough in the shower, so about 100 liters.They should be enough for an hour. What time is it?20 minutes

43, I have a heated expensive 100 liters. I didn’t buy any crap.the most expensive bought

with the sub-mix, the 100 liters is enough for 20 minutes

Martian. Who told you to unplug it?

There’s a thermostat on it.- It’ll turn itself off

47 today as a matter of principle turned on the socket that heated in the process and turned on the warm water in the kitchen from the faucet.clocked. 25-30 minutes, 30 minutes, the water is cold

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How long does it take a boiler to heat water

Calculations of DHW, BKN. Find volume, DHW capacity, BKN(snake) capacity, heating time, etc.п.

In this article, let’s look at practical problems for finding hot water storage volumes, DHW heating capacity. The power of heating equipment. Hot water availability time for various equipment and the like.

What schemes to use to get DHW? The answer is here: Schemes for getting DHW from a boiler.

1. Calculation of the power of the flow heater 2. Calculating the output temperature of a flow heater 3. Calculate the heating time of an electric water heater (boiler) 4. Calculation of Indirect water heater heating time 5. How much hot water must be stored to take a shower for 30 minutes? 6. Calculating the volume of the tank for DHW 7. Calculation of the additional capacity for DHW. Boiler power = DHW heating

Problem 1. Find the capacity of a flow heater

Flow-through water heater. is a water heater the volume of water in which may be so small that its existence is useless to accumulate water. Therefore it is considered that the flow heater is not designed to accumulate hot water. And we do not take this into account in the calculations.

Given: Water flow rate is 0.2 l/sec. The cold water temperature is 15 degrees Celsius.

Find: The capacity of a flow-through water heater, assuming it heats water to 45 degrees.

How to find the heat capacity at different water temperatures is described here: https://infobos.25 kW (25 kW).html

Answer: The power of the flow-through water heater will be 25120 W = 25 kW.

It is not practical to consume a large amount of electric power. Therefore, it is necessary to accumulate (accumulate hot water) and reduce the load on the electrical wires.

Flow-through water heaters have unstable heating time of hot water. The hot water temperature will depend on the flow rate through the flow heater. Sensors for switching power or temperature do not allow to stabilize the temperature well.

If you want to find the output temperature of the existing flow heater at a certain flow rate.

Problem 2. Electric water heater (boiler) heating time

We have a 200 liter electric water heater. The power of the electric heaters is 3 kW. We need to find the time of heating water from 10 degrees to 90 degrees Celsius.

Find: The time in which the volume of water in the tank of the water heater heats from 10 to 90 degrees.

The power consumption of heating elements does not vary from the temperature of water in the tank. (How the power changes in the heat exchangers, we will consider in another problem.)

We need to find the power of heating elements, as for a flow-through water heater. And this power will be enough to heat the water in 1 hour time.

If it is known that with the power of heaters in 18.6 kW tank heats water for 1 hour, then it is not difficult to calculate the time with a power of heaters at 3 kW.

Answer: The time of heating water from 10 to 90 degrees with a capacity of 200 liters will be 6 hours and 12 minutes.

Next, let’s calculate the time of heating of the indirect heating boiler.

Task 3. Time of heating of the indirect heating boiler

Let’s take the example of indirect heating boiler: Buderus Logalux SU200

Nominal Power: 31.5 kW. It is not clear from what considerations it is found. But look at the table below.

The snake is made of DN25 steel pipe. Internal diameter 25 mm. Outer diameter 32 mm.

Losses in the snake pipe indicate 190 mbar at a flow rate of 2 cubic meters per hour. Which corresponds to 4.6 Kvs.

Of course, this resistance is high for water and new pipe. Most likely there was a risk of overgrowth, high viscosity coolant and resistance at joints. It is better to specify knowingly high losses, so that someone does not miscalculate in the calculations.

6 liters of water is placed in the snake pipe.

The length of this snake pipe is about 12 meters.

Heating time is written 25 minutes. Here it is not clear how it is calculated. Let’s look at the table.

Consider the table for determining the capacity of the coil

Let’s consider the SU200 heat output of the snake of 32,8 kW

Coolant with a temperature of 80 degrees with a flow rate of 2 m3/h is flowing into the coil.

At the same time in the DHW circuit flow rate of 805 l / hr. Incoming 10 degrees comes out 45 degrees

Consider the SU200 heat output of the coil 27,5 kW

Coolant with a temperature of 80 degrees with a flow of 2 m3/hour flows into the coil.

При этом в контуре ГВС расход 475 л/час. 10 degrees comes out 60 degrees

Unfortunately, I will not give you a calculation of the heating time of the indirect heating boiler. Because it’s not just one formula. There’s a lot of intertwining: Starting with heat transfer coefficient formulas, correction factors for different heat exchangers (since water convection also introduces its own variations), and ending with iterating calculations for changed temperatures over time. Here, most likely in the future I will make a calculator.

You have to be content with what the manufacturer tells us BCH (boiler indirect heating boiler).)

That the water will be ready in 25 minutes. Provided that flow into the coil will be 80 degrees with a flow rate of 2 m3 / hour. Power boiler, which gives the heated coolant should not be below 31.5 kW. Ready to receive water is considered 45-60 degrees. 45 degrees in the shower. 60 is very hot water, for example for washing dishes.

Problem 4. How much hot water must be accumulated in order to wash for 30 minutes in the shower?

Let’s calculate for the example with an electric water heater. Since the electric heating element has a constant output of heat energy. Power of the heaters is 3 kW.

Minimum temperature from the faucet is 45 degrees

Maximum temperature of water heating in the tank 80 degrees

Comfortable flow rate of flowing water from the faucet 0.25 l/sec.

First find the power that will provide this flow of water

Answer: 0.45 m3 = 450 liters of water would be needed to wash with stored hot water. Assuming that the electric heaters do not heat the water at the moment of hot water consumption.

This is proved as follows:

The energy used to heat the tank from 10 to 80:

That is, the tank of 450 liters with a temperature of 80 degrees already contains 36 kW of thermal energy.

From this tank we take energy: 450 liters of water with a temperature of 45 degrees (through the faucet). Thermal energy of 450 liters of water at a temperature of 45 degrees = 18 kW.

This is proved by the law of conservation of energy. Originally there was 36 kW of energy in the tank, 18 kW were taken away, 18 kW remained. This 18 kW of energy contains water with a temperature of 45 degrees. That is 70 degrees divided in half got 35 degrees. 35 degrees 10 degrees of cold water we have a temperature of 45 degrees.

Let’s now try to find the volume of the tank when the boiler is heated to 90 degrees.

Used energy consumption of hot water at the outlet of the faucet 18317 W

Answer: The volume of the tank is 350 liters. The increase of just 10 degrees reduced the volume of the tank by 100 liters.

That’s it in total, a 50 liter boiler (on average) with 2.5 kW heating element power will heat water to a temperature of 55 degrees in 110 minutes. The same heater 80 liters boiler 100-110 minutes, a boiler of 100 liters will heat up in 230 minutes.

  • T. time of water heating, hour
  • V. volume of the water heating tank (l)
  • tc. final temperature of water, °C (usually 60 °C)
  • tc. initial temperature of water, °C
  • W. electric power of the heating element. heating element, kW

To include an accumulation boiler without water will not work, or rather will not be able to drain the water from the boiler through the faucets completely A special system (it is multi-stage), which will turn off the boiler, if the temperature of the heating element will rise sharply and rapidly (with water in the tank heating element is not heated with such a speed).

The rule about whether or not to drain the water from the water heater, quite simple: if without draining the tank, this or that procedure can not be carried out, then do it will have to. In all other cases. no.

Types and design

The design of electric storage water heaters differs in the way water is heated. According to this principle there are 3 types of devices:

  • Flow-through. Heating occurs as the water passes through a tube with a heating element. These devices consume a large amount of electricity, so they are used at a low flow rate.
  • Stackable. Boiler keeps water in stock by automatically maintaining a pre-set temperature.
  • Combined. Designed with a storage tank. When empty, the appliance behaves like a flow-through boiler.

The accumulation type appliances can be cylindrical, oval or rectangular in shape. It is possible to choose flat or narrow models depending on the place of installation.

In all cases, the operating principle is based on the automatic switching on of the heating element when the water temperature drops.

Features of external and internal device:

  • Enameled steel or plastic housing is equipped with brackets for fixation on the wall or floor.
  • Between the inner tank and outer casing provides a thermal insulating layer (in most cases. polyurethane).
  • There is a tubular heater and temperature sensor inside. Heating elements can be “wet” and “dry”. In the first case, the element is located directly in the water, so it is subject to scale formation. In the second version, it is installed in a metal tube, which excludes contact with the liquid.
  • There is a magnesium anode near the heating element to protect against scaling. The rod deteriorates quickly and must be replaced.
  • An adjustable thermostat, indicator light and safety valve are provided on the device. The last element ensures the release of water into the main line when the pressure in the tank is too high. The thermostat controls the temperature in the tank to prevent the formation of steam in the case of overheated water.

Cold water is pumped into the tank through the attached hose. The thermostat activates when heated to the desired temperature.

The principle of water stratification with different temperature works: the warmest layer is located on top, from where the hot water is extracted through a special tube.

Thanks to this there is a constant replacement of hot water by the newly heated liquid. To avoid mixing of the layers on the supply pipe, a jet splitter is provided.

With this feature in mind, it is important to choose the right vertical or horizontal water heater (there are floor and wall models).

One heater heats water twice as slowly The most common problem. is when the heating elements are covered with limescale, because of this, the boiler is noticeably slower heating water to the desired temperature, t. к. The heaters first heat up the thick, calcified layers of limescale, and only then, from the limescale heats the water.

  • T. time of water heating, hour
  • V. volume of the water heating tank (l)
  • tc. final water temperature, °С (usually 60°C)
  • tn. initial temperature of water, °С
  • W. electric power of the heating element. TEN, kW

Reviews about “Ariston POWER 100

Many people like this model. It was released relatively recently. Features it just great. Rated power of the device is as much as 1600 watts. At the same time the operating frequency is at 60 Hz. The heating time of a full tank is only 2.8 hours. The control in this model is provided electronically.

The inner tank is made of steel. At the same time it has a silver coating. The maximum temperature of water heating. 80 degrees. Magnesium anode available. In addition, it should be noted quality system against freezing. The water heater shuts down in an emergency state if there is a breach in the mains insulation. The thermometer is digital. Overall, it is very comfortable to use. Heating level indicator looks pretty nice. The maximum pressure can withstand 9 bar. As a result, the model turned out to be expensive, but very high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions on Water Heaters

The internal tanks of ARISTON water heaters are quite reliable, t.к. have a double safety margin: working pressure of 8 atm., at a test pressure of 16 atm. Reliability also depends on the coating of steel inner tank water heater. ARISTON uses a finely dispersed and titanium (exclusive development of the company) enamel, which protects the tank from corrosion for life. When it comes to stainless steel tanks, durability depends largely on the steel grade. In the Russian market today presents the tanks of the following steel grades: 301, 304, 439, 316L, etc. The highest quality and most expensive stainless steel is INOX316L. This grade is used in the manufacture of medical instruments, has improved corrosion resistance with lower carbon for welding, and has higher relative elongation and hardness values. This is the brand used in the production of Ariston Platinum and Steel Tronic lines of electric heaters. The durability of the tank also depends on the quality of welding, t.к. welds are the weakest point of the tank, where leaks and corrosion can occur. ARISTON only uses high-tech welding: argon-arc and plasma welding. These welding techniques are the most effective way to protect the seams.

What water heaters consume more electricity: storage or flow-through?

Accumulation water heaters consume relatively less electricity compared to flow-through water heaters. So, a water heater TiTronic series with a capacity of 80 liters for 3 hours of water heating only consumes 4.5 kW of electricity, while you get 80 liters of hot water (75C) and twice as much (160 liters) of warm water (40-45C), as dilute it with cold water. Flow-through water heaters with a capacity of 4.5 kW per hour, will heat up only 120 liters of warm water (35-40C), while the temperature at the outlet of the flow heater, as a rule, varies due to voltage fluctuations in the network and water pressure in the main. Once heated in a storage water heater, the water retains all the heat, t.к. ARISTON water heaters have excellent thermal insulation. You can use this hot water for one or two days.

The structure of the ESP, the principle of operation, the technology of assembly

Enamel powder is applied on the principle of electrostatic charge difference (as if attracted to the walls of the internal tank), which basically eliminates the formation of bubbles, irregularities and cracks. The tank is then heated to a temperature of 850C, at which time the enamel coating melts and sintered with the tank material.

And why do you need a magnesium anode, if you say that the tank is covered with titanium enamel?

Magnesium anode is an additional protection of the tank from corrosion. Only in ARISTON water heaters has a magnesium anode of enlarged size, that is, the service life and tank protection is much longer than in other water heaters.

Saves energy?

Power saving is due to thermal insulation of the tank of dense polyurethane foam, which provides a daily heat loss of 80-liter water heater is about 1 kW.

What is the maximum working pressure of the tank??

The maximum working pressure is the value which characterizes the ability of the water heater to withstand the pressure of the water. Maximum working pressure is 8 bars. If the pressure in the tank rises above 8 atm., the safety valve is triggered.

How thick is the wall of the stainless steel tank??

Stainless steel tank wall thickness of 0.6 to 1.3 mm depending on model.

What is stainless steel passivation??

Special chemical treatment of the tank. a “passive” to oxygen film is formed, which does not allow oxygen to flow to the walls of the tank. In terms of corrosion, passivation is the formation of an inert film on the metal surface which slows down corrosion of welds, t.к., The welding of the seams uses regular metal.

The passivation process is only used for stainless steel tanks, t.к. double protection against corrosion in steel vessels: enamel coating and magnesium anode.

What is the capacity of ARISTON storage water heaters??

The power of heating elements depending on the model can be 1,2; 1,5; 2,0; 3,0 or 6,0 kW. This information can be found in catalogs, brochures and manuals.

How quickly the water heats up in a storage water heater?

Depending on the volume of the appliance and the power of the heating element: from 20 minutes to 5 hours. For example, the TI-Tronic Best 80 l domestic hot water heater heats in 3 hours and 6 minutes.

How many heating elements in big capacity water heaters?

Structure and material of the thermostat?

In models 30SLIM and 50-20l we have bimetallic thermostats. Works on the difference in thermal expansion of the metals: shell and rod. Temperature error up to 5-7 degrees.

In the small 10-3 liters models and Ti Shape we use capillary thermostats, more accurate, an error of 3-4 degrees.

Ti-Tronic BEST thermostat is electronic, the most high precision, one degree error, the principle of operation. different material resistance at different temperatures, when the temperature changes the resistance value changes and is recorded by the control board.

What is inside the heating element?

There is a nichrome coil inside the copper shell. From the wall of the shell the coil is insulated with a compressed dielectric filler with a high heat transfer coefficient. To prevent penetration of moisture, the ends of the heating element are sealed.

What temperature and what volume of water is obtained at the outlet of a flow-through water heater? Does the coil of the heating element affect the heating in a flow-through EDH?

Any 3.5 to 7 kW flow-through efficient water heater produces 2 to 4 liters per minute of water heated at 25C above the incoming water temperature. For example, it takes approximately one hour to fill a 150 liter bathtub with warm water using a running water heater.

Yes, it does. The coil is made of high ohmic resistance wire

How the safety thermostat works?

If the temperature control is not done correctly, the temperature in the water heater can rise dramatically and lead to the formation of steam!

To prevent this, an independent safety device will switch off the supply voltage. Manual reset. Before manually restarting and reconnecting it, you must find out the cause of the safety device tripping.

How high the water temperature is in the storage tank?

Max 80°C (up to 75°C for models with mechanical thermostat). However, to prevent the formation of limescale on the heating element (heating element), the heating temperature must be set to 60C, t.к. At temperatures over 61°C there is a strong tendency for limescale to form.

What is the difference between open and closed connection diagrams?

In an open circuit, the overpressure is compensated according to the law of communicating vessels, t.е. no pressure is build up in the tank. Only an open circuit is used to connect the Eureka series water heaters. On Eureka, the valve is installed at the hot water outlet. The valve is triggered when there are problems with water escaping from the shower head (nozzle clogging, etc.д.). In a system with a closed outlet, the excess pressure is compensated by a relief valve, aka a safety valve to prevent water from escaping from the EVH through the cold water inlet tube.

What is argon arc welding and how does it differ from vacuum welding?

In argon-arc welding seams inert gas argon is used, which displaces 100% of oxygen, i.e. there is no oxidation. Welding in a vacuum is not as reliable, t.к. it is not possible to achieve an absolute vacuum under terrestrial conditions, i.e.е. The oxidation process still occurs.

Volume Selection

The water in my house is very soft. It affects the operation of the water heater?

Soft water can accelerate corrosion of the tank, so you are better off buying a water heater with a stainless steel tank (PLATINUM series) or with a plastic tank (EUREKA series).

How many people can wash Eureka series EVH?

Volume of the water heater Eureka series (13 liters) is enough to quickly wash one person, but thanks to the powerful heating element (2 kW) in about 20-25 minutes the water is heated again.

How much warm water comes out of the mix?

Since hot water is mixed with cold water, the volume of warm water from the faucet will be approximately two volumes of water heater. For example, a 50 liter water heater will give you 100 liters of warm water (40C. 45C). enough to bathe a few people.

I have a small bath, how do I fit a water heater in it??

ARISTON offers a wide range of water heaters with different volumes and designs. I would recommend the TI-SHAPE SH QB for 40 or 50 liters. it’s an excellent model of the SLIM series with a narrow diameter and unique design that can be installed even in a small bathroom.

Comparative analysis

Why the PLATINUM series water heater is more expensive than the SUPER GLASS series, although the tank capacity is the same?

PLATINUM series water heaters have a stainless steel tank. Warranty period is 7 years. Stainless steel tanks are more reliable and durable, and therefore more expensive than enameled steel tanks. In SUPER GLASS series water heaters the steel tank is coated with fine enamel and the warranty is 3 years.

What is the difference between ARISTON and Electrolux hot water heaters?

All models of water heaters Electrolux have a tank coated with fine enamel, while the warranty is given for only one year. Several types of tank coatings are used in ARISTON water heaters, in addition, the tanks are made of stainless steel, respectively, the warranty period is extended from 3 to 7 years. In water heaters Electrolux heating element (TEN) does not interact with water, the so-called “dry” TEN, it represents a certain convenience when removing it, but on the other hand leads to increased heating time and power consumption.

What is stainless steel ARISTON better than stainless steel Thermex?

According to the results of the analysis of our laboratory Thermex uses the steel of 301 or 304 type, one of the characteristics of which is intercrystalline corrosion. This type of corrosion leads to embrittlement of the material on the boundaries of metal grains in the course of operation. A similar conclusion was made by “Real-Thermo” (water heaters “Real”).

Water heaters are designed to operate at pressures up to 8 atm. Such a stressed condition must be ensured by materials that work well within the limits of elastic deformation.

ARISTON uses 316 grade stainless steel, which belongs to the grades particularly resistant to corrosion and aggressive environments and is therefore more reliable and durable.

The models of the water heater, which can be placed both vertically and horizontally, are very convenient for sellers, other manufacturers have them, why Ariston does not produce such models?

Models that can be placed both horizontally and vertically, are convenient, but lose in terms of functionality. The entire volume of the domestic hot water tank is not used in a horizontal arrangement? Mountain stirring zone. and hol. more water than an upright WC. Horizontal arrangement is rarely used (small percentage), and if the model has a universal arrangement, it makes the product more expensive. Conclusion it is not advisable to produce such models

Safety, reliability

Can the tank explode if overheated?

All ARISTON water heaters are equipped with several safety devices. This is a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the water in the tank; safety valve protects the inner tank from excessive internal pressure; overheating thermostat is triggered in case of failure of the main thermostat.

The materials from which water heaters are made are safe for health?

One of the priorities of ARISTON water heaters manufacturer is to protect health and the environment, i.e.е. Using only safe and environmentally friendly materials in production.

I have small children. The water heater will not be dangerous for them?

ARISTON water heaters are absolutely safe, including if there are children in the family: the devices have 3 degrees of protection, which make the heater reliable in any situation. In the case if the child will even turn the temperature knob, the maximum temperature can be set at 80 degrees, which is the working temperature for the unit. The possibility of scalding a child is completely excluded, t.к. the outer casing has ambient temperature, and it is impossible to penetrate the inside of the tank: the design is hermetically sealed.

How the tank is checked for leaks?

The test takes place in a special bath under pressure of 16 bar

What protection is provided against high pressure?

In addition to the strength of the internal tank, made of stainless steel, all models of water heaters ARISTON have protection against high pressure: safety valve at the inlet will not allow excess pressure in the tank over 8 atm.

And the bolts on the flange will not unscrew under the pressure of water?

The type of bolts used guarantees reliability and tightness of the flange fastening, as well as the ease of use when removing the internal parts in case of cleaning or replacement.

How is quality assured??

Quality control takes place at every stage of production. Technological processes are constantly being upgraded, as well as thorough testing of finished products. The prestigious Corporate Certificate Europe confirms the highest quality of our products.

The warranty on the tank is valid for 3, 5 or 7 years. What about the warranty on other internal parts?

The warranty on the electrical components is 1 year.

How will the warranty on the tank change, if the ESP was replaced by employees of the Service Center??

The warranty for the tank will be counted from the moment of purchase of the failed domestic hot water tank.

Depending on the series from 5 to 7 years. Basically, the service life coincides with the warranty period.

Why the warranty on Ty Tronic Best is higher than on Ty Tronic Mechanical?

Ty Tronic Best Series water heaters use a unique electronic thermostat that allows you to set and control the temperature with greater precision and therefore does not overheat the water, which increases the life of the internal tank.

What is the weakest point in the internal tank?

The weakest point is not even the seams of the tank, but the area between the seam and the tank, because.к. The places in this area are most susceptible to deformation when heating and cooling. Stainless steels use a passivation process to protect these places.

Installation, service, maintenance

Does low inlet water pressure or weak electrical voltage affect the operation of the storage water heater?

No. The water heater can work even in the country house with a water tank installed directly above the unit. Water flows by gravity and that is enough. If the voltage is lower than normal, the water heater will in any case heat water, only it will take a little longer.

How fast the water cools down in the Eureka water heater?

Time of cooling of water is calculated by formula Q1? Q2 where, Q1=CM?T. required heat loss for cooling to a certain temperature, (where C. specific heat capacity of water, M. mass of water, ?T. difference of initial and final temperatures). Q2=Const is the heat loss per hour (the value is given in the catalogs).

Thus, the water heater Eureka series with a water temperature in the tank of 60 C to a room temperature will cool about 6 hours.

Is it possible to drain all the water from the Eureka?

Yes, you can. The manual shows in detail how to do this.

I have a high pressure in the water supply, it will not spoil the water heater?

If the pressure in the network is higher than 6 atmospheres, you must put a pressure reducer to reduce the pressure in the water supply.

What to do if the water from the non-return valve is not dripping, but flowing?

In all likelihood, the pressure in the water supply network is higher than 6 bar, so you need to put a pressure reducer to reduce the pressure in the water supply. The non-return valve may be defective. I recommend to address in the service center: experts will quickly and professionally solve your problem.

Scale builds up on the tank walls and the heating element when using tap water. What should be done in this case?

Scale on the walls of the tank serves as additional protection against corrosion, but the heating element must be cleaned once a year or once every two years, depending on the hardness of the water. You can do this with the help of our authorized service centers.

Hard water increases the scale in the heater. How to prevent it?

Limescale can be reduced by using a dosing filter, which softens the water if necessary. The proportioning filter is installed before the cold water inlet of the water heater.

I only need a water heater for the summer season at the cottage, can it go bad over the winter?

Low temperatures have no effect on the heater. After the summer season, the water from the water heater must be drained to prevent damage to the tank when the water freezes.

I would like to buy a EUREKA water heater for my summer cottage. Do I have to drain the tank when I go away for a week??

No, in summer time is not necessary, it is enough to disconnect the heater from the power supply. But in the winter time the water must be drained.

Should an earthed plug be used for a flow-through electric heater??

Do I have to change the gasket when removing the flange?? Where to get it?

Replace as necessary (visible damage, etc.).д.). It can be purchased at the service center.

What is the maintenance of a domestic hot water tank??

Once a year or every two years, according to the manual, remove the heating element, clean the limescale and check the magnesium anode. This depends on the hardness of the water. The magnesium anode must be replaced in time for the water heater to function properly and effectively in the future.

If I want to change the anode or clean the heating element, I must call a specialist from the service?

You can really turn to our specialists in the service center. They will promptly and professionally carry out “cleaning” or replacement of internal parts. You can also do it yourself: to do this, drain the water heater, unscrew the nuts that hold the flange, remove the flange, then carefully remove the scale from the heating element and replace the anode.

How to carry out preventive maintenance of water heaters: how to rinse a tank, it is necessary to scrape it?

The maintenance can be done by the authorized service, but if you do it yourself it is not necessary to scrape the tank walls, the scale is an additional protection against corrosion.

At least once a year, the heater and thermostat must be cleaned; every two years, the anode must be replaced. Depending on the water hardness (consult the dispensing center), it may be more frequently.

Where to get a magnesium anode?

Magnesium anode is available from the Service Center.

I want to buy a 100 l water heater for my country house. If the tank leaks in the warranty period, I have to take it to a service center myself?

You only need to call the service department. Masters will come to your country house and repair or replace the water heater free of charge. It is forbidden to dismantle the appliance yourself.к. it will make it difficult to determine the cause of the failure.

Can I install the water heater at home myself??

You can do the installation yourself, strictly follow the instructions. But in case of independent installation of the heater the manufacturer ARISTON assumes no responsibility for damages during installation.

It is very convenient to go to the service centers: specialists will professionally perform the installation.

Do not try to disassemble and repair the equipment yourself. otherwise you will not be entitled to warranty repair. Article 18, item 6 of the law “About consumer protection” says that “The defects caused by the improper use of goods are not liable to repair without charge”. If you can not solve the problem with the equipment, call the service center, the phone number of which is written in the warranty card (tel. Elves Service Center. 979-15-55, 270-39-12). In many cases, an experienced specialist will be able to clarify the nature of the problem with the equipment and help you solve it over the phone.

If the consultation did not help, call a specialist at home. Customer service staff will repair the equipment directly at your home or take it for repair in the service center.

Types of water heaters

The principle of operation of household water heating devices consists in the transfer of heat in the water heater from the heating elements through a metal shell of heating elements or fuel-burning chambers and in keeping a certain amount of water in a warm condition for quite a long time. Water heaters are of the flow type, in which water is heated in a stream, and storage, having a tank of a certain capacity in an insulating shell.

In a flow heater water heating time is insignificant, but the flow is limited. This property is useful when you need to quickly use a small amount of hot water, such as washing hands or dishes. This water heater does not even require a plumbing, it is enough to lift the storage tank, fill it manually and gravity flow through the water heater. This model is best used in the country house, where you need to quickly heat water for short periods of use.

According to the type of fuel used water heaters are:

Factors affecting water heating time Water heating time depends:

The best, i.e. faster, water is heated in a water heater that uses an open flame, since in it the capacity is limited only by the amount of solid fuel loaded or the consumption per unit time of liquid and gaseous fuel. The area of heat transfer can also be made large: you need to install a tube heat exchanger in the tank with as many tubes as will fit in the boiler. Water heats up very quickly so it is better to install these devices in places where large volumes of water must be heated, for example, in the heating system of the house.

Electric boilers are limited by the capacity of electrical wiring, most often no more than 2.5 kW, and the area of heating elements. the water in them heats up much more slowly. In order not to waste time, it is better to heat water in advance and store it in an insulated container. The temperature drop in modern boilers does not exceed 15 degrees per day, which leads to a slight energy loss.

It is very important to keep the heating process free of limescale buildup, as limescale buildup creates a thermal insulating layer. This leads to considerable difficulty in heating, power overruns and overheating of heating elements. To do this you need to choose a boiler with a system of low-temperature heating elements of increased length. They quickly heat water due to the large heat transfer area and do not overheat it to the formation of limescale. In addition, the system of automatic maintenance of the set temperature and protection against overheating of heating elements in case of insufficient amount of water in the boiler must be applied.

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