How long does it take for hair to grow after an epilator?

How quickly the hair appears after hair removal: the most effective technologies

Every woman would dream to get rid of unwanted body hair once and for all. In practice, however, refuses that the hair after waxing grows back quickly, sometimes the very next day.

Traditional shaving and depilatories creams really only produce a momentary effect. And just 24 hours later the regrowing hair after depilation is already visible to others. Often these methods of removing unwanted hair traumatize the skin, leaving on its surface cuts and irritation (more in the article: depilation cream or vaksir?).

It is possible to get rid of hair once and for all, but it will not happen immediately. It takes a whole cycle of expensive procedures that are not always safe and painless.

The perfect compromise for the fair sex is bioepilation. This is what many people call hair removal with wax or sugar paste. These products consist of natural ingredients that not only remove hairs from the surface of the skin, but also take care of it. After waxing or shugaring smooth skin can be enjoyed for quite a long time: they, unlike a razor, do not cut the hair, but remove it with the hair follicle. And although painful feelings at this point can not be avoided, the hair after waxing or sugar paste hair removal will grow back in a few weeks. So, it will be about a month before the next procedure.

Today waxing and sugar waxing are the most popular procedures in beauty salons. Women prefer to trust hair removal, especially on the most sensitive areas of the body, to professionals. The beautician will not only select the means for hair removal taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, but also will try to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Additional skin care often includes products that slow hair growth after epilation. And it means that the next visit to the beautician can be postponed a little bit.


When removing body hair with waxing, first apply warm wax to the desired area. Then a paper or gauze strip is pressed to the wax, and then it is abruptly pulled away from the skin, pulling hairs stuck to the wax with the root (editor’s note: there is also a way to remove hair with wax without using strips. the method of epilation by hot wax). After waxing the result lasts for 3-6 weeks (Editor’s note: in most cases. about two weeks). Your hair grows back, but over time it may become thinner and less visible. The only disadvantage of waxing is that you have to wait a while for the new hairs to reach a certain length, so they can be easily and effectively removed. Many cosmetic firms sell kits for waxing at home, but waxing is also done in many salons (approx. Red.: This procedure is the safest and most effective, if it is carried out by a professional master in the salon. Read more in our article Waxing in the salon or at home: How to make the right choice).

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How often you need laser hair removal?

For a long term result you need 1 course of 5-10 treatments. The cycle is repeated every 2-5 years (it depends on the area you treated).

Why laser hair removal must be repeated? Because the body has hair follicles that have been dormant for a long time. In urgent cases for the body, they wake up:

The repeated course consists of a smaller number of procedures: 2-5 sessions are enough to forget about the newly grown hairs.

Does hair grow after epilation??

In the times of Cleopatra, women and men were trying to make their skin smooth and velvety The problem of excessive hair growth on the body, is relevant to this day.

Modern beauties use different ways of hair removal, they dream to get rid of them forever. If in Cleopatra times it was impossible to do, but today thanks to new scientific developments and processes such as photo hair removal and laser hair removal it is possible to get rid of unwanted hair if not forever, then for a very long period.

So many women are worried about the question: whether the hair grows after epilation?

Is it possible to remove hair once and for all?

There is no way to remove all unwanted hair at once and for good. However laser hair removal gives you a chance to get rid of hair forever. The course of hair removal requires about 6. 8 procedures, and at the expense of long breaks stretches for more than a year. The growth of hair after laser hair removal decreases significantly. Hair in an active stage will start to fall out in a week. Secondary course will never be necessary, but in order to consolidate the result it will be necessary to do a maintenance procedure 1-2 times a year. The more procedures you have undergone and the older you are, the less often you need a follow-up procedure.

Tell. After waxing legs how long the hair does not grow ??


Depends on what hair removal If an epilator already in 3-4 days the hairs break through If you do hair removal by strips, wax or sugar paste where 1-2 weeks.Although here individually, depending on the quality of the hair.Thin and light grow slower, dark and thick already in 1 week break through If to speak about hardware hair removal, for example laser or photoepilation, it is necessary to make about 10 procedures to stop growing at all.After the first procedure grow about 3-4 weeks of dormant follicles, but already they are much less than it was


Depends on what kind of legs and epilation. if shugaring or waxing. It will be almost ideal for about a week.

How long does it take to grow hair after epilator

Laser hair removal is an effective way to remove unwanted hair by laser treatment. Let’s consider particular questions that clients have about laser hair removal

For what do laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal. an effective way to remove unwanted vegetation. This modern light technique has many advantages over traditional types of hair removal, including painless, fast and long-lasting results.

Who is the procedure for?

Men and women can undergo the procedure, but the latter make up the majority of clients. For women, laser hair removal is a real godsend, because it can be done in different parts of the body and expect a long-lasting result. The procedure can also be a solution to the problem of unwanted hair growth due to a hormonal malfunction in the body or the presence of “hirsutism” disease, in which women grow hair of the male type because of an excessive amount of male androgen hormones.

Can men have laser hair removal??

With the laser, men get rid of the need for regular shaving, which often irritates the facial skin and causes inflammation of the hair follicles. Periodic treatment makes the hair less stiff and dense, which improves the condition and appearance of the skin. In addition, the laser is also used as a grass trimmer. it smoothes the contours of the beard, after which it looks more neat and stylish.

Why use laser when there are simpler techniques?

There are old methods of removing excess body hair. different types of depilation, including the use of razors, wax, sugar paste. These techniques are cheaper and simpler than laser, as they can be performed at home.

Have a short-term result, often with unwanted consequences. Mechanical methods, unlike application of a laser beam, do not suspend, but on the contrary, stimulate hair growth, as it does not destroy hair follicles. In addition, the process itself is usually quite painful. After just a few months, new, tougher hair grows on the treatment site. bristle. This process often causes irritation, flaking, redness, and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal has no such consequences.

Are there ways to stop hair growth completely??

Hair removal treatments do not stop unwanted hair from growing forever because they do not affect the hormonal system responsible for hair growth.

But in modern cosmetology, there are ways to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time. In order to maintain the effect, it is necessary to do maintenance procedures once every six months.

  • Electroepilation is a method that uses electric current. Gives long-lasting effect. Recommended in cases where laser hair removal is not effective, for example, to remove gray, blond hair.
  • Photo- and elo-epilation. techniques that use light energy. Photoepilation is done by exposing the hair to light energy, while elos uses radio waves as well. The combined method gives more stable results.
  • Laser hair removal. the process of exposure to a laser beam of a certain type (diode, alexandrite, ruby or neodymium). Lasers can have different wavelength, pulse power. the settings are chosen individually.

Why a diode laser is often used in cosmetology?

Diode laser is an innovative solution for hair removal. The popularity is due to the excellent result and the painlessness. Moisturizing gel is applied to the treatment area to cool the skin and protect it from damage.

Does the laser result depend on your skin tone and hair color?

The result of laser hair removal is more noticeable in the area of dark hair growth, as it contains a greater amount of melanin. Pubic hair, very light or gray hair is difficult to remove with this method. The skin tint has practically no impact on the result.

How many sessions should be undergone??

The laser treatment course consists of 6-8 treatments on average, depending on the area to be treated. Hair in the armpit, bikini zone, facial hair is more difficult to remove than on the abdomen, arms, legs, so it requires more sessions.

Why a full course of treatment is necessary?

Hair goes through three phases during its growth: active, dormant, loss. The laser beam affects the hair, when it is in the active phase. The proportion of such hair in the covering at one time is only 15-30%, depending on the body part and genetics. After 1-2 weeks new hairs grow out of the dormant follicles which also need to be treated.

Not all hair follicles can be destroyed in 1 session, some part of the hair will just slow down and thin out. Therefore it is necessary to repeat the laser hair removal procedure.

After a full course of 5-8 sessions the hair will gradually disappear. Then every six months maintenance treatments will be needed, as fine hairs may appear periodically.

Laser hair removal is the best way of hair removal according to many parameters. It has no equal in efficiency, safety and affordability.

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Do you need to prepare for the procedure?

For 2 weeks to refrain from visiting the solarium, taking antibiotics, for 3 days before the procedure do not use alcohol-containing lotions and shave the treated areas.

What to expect after the first treatment?

Before the procedure, you should consult a cosmetologist. The specialist will rule out contraindications, predict the number of sessions and the result.

Hair does not change color and does not fall out right away with diode laser treatment. You can not see any changes in their growth. But after 2-3 weeks it will be noticeable that most of the hair is gone, and the skin is smooth. After 2-6 weeks depending on the area to be treated the procedure is repeated. Thereafter the frequency and the interval between the sessions will depend on the speed of hair growth.

What is the follow-up care??

It is recommended not to sunbathe for 2-3 weeks before and after the procedure, not to visit the swimming-pool, sauna, not to apply any alcohol-containing products, moistening creams, panthenol within 3 days after the procedure.

Who is contraindicated to the procedure?

Laser hair removal is contraindicated for persons under 18 years, pregnant women, lactation, in acute diseases, skin diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. Moles, papillomas, etc. may not be treated with laser. To know the individual restrictions, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Does the laser irradiate?

No, the laser is only a thermal pulse, a light emission with high energy density and high selectivity. It heats only the pigmented hair shaft and hair follicle without damaging the skin or internal organs.

Does the laser carry a risk of cancer??

This is a common concern, but there is no basis for it. Hair removal is done with a diode laser with a wavelength of 808 nm, which is in the visible part of the spectrum and does not damage the tissue. By comparison, a much greater effect on the body has ultraviolet radiation, which can lead to malignant tumors. The laser device produces electromagnetic fields similar to ordinary household appliances.

How to remove hair after treatment, because it does not fall out immediately?

The hair treated by the laser falls out within 10-14 days after the procedure. If there is no possibility to wait, they can be shaved or removed by applying depilation cream, but you should not remove them with bulbs (waxing, shugaring, electric depilatories, tweezers), so as not to stimulate the growth.

What to do if the hair does not grow after several procedures?

This situation is not uncommon. If there is no hair in an active growth stage, you can safely enjoy the intermediate results of hair removal. The skin becomes smoother and clearer, even if the course is not completed yet.

Why laser hair removal is expensive?

After the appearance of laser hair removal in Russia, it really was expensive and not accessible to all. But now with the development of laser medicine, the cost of procedures has decreased significantly. Ola beauty centers have a very reasonable pricing policy for this service.

If the main thing in the procedure is a laser, how much qualification of the specialist is important for the result?

To obtain safe and visible results with any technology, it is important to use the following correctly. Ola centers employ qualified specialists.

The speed of hair growth affects the overall result:

  • Armpits. after mechanical hair removal the skin remains smooth for 1-2 weeks. The hair growth rate on this area is high and it is recommended to schedule the next procedure in 10-12 days;
  • classic bikini. no hair for 10-15 days, its growth is chaotic, uneven. It is recommended to make an appointment for hair removal after 2 weeks after the first procedure;
  • Deep bikini. hair in this intimate area grows slower, the skin remains smooth for 15-20 days. The next session is better usually appointed in 2 weeks after the first visit to the master;
  • arms and legs. the first hair appears in 17-20 days;
  • Face. facial skin will remain smooth after shugaring or vaxing for 2-2.5 weeks.

This is an average statistical data, each person has his own rate of hair growth and intensity of the hair cover on different areas. Growth rate depends on genetic predisposition, national characteristics, hormonal background, lifestyle and diet.

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