How long does it take for the boiler to heat water

Boiler heats water badly. Causes and methods of elimination.

Begin to notice that they began to receive less hot water? You feel that the boiler heats water badly? Let’s find out what the problem may be:

  • 1 Valve on the common riser pipe is not fully closed. The valve is either not closed or is out of order, thereby hot water goes to the neighbors downstairs, and you get noticeably less water from the water heater. To reliably determine whether hot water goes to the neighbors, you need to check that the pipe below the valve is hot / warm. If the pipe is warm, the valve must be replaced/blocked.
  • 2 On the thermostat, the temperature setting has been changed. It is not uncommon for children/wife/ mother-in-law to change the temperature setting of the boiler without your consent. This way you get considerably less hot water. Check if the temperature has stayed the same, or has changed downward?
  • 3 The first heating element is disconnected. In boilers with two heaters. One heating element may have been turned off by someone without your consent. Check it, t. к. One heater is twice as slow to heat water. In addition, it is recommended to use both heating elements to evenly build up limescale.
  • 4 The heating elements are covered with limescale. The most common problem. is when the heating elements are covered with limescale, because of this, the boiler is noticeably slower to heat water to the desired temperature, t. к. Heating elements at first warm up the thick, calcified layers of scale, and only then, from the scale heats the water. Urgent cleaning of the boiler is necessary in such cases. The sooner you call the master for cleaning the water heater, the better, t.к. It is very likely that in a short time, without cleaning the water heater, the heater element will burn out and you will face an expensive repair.
  • 5 Thermostat malfunction. The thermostat does not work correctly on the boiler temperature. You need to replace the thermostat of the boiler.
# Price-list of services Cost
1 Call of the master (in case of refusal of repair) 150 UAH.
2 Call of the master (at repair performance) Free of charge
3 Small repair From 200 UAH.
4 Cleaning (preventive maintenance) 250-299 UAH.
5 Water leakage elimination through the joints and the boiler elements From 200 grn.
6 Repair of electronic module From 549 UAH.
7 Replacement and repair of thermostat From 200 UAH.
8 Return valve replacement From 149 UAH.
9 Replacement of the heater From 299 UAH.
10 Replacing the flange 250-399 UAH.
11 Repair of electronic part From 200 UAH.
12 Dismantling 200-249 UAH.

Hot Water Forever

In order to provide an apartment or a small house with hot water, enough 510 thousand. UAH. To buy a boiler, a flow heater or a gas boiler. Plus the associated costs for installation and permits (if necessary).

Why does it take so long for my tankless water heater to deliver hot water?

Those Ukrainians who used the centralized hot water supply, there is a reason to install alternative sources of hot water. Of course, if such sources were not installed even before the municipal authorities and local heat utilities did not start scaring months of hot water outages.

No one is going to run in the old way with kettles and basins. It is time to install a boiler, instantaneous water heater or a column. True, after the Kiev authorities announced a total shutdown of hot water, almost all water-heating appliances were placed in stores. My wife and I have been hunting for a boiler for a week, and so far without success, says Vladimir Ledovsky from Kyiv. But the sellers promise that in August the shelves will be full again, so there will be no shortage of water.

It is most complicated with gas heaters for their installation requires special permission. Be sure to have special ventilation channels, which will be outlet of exhaust gases. With electric heating is easiest.

The volume of boilers ranges from 5 to 200 liters, and start from 1000 uah. up to 3040 thousand euros. UAH. Choosing the required liters, you should be guided by the number of people in the family and the average consumption of water. Calculate it is not difficult. For example, a boiler heats water up to 60 C for a family of three. If everyone takes a shower in the morning, spending 20 liters each, and then you still need to wash dishes (this takes about 1,215 liters), you will need a total of about 7,580 liters. For one or two people, a 50-liter boiler is enough, but for large families, a 120150 liter model is enough.

Another parameter is the size of the boiler and the orientation of its installation horizontally or vertically. The place for installation must be chosen very carefully. We determined the area to install the boiler by eye and ordered a horizontal one. But it didn’t fit. As a result we had to make a return, wait a few weeks for the right model and lose money because of currency fluctuations, says Anna Sorokhvatova, a teacher of English.

Boiler, or rather installed in it a heating element (TEN), is able to heat water to a predetermined temperature in the range up to 85 C. After the desired degree is reached, the boiler just maintains the desired temperature and uses less energy. The power of the built-in heating element is from 1.2 to 5 kW. The most popular choice is 1.5 kW. This power ensures an optimal ratio of heating rate and load on the electrical wiring.

On average, a 1015-liter boiler heats up completely for 3040 minutes, 5080 liters for 23 hours, and 200 liters for 58 hours. Choosing a boiler, you should also pay attention to the number of heating elements. The fact that with two heating elements each allow to heat half of the tank. Consequently, it will be faster, as well as less costly if, for example, the family is separated, and the boiler is used occasionally.

Important and the type of heating element open or closed. Open heating element is used by most manufacturers. It is cheaper, but it is exposed to water. Closed heating element has no direct contact with water and therefore will last much longer. Especially considering the fact that in most homes water is hard, enriched with various salts that form a scale and spoil the equipment.

The flow-through water heater is a compact replacement for the boiler. It’s a small unit measuring 2,530 by 1,520 centimetres that you can install directly on the wall in the bathroom or in the kitchen above the sink. Through it goes flowing cold water, which in contact with a powerful heating element heats up to 3540 ºС. The heater costs from 500 to 1415 thousand euros. UAH. Its most important disadvantage is the high power consumption. It generates almost as much electricity as a boiler heats a similar amount of water. It’s just that the boiler heats this volume of water for a few hours, and the flow-through heater takes about twenty minutes.

Temperature and heating rate depends on the power of the head. Heating element power of 3 kW is able to effectively heat 23 liters of water per minute, in the case of a larger flow rate should choose the apparatus with a capacity of 710 kW. But this leads to a high consumption of electricity, as well as an excessive load on the network.

We hooked up the heater to the normal wiring, and every time it blew a fuse. Called an electrician. He said it’s lucky that there was no fire. For a powerful heater requires three-phase power and 380 V voltage, so you must necessarily lead from the switchboard power cable, says the experiences of Nikolay Golovko from Kiev. And the socket must have a grounding.

Generally, the flow heater is not for every season. Especially low-powered, up to 2,55 kW. It can’t cope with cold water, but it eats a lot of electricity. Also, the heater is not suitable for homes with poor water supply. The point is that the heating element installed in it must not be dry. Otherwise, it overheats and the element burns out.

There is also a hybrid of a flow heater and a boiler. The so-called filling heater. In its heating tank, equipped with a low-powered heating element, the water enters. It heats the water, but it can not maintain its temperature for a long time. But can handle colder water better than a flow heater. But these units are not easy to find on the market. In addition, the heater can give you an unforgettable contrast shower, because the water in it does not mix well, and the warm jet is abruptly replaced by a cold.

Gas heaters, or boilers, have become popular since the Soviet era, when no one knew about the centralized supply of hot water. These units are divided into three types: low-power (719 kW); medium power (2224 kW); high power (2830 kW). The volume of hot water per minute depends on the power. For example, a 17.4 kW gas heater can bring 10 liters of cold water in a minute (10 liters of hot water in a minute) ºC) to a temperature of 35 ºC, and the 27.8 kW unit generates 16 liters of hot water per minute. The first will easily serve the bathtub and with difficulty bathtub plus kitchen sink. The second one can easily handle two consumers connected at the same time.

In addition, gas heaters differ in the type of ignition: with a piezo element, the electric ignition and the system HydroPower. The piezo element ensures the start of the column by pressing a special button. The wick ignites, the water lights up the burner, which increases and decreases as you adjust the temperature, turn it on or off. Electric ignition is triggered automatically when you start the water. over, it is economical, because there is no constant burning wick. In the HydroPower system, the ignition of the burner is powered by a turbine, driven by the water flow.

Which equipment to choose, depends on the room and the needs of the owners. For example, a boiler provides a constant supply of hot water. But if you use it actively, it won’t be very efficient, because you have to wait for it to heat up. And it takes a lot of space: a boiler with a capacity of 120150 liters reaches 1.11.2 meters in height.

Flow heater performs its task well, if the temperature of the water that feeds it, not less than 1015 C. In addition, such a unit actively consumes electricity. Gas stove copes with the heating of water is the best, but there are difficulties with the installation of it is not possible to install it in every house.

So for a small family or a person who lives alone, the best choice would be a small or medium-sized boiler. It can be supplemented with a flow heater that is not too powerful. Install it in the kitchen and use it exclusively for washing dishes. If you choose a gas water heater, then in any case you need to insure a small boiler or heater. Just in case the authorities decide to turn off the gas finally.

for some water heaters available in Ukrainian stores

Heater properties

Accumulation devices are capable of heating a large volume of water. Devices can be connected to several points of consumption. The advantages are the lack of dependence on the head of water and increased temperature values at the outlet (can reach 85°C).

Service life depends on the corrosion resistance of the tank:

  • Glass enamel or glass façade. After a protective coating is applied to the steel, it is fired at temperatures up to 850°C. This type of coating is not susceptible to oxidation, resists the formation of limescale. The disadvantage is the lack of plasticity of the material, the formation of cracks under the influence of temperature fluctuations. Manufacturers increase resistance to cracking by adding titanium powder. Water heaters with this type of tank have a manufacturer’s warranty not more than 3 years. Another disadvantage of a protective layer is the increase in weight of the boiler.
  • Titanium. Tanks are resistant to corrosion, mechanical damage, are durable. The disadvantage is the possibility of cracking coating at the welding joints. The warranty on such devices is 10 years.
  • Stainless steel. The walls of the tank are made of stainless steel, no coating. Metal does not react chemically with impurities in water, resistant to rust. Due to the durability of the manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years. The material does not have the disadvantages mentioned in the first two options, but at the same time it lacks resistance to the formation of limescale.

There are also some plastic-coated pots. Under the influence of high temperatures the material is subject to deformation, has a short service life.

An important characteristic of boilers is the heat loss, which is structurally determined by the quality of thermal insulation.

The service life of the equipment depends on the material.

First of all, it is worth to determine the type of unit. The storage heater has an integrated tank of different volumes. Inside the tank water is accumulated, and installed a heating element heats it to those indicators that you have set on the thermostat. The thermal insulation of the walls retains heat, which saves energy. As soon as the temperature starts to fall the temperature sensor reacts and the heating element is switched on again.

In flow-through boilers, the way of operation is somewhat different. They do not have a storage tank, so the flow passes through the heating element, heats up and immediately flows out of the faucet.

On what factors the speed of heating depends:

What the temperature should be? 60-65 degrees is optimal. At values of 80-85 ° C is a probability of burns. That is why the hot liquid is premixed with cold liquid. All the more reason to increase the risk of limescale deposits. Potassium and magnesium salts are actively deposited on the surfaces of appliances, especially the heating element. As a result, the part overheats and fails.

Why does my hot water take so long to reach the tap.

If the indicators are set to below 60 degrees, there is a risk of bacterial growth, which leads to an unpleasant smell of water. Eliminate the problem is not so simple, you will have to completely drain the liquid, dismantle and wash the tank from the inside.

So let’s take the optimal setting of 65 ° C. When mixed, you get water at 40 ° C and can fill the bathroom. The appliance will continue to heat the contents.

Take into account that in summer the heating is faster than in winter. Because then the inlet temperature is 15 degrees, and in the cold it is 5 degrees.

How long will it take the electric heater to reach the values on the panel? Let’s compare the power of the heating element and the liters. Standard power is 1,5-2,5 kW. Therefore, the tank volume of 10-15 liters heated for half an hour, and the volume of 200 liters. for 5-8 hours.

For example, let’s take the models “Ariston” and “Termex”. Water heater capacity from 80 to 100 liters. How long it takes to heat the water to 55 degrees, see table.

Calculation in domestic conditions is carried out according to this formula: The larger the area of the heating element and the smaller the tank capacity, the faster its content will warm up.

T2. the optimal temperature set by the user;

The advantages of the storage boiler is that you can use the hot liquid at any time, even in case of power outage. The device is able to provide several extraction points: shower, kitchen sink.

The calculations for the flow heater are performed using approximately the same formula:

The values are the same as in the first case, only V means flow rate l/min.

How to Get Hot Water Instantly | Hot Water Heaters

The benefits of a flow-through. in energy savings. The heating element only turns on when you open the faucet. This makes it possible to quickly and in any quantity get a hot stream. The downside is that the heating temperature usually does not exceed 40-50 degrees. The appliance can provide only one water intake point.

The picture below shows the heating time to 75 ° C in the storage unit:

Maximum flow for flow-through devices:

Knowing the heating time in the boiler is really important when buying. So before you go to the store, do the math at home. That’s how you’ll know which technique is right for your home.

How long does it take to heat a boiler. calculating and selecting a boiler

When choosing a boiler is always a logical question for how long it will heat water? And in different situations, because the water can be heated, cooled to room temperature, or just from the water supply.

The boiler heating time can be calculated. Here, the averaged heat transfer capacity of the heater and the initial water temperature are taken into account.

Calculation of boiler heating time

The formula for calculating boiler heating time gives an approximate value, but it is pretty simple. It does not take into account the decrease in heat transfer capacity as the water heats up. The formula is as follows:

where: T. time of water heating, s; M. water mass in the tank, kg (water mass in kilograms equals to the volume of the tank in liters); W. water heat capacity, 4,2 kJ/(kgK); t1. water end temperature, deg C; t2. water start temperature, deg C; Q. heat exchanger (heater) power, kW.

How long will it take an indirect boiler to heat up

The time for heating water by a 15 kW heat exchanger in an ordinary indirect boiler with a capacity of 100 liters, from a room temperature of 22 degrees to 42 degrees (the conditional temperature at which you can take a shower) will be: 100 x 4.2 x (42. 22)/15 = 560 s, just over 9 min.

As can be seen, not too powerful water heating system quickly enough to prepare water of acceptable temperature.

Heating a heated 80 liter indirect boiler

The boiler is economical in volume and affordable in price and therefore in high demand. But it has a heat exchanger designed for a more powerful boiler with a heat transfer of 22 kW.

  • The initial temperature is 30 degrees. This situation is most common. Water is usually used regularly, so it stays in the boiler slightly heated for the next day.
  • Water is usually not too heated, the temperature is sufficient to be comfortable to “rinse your hands and plates”. We take 45 degrees.

Then the boiler heating time will be: 80×4,2x (45. 30)/22 = 229 s, which is approximately 3.8 minutes. As we can see, it does not take long at all to wait for the normal heating of a small, but powerful indirect boiler with a 24. 30 kW boiler.

How much the electric heater heats

Another typical situation for a house or apartment: There is an electric boiler with two 750 W heaters each, which can maintain heating with one heaters, without making a noticeable load on the domestic power grid.

  • The standard capacity is 80 liters.
  • The situation is also usual. the water is intensively used up, say, for bathing, quickly replaced by incoming water from the mains, its temperature is 10 degrees.
  • You need to heat up to 70 degrees, make it hot to prepare the next bath.

Time to heat cold water to hot water with an electric boiler:

80х4,2х(70. 10)/1,5 = 13440s, or 224 minutes, or 3 hours and 44 minutes.

Selecting a boiler that heats water quickly

If we consider the market of electric boilers, we can see a tendency to increase the popularity of mini boilers. They are something in between a conventional heating tank and a flow-through. With a capacity of only 5. 7 liters equipped with a heater under 2.5 kW. Designed for one tap. If all the water in them is used up, it does not take long to wait for hot water to appear again. In general, they allow to have always warm water of a stable temperature for dishes and showers, but not for filling the bathroom.

If we talk about gas, then, regardless of the heating needs, for a comfortable DHW must choose a boiler capacity of at least 15 kW combined with an indirect boiler with an appropriate heat exchanger. For more powerful boilers, it is necessary to select an indirect boiler with a higher heat exchange capacity.

For two-circuit boilers and layer boilers, the selection of the latter does not matter, the heating rate is determined exclusively by the capacity of the secondary heat exchanger of the boiler.

A few more theoretical considerations on how to pick up a boiler, what size it should be

What other faults can there be, in cases where the boiler does not heat water well?

We have listed the most common problems encountered in cases where the boiler does not heat properly. Naturally, sometimes there are nonstandard situations, and in order to determine the problem reliably, you need to diagnose the boiler. Service center “MIX-SERVIS” works in Kiev not the first year, and makes boiler cleaning and repair not only quickly, but also at reasonable prices. Boiler diagnostic is only 150 hryvnia. We are a leader in providing services for repair and maintenance of household appliances. Appeal to a truly proven professionals!

Good day. I am interested in this question. How long does it take to heat water in the tank of an electric heater 200 liters?? Just we have a large family, and the hot water is cut off almost all summer, we decided to put a heater.

I am interested in how long to wait for the water to heat up completely and what is the capacity of a 200-liter heater. Will the wiring hold up??

Good afternoon. The power in all of them is about the same and is about 2000W. Virtually any wiring can withstand.

long, does, boiler, heat, water

In the same time heating takes about 4-5 hours depending on the desired temperature. If you leave it on overnight to heat up, then in the morning all will be enough to wash. The only question is the power consumption.

How long does it take to heat water in a water heater??

The question of how much the water heater heats, refers rather to storage models. The flow-through design and high power make it possible to heat water almost instantaneously. But if you need to heat a large volume of water, you can’t do without a storage boiler. In the tank of 30, 50, 80 or 100 liters water is poured in advance, which is then heated by a heating element and remains warm thanks to the thermal insulation. To find the best option for your family, you need to calculate, on what depends, how long it takes to heat water in a water heater.

Types of water heaters

The principle of operation of household water heating devices is to transfer the heat in the water heater from the heating elements through a metal shell of heating elements or fuel-burning chambers and to keep a certain amount of water heated for quite a long time. Water heaters are of the flow type, in which water is heated in the flow, and storage, having a tank of a certain capacity in a heat-insulating shell.

In a flow-through water heater, the time to heat water is short, but the flow is limited. This property proves useful when you need to use a small amount of hot water quickly, such as washing your hands or dishes. Such a water heater does not even require plumbing, it is enough to lift the storage tank, fill it manually and gravity flow through the water heater. This model is best used in the country house, where you need to quickly heat water for a short period of use.

According to the type of fuel used, water heaters are:

Factors affecting water heating time Water heating time depends:

The water is heated best, i.e. quickest, in a water heater that uses an open flame, since its output is limited only by the amount of solid fuel loaded or the consumption of liquid and gaseous fuel per unit time. The area of heat transfer can also do a lot: You need to install a tube heat exchanger in the tank with as many tubes as can fit into a boiler. Water heats up very quickly, so these devices are better to install in places that require heating of large volumes, such as in the heating system of the house.

Electric boilers are limited by the capacity of electrical wiring, usually not more than 2.5 kW, and the area of heating elements. Water in them heats up much more slowly. To save time, it is better to heat water in advance and store it in an insulated container. The temperature drop in modern boilers does not exceed 15 degrees per day, which leads to negligible loss of electricity.

It is very important to keep the heating process without scale formation, because a build-up of scale creates a layer of thermal insulation. This causes great difficulty in heating, excessive energy consumption and overheating of the heating elements. For this, choose a boiler with a system of low-temperature heating elements of increased length. They quickly heat water due to the large heat transfer area and do not overheat it to a scum. In addition, should apply the system of automatic maintenance of the set temperature and protection against overheating of heating elements in case of lack of water in the boiler.

Questions about the water heater Atlantic

How to choose the right volume of Atlantic water heater?

The volume of the storage water heater is chosen on the basis of the number of points of water consumption. The number of people who will use these points is also taken into account.

Can Atlantic water heaters be used in manufacturing plants, catering and service facilities?

With the timely implementation of service measures, you can buy boilers Atlantic and use them for domestic, business, industrial and other needs.

How the storage water heater works?

Boilers Atlantic, which installation we perform as quickly and professionally, are connected to the mains after the tank is completely filled with water.

  • The water is heated to the temperature value that is set on the thermostat.
  • After heating to a predetermined temperature of the entire volume of water, the thermostat switches off the voltage supply to the heating element.
  • If the hot water faucet is opened at the water distribution point, cold tap water flows into the tank instead of the used hot water. In this case, the hot water is taken from the top of the tank, and the cold water flows into the bottom of it.
  • Cold water lowers the overall temperature of the tank. the thermostat reacts to a drop in temperature and turns on the heating element again until the water in the tank is heated to the desired temperature.

What is the structure and principle of operation of the storage water heater?

Conventionally, all Atlantic water heaters, the installation of which is more correct to trust our experts, can be divided into two types:

How long will the water heater Atlantic?

On average, Atlantic boilers, the price of which is fully justified by the impeccable quality of the equipment, last at least 7 years. It should be understood that the service life of the water heater is directly dependent on the quality of water and the intensity of its use. Also a huge role for the extension of life of your boiler plays regular maintenance.

How much electricity a storage water heater consumes?

Electricity consumption depends on the intensity of water intake and the temperature of incoming cold water.

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