How long does it take to refill the air conditioner?

When to fill up a conditioner: norms, periodicity

The owner can define by himself whether it is necessary to upcharge the conditioner at home or not. Special knowledge and equipment are not necessary for this. There are two main signs that the freon in the system is low. About them, and also how to fill up the air conditioner at home,

long, does, refill, conditioner

The owners who economized on installation should be especially attentive. If it was carried out by a single bushman, but not a master from a specialized company, the probability of poor-quality connections increases significantly.

So, any user of climatic equipment can understand if it is necessary to charge a conditioner.

Auto-conditioners what affects the periodicity of refueling

The following factors influence the system of auto-conditioner:

  • vibration. It causes the seals to wear out;
  • temperature fluctuations. Because of them rubber elements (gaskets, hoses) dry out and crack, seals lose elasticity;
  • chemically aggressive environment. It causes the piping and the radiator to corrode.

All this leads to a breach of tightness and freon leak.

Operating equipment and materials

In order to fill up your own home split-system, buy, and better yet rent a small set of equipment:

How To Refill R22 AC With Subcooling Method

  • Two-stage vacuum pump equipped with check valve;
  • Manometric manifold with sight glass and hose set;
  • Electronic floor scales;
  • Open-end wrenches and hex wrenches 5-8 mm (can be found in the household).

Note. Pump models equipped with a non-return valve do not “drop” their own oil inside the freon lines during operation.

Then it is necessary to choose freon for air conditioner correctly, taking into account factory nameplate on the external block or operation manual of cooler. The label indicates the refrigerant brand and the charging rate, expressed in kilograms (or grams).

When choosing the type of refrigerant, use simple recommendations:

  • Buy the freon listed on the label; other brands will not work. R410a two-component gas is the most common, R22 or R134a (in cars) are less common. R12 refrigerant is considered to be obsolete and therefore it is withdrawn from production.
  • When renting a manometric manifold, be sure to report the brand of refrigerant you use. It is impossible to use the device and hoses working with freon R22 for charging of R410a, because different oils are added to them. on mineral and synthetic base correspondingly.
  • For connection of manometer station to the service ports of split-system, working with R410a refrigerant, use the special adapter.
  • Make sure you have enough allowance for the weight of the refrigerant. On blowing the hoses will take approximately 50 g plus 30 g for each additional meter of pipelines if their length exceeds 3 m.
  • For the majority of air conditioners installed in the apartments, 1 kg of freon is enough, taking into account the reserve. It is possible to rent together with the cylinder or to buy in a separate container.

Some types of cylinders have a built-in siphon, shown in the diagram. These tanks do not need to be inverted to fill the liquid refrigerant. Inquire about the type of a cylinder from your seller or landlord.

Clarification. Cylinders charged with R410a gas are colored in pink, freon R22. in green.

There is a specialized electronic device that detects minor defects of pipes and connections. freon leak detector. If the efficiency of cooling decreased, but there are no evident leakages in conditioner, the gauge can help to find the fistula the size of a human hair. If necessary, it is possible to rent a device, but it is expensive and senseless to buy it.

How to understand that there is no freon in the air conditioner?

The main signs of a lack of freon, by which you yourself can determine the need to call the service team and refill the air conditioner, are if:

  • Your air conditioning system has noticeably lowered its efficiency;
  • Valve on the outer side is icy;
  • Oil on the pipes;
  • Frost has appeared on the indoor unit.

How to define the lack of freon in air conditioner of a car?

Basic signs of Freon deficiency, by which you can define the necessity of calling service team and topping up your air conditioner, are the following

  • Your air conditioning system has noticeably reduced performance;
  • Valve of the outer side is frozen;
  • Oil has appeared on pipes;
  • There is frost on the inside unit.

How often should you recharge air conditioner??

Maintenance of the air conditioner includes a number of specific activities. Among them is recharging of the equipment, which has a regulated by the manufacturer periodicity. But in some situations unplanned call to the specialists is required. It can be caused by various triggering factors. Often this is due to user negligence. Let’s try to understand the aspects of charging of climatic equipment, and also let’s speak about a number of related nuances, which require maximum attention.

When to think about recharging

Emergency topping up can be for a variety of reasons. But first of all, you should think about it in the presence of such signs:

  • Conditioner is functioning, but cooling efficiency leaves much to be desired. The reason is the lack of refrigerant in the system;
  • If the equipment has been reinstalled. Partial evaporation of refrigerant during disassembly. But topping up after placing the unit in a new location can completely solve the problem;
  • Connectors and pipes are covered by ice and hoarfrost. Sometimes icing is observed also on the external module. It’s all about the increased load on the compressor when compressing a small amount of freon. In this case the components wear out at an extremely high rate. And therein lies the main danger of a lack of freon in the system;
  • If the repair of the outdoor module was carried out. And the matter can be not limited only to topping up the system. It can be necessary to drain all the refrigerant available in a contour and completely charge the air conditioner.

Lack of freon in the system is mostly indicated by significant decrease of air conditioner performance. The operation of the unit in any mode does not bring the required results, and cooling does not reach the desired temperature level. If this is the case, the volume of available refrigerant should be immediately checked. Very often manufacturers specify this parameter in technical documentation on the device. It is also possible to find there the volume of freon that is required at the single charge. Often the question is about 5-10 g per 1 sq. m. of refrigerant. m of the premise.

But what can be caused by evaporation of freon? The problem can be caused by various factors. Most often we are talking about these:

  • Leaky tube connections. If the rolling of the main line is carried out with the violations of technology, the leakage is only a question of time. And such problem appears not at once, but only after a certain period of time. Already at lack of freon in the order of 15-18% the efficiency of work of the equipment begins to decrease essentially. In this case it is worth to top up as soon as possible;
  • Natural evaporation. This process is quite normal. It is about 5-8% of the refrigerant over the year.

Before to start topping up it is worth to know the type of freon that is used in the system. In fact, the refrigerant can be not only single-component, but also multi-component. In the first case either a full or partial charge is possible at the choice of the user. The second deals exclusively with a full charge with preliminary drainage of the remaining freon.

If we talk specifically about the frequency of refueling, this period depends on the type of equipment used. It is necessary to fill up split-systems and multisplit-systems at least once a year. It is desirable to do it before the beginning of a new season.

long, does, refill, conditioner

The design of mobile and window air conditioners excludes the need for refilling. Only a complete refill is possible. And it is quite possible to carry out it only once in several years. Frequency of refilling of industrial air conditioners directly depends on the type of concrete equipment and intensity of its operation.

One should not hurry with the topping up. But waiting too long is not advisable. After all, in the first place the compressor fails. Its repair is expensive enough and requires use of significant resources.

Why it is not necessary to fill up the split-system by yourself

The answer to this question is quite obvious. Because the seeming simplicity of the process is deceptive. And it is practically impossible to carry out high-quality filling without some experience and proper tools. If the attempt is unsuccessful, it can end very unpleasantly. The follow-up repair of the climatic equipment will cost a rather considerable sum.

For this reason it is better to rely on professionals. They have everything necessary for qualified refueling of any type and format air conditioner. The services are inexpensive and everyone can afford them. Without making considerable harm to the personal budget.

There are no strict norms for refueling. The volume of the charged refrigerant must be equal to the volume of the freon which has been lost during operation. When it comes to a full refill, the manufacturer’s recommendations for the optimal operating pressure can be found in the manual of the climate system.

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How to know if the air conditioner should be topped up at home?

A month after installation there will be a gas leak. The unit will slowly cool the premise, and you will see frost on the outside unit. Such signs show that it is necessary to top up the conditioner with freon. After repair of Freon pipe it is necessary to charge also split-system.

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When it is necessary to charge the conditioner

After we have installed air conditioner in our apartment we can breathe a sigh of relief. The problem with air cooling is solved. It operates correctly for some time, but after some time frost appears on the outer block of air conditioner, air heating or cooling occurs slowly. All these signs indicate that the air conditioner needs to be refilled.

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When a standard installation is done by a professional, there is no need to charge the conditioner. The split system is already charged with freon, which is in the external unit of the unit in a liquid state. But if the installation is done not qualitatively or not professionally, the charging of air conditioner is unavoidable. Freon can evaporate as a result of poor pipe connection rolls in the freon circuit. The gas leakage can occur in a month after the installation. The conditioner will cool the room slowly and the frost will appear on the external block. These signs will testify that conditioner needs charging with freon.Charging of split-system is necessary also after repair of equipment or freon pipe. Of course, during the air conditioner exploitation the natural gas leakage is present, but this one is very small. It reaches 6-8% per year. That is why if there are no breakages of air conditioner, it is necessary to charge it not less often than one time in two years. If this is not done, the freon level in the air conditioning system will be below the allowable value, and this will shorten the life of this household appliance. Compressor is sure to overheat and burn, and you will have to repair split-system, which will cost much more than refueling. And here a question appears: how to define whether it is necessary tocharge conditioner or not? It can be done without special devices. Lack of freon displays decrease in intensity of air cooling or heating and appearance of ice and hoarfrost on the outside unit. As soon as the owner of air conditioner has noticed one of signs, he should apply to the service center to charge the system. The cost of refueling depends on the amount of gas that has evaporated and on its brand. For this purpose freon R-22, R-407C, R-410A is used. The safest is considered to be the last one listed. It does not deplete ozone layer of the atmosphere and is safe for the human health.

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