How long does laser hair removal lasts

How long does hair fall out after laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective, safe, painless methods of radical removal of unwanted vegetation on any part of the body. Patients who come to this procedure for the first time often ask specialists: “How long does hair fall out after laser hair removal??”.

There are several types of lasers for hair removal. When influencing the hair follicle with a diode laser the hair remains on the skin surface and hair loss begins in 7-10 days after the procedure.

And during laser hair removal with alexandrite laser, which is used in our clinic, the hair from the treated skin surface disappears immediately. Operating principle of a Alexandrite laser is as follows: during the procedure the laser rays act not only on hair follicle, but also on the hair shaft. Melanin, contained in the hair follicle responsible for hair color, absorbs laser energy, which in turn is transformed into heat, damaging the hair follicle and hair shaft.

Laser hair removal.

I filled in the original procedures I was interested in on the Internet, namely. Laser hair removal and vascular removal, I found a whole list of addresses of clinics and beauty centers. Then I selected the sites, which, in my opinion, were the most interesting to me (there is information about the doctors of the center, the procedures themselves are well described, there are a lot of photos), then the ones, where the are more acceptable to me. And then I called from the remaining addresses and made an appointment at the center that was convenient for me in terms of location.

I liked the cozy and beautiful center externally as soon as I crossed the threshold. Tiled floor, mirrored closet, beautiful lighting, hanging TVs with wide screens, an aquarium with fish, in general, the atmosphere disposes from the first minute. I reminded myself that appearances can often be deceiving, so I waited for the doctor. However, we almost did not have to wait. In about a minute, the receptionist took me to the doctor’s office.

The doctor turned out to be a young sociable woman, Maria. It should be noted that the consultation was free of charge, and it had no impact on the attitude towards the patient. The doctor was very happy to answer all my questions.

Laser hair removal at the price of wax: a fraud?

At the heart of all conscious and unconscious fallacies are issues of profit: for the clinic, which specializes only in epilation, the worst event. If the patient stops growing hair. In this case, they lose the client. We know a few places where the patient is well and properly done only every 3 procedures to maximize the number of visits.

In general, this is a topic for a separate analysis, but briefly we can note a few main points.

The most important thing when carrying out effective (. ) Laser hair removal. experience and honesty (. ) beautician, the level of education of the clinic or salon management, as well as the effectiveness of the laser installation.

The most common misconceptions and tricks:

  • Often instead of laser devices IPL-installations (for photo hair removal) are used. The scary part is the other. that many “beauticians” do not understand the difference between broadband light and laser radiation. Or they deliberately substitute these methods for their own benefit.
  • They use inexpensive installations for hair removal: such devices do not provide the necessary power, often not registered in the territory Visiting hair removal procedures on such lasers can endlessly, there will be no result. All the above is also true for the used devices.
  • Forcing you to attend treatments much more often than necessary, enticing you with the inexpensive cost of the procedure itself.

The formula of effective hair removal: an experienced cosmetologist, a qualitative (expensive) device, a clinic of a wide profile (not only hair removal).

Is it possible to remove hair permanently in one session of laser hair removal??

No. You can’t. And it has nothing to do with the quality of the laser device, but with human physiology. And here’s why. Each single facial or body hair has three development (growth) cycles.

Even super modern lasers subject to energy impact only those hairs that are in the active growth stage (anagen). Exactly in this stage the melanin pigment is formed, which is selectively influenced by laser. That is why only in this phase of hair growth laser hair removal will be effective.

Every day only 15-20% of all hair on the surface of the skin is in the phase of growth, has a pronounced pigment and is exposed to laser hair removal. Simultaneously with them on the face and body is the hair in the intermediate stage (catagen) and resting (telogen). they are not sensitive to any laser energy. Alternating hairs “awaken” over time, each in its own cycle.

Therefore, at the moment of laser hair removal procedure no more than 15-20% of hair follicles are removed on average, and to remove all hair in the affected area a CURSE OF SEATS. in order to “catch” all hair in the hair removal zone in the anagen stage. How many and how often you need to undergo laser hair removal sessions is determined individually. In our clinic and on our device it usually not more than 6-8 procedures.

Contraindications to laser hair removal

Contraindications include the following factors:

  • gestational period;
  • breastfeeding;
  • Skin diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • cancer;
  • Cases where the hair is in the form of a fuzz, too light or gray;
  • Taking tetracycline antibiotics.


Contraindications and recommendations

As any procedure, laser hair removal of the armpit zone has contraindications, among which it is worth noting:

Birthmarks, located on the area to be laser hair removal;

Some salons do not perform laser hair removal underarms to customers who are under 18 years, or require parental consent. Some women do not tolerate the treatment very well. Therefore, before treating the entire area, it is worth checking the reaction of the skin in one area.

For women with light or gray hair, hair removal may not help at all. Therefore, before going for a session, it is necessary to go for a consultation to the doctor, who will give an opinion on the state of health.

The effect of the light beam on the hair follicles

The lack of instant results after the procedure is due to the peculiarities of the laser impact on hair follicles. The light beam, penetrating into the tissues, acts only on the active follicles, colored with dark pigment, destroying them completely. In this case, the hair remains intact and only after some time begins to come out. Make sure it’s not a continuation of the growth by pulling out a few hairs. Firstly, there is no pain, and secondly. on their tips there are no hair follicles. That is why you should not worry if after laser hair removal the hair did not fall out immediately.

In addition, a certain part of the hair follicles is in an inactive state. Because they lack dark pigment, the light beam will not damage them. After the first sessions, these bulbs are activated and hairs begin to grow from them. They are removed during subsequent treatments.

Laser eyelid resurfacing

If the skin around the eyes is saggy, flabby and wrinkled, laser eyelid resurfacing can help. This is a modern procedure, which effectively and with minimal trauma helps to get rid of skin defects that make the appearance of older, and the eyes. tired. What is a laser eyelid resurfacing? The skin on the eyelids and around the eyes is especially thin and fragile, prone to damage and dryness. This area []

I want to express my gratitude to my professional cook, Anna Igorevna! I found Laser Aesthetic on the Internet, because of the many positive Комментарии и мнения владельцев of your patients. Anna Igorevna helped me with my old problem, pigmentation in the area of my cheeks; literally after 4 procedures my face transformed. I’m very happy, now I do not have to hide the pigmentation under a lot of foundation, it’s just gone))). I am so happy about that. In addition to all the nice discounts received a discount card.

How to determine the period of hair growth and the time in which to come for hair removal?

Morris, D. Encyclopedia of hair removal: all about hair removal for professionals and beauty salons / D. Morris, D. Brown М.: RIPOL Classic, 2008 400, ill.

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6 Month Laser Hair Removal Update & 5 Things I wish I knew before Starting Laser

Body area % of hair in the Stage Duration, weeks Number of follicles per 1 cm2 Growth rate, mcm per day Depth of occurrence (anagen), mm
telogen anagen catagen telogen anagen
Skull 13 85 1-2 12-16 2-6 years old 350 350 3-5
Eyebrows 90 10 12 4-8 160 2-2,5
Ears 85 15 12 4-8
Cheeks 30-50 50-70 880 320 2-4
Beard (chin) 30 70 10 52 500 380 2-4
Mustache (above the lip) 35 65 6 16 500 1-2,5
Armpits 70 30 12 16 65 300 3,5-4,5
Torso 70 300 2-4,5
Elbow 70 30 2 from 4 70 3,5-4,75
Forearms 80 20 18 13 80 300
Legs and hips 80 20 24 16 60 210 2,5-4
Women’s breasts 70 30 65 350 3-4,5

Knowing how many follicles are located in a given area of the body, how many of them are at rest, and how many are actively growing, helps to estimate the time required to wax the area, how often repeat procedures will be needed and how many are likely to be needed.

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Laser hair removal: Be prepared with these 5 facts

How many times to come for waxing?

The total number of sessions is actually individual, but the averages we see after waxing on our CANDELA GentleLase Pro machine are as follows:

  • Lower leg epilation: 3-5 visits,
  • hip waxing: 4-6 visits,
  • arms: 4-5 visits,
  • Underarms: 2-3 visits,
  • Bikini and deep bikini (the most complex area): 6-10 visits,
  • Upper lip: 4-5 visits.
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specified number. This is the duration of the main course of epilation, after that you need control single visits (once in half a year/year) to remove awakened follicles.

Recommended repetition cycles for laser hair removal

These tables are not taken from the ceiling. and are recommended in the literature by cosmetology experts and have a scientific basis.

And now let’s compare these recommendations with those of network hair removal clinics:

See the difference? Yes, the number of treatments to achieve the effect may vary, but the “recommended interval” should be recommended by doctors, not businessmen!

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