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Обзор игры Horizon: Zero Dawn

Justice on the Frontier

In the mission below, you will have to help Inatut, who has been wrongly convicted of killing one of the Karj.

  • Minimum recommended level: 35;
  • Assignment: Inatut is at the end of the settlement;
  • Rewards for completing the mission: 8,750 XP, a Reward Chest and 3x Gems.

When you start this quest, first watch the video that introduces you to the history of this side quest. Inatuta, the protagonist of this story, you’ll find tied up behind a rock at the campfire at the end of the settlement. Talk to him and get his side of the story.

Go to Karja’s camp, which is north of the settlement, and talk to Furani and Hishavan. Then go to a clearing that is close by. Use your focus and then examine the blood trail.

The trail leads along the ground, and further along the cliffs. Following the path, you will reach the barricaded entrance to the cave. Go inside and climb the cliff, eavesdropping on the conversation of the unknown characters. When you get to the top, you will be attacked by assassins.

Two of them will come to you, and the third will shoot from the hill. Beware of his icy arrows, which take a significant amount of health. When you defeat him, you will talk to him. Then get to a higher level to find the trophy of Karji’s headdress. Focus will help you in this task.

Next to the rope, there will be an abandoned Karji suit. Take it with you. Use ropes to get out of your hiding place. Along the way, you’ll be climbing rocks. When you reach your destination, talk to the exiled Inatut, who you will find behind a small rock. You will save it, but after a while four demonic machines will appear, which you will have to fight with.

The arrows indicate the proof of Inatut’s justification that you need to collect.

When you defeat all the machines, talk to Inatut. Then proceed to the settlement of Edge of Song. Find Kopilaya near the campfire. The dialogue will start, after which the quest will end.

Horizon Zero Dawn. how to level up faster and defeat the most difficult bosses

Guerrilla Games was able to create a pretty big world for Horizon Zero Dawn, filling it with a ton of interesting content. In this short guide we offer you some tips to help you level up faster and defeat the toughest bosses.

Upgrade faster by completing all available side tasks

Horizon Zero Dawn very generously rewards players for completing quests, so if you don’t bog them down, you won’t just grind in the open world trying to get to the right level of strength while completing the storyline.

Even if very little loot is given for completing the quests, even the simplest side quests in Horizon Zero Dawn offer a substantial amount of experience points as a reward. Many of the quests will even give bonus skill points, making them even more profitable. You’ll be able to access all of the heroine’s skills even without completing the quests.

Check the quest menu to see if you can complete something in the area you have come to. In this case, each quest will be marked with the distance to the point of his performance. You can get new quests in almost all settlements, except the bandit. They are marked on your map with a symbol with three small houses.

Do not forget about the training for each weapon. These appear with the purchase of each new weapon, and many of them can be completed in less than five minutes, gaining a significant amount of experience points for completing.

How to shoot accurately in Horizon Zero Dawn

Concentration is one of the main skills. It is activated by pressing R3 (right stick) while aiming (L2). It slows down time considerably, making it easier for you to hit small moving targets.

This skill becomes especially useful when you start encountering particularly dangerous armored enemies with small weak points. If you don’t slow down time, hitting small air vents or canisters can be very difficult.

Concentration can be improved with two auxiliary skills. One increases the duration of concentration, the other speeds up the use of the weapon during concentration activation. Both very seriously increase your chances of survival against strong opponents.

Hunter reflexes are another good addition for those who like to use concentration. It provides a similar time delay while aiming, if the heroine is jumping or going downhill. If you use concentration and this skill together correctly you will never have to wait for reload. just jump up when concentration runs out of time and aim in slow time.

Kill every animal you encounter to expand your inventory and create healing potions

While running around the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, don’t be lazy to kill foxes, raccoons, wild boars, turkeys and rabbits. And don’t think about their howls of complaint. it’s just a game.

Animal parts are needed to create inventory enhancements, and trust us. you’ll definitely want to increase the amount of ammo and consumables you can carry. Some of the latter improvements will require rare (blue) items rather than common (gray) or unusual (green). If you collect materials beforehand, you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to find the right ingredient later.

Loot from animals can be sold to traders or exchanged for fast movement kits, but don’t forget that meat is a good source of health potions. The latter are especially useful in difficult dungeons or in battles with very strong enemies, when you have no time or possibility to gather healing herbs.

You can create healing potions in the crafting menu, and there you will also find lists of necessary ingredients that you may have previously found useful only for sale. And yes, now we know why health potions are red.

How to unlock new weapons faster in Horizon Zero Dawn

Leveling up allows you to learn new skills, but what is more difficult in Horizon Zero Dawn is unlocking new weapons. And believe me, you can handle a lot of tough opponents if you get the right tools.

Here is Horizon Zero Dawn’s main arsenal. Hunter Bow, Sharpshot Bow, War Bow, Tripcaster, Sling, Blast Sling, Rattler or Ropecaster. Each of these weapon types has several variants. common (green), rare (blue) and very rare (purple).

Beginning level weapons can only use one elemental type of ammo, intermediate level weapons can use two, and the highest level weapons can use three different types of ammo. Having more options in your arsenal automatically gives you access to significantly more tactical maneuvers.

The only exception to the rule is the Ropecaster. The higher the level this type of weapon is, the heavier the enemy you can tie down, and the faster it works. The benefits of improving it can be seen even with the naked eye.

If you complete the Hunting Lodge quests you can get even better versions of these weapons. They don’t have extra ammo types, but they can speed reload and aim fast, so get them if you can.

Use the quest system to get better equipment

Except for the rewards in some quests, almost all the weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn are bought from the merchants, and the farther you are from the starting location, the better equipment you are offered.

As mentioned earlier in the guide, you should always try to have the best equipment. And you’ll need more than just local money to get the best gear. The merchants will ask you in addition to certain items, sometimes very rare ones.

But that’s not a problem either. you can create a quest directly from the merchant screen, which will create a note in your quest list. Choose it as active, and you’ll be able to find the right hunting area to get the item you want right away.

And this task will not only make it easier to find the place to hunt, but will also let you know when the desired item is found. during the grind you won’t inadvertently miss what you’re looking for.

Effective use of stealth. evasion and reconnaissance

Even if you have to engage in direct confrontation with the most dangerous enemies, stealth is one of the strongest tools in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Let enemies may hear Eloi moving (the brackets at the eye icon show how much noise she makes) or using her weapon, a full alarm won’t go off until they notice her fully. Quickly get out of sight if the eye icon turns red, so as not to raise the alarm. You can use any object in the world for this, as well as simple gradients in the height of the landscape.

High grass with red at the end gives perfect cover if the enemies are not in alert mode. But even if the alarm is raised, no worries. just find good cover and you can get out of their search area. even if they had time to get a good look at you before.

Since both robots and humans tend to gather in groups, stealth allows you to control their aggro by strategizing your destruction. Tag each enemy with Focus, see the weaknesses, and quickly deal with those who have fought off the “herd”. If they come looking for you, just change shelter, and continue the methodical killing.

Effective use of stealth. silent strike, lure and stones

Enemies’ AI in Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty dumb, and once you buy a few upgrades, stealth system becomes very effective in all cases except the encounter with the biggest enemies.

The silent hit is an instant kill against not very powerful enemies, but if it is improved a bit, it can do significant damage even to powerful opponents. Fully enhanced, this skill allows you to kill any human enemy with one punch.

For better results it’s better to use the silent kill with. This easily unlockable skill allows you to target one enemy and lure them to kill them away from their comrades. If you quickly get back to cover, no one will even notice you. Can lure the victim into the tall grass, so other enemies won’t even be able to find his comrade’s body.

Stones have a different purpose. they can be used to distract one of the group of opponents in any direction you want. Useful to bypass a group of enemies without getting into a fight, or when you have a patrolman coming for cover.

Double and triple shots are your best friends

Stealth is very good, dueling with individual opponents is also quite fun, but sometimes you have to fight opponents that are too huge to use such approaches. Double and triple shots are useful in this case.

Arrows have an advantage over slingshots, at least because they can be aimed accurately in concentration mode, hitting the weak points of the enemies and repelling individual robot components. They are also more useful during stealth.

Unfortunately, a bow cannot boast as high damage or elemental effects as a slingshot. An option to compensate for this disadvantage is to use two or even three arrows at once. All but the biggest and most fire-resistant enemies will die from a precise hit with a triple incendiary shot. probably burning up while you’re watching a huge bonfire from a safe distance.

Triple effect also works when hitting weak points of the enemy or making headshots.

Use the right equipment and resistance potions

In the early stages of the game, while you are up against the weakest opponents, it is easy to overlook such important mechanics as elemental resistances. But it’s actually very important. There will come a time when you will have to face a powerful opponent in open combat, and even though we believe that you are among the elite gamers and can dodge all attacks, it is better to reassure.

There’s no point in storing health boosters and resistance potions until better times. they are all created from basic materials, so use them in any battle without regret.

Also do not forget to improve the equipment and change it to get the right bonus resistance. And by the way, if you like stealth. the suits for silent passage do not look very good, but can do wonders after a few improvements.

Complete the Hunting Grounds quests to learn advanced tactics

Many open-world games have a series of quests designed to test your skills. But unlike other projects, Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t require you to have incredible reflexes to complete them; it tests your brain. If you can pass all these tasks, nothing will be able to stop you in the game’s world.

Each of these challenges can be passed easily if you find the right tactics and the right equipment. Once you get the hang of it the limits won’t seem like an impossible task anymore.

The keepers will give you little clues, and a nearby merchant always has the right equipment for this particular challenge. Naturally, the items you get on later stages can save a few seconds, but even just a glance at the merchant’s goods will let you know what you need to outfit this time.

Also, don’t rush into combat. Assess the situation from above and find the best place to start, it really does make a big difference.

Where to Find All the Fuel Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn? What you need them for?

To get the armor “Weaver of the Shield”, you have to perform a long multi-step quest “Ancient Arsenal”. Your reward is probably the best armor in the game. The ultimate weapon of choice for each player, Horizon Zero Dawn can be found in the manga, which protects Eloi with a force field that can fully absorb any damage for a limited amount of time. The challenge can be obtained in several ways: by accidentally finding a fuel cell, or by visiting the bunker itself with ancient armor.

There are a total of five fuel cells in the game, which are located in ancient ruins and bunkers. Some of them are easy to miss, because you will get to the ruins during the story missions, but it will always be possible to come back for them later. Note that if you die, you will have to go for the fuel cell again. It doesn’t stay in your inventory until the checkpoint.

All items are marked with green signs, so once you find them, you will not miss them. Once you find a bunker with armor, it may seem that only two items are needed. but they are not. Two elements will simply open the door, while three more are needed to unlock the armor itself. Also keep in mind that the sequence of your search can be arbitrary.

How to pass the Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West

Cauldron: Mu is probably the first cauldron you will come across in Horizon Forbidden West. It is located in a no man’s land, to the right of the main path through the region. Cauldrons are places you can explore to get a chance to drive new machines, but you’ll have to face difficult machines and puzzles to do so. This guide explains how to complete Cauldron: Moo so you can get your first for the belt.

Combat and Pumping in Horizon Forbidden West

The combat perfectly captures the essence of Forbidden West. it remains essentially the same as before, but has grown so much muscle that it’s time to compete in “Mr. Olympia”. The authors have taken a step forward in everything and added tons of machines, weapons and tricks.

many, boilers, horizon, dawn

Eloi will encounter old cars as well as many new ones. Mammoth-like giants, snake-like giant Blowfish, flying Lightwings, underwater Wavebreakers, and more. all these creatures are dangerous and make you sweat a lot. Luckily, Eloi has something to answer them: not only will she find plenty of powerful bombs, bows, and other gadgets, but she’ll also learn a lot of cool tricks.

However, the foundation of battles has not changed. Ideally, the car should be studied by visor, calculate the vulnerabilities, find the parts that are worth shooting away, depriving it of powerful tricks, set traps and start a scuffle with a hidden blow. In this case, the heroine will feel like a true hunter, capable of any feats.

Although you can trivially shoot at cars with a bow with the right element or hammer it with a spear. However, the pleasure in it is little, and success is not guaranteed. gromozev only laughs at such efforts. Better still, at the very least, shoot the cannons off its muzzle and hit the giant with the same cannons.

The pumping system only encourages the heroine to fight wisely. If in the first part Eloi had already mastered most of the necessary skills by level 25, in Forbidden West by this point everything is just beginning.

There are six branches to choose from, focusing on archery, melee, stealth, machine interdiction, potions, and trap work. Each branch has different types of perks.

There are passive skills that allow you to hit harder, hide better, set more traps, restore health more effectively and so on. There are active ones: they unlock cool new combos, teach how to send three arrows to the enemy in a single salvo, and much more.

Special mention should be made of the stun. They are special perks that take a long time to charge, but can change the outcome of a battle by increasing the damage, making attacks on vulnerable places lethal, or protecting the heroine from strikes.

My favorite is stealth. if you pump it up, you can stealth attack several times and give even the most serious opponents a good scratch. Given that the “Infiltrator” branch has skills that increase stealth damage, invisibility becomes imbo.

And in the “Warrior” branch there is an option to unlock many cool combos: if you master them, Forbidden West turns almost into a slasher, when Eloi performs impressive pirouettes, deftly jumps between enemies and dodges attacks.

At the same time the spear of the heroine is now even more sophisticated. During attacks, it charges up and leaves resonant dots on enemies’ bodies. If you shoot at them in time, the opponent suffers massive damage.

As a result, the combination of familiar gameplay foundation and an abundance of new machines, skills, weapons and combinations makes battles cool. Fighting is much slower than in the original.

Special mention should be made of the DualSence features. The controller convincingly conveys the feeling of battles: the bow is pleasantly drawn and trembles, you can feel the recoil of blows, each blade of grass on Eloi’s path gives a characteristic vibration. Of course, in the third hour of passing this no longer pay attention, but the chip is good.

At the end of Horizon Forbidden West, Eloi and her comrades successfully defeat the Zenith threat. Zenith is defeated by a combination of Silence and Beta’s shield-destroying weapons, which will ravage Zenith’s machine printer with Hephaestus. Unfortunately, this frees Hephaestus, which means he will likely return to the Cauldron and produce more hostile machines (no doubt in the Horizon 3 sequel).

After defeating Eric and sneaking to the top of the Zenith base, Eloi frees Beta. Beta then hacks into the Zenith network and discovers files describing a global threat called “Nemesis”. It turns out that Zenith was simply visiting Earth to capture HEA before escaping to a random star in hopes of finally escaping Nemesis.

“Nemesis” is an AI created to perpetuate the minds of Far Zenith travelers. However, after becoming intelligent, Nemesis used the knowledge of Far Zenith against them. After being trapped for years, she becomes enraged and decides to destroy humanity. It turns out that it was Nemesis who sent the signal that originally activated Hades during the events of Horizon Zero Dawn.

While Eloi learns the truth, Tilda eliminates Zenith’s latest threat, Gerard. Realizing that Eloy knows about “Nemesis,” Tilda tries to convince her to board the Zenith shuttle to escape with GEEA. Eloi refuses, however, and Tilda is hostile.

Tilda loved Elizabeth more than Eloi “could ever know,” and is determined to get Eloi, called the “better version” of Elizabeth, to the shuttle by any means necessary. This leads to a fight between the two of them.

Eloy kills Tilda, but the threat of “Nemesis” still remains. Silence shows up and offers him and Eloy an escape from Earth to escape the impending threat, but Eloy refuses. Instead of leaving Earth alone, Silence stays “for the time being,” having seen Eloi celebrate victory with his comrades.

The game ends with Eloi sending his comrades to spread the word about the “Nemesis” threat.

Horizon Zero Dawn wilderness guide (best places to hunt and use)

The wildlife in Horizon Zero Dawn may seem dull compared to its machines, but hunting animals in Eloi’s world provides many useful items.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, Eloi not only fights and overcomes machines, but can also hunt and use wildlife parts. Although non-mechanical animals are far from the focus of Horizon Zero Dawn, they are just as useful for collecting materials. From upgrades to crafting to trading with merchants, animal loot is an important part of the game.

There is little variation among Horizon Zero Dawn’s wild animals, especially compared to the many types of vehicles in Eloi’s world. Even with the addition of the Animals of the Ice Wilds DLC, there are only a few creatures left from the world before the plague of Faro. Despite this, it’s fairly easy for players to find, hunt, and use wildlife. Each animal has a chance to get prey after Eloi hunts it. Bony, fatty, or greasy meat, as well as bones and skin unique to the animal can come out of them. Skull, Tail, or Tooth of the Animal Talisman can also be dropped from them, which can be exchanged for Shards.

Animal parts in Horizon Zero Dawn can be used to trade for shards, buy items from a merchant, improve Eloi’s gear, and make certain items. All three varieties of Health Potion require fat, fatty and/or bony meat, so this meat is of the utmost importance. Meat is also used to buy or make fast travel kits, as well as several carry capacity upgrades. unique items, such as skins and bones, are needed for upgrades and higher level purchases, so hunting wild animals is a wise investment for players hoping to get the best. Horizon Zero Dawn Experience.


90HP. Armament: one transmitter in the “head,” aka the main sensor. Emitter Modes: Blinding, Plasma Cannon. Uses Charge in close combat. Jump on target. Purpose: Patrol, reconnaissance, and peripheral guard for larger vehicles. Almost never seen alone.

Vulnerabilities: Eye (but no chance of the lens falling out)

Hacking: Allowed, after the “Womb of Mountains” quest

One of the vehicles that (once hacked) can be used to move around the game world.

110-120HP. No weaponry as such, except for ramming and kicking.

Vulnerability: Canister of Flamethrower on his back

Hacking: Allowed, after the “Womb of the Mountain” quest

Protype. Deer. Singles. Aggressive, Groups. likely to flee than attack. Armament. Jaw-saws on head and ramming blow

Vulnerability: Carries 4 canisters of flamethrower on his back, making him a very easy target. One or two punctured canisters. Corpse.

Protype. hyena. Armaments. Energy Cannon and Claws. Equipped with a radar (SCREENING DETECTOR)

Vulnerability: radar module on the back and reactor on the back

Same familiar trotter. Only slightly better. Distinctions: Armor on head and torso and enhanced weapons. Differentiated by the red color of the lens

Hacking: Allowed, after the “Womb of Mountain” quest

One of the vehicles that (after hacking) can be used to move around the game world. Weapons enhanced with shock horns

Vulnerability: Canister on his back, Horns (disables ram attack, reduces damage)

Hacking: Allowed, after the “Womb of Mountains” quest

Prototype: goat. True, he’s the size of a deer, but that’s another matter.

Weaponry: Claws on his paws and horns on his head

Vulnerability: Refrigerant canister, horns

Weapons: sonic boom, fire wave, battering ram, and summoning reinforcements

Vulnerability: Antenna (reinforcements), Wings (Fire Wave). Air Cylinders(Blow by Sound)

Vulnerability: Canister on his back, Horn(Disables ramming, reduces damage), Underbelly Processing Block

Has a plasma cannon on his back in addition to a head with jawsawsaws. Visibly armored head, neck, and back in front. Runs and jumps quickly.

Vulnerability: Vulnerable to EMP, flame-retardant tank under the belly)

A prototype. Crab. Transporter. On his back carries a cone of resources. Contents. Random.

Armament: energy cannon in the right claw (also a melee attack weapon), force shield half sphere covering everything except the cannon. left. Has an AoE EM attack and Charge

Vulnerability: Reactor on the bottom of the main chassis. Right Claw(Power Attack), Left Claw(Shield), Mounting

Huge walking flamethrower. Very dangerous. Modes: Flamethrower, Fireball Thrower.

Vulnerability: Tank on his back and stacks on his chest (disables one of his attacks). Has armored canisters of flamethrower under his belly. Vulnerable to cold

Like the fiery gourd, the icy one is no less dangerous. Only instead of fire. cold. Otherwise. Identical to.

Vulnerability: Tank on his back and hoarders on his chest(disables one of his attacks). Under the belly there are armored tanks with coolant. Vulnerable to fire

One of the machines that (after hacking) can be used to move around the game world

Hacking: Allowed, after the “Womb of the Mountain” quest

The car itself is not very dangerous (which does not prevent it from beating you up if you get set up). Weaponry: Darts, land mines and whip tail.

The danger lies in two things: 1. Vehicle has a visual cloaking system. 2. signal mines triggered by movement. Enormous nearby vehicles swarm in response to their piercing squeal

Vulnerable: EM. Stealth generator, minesweeper, dart cannon.

Sample. pelican. One of two flying machines. Dangerous if more than one

Armament: ice spit and ice bombs. Able to dive with a claw strike

Vulnerability: Fire. Refrigerant cans. Immediately after detonation is an easy target, due to double incoming damage

Highly dangerous. Looks like a four-legged scorpion without the claws. Highly dangerous in numbers more than one.

Armament: Rocket launcher and flasher. Can jump pretty good. The “tail” can be used as a rock-thrower

Vulnerability: Fire. Rocket launcher, flare thrower. Also vulnerable to overheating, which extends the heat core. To be specific: not to arson, to overheating (this is a separate scale)

The ACA-3 Scarab combines conventional weapons and information warfare capabilities. It’s a high-speed all-terrain vehicle. Has the highest survivability rating of any Autonomous Scout-class agent. Maybe it’s the emergency biomass recycling system that makes the Scarab ALWAYS return to base. Even in case of fuel shortage. Or in its ability to hook enemy robots into its network, which increases its combat capabilities. Add to that a manipulator capable of a variety of functions, from crowd control with non-lethal methods to repairing small parts in the Chariot line models. And get the perfect peacekeeping contingent vehicle (from the ASF promotional voice recording)

Enhanced version of Pillfish. Additionally armed with a cannon on his back (after he is shot). Can be used as a heavy weapon)

A prototype of. alligator. Lives near water. Bites hard.

Vulnerability: Flamethrower and coolant cans, fire when out of water

Able to move under the ground. Able to attack from underground. Tosses rocks. Has AoE. Stone rain.

Vulnerability: Paws diggers, reactor(disables environment attack), exhaust(double damage)

Weapons: ram and catapult (stone hail). Highly armored

Vulnerability: Refrigerant jars, processing unit under the belly, power grabs on the muzzle (disabling the catapult), reactor

Weapons: Twin Flamethrowers, Discommunication, Ram, Tail Blow. Equipped with radar. Highly Armored

Vulnerability: Cannons, flare gun(heavy). weapons), flame/refrigerant canisters, radar, tail(attack unit), After armor knockdown: Heart, main processor

Second of the flying machines. dangerous than a vulture. Fierce loners, but the habitat zones are arranged so that someone will join in

Weapons: shock cannon, electric shock, dive kick, beak kick.

Vulnerability: shock cannon, x6 engines (dive is disabled when fully discharged), flame-retardant/coolant cans

Quintessence of Destruction. Very heavily armored, non-removable armor

Weaponry: 2 large-caliber flat-panel laser turrets (or Swarm-class missile launchers). 2 consoles with high-speed cannons. 2 body-integrated rocket launchers with 10 missiles each. Flamethrower. Machine gun in the center of the turret

Vulnerability: overheating only. Overheat. technical hatches with thermal cores open (in body and legs) and main core. Increases the chance of being stunned if the core is destroyed in the leg. Cannonballs are shot at: rapid-fire cannons (heavy). weapons), laser cannons, flamethrower, hull machine gun. Rocket launchers in the body are indestructible. Can’t immobilize with a rope thrower

Non-Aggressive VERY LARGE AND HIGHER vehicles. In the game acts as a derrick to open the map, but does not stand still. It’s also very easy to fall off

Hacking: Allowed. Direct, on its head. After the “Womb of the Mountain” quest

Danger: 1 degree to base. Infected machines differ from normal machines in several additional ways: 1. Increases parameters by about 20%(HP, damage, etc.).п.). 2. Contact with the infection causes Ela’s visor to glitch and she gets poisoned. 3. Machines leave a trail of contamination behind them, capable of infecting others if they get too close

The Chariot class titanium platform.

Looks like a scarab with octopus tentacles measuring 250/150/90m. Represents a heavily armed (or tentacle-like) mobile robot factory. Only present in the game as a decoration in three places. One lies in an inaccessible area at the edge of the map south of Mother’s Watch, only tentacles are visible. Second. Also in an inaccessible jungle area southwest of Meridian, you can see almost nothing. Third. At the entrance to the U.S. Robot Control Bunker, aka the Treasure Trove of Death, you can take a ride on its tentacles 🙂 Model RB-7 “Gore”. Imagine a full combat ecosystem run by a fast-learning machine network.Whether you need to replenish losses or bolster your current forces, Gore’s facilities eliminate the need to wait for the next shipment of hardware. Simply adjust the parameters of your strike team and Gore will assemble additional units for you to pay for individually.Meanwhile, the biomass handling systems on the other models of the Chariot line allow them to refuel and repair the Gore, which means it can function longer than any other Titan-class platform. The future of automated combat systems has arrived (from the ASF promotional voice recording)

How many boilers in horizon zero dawn

The heroine Eloi has three branches of development available: Hunter, Gatherer and Warrior, but there aren’t many skills in them. by the end of the game it’s quite realistic to get everything at all. That said, they mostly represent passive bonuses: steal more quietly, collect more loot, slow down when aiming.

The game’s maximum level is limited to 60 (50 in the main game and 10 in The Frozen Wilds expansion), and you have several ways to get there. You can hunt, you can clear bandit camps, complete side missions, and complete Hunter Challenges. Except for the story missions, of course. For the latter they give the most experience, but for the bandit camps and mopping up the pits they also “pay” well.

Fighting with humans in the game is not as fun as with the machines, but you do not risk anything. Boilers are harder to deal with, but also more useful. a captured boiler gives you access to reprogramming new types of machines, which is never a waste.

Where to Start? Here’s a list of the most useful skills you should get as early as possible.

  • Silent Attack is the most important skill you have at the beginning of the game because it allows you to ambush your enemies silently. Eloi most often can’t stand up to machines on equal terms, so stealth and the element of surprise are her (and yours) main weapons.
  • Concentration. this skill makes archery much easier, briefly slowing down the time when aiming. Without it, you’ll have a hard time quickly firing arrows at the vulnerable points of mechanical monsters during combat. and that’s often necessary to win.
  • Decoying is a very useful skill for any style of play. Eloi will lure the closest enemy unit he can find. This makes it much easier to deal with large clusters of enemies, especially when combined with a “silent attack”.

Once you understand the necessary minimum, you can develop in any direction you prefer, but these skills are worth considering as the most useful:

These abilities are not worth wasting precious skill points on:

  • Hunter’s reflexes. you won’t roll up and shoot on the jump very often, trust me
  • Sense of balance. 100% of the time it’s easier and more efficient to get to the end of the rope first, and then shoot.
  • Giving up. you deal more damage with heavy melee attacks when your health is low. Except that if you’re low on health, you’re better off just running, rather than breaking into combat.
  • Machine summoning. in theory, summoning a mount anytime, anywhere like Plotva in The Witcher 3 is very convenient, but in Horizon they’re not as much in demand.
  • Almost all abilities with “Attack” in their name are “overhead,” “underhand,” and “on top of the ringleader” all have very limited use in actual gameplay, so if you don’t intend to concentrate on melee, you can safely pass.

How to get better armor

In Horizon: Zero Dawn, Eloi can obtain many different sets of armor, but few compare to the Shield-Weaver, a high-tech legacy of the Precursors. We will now explain how to get to it.

The Weaver of the Shield armor differs from all the others in that it neutralizes all types of damage and has no narrow specialization. However, the forcefields it creates only last a few seconds, so even with it Eloi won’t turn into an absolute terminator.

The armor is hidden in the bunker at the very beginning of the game, you can find it on the interactive map of the Horizon world. Once down into it, you get a quest called “Ancient Arsenal,” according to which you need to collect five fuel cells to access inside.

IMPORTANT: You should pick up the first fuel cell at the very beginning of the game, before entering the open world. After completing the Initiation, Eloi descends into the Mother’s Womb, where next to the closed red door you must climb into the ventilation shaft on the left. It’s better to do it right away, so you don’t have to wait with getting the armor almost to the very end, when they let you back into the sanctuary (after the Heart of Nora mission).

The other four are scattered around the map, and you will have to run after them.

The second element is hidden in the bunker with which Eloi is already familiar. It is there that she found the Visor as a little girl. Once inside, look for the locked door on the first level (on the right). After opening it with the spear, go up the stairs, then to the right. the fuel cell is on the table behind the stalactites.

You now have two batteries, which is enough to power the bunker door, but take your time. The armor needs to be freed from the bindings, and for that she needs three more remaining cells.

Don’t look at the red circle, you want the ruins in the center of the picture.

The third battery can be found in the ruins of the Precursors to the northwest of the map. That’s where the “Limit Master” quest will take you.

Your target is hidden on the 12th floor of the ruins. for this you have to climb to the very top, and then risk your life to climb even higher. there, on the opened platform lies the battery.

The penultimate fuel cell is hidden in the northeast, in a bunker relatively close to the Banuk tribe’s settlement. You will only get there based on the story, so take your time.

Going down to the third level, restore power to the door. To do this go down to the lowest level, there you will find two blocks of four regulators each, where you need to turn the knobs. The left block opens with an up-right-left-down combination, and the second block opens with an up-right-down combination. There is another block one level up, activate it with an up-down-left-right combination.

After that the door will open and you can go to the coveted battery.

Behind the fifth cell you have to climb into the cauldron “GEYA-Prime”. On the third level do not hurry down into the abyss on the rope. first inspect the cave on the left. In the farthest corner of the cave the last fuel cell will be waiting on a shelf. It’s time to open the bunker!

To open the arsenal, place the batteries in place, then twist the controls until you get the combination “up-right-down-left-up.”.

The combination for armor restraining mounts is “right-left-up-right-left”. Congratulations, Eloi is now adorable and nearly invulnerable.

How to beat the platinum (relevant to players on PlayStation 4)

In total there are 56 trophies in the game: 48 bronze, 5 silver, 2 gold and, actually, platinum. None of them are very complicated or tricky, but there are some places you can get confused.

Stealth killed 10 machines. it’s easy, just learn the skill “Stealth Killing”.

Kill 3 enemies with 3 Strikes From Above. everything is in the name, you just need to learn the skill “Kill from Above” and use it 3 times.

Tore off 10 components. you need to shoot off 10 components from machines, not necessarily the same one, so the trophy will open by itself.

10 Vulnerable machine kills. you either need to freeze enemies vulnerable to cold and finish them off, or set fire to enemies vulnerable to cold and finish them off too. Near the end of the game will be an episode in which the trophy opens itself.

Tore off 5 heavy weapons from the machines. here you need a high-precision bow. with it you can use special arrows, just knocking down the components from the enemies. Another good weapon is the “Bouncer”, but it is harder to get. The target is better to choose gromozev. he has on his back is a huge floppy, do not miss.

Seize control over 7 types of machines (7 types of machine overridden). you just have to capture the “Cauldrons” and hack the machines.

Kill 30 human enemies with a Headshot (Headshot 30 human enemies). everything is clear from the name.

Downed 23 grazer dummies. you need to find all 23 stuffed grazer dummies in Nora’s lands.

First Modification. do not miss.

All machines catalogued. the essence is clear from the name. How to find all-in-one cars. see here.

All Acquisition machines killed. also include: All Recon machines killed, All Combat machines killed, All Transport machines killed. all of these can be discovered during the “Scan All Machine Types” trophy.

Reached level 10-25-40-50 (Reached level 10-25-40-50). A total of 4 trophies. Just need to swing, hunt, and side-quests. On the main quests you can level up only to level 30.

All Skills learned. Same advice as the previous trophy. Some challenges and quests give extra skill points.

Then there are trophies associated with the search for collectibles and completing minor activities. Each one has an additional trophy in the vein of “find the first metal flower” or “clear the first bandit camp”. we won’t list them all.

All Vantages found. Locate all Vantages.

All Metal Flowers found. Locate all Flowers.

Find All Banuk Figures found. the location of all the figures.

All Ancient Vessels found. where to find all the vessels.

Override all Tallnecks (All Tallnecks Overridden). where to look for the Tallnecks.

many, boilers, horizon, dawn

Cleared all the Bandit Camps and All Corrupted Zones cleared. all zones and camps are initially marked on the map.

Override All Cores (All Cores Overridden). you must capture all the boilers, they are initially marked on the map.

All Suns at all Grounds and Blazing Suns at all Grounds. you must perfectly complete the trials at all Grounds. If you get stuck somewhere, here’s a video.

Got the Shield-Weaver outfit. to get this armor you need to find a special bunker and find 5 energy cells, we’ve described it all above. But there is a video.

Hunted Redmaw with Talana. it’s a side quest you get during the first hunter’s quest, it’s hard to miss. If you do manage to get it, go to the Meridian House of Hunters.

Aided the fugitives (Aided the defectors). obtained during the side quest Vanasha, which will “fall” to you in the diary in the story.

Get the support of allies joined. Simply put, complete the side quests before the final battle. Here’s a video if you want to go deeper.

And finally. in the game there are more than a dozen plot trophies, which are impossible to miss (among them one golden trophy), we are not going to list them.

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