How many laser hair removal procedures

Laser hair removal. contraindications vs desire of a perfectly smooth skin

Laser hair removal is a procedure that many people are interested in lately. Its popularity is quite understandable: a few sessions you can easily and painlessly get rid of unwanted hair on any part of the body: legs, bikini zone, armpit and other areas (for example, to remove a noticeable fluff above the upper lip, arms or even sinuses). In fact, these are all quite intimate situations that we are not willing to trust to the first person we meet. Many visitors visit different salons and clinics before they find their specialist in laser hair removal. The contradiction in such searches is one: do not hesitate to communicate and ask questions to understand. are you ready to trust such a delicate procedure to this person.

The idea of no longer having to face other manipulations to make your skin smooth and velvety, very attractive. You come to a cosmetology clinic, you are told about a miraculous perfect result, which you and your specialist will achieve in a few meetings, or you communicate with a friend, who is fascinated by the results of several laser hair removal procedures. “What effect!”. you think and realize that you want the same. You are already tired of waxing and shugaring, because they need to do at least once a month to maintain the effect. Are you tired of that week before hair removal when you have to let it grow out visibly for productive wax removal.

During this period you avoid short dresses and naked parts of the body. How familiar it is, many of us have faced it. We are shy, embarrassed and think how we would like to get rid of that hair, given to us by nature, in strictly defined places. Each of us is looking for an effective way to solve this aesthetic problem, and sooner or later you ask yourself: what if we try hair removal with laser?? That’s why we all are more and more worried about the influence of laser hair removal on women and men. And it’s not strange that the stronger sex is also resorting to such an opportunity. They often choose to hair the armpits, the bottom of the cheeks, the neck and the sideburn zone, so that the growing beard or mustache has clear growth lines, it makes them neat, and the procedure of regular moustache and beard trimming is less “jewelry”.

It is becoming evident that these days more and more people are resorting to more innovative methods of hair removal. To some extent we can be called hostages of our desires. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with working on your appearance and striving to be better. We are stimulated by our own attractiveness and the possibilities we have to work on our body and face. But is laser hair removal dangerous?? To set the record straight, let’s talk about the laser hair treatment procedure and its contraindications.

Watch this before getting laser hair removal!

How to get ready for diode laser hair removal

Before the procedure, the specialists of La Chance Clinic advise:

  • To refrain from sunbathing and going to a solarium at least two weeks before the procedure.
  • Giving up other methods of hair removal that traumatize hair follicles (e.g., vaxing and shugaring).
  • Shave hair 1 to 3 days before the laser hair removal procedure. This will help the machine work more effectively on the follicles.
  • Do not use deodorants, oils, creams and alcohol lotions on the area to be treated before the procedure. Due to the layer of cosmetic products, the special composition that the specialist applies to the skin before the procedure may not work or may react unintentionally with the products previously applied to the skin.
  • You should not perform the procedure while taking tetracycline group antibiotics.
  • It is not recommended to use the products for self-tanning within 7-10 days before the session (they contain pigment, which may reduce the effectiveness of the procedure).
many, laser, hair, removal, procedures

It is also important to follow the schedule of the sessions prescribed by the specialist. The fact that laser hair removal removes only hair in its active growth phase. It is about 30% of the human body. The remaining follicles are in a dormant phase. Gradually they awaken and begin to grow. At this point, they need to be treated with the laser to get the maximum effect. If you skip this phase for any hairs, you will have to undergo several additional procedures. Ignoring the above requirements can reduce the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Also in some cases irritation of the skin after treatment is possible.

Is laser hair removal for men??

Absolutely yes. and more often men become clients of cosmetologists in clinics, because they also want to look aesthetically beautiful and to get rid of the discomfort that excessive hair brings. Some people need to get rid of stubble due to professional requirements, while others simply want to forget about the daily use of a grass trimmer or a machine.

Most of the stronger sex have to use a razor every day. Unfortunately, almost every man is familiar with such phenomena as skin irritation, redness in epilation areas, folliculitis. And how to forget about the microtraumas, scratches and other nuisances that accompany the process of getting rid of hair?

There is a salvation: if you regularly attend the alexandrite laser hair removal procedure, the hair becomes less thick and stiff, inflammation and irritation disappear. After a full course, the hair leaves you completely.

Recently it has become especially popular to wear a beard, which further complicates the daily care of a man’s appearance. To keep your beard looking

Careful, almost Herculean efforts are required, because hair often grows back in places you don’t want it to grow. With laser hair removal, a man can have a neat beard all the time.

Often our patients are men involved in sports activities. swimming, wrestling, or modeling. To maximize their own efficiency in the competitive process, they need to eliminate all distractions that cause discomfort. Excessive hair length, and often no hair at all, are among these factors.

Laser hair removal: What to expect

Therefore, to think that laser hair removal is used only by the fair sex is a big mistake.

Removal of hair in the intimate parts by laser for good: types

There are several types of hair removal in and around the bikini area. They depend on the size of the area affected by the machine.

Classic type of epilation

Means working on the roots of the hair at the edge of the underwear contour. That is, they heat the bulbs in a more visible area that is not covered by panties or trunks. Hair is destroyed from the upper part of the pubis and the inner surface of the thighs. This allows you to wear bathing suits and not think that somewhere you have to constantly remove something. This type is very traditional and acceptable to many women, happens. For those men, who in principle are not perplexed by the amount of hair on the whole body, this option is unattractive. But more often they prefer another type of hair removal.

Laser hair removal deep bikini

In this case, the hair removal procedure affects not only the swimsuit trimmer line or underwear, but also deals with getting rid of hair follicles on the entire pubis and labia. This is quite an intimate process, which is trusted to qualified specialists. It implies nudity in front of a stranger. Most cosmetologists perceive this manipulation as something normal, but professionals will always treat your body with care, your trust is no less important to them. On the Internet you can find videos on the request “” where they demonstrate the amazing effect of several sessions and peculiarities of the procedure. The hair on the inside of the groin is also destroyed. Only a neat vertical strip (of course, the width is determined by the patient) is left on the pubis and crotch.

Complete removal of hair in the intimate areas

It is already called about this type of procedure can find fans not only among women but also among men. This type of treatment includes complete hair removal in all intimate areas, including the skin areas between the buttocks. In this case, it is very important to find a beautician, to whom you are ready to show yourself without embarrassment, completely. Because the process is quite intimate, it is rarely used. So, total (means, complete) hair removal occurs and on the pubis, and on the thighs, and in the area of the crotch or scrotum, as well as in the buttock folds and near the anus.

many, laser, hair, removal, procedures

Laser hair removal: when did this procedure appear

The history of hair removal begins many centuries ago. Ancient Egyptian women, for example, used for this purpose means, which now seem to us wild: sharpened stones, magic potions. However, at that time it was not called epilation. Years and centuries have gone by. Women were still worried about the extra hair on their bodies and were looking for new opportunities. Only in the XIX-th century razors came to their aid, but still far from laser hair removal. The duration of the effect of hair removal by “artisanal methods” was minimal. They were cut, pulled out, but all these procedures touched only the hair itself, without affecting the root and the parts that are under the skin.

And here in the XX-th century by happy accident one unfortunate physicist working with a laser has received a burn of his hand (though the skin was not damaged). After a few days he noticed that the hair didn’t grow in that area, and after a month he was finally convinced.

In the first years after the discovery of this effect, few people tried to use laser for hair removal, because the harmlessness and safety had not yet been proven. And no one wondered how many treatments to do, laser hair removal as such did not exist yet.

But science has not stood still: gradually invented devices which medicine has allowed to apply for cosmetological purposes. The technique has continued to improve, and now it allows for simultaneous hair removal and cooling of the manipulation site, making it almost completely painless. And nowadays even teenagers know about it.

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Advantages of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal, how many procedures are needed for a complete removal

Laser hair removal is a modern technique of hair removal. Its peculiarity is that the laser beams affect only hair follicles, which are in an active (growing) state. The result is a destruction of the hair follicle. The surrounding tissue is not damaged. It is possible to remove not more than 20% of the hair during one session.

Dormant bulbs remain intact to this effect. In order to be sensitive to the laser action, they must enter the active phase. It requires a certain amount of time. Now it becomes clear, why it is impossible to get rid of unwanted hair in one session.

To get a lasting effect, you need 5 to 10 treatments at intervals of 3-6 weeks. Number of manipulations depends on the intensity of the hair, the type of equipment used for laser hair removal, as well as the type of hair and skin.

many, laser, hair, removal, procedures

Naturally, the removal of thicker hair requires more sessions. Of all known diode lasers are considered the most powerful and effective. It works even on blonde hair.

The most effective is the combination of light skin. dark hair. This is because the point of application of the rays is the melanin pigment, located in the hair follicle.

The darker the hair, the more sensitive it is to the laser action and the fewer treatments are required. It is desirable that the contrast between hair and skin color is preserved. That is why it is not recommended to sunbathe before laser hair removal.

During the course of laser hair removal all hair follicles are gradually destroyed by rays. The hair is completely removed. To consolidate the result obtained, it is recommended to undergo maintenance sessions within 1-2 years. Usually it is enough to have 1-2 procedures a year. In this case the effect of laser hair removal lasts forever.

How the procedure is performed

Laser hair removal. a hardware procedure, which is carried out in a clinic by a qualified specialist using expensive modern equipment. The doctor always conducts an examination before treatment, assesses the condition of the skin and hair quality, and asks questions to identify contraindications. If everything is in order, you can proceed to epilation.

If necessary, anesthetic agent is applied to the skin. It is a cream or gel that is quickly absorbed and reduces the sensitivity. The patient’s and doctor’s eyes are protected with protective goggles.

A special machine generates laser radiation. In a classical laser hair removal doctor guides the tip of the device at a small distance from the skin, destroying the vegetation centimeter by centimeter. The Moveo technology allows the manipulator to glide directly on the skin, pre-lubricated in gel.

Depending on the size of the area, treatment may take from a couple of minutes to an hour and a half. A soothing agent, panthenol, is then applied to the waxed area.

The number of sessions and duration of the course is determined individually. Much depends on the type of hair, the speed of hair growth, treatment area. On average, the number of sessions is usually 3 to 8, with 3 to 6 weeks in between. This time is necessary for “sleeping” follicles to enter the growth phase and become accessible to the effects of radiation.


A significant advantage of laser hair removal is the absence of a rehabilitation period. You can return to your daily activities immediately after the visit. Restrictions are minimal: you must refrain from heat treatments, tanning, and the use of aggressive skin care products.

Important! If you have opted for the Moveo hair removal, then you do not need to get a tan: you can go to the beach after two days at the clinic.

No photosensitizing agents should be taken between sessions. When new growth appears, do not pluck hairs with the root. only razor or depilatory creams can be used for removal.


The result usually lasts for two years, sometimes forever. During this time you can forget the problem of hair growth. No need to waste time and money on waxing, shugaring or depilation with creams, no need to endure the pain of the electric epilator: just live and enjoy the smoothness of your face and body.

Over time, the hair follicles can regenerate, and then the hairs reappear. The growth will be much sparser, weaker and thinner than before, it can easily be removed again with a laser. In some cases, it’s recommended to have maintenance hair removal sessions once or twice a year: with each time, the hair will become increasingly sparse, and over time, the follicles will no longer be able to recover, and the silky smoothness of your skin will stay with you forever.

many, laser, hair, removal, procedures
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