How much citric acid to add to the machine

Step by step instructions

If there is neither time nor wish to delve into all the peculiarities of the procedure, you can use the simple instructions. You need to follow 6 steps.

So, how to clean a washing machine with lemon juice?

  • Calculate the amount of citric acid according to the volume and the age of the washing machine. Standard dosage is 3 tablespoons of crystalline powder, or 3 20 gram sachets.
  • Make sure there are no items in the drum.
  • Pour the correct amount of citric acid into the powder compartment.
  • Select any program with a temperature setting of 60 degrees. Switch off the spin cycle. Put on an extra rinse.
  • Do not go too far when washing. If you hear strange noises or the machine has an error, check the filter and drain. Large quantities of limescale particles may get stuck in the holes and need to be removed manually.
  • When the wash is finished, open the door and gently bend back the edges of the rubber band. Rinse the cloth through all openings to remove any residual limescale particles.

For preventive cleaning of the washing machine citric acid can be mixed with baking soda and laundry detergent (40 g of each product).

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid

Even if the tap flows clean tap water, still sooner or later in the washing machine on the drum and the heating element (it is also called a plug because of its shape) scale is formed, which over time leads to a washing machine inoperable.

In order to remove the scale it is enough to use usual citric acid. This uncomplicated method from the category of “folk wisdom” is quite effective. So, how to clean the drum of an automatic washing machine from the moisture formed in it due to the action of water?

How to clean a washing machine with citric acid: advantages and disadvantages of the method

Today it is difficult to imagine a family that does not have a washing machine. It has long ceased to be a luxury item, and in families where there are young children without this helper simply can not do without. Agree? But, as well as any household appliance, the washing machine can break down.

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The most common cause of breakdowns is the scale on its parts. It can reduce the consumer performance and even disable your helper.

To prevent the problem, it does not hurt to know how to clean the washing machine with citric acid (LA). This method is absolutely safe for the equipment, but only if certain rules are followed.

In this material you will find expert tips that will help qualitatively perform the cleaning of the washing machine from the scale, without resorting to the services of specialists. We will tell about how often it is necessary to carry out preventive cleaning with citric acid. In addition, the article contains videos that clearly demonstrate the process of caring for the technique.

Taking care of the quality operation of the washing machine

Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid will prevent damage to the heating element. The process doesn’t take long, and your machine will enjoy quality washing many times over.

Recommendation! Do the cleaning three times a year!

You have heard about the method of cleaning “citric acid” more than once, but you do not know why it is so popular among many washing machine owners? Care with citric acid for a washing machine combines several positive factors:

  • “Lemon juice” can be safely used for descaling. It has no negative effects and is safe for humans.
  • Powder cleaning is available to everyone.
  • This procedure will not affect the family budget, as the acid has a low cost.
  • Minimal effort. no user work needed.

You should know how to clean a washing machine with citric acid, because you will have to use it more than once in practice. Those who have at least once tried this method, prefer to take care of the washing machine this way.

How to descale a washing machine?

The formation of limescale on the parts of the washing machine (drum, heating element) gradually leads to partial or complete failure of the equipment. To avoid unexpected costs on expensive repairs or the purchase of a new machine will help elementary preventive measures.

How to protect your automatic washing machine from limescale? Are “folk” methods effective or is it better to use professional means?

Steps of cleaning with citric acid

For the descaling procedure you need only a small piece of dry cloth and citric acid powder. All actions can be expressed in the following list:

  • First you must inspect the drum to make sure it is empty. Most fabrics will lose their color under the influence of the detergent.
  • Approximately 90-100g of citric acid should be poured into the powder tray. The amount of citric acid to be poured must correspond to the drum volume. If it is necessary to clean appliances with a capacity of up to 4kg, then up to 50-60g of citric acid will be enough. It is also allowed to pour citric acid into the drum itself.
  • Next, it is necessary to determine the mode. It should contain a rinsing process, a spin. If a small amount of limescale has formed, it is sufficient to heat the water to 60° C, otherwise the water should be heated to 90° C.
  • When the drum is empty and closed, and the powder container is filled with citric acid, the washing mode is started.
  • After completing the process, be sure to inspect the areas under the drum cuffs. There may still be traces of limescale. Simply wipe them off thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  • To finish, the drain filter must be cleaned, the powder container must be dried.
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Fully Automated Citric Acid Passivation System

When the wash cycle is in progress, it is possible to see limescale fragments that have fallen off under the influence of acid. This means that the product has completely coped with its task.

Experienced masters argue that such prevention of equipment should be performed at least three times during the year. If the water has a high hardness, it is necessary to clean the washing machine after every 30 washes. If the water hardness is very low, a descaling procedure should be repeated twice a year.

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The dangers of limescale

The result of scale formation is excessive heating of the heating element due to poor heat dissipation, which is prevented by a layer of limescale. In the saddest case, this can lead to a complete breakdown of the machine. And, of course, the time for heating water increases and electricity consumption increases.

At the same time with the heater are deteriorated and other parts, as the scale isolates them from the air. They do not dry well, rust, deform and lose their strength.

The concentration of limescale affects the chemical effectiveness of the detergent, dirt is poorly washed, stains and smudges can appear on things.

Cleaning machines with citric acid ��

Cleaning instructions

Washing the dispenser is quick, easy and inexpensive. To perform the cleaning of a 5 kg washing machine, you should prepare only 2 sachets of citric acid, 50 grams each, and a dry cloth. The algorithm is as follows:

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Citric Acid for Washing Machine

  • Make sure there is no laundry in the drum. If the thing is rinsed in a solution of lemon juice, it will lose color;
  • Pour 80-100 grams of lemon powder into the detergent tray. It is allowed to put the citric acid directly into the drum, but in the first case will also clean the cuvette and the spigot:
  • Choose a wash program that includes a rinse cycle. The spinning will not be needed, so this function, when it is provided by the mode, it is better to turn off;

If the machine is cleaned regularly and the scale layer is not considerable, it is enough for the water to warm up to 60°C when washing, if the machine has not been washed for a long time, the temperature is set to 90°C.

After the program is finished, open the hatch and unbend the door cuff. If there are pieces of limescale there, take them out, wipe the drum surface and rubber bands with a dry cloth. It is also important to unscrew the garbage filter and remove any residual water from the drain system. Make sure the powder bin is dry.

Do not be alarmed if you see lumps of scale in the drum during the wash. Everything is normal, it means that the lemon juice has really coped with its task by removing the scale from the “insides” of the washer. It is recommended to clean the automatic machine with citric acid once every 4 months. If the water in your area is too hard, you should flush the appliance every 30 cycles. When the hardness of the tap water is low, the procedure can be performed once every six months.

Cleaning with citric acid

There are several ways to effectively descale the washing machine. One of them is cleaning with citric acid.

How to do it? First of all, when idling. That is, the preventive and cleaning measures are carried out separately from the washing of laundry.

  • Take 100-200 grams of citric acid.
  • Put it in the powder dish.
  • Set the washing mode to Cotton at 90-50 degrees.
  • Start the wash.

The important thing is ! Use citric acid, not lemon juice. Lemon juice is less concentrated and therefore less effective!

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