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Zanussi. Italian brand with a reputation proven for years. The production of washing machines is organized at a high level, careful control is carried out. You can not worry about the quality of cars.

Zanussi. Italian brand with a reputation proven for years.

The production of washing machines is organized at a high level, careful control is carried out. You can not worry about the quality of cars.

The company offers a variety of lineups of washing machines, with many models. All of them have different parameters and functionality.

What to pay attention to before buying and how to choose the best model in the desired price category. the article below will tell about this.

Choice parameters

Zanussi produces a number of technological solutions to help increase the efficiency, efficiency and comfort of the washing process.

Type of loading

Stay up to date! The lineup offers two types of loading clothes into washing: vertical and frontal.

  • With a vertical type, things are placed in a drum on top, and it itself is covered with a large lid that forms the upper panel of the machine.
  • With the frontal type of underwear, it is placed inside through a transparent round door in the front of the case.

Models with vertical loading are suitable when there is little space in the room, They are more compact.

Front loading machines for buyers are more familiar and aesthetic.

If you want to find a middle ground between the compactness and the beauty of a machine with a drum. read the review to the end, it has the necessary models.


The more and more often you need to wash things, the more capacity should be at the drum.

The load volume depends on the number of people living in the apartment.

much, does, narrow, washing

For a large family, you need a large volume-6-8 kg for one washing cycle.

One person or pair will be enough 4-5 kg.


There is also something to choose from. The company produces cars for all occasions. from full.sized to the most compact and

Washing class

Brand products are famous for the high degree of removal of things.

Most models have a class A indicator.


Almost all products are equipped with smart, electronic control.

Important! For their use, you do not need to study the instructions for a long time, all the panels and buttons are made in such a way that everything becomes intuitively clear.



Dear Customer! Congratulations in the AC with the acquisition of electro-

Before connecting the device and begin to use it-

calling, we ask you to read the instructions for

Knowledge of the principles of work device A will ensure its correct and safe ex-

Punies. Instrumentation of the operating is a lot of learning recommendations

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They will help you with a optimal way. In the case of letting or re.-

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The action of the washing machine 1 0-12

Interenaro Symbols according to the uh o o ozhda 1 2

Omendation rivers for the usual vehicle and technical hare of acting

The device marked the sign of OM in accordance with the European Directive 20 02/96/EC for disposal

Electric Wow and Elektronog for Return (Wee). Providing the correct disposal-

the process of this product, according to the licensor, helps to prevent potential nonsense

Environmental and human health consequences.

Symbols on the product itself or accompanying documentation indicates. what is

The disposal of this product can not be handled as conventional household ODDs.

The device should be handed over to the conducting point of reception electric and electron-

ruble for subsequent disposal. Surrender should be arbitrarily excited in accordance with

with local rules for the disposal of ode. For more information about the rules

handling the product, its disposal and processing, contact the appropriate local

bodies, in the service of the selection of household ODDs or to the magician of the Azin, in the Otor device was purchased.

Rivers of omendate by non.resistance

Before the attachment of the device, carefully read the instr.

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I Got a Mini Washing Machine (small apartment) Assembly & Review

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When placed, the device A trace-

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The car can be in any room, with a word that the temperatures are in it

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To transport the device for its swinging-

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Before connecting the machine. You have a trace-

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Close holes with special patch-

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Select a DHO at the DRU and adjust the car by level using

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Dimensions of the Washing machine Zanussi

How many people are so many needs, so household manufacturers develop their products taking into account the desires of various customers. That is why you should always carefully study the dimensions of the Zanussi washing machine before buying a “home assistant” so as not to get into trouble. We will analyze in detail the size of the washing of this brand and list the best so that everyone can find a machine that will fit at his house.

There is simply no single standard for the dimensions of washing machines today, and therefore it is necessary to devote so much time to studying the size of household appliances. For example, in Zanussi machines, height occurs from 65 to 102 centimeters, and the depth is from 32 to 73 centimeters. Conditionally, all products of the company can be divided into three categories:

You can find out exactly the size of the washing machine in the technical passport of the device, however, in some cases it is more reliable to independently measure a ruler or roulette to measure the device with all protruding parts of the case.

  • narrow machines, the depth of which varies from 42 to 45 centimeters that can remove 3-4 kilograms of dirty linen;
  • Superuster cars, 32 centimeters deep, usually designed for 3.5 kilograms of linen and less.

Thus, the consumer has a wide selection of devices that can be placed even in the smallest kitchen or bathroom.

Parameters of popular models

For your convenience, we made a small top of Zanussi washing machines, distributing models from the narrowest, to standard. The list is not long, but indicative.

  • Zanussi FLV 954 NN. one of the narrowest “pets” from the brand. Only 32 centimeters in depth, 60 in width and 85 in height, which is why the device is easy to place in any apartment or house. At a time, the machine can remove up to 3 kilograms of dirty laundry using 58 liters of water, and then squeeze all the wiped clothes at a speed of 950 rpm. The apparatus has mechanical control, a good noise level. 59 decibels during washing and 70 during spin, but the energy consumption class, which was recorded at the mark in.

If you want to save on housing and communal services, then buy washing machines only with the level of energy efficiency A and above.

  • Zanussi ZWSR 514 W is this device a little more than the last option, but much more functional and more practical. 59.5 centimeters in width, 34 in depth, 84.3 in height, the ability to load 4 kilograms of dry linen into the drum, and then wash it with one of the 14 programmed wash modes. Electronic control, protection from children and leaks, the function of weighing linen and the selection of laundry settings, excellent speed speed. 1000 revolutions per minute, low noise level of 58 decibels during washing and 77 when spinning, as well as an excellent level of energy consumption a.
  • Zanussi ZWS 6107 is the first car from a class of narrow washing rooms, which differs 45 centimeters deep, 60 wide and 85 high. You can load as much as 5 kilograms of dirty clothes into this device, which after the working cycle will be pressed at a speed of 1000 rpmers per minute. Protection against leaks and children, a wonderful class of energy efficiency A, automatic optimization of fluid expenses, as well as much more.
  • Zanussi Zwsh 7100 VS, another machine with a depth of 45 centimeters, 60 width and 85 high. Differences in the maximum capacity. up to 7 kilograms of dirty linen can remove this unit at a time, using one of 14 modes for this. Supervision at a speed of 1000 revolutions, water consumption for standard washing 46 liters, protection against children and leaks, noise level 59 decibels during the main stage of work and 77 during the squeezing. One of the main advantages is the excellent class of energy consumption. a.
  • Zanussi Fe 802 with this unit we go to the section of the standard sizes. the usual 60 and 85 centimeters width and height, respectively, and depth 55. At a time you can clean 5 kilograms of clothes, squeeze it at a speed of 800 revolutions, and at the same time not at all afraid for the tightness of the system, given the reliable protection against leaks. The equipment corresponds to a good level of energy efficiency a.
  • Zanussi Fe 1002 is again 55 centimeters in depth, 60 in width and 85 in height, again a drum designed for 5 kilograms of dry linen, and again the class of energy consumption a. Remeted clothing is squeezed at a speed of 1000 revolutions per minute, there is protection against leaks and from children, the functions of preventing crushing, intellectual washing control, foaming control and much more.

All of the listed cars conscientiously perform their work, so they will become a real decoration of the house. But if you still need to dwell on something specific, then it will be Zanussi ZWSR 514 W for its compactness and Zanussi Zwsh 7100 VS for multifunctionality and the careful energy consumption.

Assortment Review: TOP-4

We offer you a description of 4 popular models of the Italian brand of various modifications. you will find a detailed characteristic, devices and analysis of user reviews, and you will also find out how much this or that offer costs. We offer to compare such cm:

Zanussi Zwy 61224 CI. Verticalle

A comfortable washing room that will find its place even in a small bathroom or in the kitchen-Khrushchevka.

  • Spatibility: 6 kg.
  • Except speed: up to 1200 rpm.
  • Number of programs: 8 pcs., Including delicate, economical and other.
  • Types of protection: partial protection against leaks, foaming, imbalance control.
  • Energy efficiency class: A.
  • Classes of washing/squeezing: a/in.
  • Delayed start: eat, up to 9 hours.
  • Passing the drum: there is.
  • Lack of washing/squeezing 57/76 dB.
  • Dimensions (ShHHHV): 40x60x89 cm.
  • Features: selection of washing temperature, option “refresh”.
  • Stylish case.
  • Really takes up a little space.
  • At the end of the program. sound alert.
  • Lingerie after washing without extraneous smells. perfectly pisses.

Zwso 6100. Narrow

  • Spatibility: 4 kg.
  • Except speed: up to 1000 rpm.
  • Ten: stainless steel.
  • Number of programs: 14 pcs., Including clap of Yeso, wool/manual, thin fabrics, gins, mini 30 and others.
  • Protection: from leaks, foaming, imbalance control.
  • Energy efficiency class: A.
  • Classes of washing/squeezing: a/s.
  • Type of control: rotary button handle.
  • Delayed start: there is.
  • Lesiness of washing/Excess: 58/77 dB.
  • Dimensions (VHShHHG): 85x60x34 cm.
  • Features: selection of washing temperature, selection of push.up revolutions, ecovalve, adjustable legs.
  • Erases well.
  • You can turn off the heater and use hot water from the water supply.
  • Small depth.
  • There is a reflective sticker on the program switch, probably not to stumble upon a new washing room in the night.
  • Squeezes well.
  • If the water level is low, you can open the door while working to report something.
  • Unstable. jumps with proper installation and with anti.vibration lining (some users write that this is not observed).
  • There is no display on which the time remaining before the end of the program would be displayed.
  • The time spelled out in the instructions does not correspond to the real time.

FCS 825 C. compact

A miniature machine with minor possibilities. probably this option is ideal for a summer house or apartment for rent.

  • Spatibility: up to 3 kg.
  • Except speed: up to 800 rpm.
  • Ten: stainless steel.
  • Number of programs: 15 pcs., Including cotton, delicate, washing without spin and others.
  • Protection: foam formation, imbalance control.
  • Energy efficiency class: A.
  • Washing classes/squeezing: b/d.
  • Type of control: rotary button handle.
  • Delayed start: no.
  • Lesiness of washing/Supervision: 53/68 dB.
  • Dimensions (VHShHGG): 67x51x51 cm.
  • Features: selection of washing temperature, selection of push.speed revolutions, superpowers.
  • With proper installation, the minimum vibration.
  • Inexpensive service. spare parts are cheap and easy to find. Quote: “Incredible reliability. Has been working for 10 years. From breakdowns. replacing the belt, replacing the pump. General “.
  • Large selection of modes.
  • Intuitive management.
  • Polish assembly (someone considered it minus).
  • No protection against leakage.
  • There is no display.
  • Leaves puffs for linen (expert commentary: for delicate things, it is worth choosing a mode without spinning).

Dear, however, the first thing I want to say. But it so happened that even children’s things that go at least fabrics are not cheaper than adult clothes, and miniature technology is also more expensive than their full.sized analogues. you need to pay for unusualness.

ZWSG 7101. saves water

In appearance. ordinary technique, but its main difference in the minimum water consumption. Only 45 liters go to one cycle. And if the previous compact smell spends only 39 liters, then keep in mind that there is only 3 kg loading, and there are as many as 6 kg.

  • Squatience: up to 6 kg.
  • Except speed: up to 1000 rpm.
  • Ten: stainless steel.
  • Number of programs: 14 pcs., Including fast, 5 shirts, mix, rinse and so on.
  • Protection: from leaks, blocking from children, foaming, imbalance control.
  • Energy efficiency class: A.
  • Classes of washing/squeezing: b/s.
  • Type of control: rotary button handle.
  • Delayed start: yes.
  • Lesiness of washing/Excess: 58/76 dB.
  • Dimensions (VHShHHG): 85x60x38 cm.
  • Features: Fuzzy Logic.
  • Very narrow, easy to install in any place. the water supply can not be redone at all from the predecessor, it is not demanding when connecting.
  • A variety of programs.
  • Erases carefully.
  • You can shorten the program twice.
  • Sometimes the drum is being balanced for too long, they can’t stand the nerves, you have to pause and lay out the underwear manually.
  • No half load.
  • Noise.

Washing modes and time in the washing machines of Zanussi

Since there are many programs and functions in modern washing machines, the user needs to be able to use them. To do this, the manufacturer indicates the control panel of the Zanussi washing modes, marking each of them with an icon.

The decryption of such icons can be found in the operating instructions. But if you do not have the opportunity to look into it, then our article will come in handy.

Zanussi program table: Description and designation

On the washing rooms, Zanussi are practically no different from other models. Around the rotary toggle switch are drawn icons, the descriptions of which you will find in the table below. Basic and additional modes allow you to effectively take care of underwear.

You can choose the Zanussi mode for a separate type of fabric or according to the degree of contamination of things.

Symbol Names Meanings The approximate time of washing
Cotton Suitable for cotton white and colored linen. Long washing at a temperature of 60-95 degrees allows you to wash even working and highly trumped clothes, towels and bedding. 120-175 minutes
Synthetics Synthetic things are erased at low temperatures of 30-40 degrees. After the spinning is completed, the anti.impression function is added. Suitable for underwear, towels, tablecloths, shirts. 85-95 minutes
Energy saving mode Additional function that connects to the main programs. For example, the inclusion of a function at a temperature of 90 ° will reduce it to 67 °, at 60 ° will reduce to 40 °. This approach allows you to save electricity. Cannot be used with “fast washing”.
Delicate With the program you can wash linen from thin and lace fabrics, as well as things marked “manual washing”. 65-75 minutes
Jeans Proper care for jeans allows you to avoid molting and preliminary fading. 130-140 minutes
Wool Using a special program, woolen things do not sit down and do not roll. The regime passes with minimal spin or without it at all. 50-60 minutes
Children’s 30, 40 Suitable for care for children’s linen at a water temperature of 30 and 40 degrees. Washing in a large amount of water, provides complete rinsing of detergents. 30-40 minutes
Hygienic 90 Washing at a high temperature of 90 degrees allows you to get rid of dust ticks and allergens. Three intermediate rinses contribute to the removal of the powder. about 120 minutes
Blankets 30 and 40 Suitable for washing things with various fillers, passes at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. 65-75 minutes
Shoes 30-40 Wash the shoes at a temperature of 40 degrees. The program includes the main mode, three rinsing and spinning cycles at 1000 revolutions. from 120 minutes
Night washing A long cycle passes as quietly and with the minimum use of energy. After the end of the cycle, the program stops with water in the tank. You need to turn it out on your own. about 120 minutes
Prewash Passes at a temperature of 30 degrees. Used for heavy linen, to improve the quality of washing. 40-115 minutes (depending on the type of fabric)
Staining To use the function in the special department of the dispenser, pour the detergent to remove stains. Water temperature 40 degrees.
Additional rinse You can include the mode after the main programs for effective getting rid of the powder. 50-60 minutes
Supervision If the laundry is not sifted enough, connect a second squeeze. 10-20 minutes
Drain Forced drain will come in handy in the “night washing” mode. 0-10 minutes

The table gives approximate time frame. The duration of the cycle can change within these limits or go for them. it depends on the specific model. Look in the instructions for your typewriter. in the majority there are also time expenditures in the program.

Why are heavy counterweights needed?

Driving for the compactness of the equipment, the buyer often stops choosing on small products, not knowing that “heavy” washingrs have their advantages. For comparison, take two products similar in terms of functionality and power, which differ only in a weight of five kilograms. Will win the “weighted” option. Why?

During washing, the drum gives rise to centrifugal force pushing things out. The greater the power of the motor, the higher the load on the machine, the vibration of the case is stronger. The technique becomes unstable, and the machine saves only its mass from the bathroom jumps. That is why cars that weigh more have a number of advantages:

  • higher stability;
  • large capacity;
  • lack of strong vibration during work;
  • noiselessness during washing.

It is especially important to know how much the technique weighs. Be sure to correlate the dimensions and weight of the product if you plan to combine it with a kitchen set or a closet. Otherwise, furniture will simply fall apart from overload.

When buying, take into account both the dimensions and the conditions of future operation. So, narrow equipment will weigh several kg more, since its area is smaller, and the manufacturer tries to smooth out an imbalance due to weighting. If you plan, in the near future, moving, it is better to choose an easy model. If you settled at the current place of residence for a long time. feel free to prefer the most difficult unit.

Here are a number of examples

Electrolux is relatively large. This parameter also affects the purpose of a particular model. Let’s try to make out the options known among consumers.

Depending on the power, size and capacity of the Electrolux machine weigh from 45 to 70 kg.

  • EW8HR458B. One of the most popular models is one of the standard Electrolux technology line. Its weight is 48.6 kg, height. 85 cm, depth. 63 and width. 60 centimeters. Has a drying function, after which linen practically does not require ironing.
  • EW6F4R28B. Differs high cost due to improved operational characteristics and wide functionality. Has a Sensicare system, which automatically sets in washing parameters. Product dimensions 65 x 54.7 x 85 cm, and weight. 65.5 kilograms.
  • EWT1062IFW. Vertical type loading technique. The main advantage is with a relatively large capacity (6 kg) of a small water consumption. Dimensions are the most standard for such a product. 40 x 60 x 89 cm. Weight. 58 kg.
  • PerfectCare 700 EW7WR468W. One of the most expensive Electrolux washing machines. A reliable inverter engine with a warranty period of 10 years, front loading, drying function, removable cover. Weighs about 68.5 kg. Dimensions. 85 x 60 x 63 cm.

Even among popular models, weight varies within ten kilograms. This is a small, at first glance, the difference is very significant during operation and transportation. Therefore, we strongly advise to clarify both dimensions and the weight of the washing machine when buying.

Choice of washer: light or heavy

Most users know about such a problem as the “jumping” washing when squeezing underwear. The sight, of course, is funny, but it’s wrong.

Manufacturers know about these shortcomings, which is why they try to weight the weight of the washing machine artificially. So that the mass of the washing machine is sufficient and does not allow to move, the tank adds to the tank. They are installed by paired from below and from above. Due to the installation of heavy balancers, it is possible to prevent the shaking of the washer during washing and when spinning.

Only recently, manufacturers have more prefer electronic automatic balancing. It is very easy to make it. change the frequency of a washing motor speed.

What is the weight of a standard machine

The lightest washing automatic machine weighs from 30 kg. The mass of the most severe washer. more than 100 kg.

There are not many light and heavy washingrs on the market. Therefore, the average indicator of the main models varies from 50 to 80 kg.

Washing.wearing a weighing up to 80 kg guarantees excellent stability on the surface. During transportation, there are no difficulties.

Recommendations for the choice of washing

Narrow lumps are especially in demand and popular among owners of small apartments. But such washing workers have one significant minus, which should be taken into account: with an annex, the technique vibrates greatly. The reason for the deficiency is a small area of ​​the support.

Often, manufacturers add heavy parts to the tank so that the washer stood steadily on the surface.

When choosing a washing machine, an automatic machine should pay attention to a function such as automatic balancing. If this option will be in the model of your chosen washing, then the machine will not vibrate much and make noise. Auto Balance is designed to control the speed of the drum rotation.

If the question of what weight should have a washer, we have not yet been disclosed, consider the advantages and disadvantages of cars with a large mass.

  • The main advantage of weighted wasters is stability. When washing and squeezing, the machine “does not run away”, does not destroy things, remains in place. So significantly extended the life of the model.
  • Of the shortcomings, the difficulty during transportation can be distinguished. If you often move, constantly changing the living space, this option will cause inconvenience. It is best to give preference to models with a weight of not more than 80 kg.

To clarify this question more for yourself, you can see

The washing machine is a familiar attribute for consumers. Just like without a slab in the kitchen, you can not do without a comfortable washing room that qualitatively performs the functions.

The market assortment is full, so finding a model with a certain weight is completely easy.

How much does a narrow washing machine weighs Zanussi

Washing machines in width are from 400 (mm) to 700 (mm).

The main ranges of the sizes of washing machines:

  • Full.sized models: from 54 (cm) to 50 (cm) or devices with drying 60 (cm) can accommodate from 5 (kg) to 7 (kg) linen;
  • Narrow models: with a depth of 42 (cm) to 45 (cm), from 3 (kg) to 4 (kg) linen;
  • Superusky: 32 (cm) contains up to 3.5 (kg) linen;
  • The design of all the washing machines of the brand is as simple as possible, in classic white color.

Important: Detailed data on the main sizes of washing machines are presented by links below.

B (mm) standard width of the product (mm)

W the standard depth of the product (mm)

H (mm) standard height of the product (mm)

V (kg) useful product loading (kg)

Useful volume is a real user volume of the product.

Useful volume is a real user volume of the product.

B (mm) standard width of the product (mm)

H (mm) standard height of the product (mm)

W the standard depth of the product (mm)

Useful volume is a real user volume of the product.

Top Load vs Front Load Washer. Ultimate Washing Machine Showdown

H (mm) standard height of the product (mm)

B (mm) standard width of the product (mm)

W the standard depth of the product (mm)

H (mm) standard height of the product (mm)

B (mm) standard width of the product (mm)

W the standard depth of the product (mm)

Caution: the above data are official figures of manufacturers, however, it should be borne in mind that the information is reference and does not guarantee unambiguous accuracy.

Pros and cons of washing ground

Trade brand Zanussi. a well.known brand of household appliances. The company was founded in 1916 in Italy as a manufacturer of wood plates. Since the middle of the 20th century, the company has significantly expanded the range of products and put the production of washing machines, and later dishwashed and vacuum cleaners, on the conveyor.

During the financial crisis of the 80s, the brand became part of the large production Swedish concern Electrolux. The merger of the capital increased the position of two brands.

The release of washing units reached a new level in 1984. the concern integrated its own development of auto.regulation of water flow and energy consumption depending on the weight of the laundry.

Zanussi. a transnational corporation, geography of the placement of factories for the production of equipment is extensive. In addition to Italy, the release of washing rooms is established in Ukraine, Poland and France, Romania, Germany, Great Britain and Turkey

The strengths of the Zanussi cars include:

  • Energy efficiency. The main advantage of washing equipment is the economical consumption of water and electricity compared to similar products of other companies. During the operation of the machine, detergents are used as efficiently as possible.
  • Practical functionality. Most models are equipped with a basic set of modes. only about 15 programs. This is more than enough for domestic use.
  • Simple control panel. The entire list of programs is displayed to the front platform of washing machine. The choice is carried out by turning the switch, features of the cycle are set by functional buttons. The premium segment models provide a display with displaying operation parameters.
  • Protection system. Most washing glasses have a worklower at a crowded drum, control of foaming, overheating of the heating element and the drum imbalance.
  • A wide range of. The line presents full.sized, compact, narrow and models. The company produces washing rooms with frontal and vertical loading.

All equipment complies with European standards. Regardless of the country-manufacturer, washing machines are reliable and durable.

Unit rating of different brands. The evaluation criterion is the number of appeals to the service centers for the first three years of operation. Zanussi takes 3rd place, a list of reliable equipment is headed by Bosch washing rooms

Washing machines are focused on a wide range of users, and therefore their price is quite affordable.

The track record of disadvantages is more modest. The list is based on the assessment of technical equipment and consumer reviews.

  • The plastic elements of the case lose their gloss over time and turn yellow a little.
  • Sometimes users note insufficient rinsing of washing powder.
  • Some models do not cope with the of heavy fabrics.

The work of washing might cannot be called silent. The level of sound pressure at the peak of spin reaches 72-80 dB. The negative points include the persistent smell of rubber-the “aroma” persists the first 2-3 weeks of operation.

You need a quiet washing machine? In this case, we recommend that you look at the rating of silent models from various manufacturers.

Conclusions and useful videos

The rules for choosing the optimal washing model for home use, taking into account the features of the design of models, their functionality and additional opportunities, are considered in the next video:

The washing technique of the Italian brand is in demand. This is facilitated by the reputation of the manufacturer, a wide range of goods, the reliability and practicality of products.

Supreme arguments in favor of Washing Tsonussi: a competitive cost along with rich functionality.

You have another opinion about the distribution of places in the ranking between washings from Zanussi? Please write to us about this below under the article, give the arguments confirming your opinion.

If you have questions about the functionality of the brand washing machines or the choice of a suitable model, ask them to our experts and other visitors to the site in the comment block located below the publication.

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