How much salt to put in the dishwasher

How much to put in the dishwasher?? For the average, 750 grams would be enough, but it depends a great deal on the hardness of the water. Hard will consume much more money, and you can fill a full tray at once, which will usually be about 1 kg. How much salt to add if the water is soft? About 500 grams will be enough, but how long this amount will be enough, depends also on the frequency of use of the device: on average, it’s about 2 months.

If you decide to replace the special salt with regular salt, it’s better to pour 20 grams just before you start: that way there’s less chance of sticking and clumping.

Why you need salt for the dishwasher

To make your dishwasher break down less often and last longer, the industry produces special salt compositions. These special preparations with sodium chloride are recommended for use in addition to traditional detergents. Let’s find out what dishwasher salt is needed for, what its functions are, and what manufacturers offer.

Does the dishwasher need salt??

When you buy a dishwasher, the consultants tell you what care products you’ll need. But why do dishwashers need salt, they often don’t explain it, or they use too “abstruse” phrases. It’s really quite simple.

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We all know that the dishwasher heats the water to 45-90 degrees. At this temperature, the impurities in the water form a precipitate. The appliance becomes encrusted and soon breaks down. To protect the parts of the appliance, manufacturers use an ion-exchange filter. Resin is the main filtering component. It triggers the process of exchanging heavy metal ions into lighter. They do not precipitate as a result.

Over time, the ion exchange resin in the dishwasher filter loses its cleansing properties. To restore it you need to replenish the sodium ions. This is why sodium chloride (NaCl) salt is used.

How often should I put salt in the dishwasher?

The frequency of filling the salt reservoir depends on the concentration of Mg and Ca in the water, and how often the dishes are washed. According to the feedback from the owners, if the hardness of tap water is average and the dishwasher is turned on daily, the reservoir needs to be filled every 5-6 weeks.

How the water hardness level affects the salt consumption

The higher the concentration of Ca and Mg, the more often you need to add salt to the dishwasher. If the water is soft, it may not be used at all. There are dishwashers where the water hardness value is set manually. To find out, you need to measure the hardness of your water. You can get the most accurate data by sending a fluid sample to a lab. But this is a rather laborious and time consuming process. It is easier to use test strips, sold in pet stores and household appliance stores. The strip is placed in the water and it changes its color intensity according to the concentration of Ca and Mg salts in the water.

Basic recommendations when loading regenerating salt

Note! Never load detergent into the sodium chloride container. In this case the water softener can fail, and repairs cannot be avoided.

What the manufacturer suggests?

Before using a particular product, be sure to read the instructions. usually right on the packaging the manufacturer indicates how much to put it in the dishwasher.

Tips for using regenerating salt

Be careful! Never pour detergent into the sodium chloride tank. Otherwise, it can lead to a breakdown of the water softener, which can only be repaired.

How much salt to put in the dishwasher

Harsh water combined with high temperatures is a dangerous “cocktail” which causes many dishwashers to break down before their useful life. To soften the water, dishwasher salt is added to a special compartment in the dishwasher, using salt formulas produced by the chemical industry for the automatic dishwasher. Let’s find out how much salt to put in the dishwasher to get the effect without wasting too much.

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How to Pour the Right Amount of Salt into the Dishwasher?

Pouring salt into the dishwasher right before you start the cycle: the salt solution often splashes out of the container and you need to rinse it away quickly to avoid rusting. Pour the salt carefully, preferably wearing gloves. The dishwasher must be empty.

After purchase, the machine needs to be properly loaded with salt before the first run:

  • Unscrew the salt container lid anticlockwise;
  • pour 500-1000 milliliters of water into the tank (it is necessary to do it only for the first time)!);
  • pour regenerating salt into the compartment, water will be displaced at this time;
  • screw the lid on, wipe the bottom, remove salt crystals that have erupted.

How to add Rinse Aid & Salt in BOSCH Dishwasher (demo # 4)

Note that the lid should sit flat, with no tilting!

By the way, dishwashers are equipped with a special funnel to facilitate the process of pouring salt.

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