How much water does an automatic washing machine consume?

How much water does the washing machine use

Washing machine water consumption depends on many factors: drum capacity, washing program, etc.п. For each model the index will be determined individually. If the water consumption decreases or increases, there is a malfunction that can be identified and repaired by a service center technician.

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Water Consumption of an INDESIT Automatic Washing Machine

Indesit washing machines are quite economical in water consumption, but you should not forget that water consumption depends on the model Indesit. For washing of 5 kg of laundry it takes from 43 to 52 liters of water.

Indesit machines have an Eco Time function which allows reducing the washing time by minimising water consumption.

Also, water savings when washing in INDESIT help to save water:

  • Maximum load of dirty laundry;
  • Giving up the prewash function if the laundry is not very dirty;
  • The use of special products, such as stain remover, to quickly launder clothes;
  • rejection of laundry detergent for hand washing, because it forms a lot of foam and will require a lot of water to properly rinse the laundry. It concerns all brands of washing machines.

Indesit has a My time model, which allows saving water even with small loads of laundry by 70% on average.

The Indesit washing machines, regardless of the model, are very convenient, because all the modes are numbered and divided into groups: cotton, synthetics, special modes. The menu will be understandable even to a child.

The most economical models

If we talk about manufacturers, then the most economical appliances are produced by Germany.

For example, a small model Bosch WLG20265OE (up to 5 kg), thanks to the latest engineering solutions, has an average water consumption of 40 liters. Here the minimum capacity is 36 liters when using the fast washing mode. Of course, the price of such a machine is higher than the average position.

Cheaper, but not less economical. automatic machines of South Korean production. The same Samsung WF60F1R2F2W for 6 kg also consumes nearly 40 liters (according to the manufacturer’s technical information). But note the loading volume is larger here.

German model Siemens WS 10G240 OE from the same price category also uses up to 40 liters of water for one average washing cycle.

Well, and add to this list another premium model Hotpoint/Ariston AQS1D29. Here, too, the average figure is 40 liters. But the Italian manufacturer has also implemented the function of weighing the laundry. Depending on the weight of the things, the washer determines the amount of water by itself.

How to Use Fully Automatic (Top Loading) Washing Machine. Demo

Power Consumption Class

Energy class is indicated by the letters of the Latin alphabet from A to G in Kw/kg of laundry. Machines in the subgroup designated by the letter A have the lowest consumption.

The “” signs are used in the subgroup. The more of these, the more economical the unit. The power consumption of a washing machine is given in the table below.

Energy class Electricity consumption for washing 1kg of dry laundry
А 0.11 Kwt/kg
А 0,15 kW/kg
А 0,17 kW/kg
А 0,17-0,19 kW/kg
В 0,19-0,23 Kwt/kg
С 0,23-0,27 Kwt/kg
D 0,27-0,31 kW/kg
E 0,31-0,35 kW/kg
F 0,35-0,39 kW/kg
G than 0,39 Kwt/kg

The industry has stopped producing equipment below class C because it is not economically feasible. On sale you can still find such models, but few people buy them. They “consume” 1 KW or more in one cycle.

What are the power-saving modes and programs

Savings depend on which temperature setting you choose for your washing machine. All models have a temperature selection within the range of 30 to 95°C. It depends on the degree of soiling of the laundry.

Water consumption is also influenced by factors such as:

There are modes that we can call economical. They are in almost any “washing machine”:

Water consumption of a 5 kg automatic washing machine for one wash

The data sheet of any apparatus contains the results of test tests. Test washes with different conditions and loads are carried out in laboratories. Numerous tests have helped determine the minimum moisture consumption to save and the maximum consumption.

The smallest volume was 38 liters, and the largest. 80 liters. If you add up the figures and divide the sum in half, you will get 59 liters. This figure is most often seen in the passports of washing machines.

Figures may not correspond to reality, so it is recommended to arrange their own test.

Top load Washing Machine Water Overflow Problem.

It is necessary to carry out a number of operations:

  • Record the readings of the cold water meter.
  • Carry out the longest wash without opening the cold taps.
  • Calculate the consumption of the meter.
  • Repeat the wash, but at the fastest setting.
  • Calculate minimum flow rate.
  • Calculate the average figure.

Comparing the indicator with the passport data, make conclusions about the work of the washing machine.

Overlapping is normal. And a difference of up to 15 liters is also normal. About a critical situation will tell the figures in 50-60 liters of difference.

Such a situation makes you think about the correct use of technology and choosing the right washing mode. It is necessary to carry out a complete diagnosis of the equipment and identify the fault that affects the overconsumption of moisture. Perhaps the hostess should carry out cleaning. A heating element with limescale or a clogged filter can also cause overconsumption.

Economical programs and modes of washing machines

Much of the task of cleaning clothes or laundry is accomplished with different temperature settings (from 30 to 95°C), adjusted to the degree of soiling and the combination of fabric types. And automatic washing machine water consumption is mostly influenced by cycle length and number of rinses.

The load of the drum determines only the relative amount of water consumption: the bigger is the drum load, the less water is spent for each garment. Therefore, washing at a “full” load is more economical than washing at ¾ (partial) or ½ (minimum) of the total load.

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The term “full load” does not always mean the maximum filled drum, because the fullness is determined in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and they are different for each mode.

For example, for a washing machine with a 6kg drum capacity:

  • For Delicate and Quick wash, the full (maximum) load is about 2 kg,
  • for the Intensive and Mixed. 3 kg,
  • and for Cotton or Health Care mode the nominal value is 6 kg.

In terms of cycle length and degree of water heating in the units of most manufacturers are the following economical modes of washing, the name of which in the recommendations of different brands may differ:

  • “Fast” (“Fast 30”, “Boost mode”). In this mode a small quantity of slightly contaminated (usually colored) items is washed in 15-40 minutes.
  • “Everyday” (“Everyday”). This program washes polyamide, polyester and acrylic items which do not require special care. Takes approx. 30-40 minutes.
  • “Economy mode. The program, which is characterized by reduced energy and water consumption. In order not to reduce the quality of washing, the cycle time is increased.
  • “Preliminary”. Relatively economical mode, because for the removal of stubborn or infested stains the laundry is first soaked at 30°C with detergent for about 2 hours, which has a positive effect on the overall water consumption.

programs that require the active rinsing of the laundry (“Baby Clothes”, “Health Care”, etc.).), requires a higher water consumption.

How to save on energy consumption

The user can reduce energy consumption in the following ways:

  • Purchasing the optimum economic model of the machine;
  • A rational choice of the necessary program;
  • optimal loading of the equipment;
  • check the consumption figures by taking actual meter readings to rule out any malfunctions that might influence the economic performance of the machine.

The energy consumption characteristics of automatic washing machines are listed in the equipment passport. When selecting the model, the consumer should pay attention not only to the price of the equipment, but also to the efficiency parameters, according to the information provided by the manufacturer in the data sheet.

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