How much wax you need for leg waxing

Waxing and sugar waxing of the legs at home

Quite often for independent removal of unwanted hair girls choose vaxing and shugaring. The most convenient area for waxing or sugar paste at home. legs. But in this case, too, the procedure will not be painless. Fortunately, for a more comfortable waxing, there are special painkillers, such as Acryol Pro.

Here are a few common mistakes when performing shugaring and vaxing that increase their painfulness:

  • Tearing the strip up. One of the main mistakes made when doing hair removal at home. Conducting removal of hair on themselves, it is difficult to control the position of the hands, the tension of the skin and the direction of disruption of the strip. But it is important to tear the wax or paste parallel to the skin, then there will be less pain.
  • Repeatedly treating the same area. If the wax is of poor quality, it may not remove all hair. Then you have to treat the same area several times, which can lead to irritation and increase skin sensitivity.
  • Incorrect temperature of wax or sugar paste. All types of wax can be used on legs (cold, warm, hot). Wax strips (cold method) are not always effective at removing hair. The same happens if the temperature regime is not respected when using warm and hot methods. The same mistake can be made with the sugar paste. If it will be overheated, it can flow and stick.
  • Wounds, rashes. Neither shugaring nor waxing should be done in areas with damaged skin. If you have a rash or open wounds, you should wait until they disappear and heal before you remove the hair in that area.
  • Too long hair. For waxing and sugar paste hair removal it is necessary for the hair length to be 4-5 mm. If the hairs are longer than 8 mm, the procedure will be more painful.

Avoid these mistakes, and the hair removal procedure will be much more comfortable.

Who is recommended to wax

Waxing is a great alternative to removing unwanted hair with a shave. This procedure is recommended for people of all ages and both sexes. Although it is advisable to start using the services of waxing at a young age, when the hair is still less dense and it will be less painful to remove them, but anyone can resort to the help of this procedure, regardless of age.

Waxing has an advantage over shaving, because it removes hair with the root. When you shave, you just cut the hairs, and after a couple of hours you can already see the regrown hair or bluish shadows from the hair follicles under the skin in the shaved area. In turn, the effect of waxing not only lasts up to one month (editor’s note: on the average 2 weeks), but it is even more permanent: over time the hairs become thinner and their growth slows down. Plus, thanks to waxing, dead skin cells are exfoliated, so the skin stays soft and smooth for longer.

Waxing at home: what to do before and after

If this is your first experience at home, prepare in advance:

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    A couple of days before waxing, exfoliate the selected skin area with a scrub. Do not rub too hard, so as not to traumatize the hard parts of the skin and not aggravate during depilation;

Important: The body is more sensitive to pain during menstruation. If you are already very sensitive to various effects on the skin, it is worth postponing depilation.

How to choose a wax melter for your home

If you seriously intend to create your own mini-beauty salon at home, make depilation as effective as possible and speed up the process, without buying a modern wax maker you can not do without. Equipment with a thermostat will eliminate overheating the material, fiddling with the water bath, determining the exact temperature of the wax and thermal burns.

Study the pros and cons of each type of wax melter and make the best choice. On sale:

    Jar wax melters. Allow you to prepare a large amount of material at once. from 400 to 800 ml. At home spending money on equipment justified if you’re working at the same time different areas or take part in the procedure at least two members of the fair sex;

Before buying the machine you should always find out what kind of material of proven brands it works with, where you can regularly purchase wax cassettes (cans).

It is also important to find out if there are any device options, such as thermostat, thermostat regulator; find out about the number of heating elements; how much wax and what kind of wax can be melted at one time.

Finally, pay attention to the compactness and mobility of the waxer, ways to connect it to the mains. The ability of the device to work on a wireless base will allow it to be transported and used in guests and on vacation. As with shaving, depilate hair against the growth of the hair! Movements should be clear, sharp, fast. Try to remove all hairs at once. Repeated use will cause unnecessary skin irritation.


When removing body hair with waxing, first apply warm wax to the desired area. Then a paper or gauze strip is pressed to the wax, and then it is abruptly pulled away from the skin, pulling the hairs stuck to the wax with the root (editor’s note: there is also a way to remove hair with wax without using strips. the method of hot waxing). After waxing the result lasts for 3-6 weeks (Editor’s note: in most cases. about two weeks). Your hair grows back, but over time it may become thinner and less noticeable. The only disadvantage of waxing is that you have to wait some time for the new hairs to reach a certain length, so they can be easily and effectively removed. Many cosmetic firms sell kits for waxing at home, but waxing is also done in many salons (note. red.: this procedure is the safest and most effective, if it is carried out by a professional craftsman in the salon. Read more in our article Salon or Home Hair Removal: What’s the Right Choice).

When you remove hair with waxing, you can expect results that last for weeks, but waxing is not a procedure that gets rid of hair permanently in one go. Waxing is much more effective than shaving, t.к. With its help hair is removed from the root, so they need much more time to grow and become visible. However, if you remove hair regularly by resorting to waxing, you can eventually achieve a permanent stop to hair growth. This can happen because constantly removing hair from the root weakens the hair, and this can cause it to eventually stop growing.

Pros and Cons of Waxing

Waxing is attractive because it doesn’t leave the skin irritation typical of shaving. Yes, and the hairs that eventually begin to emerge, with each completed procedure becomes softer and thinner. This method of removing unwanted vegetation does not require much time and effort. if you master the technique, to get rid of hair on the legs, for example, will take no more than half an hour with all the preparatory procedures. At the same waxing gives a long-lasting effect, the duration of which depends, of course, on the individual characteristics of each person.

On average, to repeat the procedure will have to every month. during this time the hairs grow back usually to the required 3-4 mm.

Hair removal with wax not only in the salon, but also at home, provided the proper technique, does not cause complications, for which this method, and received many positive reviews. If there is no allergy to wax, side effects such as pimples, itching, redness and irritation will not appear. The skin will be smooth and soft, especially if you apply moisturizing cream at the end of the procedure. That is why this technique can be used by sick and even pregnant women, provided that it does not cause severe pain.

The disadvantages of such waxing are few. Among them. the relative painfulness of hair pulling, but here everything depends on both the individual characteristics of the body, and the correctness of the procedure. In addition, this method is difficult to perform on short hedgehog hair, so you have to wait for them to grow a little. Finally, wax is not suitable for those who have an allergic reaction to it.

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Waxing at home: tips

Contraindications. Menstruation, diabetes, blood clotting disorders, varicose veins, skin lesions (wounds, herpes), epilepsy are reasons to reject waxing. It is better not to resort to the procedure, if the next day is scheduled for an important meeting or event, especially when it is not clear how the skin reacts to the wax depilation and mechanical removal of unwanted hair.

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Removing wax residue. At home, you can use a greasy cream, olive oil or even sunflower oil.

The most painful area. Although there is a perception that the most painful to wax the bikini area, this is not true. It all depends solely on the individual sensitivity.

Acryol Pro: three types of epilation. one anesthetic

During shugaring, vaxing and gelling anesthesia may be required. This is due to the fact that all three types of hair removal occurs hair pulling, which may be accompanied by unpleasant feelings. To feel more comfortable during the procedure, it is necessary to apply Acriol Pro 7 cream 60 minutes prior to the session. It contains two anaesthetics: 2.5% lidocaine and 2.5% prilocaine. They reinforce each other’s action 26. To save time, you can apply the cream at home, cover with cling film and go for epilation.

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GCN Does Science. Should You Shave Or Wax Your Legs?

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