How much you need to grow hair for depilation

How to make paste for shugaring yourself

So, we have already said that shugaring can be done at home and prepare shugaring paste yourself. However, even in shugaring, after which the hair does not grow back, there are some nuances.

Paste for shugaring is divided by degree of softness. Soft paste is used to remove downy hair (above the lip, hands), the paste medium soft. to remove tougher hair (this leg epilation), with the hard paste usually spend epilation zone underarms and bikini, as hair in these areas are the most durable, and the hair follicles are very strong.

To cook the paste for sugar epilation take: 10 tablespoons of sugar without a hill, 4 tablespoons of water, the juice of half a lemon or half a teaspoon of citric acid without a hill. Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan with a thick bottom and place on a low heat. Be sure to cover the pot with a lid and stir periodically so that the sugar does not stick. At first the mixture will become transparent, then, when it boils, and small bubbles appear on the surface, you must wait until it acquires a caramel shade. This will take 5-7 minutes.

It is very important not to overcook, the mixture should be a little darker than light beer. After that you need to take the pan off the heat and cool the paste to a comfortable temperature

Then you can try kneading a small piece of the mixture with your hands. If it is sticky to the hands and does not gather into a ball, you need to boil a little more.

Why the length of the hair is important when using sugar paste

One of the disadvantages of using a technique that uses sugar mass, is to grow hairs, which is not always acceptable. The indicator has a direct impact on obtaining the desired result during epilation. Application of caramel for hair removal involves performing the manipulation by following the necessary rules. Deviation from these parameters reduces the quality of the master’s work and prolongs the session.

During epilation the specialist puts the sugar paste on the skin to bind the composition and the hair. This adhesion provides the right amount of hair and the quality of the product itself. Caramel for epilation is a cosmetic product or independently made from sugar, water, lemon juice product.

During the manipulation, the specialist kneads a piece of sugar paste in his hands, and then applies it to the skin against the direction of hair growth. At this point, there may be a slight discomfort.

After the hairs have adhered, the master removes the paste with a sharp movement in the direction of their growth. It is this technique that reduces the severity of pain during removal. At insufficient efficiency, which depends, among other things, on the size of hairs, the composition is imposed repeatedly. Thus, the algorithm of performing the procedure repeats.

Arm Hair Removal 1 Month Grow Back

It is known that hairs larger than the optimum size get tangled and twisted. Consequently, at the moment of tightening of the paste to the epidermis, one part of the tangled hairs will be removed together with the root, and the other part will be torn off. This manipulation is usually accompanied by pain due to trauma to the skin and hair follicles.

In this regard, it is necessary to know the optimal length of hair for shugaring. And it may vary for different areas of the body and face. If important rules are observed, the procedure is virtually painless. Removal of hairs of the required size also reduces the duration of the manipulation.

In addition to the size of the hair is important to observe other conditions. Before the application of sugar paste on the skin is not recommended:

Before the procedure, it is necessary to clean the skin from decorative cosmetics and impurities. The quality of the session can be reduced by the use of cosmetics. Before handling, it is useful to steam the skin, for example, take a shower or a bath. This will make it much easier to remove hairs.

In order for the removal of the hairs to be painless, the following conditions must be met:

  • Grow hair to a length of 5 mm.
  • Shave or wax if there are more hairs.
  • Shorten them with scissors if an emergency treatment is needed.

It is necessary to grow hair up to 4-5 mm for a few days. It depends on the color, hardness, and speed of hair growth. On average, it is recommended not to shave for 7-8 days. If the procedure is performed for the first time after shaving with a loom, you need to wait 10 days. When using products that slow down hair growth, the interval increases to 2 weeks.

For a quality shugaring procedure and flawlessly smooth skin a certain length of hair is required.

In the armpits is 5-6 mm, on the arms and legs. 8 mm, bikini area. 5 mm.

The day before epilation it is necessary to scrub the skin to remove keratinized epidermis.

The transition from waxing to shugaring is easy. The hairs are already growing thin and easy to remove. You can grow any length of hair after vaxing. If they are shorter than 7 mm, the effectiveness of shugaring sharply decreases.

Some beauticians advise to shave the skin in the areas to be depilation before the procedure. It is not necessary to do.

It is only necessary to grow the hair of a certain length.

How long should hair be for shugaring??

There are different opinions on the question of how long hair should be for shugaring. The difference in responses is not so much due to differences in the composition used, as the application in specific areas. The difference in the timing of regrowth of hair for sugar depilation is often due to the individual characteristics of the body, its condition and the speed of the hair follicles.

What is the optimal length?

Those who are going to make a deep hair removal for the first time, it is necessary to remember that other types of hair removal a week before shugaring are forbidden to do. First of all, you should know how long your hair should be.

The recommended length of hair for shugaring is considered:

  • hair length can vary from 3 to 8 mm;
  • for the subsequent depilation should grow hair to a maximum of 4 mm;
  • If previously used a machine, the first time you need to grow to 7 mm.

Keep in mind that if you have a length of more than 8 mm, it is recommended to use a different depilation method, and afterwards you can wait. If the desire is irresistible, then you can slightly adjust the length to the desired size.

If the razor has almost always been the main helper in achieving a smooth and silky skin, then you should consider that to get the desired length of hair in shugaring will need to stock up on patience for 2 weeks. It is also important to remember that after the machine hair grows back more strong, so the effectiveness of depilation procedure will have to grow them a little longer.

Newcomers to this kind of depilation or just people with a low threshold of pain is recommended to buy a suitable anesthetic at the drugstore. Such drugs can reduce the sensitivity of the skin, which ensures a painless procedure.

Equally important is such a requirement as skin cleansing. Cleansing the skin, where it will be shugaring, to remove grease and residual cosmetics. For these purposes the usual talcum powder is quite suitable, which in addition provides a better adhesion of the paste with the hairs.

The recommended length of hair for shugaring

Depending on the specific zone, the optimal size of the bristles may vary. But experts have calculated the range within which hair removal will be successful. The ideal length is 5 mm. it gives some kind of guarantee that the caramel will reliably contact the hair shaft and allow you to remove the follicles in 1 tug. The minimum length of hair for shugaring is 3 mm. This figure can be used as a reference point when there is no time to grow stubble, and the smoothness is required “here and now”. With short stubble can cope only very dense sugar paste and manual technique. If you perform the procedure yourself, take this point into account.

Not every craftsman will agree to work with minimal length. If hair must be removed urgently, it makes sense to resort to using a razor.

The maximum length of hair for shugaring. 8 mm. Long hairs can always be shortened. But if the ideal moment was missed, and there was no machine or trimmer for grass at hand, epilation can still be done. But in this case you have to be mentally prepared for the fact that the process will be painful, and the paste will need more than usual. The technique and the means can be chosen depending on the characteristics of the area and the temperature in the room.

What affects the growth rate of hair after shugaring?

The hair, regardless of the depilation method, grows at different rates on different parts of the body. Let’s dwell on each area separately.

  • In the armpit hair grows fairly quickly, and therefore long shugaring here does not work. After the first time smoothness usually lasts for a week, and after 15 days the caramel procedure should be repeated.
  • The bikini area will remain clean for 14 days, and after that you will notice a chaotic growth of hair. Another week later the procedure will need to be repeated. By the way, shugaring for this place is considered the best way to get rid of vegetation.
  • In the deep bikini zone it is not recommended to often perform this procedure, so as not to disturb the area around the intimate areas, where the skin is the most delicate. However, the hair does not grow so quickly: the vegetation begins to appear only 3-4 weeks after the treatment, so sometimes you don’t have to worry about another depilation for up to a month and a half.
  • On the face after shugaring the effect will last for 17-18 days (above the lip sometimes within a month), and here on the hands and feet can go longer without vegetation. It is recommended to repeat the procedure on the legs after 1.5 months, as small hairs will reappear only after 5 weeks.

How long the effect will be and the speed of hair growth after shugaring, also depends on a number of features of the female body. Take into account its national and genetic characteristics, hormonal background and other individual circumstances. So, if there are hormonal imbalances in the body, the hair grows faster and it is more noticeable. Shugaring procedure can give you an answer on the hormonal background: if the effect in the stable areas does not hold even 2 weeks, then this is the reason to consult a doctor and check the hormone levels.

The presence of a large number of male hormones in the female body can lead to the rapid and intensive growth of stiff body hair of the fair sex. This can only be corrected with medication, which is prescribed by the doctor. It is also necessary to consider your own nationality, because the Caucasian and Asian women have denser and thicker body hair than the Slavs. In addition, in the latter it is light, rare and not so noticeable. Dense hair can be inherited, as well as the appearance. It is a genetic trait.

Sometimes a lot depends on the lady herself, because there are always a number of recommendations that must be followed. For example, after the procedure on your hands, you should avoid direct sunlight on the treated area for 24 hours. And after removal of hair above the lip it is impossible to use the toning tool within 24 hours. In the armpit area after treatment with sugar caramel it is impossible to use deodorant so as not to provoke an inflammatory process. Exercising for several days is not desirable: sweating can cause irritation and influence the efficiency of the taken measures.

In general after the first session of hair removal with this technique the hair can appear on the 3rd-4th day. But no need to worry: after a few procedures, everything will fall in line with the above deadlines, and resort to the services of a master or self removal can be less frequent.

We always support the decision to switch to sugar depilation. This is a successful way to combat unwanted foliage. Compared to shaving it has long-lasting effect, less ingrown hairs, gentle peeling of the skin.

The peculiarity of this material is its composition, which is completely devoid of any aggressive components, as it consists mainly of sugar and water. Due to these ingredients, the manipulation itself is considered to be low allergenic.

The paste surrounds the hairs, but it does not stick to the epidermis. This means practical absence of skin traumatization and good tolerance.

Another excellent feature of shugaring is the removal of sprouts in the direction of their growth, which, unlike wax, does not break the rod, does not traumatize the follicle and, consequently, does not stimulate ingrown hair.

With regular visits to the beautician, the cover gradually becomes thinner and weaker.

Nevertheless, after the regular use of a razor, there are certain aspects to consider.

For effective removal it should be equal to 3-5 mm, which can be compared to a long grain of rice. When it reaches a sufficient size, the rod should settle on the surface.

And here it is important to be patient and refrain from shaving for at least 10-14 days.

In the future, it will be easier, as the vegetation by removing along with the root will only appear after a few weeks.

The second point you should be prepared for is the initial discomfort. By the first session we have a large amount of quite healthy hair.

And the formula is quite simple: the more hair. the more painful it is. Gradually the bulbs will weaken, producing weaker offspring and in smaller numbers.

Consequently, by the 3rd or 4th visit, the entire manipulation will be much less painful.

To be prepared for unpleasant sensations, try to schedule your visit at a time right after your period, because during this period the body reacts less to external stimuli, take an anesthetic and try to relax.

Good contact with the master also plays a positive role.

Soon after the initial depilation there is a high probability of noticing the appearance of stumps. This does not at all indicate unprofessionalism beautician and poor quality service. It’s all in the order of the day.

Continuous use of the blade contributes to a rather irregular emergence of hair shafts. Therefore, it may not be possible to remove all the hairs the first time.

This explains the appearance of stubble. Do not despair and be patient. Allow these growths to grow out and don’t use a razor. Afterwards, make another appointment at the salon.

The growth cycle on the legs takes about 6 weeks, and if you visit your master every 3-4 weeks, the process will synchronize and soon you can enjoy smooth skin throughout.

After treatment, stick to the recommendations of a specialist for optimal results. And don’t forget to scrub and moisturize your skin regularly.

Medically written and reviewed by: Julia Nicholson, dermatologist, physiotherapist Published by: Olesya Smagina, assistant director of hair removal centers Beauty Universe

Long hair: why you can’t have depilation

If your body hair is longer than 7-8mm, it will curl and intertwine with each other. Applying sugar paste on the skin where there are such hair, leads to the fact that extra follicles, or rather the upper part of them, will stick to the mixture.

much, need, grow, hair, depilation

In addition to the fact that not all hair will be removed, and the procedure of shugaring will entail an increase in painful signs. Bad hairs that do not stick to the sugar paste will break, which actually causes pain. But in addition to the fact that long hair causes pain when removing them, it also increases the likelihood of ingrown follicles. Ingrown hairs cause inflammation of the skin, bumps, pimples, and other neoplasms by getting infected.

Therefore, if you depilate hair that is longer than the recommended length, it will lead to the following consequences :

  • Significant increase in pain symptoms when removing hair.
  • There is damage to the skin, resulting in scars and scars.
  • There is a new problem after depilation, as ingrown hairs.

If just before the sugar depilation, you find that the hair exceeds the allowable length, you should shorten them. The most favorable way to trim hair is to use a grass trimmer.

Grass trimmer allows you to get the necessary length of hair for sugar depilation. You can use a trimmer or a razor, but after shaving you should grow the hair for 7-10 days until it is 5 mm long.

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