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Very few women can boast that her appearance fully satisfies her.

Most of the fair sex tries to change their natural appearance by all available means. Often these tricks don’t do them any good. As a rule, self-satisfaction starts first of all with one’s hairstyle. The owners of straight hair have a lifetime of suffering, curling it artificially, and girls with a naughty curly mane. On the contrary, they straighten up. All these manipulations, of course, do not go in vain, so it is surprising that at least a third of fashionistas have not yet gone bald. You can straighten your hair in a number of ways. Hair dryer with a flat brush, special irons, chemical or biological formula. Of course, each of these methods affects the appearance and health of the hair.

The most common way to get rid of frizz. Hair dryer and curling iron. Only manageable and slightly curly hair can be smoothed with a hair dryer. This is done as follows: apply styling products to wet hair and blow dry it using a large round brush with strong bristles. Of course, this method will not at all noticeable on the exuberant curls, so the hair dryer should be replaced by a flat-bristled hair dryer or curling iron, acting in the same way. The simplicity and affordability of the method include the advantages of straightening. That’s where the pros end. The tongs are mercilessly drying and breaking the hair, and in addition, the whole procedure takes a lot of time every day. There are a few tips you can use to minimize the damage caused by these devices.

First of all, you should not choose the cheapest, but the safest ones. Professional stylists advise to use irons with ceramic coating, the temperature of which can be regulated. Tourmaline models are expensive, but it’s expensive to cut down on your hair’s health. Turmaline-coated curling irons are much less damaging to the hair, and on the contrary, they even help to restore its structure by charging the hair molecules with negative ions.

Secondly, no matter how perfect the plates of irons are, hair care products are not superfluous. Before you ruthlessly pull the strands of tongs, you need to apply to the hair, moisturizing and thermostatic lotions or sprays. over, it is desirable that the hair before straightening was only slightly damp. This will keep them from being harmed by hot pliers, and the care. from dryness and breakage.

If your hair is dry on its own, you can buy straighteners not just with a tourmaline coating, but with a steaming effect. They will not only cope with actively frizzy hair, but also do not allow them to turn into straw.

Curling iron should be done slowly and evenly, without keeping the plates on any part of the strand. This will make your hair look even better, and those who like smooth, straight hair will not have to recover from burns.

Unfortunately, the straightening of curls by all kinds of stylers is very short-lived. The procedure has to be repeated day after day. However, if you use the services of masters from beauty salons, you can forget about long-term manipulations with curling irons for a few months. Two hair straightening methods are now available. permanent and keratin.

“Chemistry”, so popular in our country a few decades ago, today radically changed its purpose. With the help of chemical formulations hair is no longer curled, but straightened. Permanente can rightly be considered the most damaging. Lush scalp hair becomes dull and broken after formaldehyde treatment. The hair is straightened with tongs to secure the shape, straightening it permanently. And in the truest sense of the word. Talking about the harm of straighteners in this context makes no sense, because the main damage to the hair is caused by the “chemistry” itself.

The Brazilian keratin straightening is by far the safest and most harmless. Facility contains natural substances and amino acids, which do not destroy but restore the beauty and health of the hair. Keratin is used to seal in the hair’s structure, so the style lasts from a couple of months to six months, hair is straight and shiny, and the straighteners lie peacefully in place until the next treatment.

Every modern girl has to use straighteners for her hair with a certain frequency and skill, and sometimes the representatives of the stronger half of mankind. The hair straighteners not only straighten curly hairstyles with their help but also make the hair look beautiful and well-groomed. However, in the struggle for style you should not forget about health. Mechanical straightening in any case will be for natural curls easy test, so stylers and care products should be chosen carefully and wisely. If you can, it is better to contact a professional, who will estimate the condition of the hair and advise the most gentle straightening method.

If all roads lead home, and there are no salons on the way, you can act on your own, pre-gathering the necessary information. Straighteners should be chosen based on their functionality, giving preference to materials such as ceramic or marble, bypassing their cheap metal counterparts in a wide arc. Wet hair must always be dried and treated with protective products before making any hair adjustments. For the best effect, it is desirable to divide the hair into thin strands, and the tongs to spend on the entire length, without making Accent on any area. With the tips of the work is also better to work carefully, otherwise after straightening the hair will have to severely shorten. If all the rules of curling are observed, the benefits of straightening will be much greater than the harms.

Supporters of folk remedies will be interesting that straighten unruly curls can be without stylers. They say that it is also quite effective and is a good alternative to the daily exercise with curling irons. First of all, the natural straightener is the strong black tea with sugar. Strangely enough, this composition is not bad against curly curls. But it is better not to go overboard with sugar, otherwise the hair will become slick and unkempt. Tea, on the other hand. you need to brew it strong. An additional bonus of this recipe will be an unusual shade, which the drink gives to your hair.

The easiest and most at-home straightening option. ponytail. When the hair is wet, use a brush with coarse and stiff bristles to detangle it into a ponytail. The ponytail. Also combed and taped tightly (secure with many elastic bands along the entire length). The dry hair will be perfectly straight afterwards. My hair won’t be perfectly smooth, but it will give my curls a chance to take a break from the curling iron.

So how did I get rid of the straightener??

Systematic, regular and high-quality care. It’s a basic foundation. Without care, I’d probably still consider my hair curly and scorch it with irons and curling irons every day.

The care should include:. A mild shampoo. Conditioner or balm. A few masks. A spray to ease combing. Heat protection cream (for a weekend or a special occasion straightener I allow myself). Silicone serum or fluid

This is the base I’ve lived with for a long time. Then I began to get acquainted with ampoules and treatments for intensive care.

Staking on smoothing If you like your hair straight, it’s best to choose products that can smooth the strands. It’s not necessarily the smoothing products. Usually cosmetics that make the strands straighter have a thick dense texture, often they are nourishing products. In general, I choose anything that others would weigh down and over-dry. For my porous blonde that craves straightening, this is just what the doctor ordered.

Products that smooth and straighten:

Absolute Repair Mask (Loreal Professional)

Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm for Thick/coarse dry hair

Kaaral Restructure Ampoules

Estel Curex Classic. Nourishing Hair Mask

Goldwell DUALSENSES RICH REPAIR 6 Effects Serum

Brushing wet hair That’s not the way to wish. But if you’re careful with the right comb, you can. It’s just that if I don’t brush my hair, it can dry out half wavy. But I don’t need it at all. For brushing wet hair, I use:

Pictured here is a Janekle comb and a radical-toothed comb from prof. Store. Wet hair should be combed as gently and carefully as possible, after you have already applied the spray and cream (if you use it).

Use the most gentle styling possible My hair usually dries out and goes into a decent-looking hairstyle on its own. But if I need to make sure my hair looks good, there are 2 ways to style it: 1) Bisoody Velcro. I wrote about them above. To get less trauma from the friction of the hair against the Velcro, I usually do a “twist” on 3 to 5 curlers. Creates a voluminous style with a slight wave. After a while my hair just goes straight. 2) Hair drying. I don’t know how to use a brush. How many times have not tried, it does not work So I just direct the hair dryer with the muzzle downward and dry my hair, combing with my usual comb. Mine from Janekle has holes, which speeds up the drying time.

Hide the “pest” away After I realized that my hair was badly damaged, I just put the iron away. I will not use it for everyday cleaning. that was my decision at the time. And it was just right. In the past, the straightener was always at hand, so there was a desire to turn it on and do the styling quickly and easily. If you want to “bring to feel” a very damaged hair, just refuse to use thermal appliances, reduce their use to a minimum, 1-2 times a month is enough for brittle brittle hair.

Look at yourself in a new way I used to only see myself with perfectly straight hair, well, or perfectly curled on a curling iron. After having Velcro curlers in my life, I’ve come to love my hair with volume, which I once thought was a punishment. Today’s naturally dried hair I also really like. Yes, it’s not perfectly smooth like Asian women’s, but it still looks decent without styling. With the advent of regular and good care, with the transition to proper coloring, constant tinting, the hair has become more dense, healthy, not as empty and damaged as before. They got the look of more or less healthy hair (bleached hair is very damaged hair after all). I calmed my inner peekaholic and now if something gets curled the wrong way, I won’t be grabbing the iron. The strand near the face may be tucked in behind the ear or pinned, curled if you really need the hair loose.

I know some girls who were as addicted to the iron as I was. One of them has curly hair. She, just like me, realized that the daily straightening was detrimental to the hair and also began to take the iron less often. Now both she and I really like her beautiful large waves, which previously she was so eager to get rid of.

While writing this post, remembering all the things I had with my hair, looking at photos, I was once again convinced that using a straightener on a daily basis was a real problem for me. I fought it the best I could. straightening creams (which did not work without styling), attempts to change the structure of hair and believe that it is wavy, different types of styling, keratin Nothing worked, except care, love for hair, and therefore sparing them. Yes, we only live once, and we want to be beautiful every day, but you do not have to burn your hair with ceramic plates. Now I use the iron 1-2 times a month with thermal protection cream and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I want to say that I am not against straightening hair with an iron per se and there are many examples, including on our site, when girls use thermal appliances often and still hair sparkling with beauty. But mostly they are brunettes. I was fully aware during this long struggle that my hair was already damaged and the straightener was really hurting it.

Peculiarities of hair restoration after curling iron

If you regularly use a curling iron, the experts recommend treatments to restore the structure of the curls. To level out the damage from the device, you should:

  • Get rid of dry ends. Only the part of your hair that’s left feeling the least stiff and brittle can be restored. If the hair is split, it means that there is no cuticle, so the nutrients will not stay in the structure for long.
  • Learn how to properly work with the device. Tips on how to properly straighten your hair with a hair straightener, read our article.
  • Choose a gentle cosmetics without silicones and other harmful substances. Balm and shampoo should contain softening, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.
  • Use a lot of leave-in curls. They are unlikely to help avoid damage from the iron for hair, but will make the strands smoother, which will prevent severs when combing.


Thus, it is almost impossible to use a curling iron without harming your hair. But you can reduce its damaging effects and provide the necessary thermal protection for your hair. Nourishing masks, shampoo, and a conditioning conditioner for damaged hair can keep curls looking healthy and beautiful. The main thing is to choose the right device that will perform gentle straightening with care for your curls.

Straightening rules: step by step instructions

Wash your hair, apply hair care or styling with heat protection (see below for a review of cosmetics).

Blow-dry hair either naturally or with a hot blow dryer and a brushing brush (this is if you have particularly curly strands and your dream is perfectly smooth hair).

Note: Only use the flat iron on dry hair! You do not want to halve, or even triple, the life of your precious hair

Start straightening at the nape of the neck with the flat iron, dividing the hair into small layers. Pin the hair at the nape of your neck and pull it strand by strand for your convenience. The thinner the strand, the more effective and complete the straightening will be.

Note: move the straightener from the roots to the tips of the hair!

Once all the strands are out of the hairpin, go ahead and “fix” the top of your head.


Note: don’t sit too long in one place, the temperature of the iron is usually enough to straighten the hair in one smooth pass (another big advantage of good tools).

There are also a few more hair straightening tips:

  • If your hair is a little frizzy or wavy, then one application of heat protection will be quite enough. The tougher and curlier your hair is, the more often and the more you need to apply the protective product. In this case, the care is reapplied after drying your hair with a hair dryer.
  • If you are looking for both volume and smoothness you can flat iron just the hair that is covering your style and the tips, which are always showing. The untreated strands will create volume on the inside and the treated strands will create a glossy smooth effect on the outside.
  • Try to pull only clean hair. Styling product residue and dirt will simply harden under the heat. If you need to fix your hair in a hurry, and you don’t have a washing appointment until the next day, run a hot air iron over your hair.
  • Just because your blow dryer has a temperature range of 0 to 170 degrees doesn’t mean you can set it to the max and straighten curls all over your head with a clear conscience. The hair at the front may be different from the hair at, say, the nape of the neck. The curls tend to be curlier at the temples and require higher temperatures to straighten.
  • Using a hair straightener, do not forget the main rule: hair can be straightened no more than 2 times a week (provided, of course, that the plates and spraying are gentle).
  • Specialists recommend trimming your ends regularly as a prophylactic against hair breakage.

Tips for safe straightening with the flat iron

To straighten curls safely and correctly, we offer some useful tips from experts and professional stylists:

  • If you want to not only straighten curls, but also give your hair volume, the iron should be used only for the tips and surface strands. It is better not to touch the roots and the hair inside the hair.
  • To make yourself a slightly whipped curl, you can work the diffuser for a hair dryer. Just like a blow dryer, it requires a head wash and thermal protection. You can learn how to use a blow dryer diffuser when straightening in our article.
  • If your hair is too thick and coarse, you can even it out with a bit more heat protectant. The product should be applied both before and after straightening.
  • Do not straighten curls more than 2-3 times a week. This only applies to those irons that are equipped with gentle plates. If not, then even less often straighten curls.
  • After creating a hairstyle, do not take the hair into a bun, otherwise there will be many unsightly kinks.
  • Try not to heat the iron to the maximum temperature. Its mode of operation varies only depending on the zone of straightening. If you want to straighten the back of your head, you need a lower temperature. A stronger heat can straighten temples.

It is simple enough to straighten curls with a curling iron. You do not need to go to the hairdresser, because the fluffy hair can be beautifully smoothed and at home. The key is to find the right iron and follow our advice.

often, straighten, hair, blow

Hair care after the procedure

After exposure to high temperatures, hair inevitably loses vitality, becomes more vulnerable. Therefore it is necessary to protect them from additional negative external influences. Among these, harmful effects include:

  • Direct sunlight;
  • chlorinated water;
  • Aggressive substances in the composition of hair care products;
  • Metal brushes and hairpins;
  • tight hairstyles;
  • aggressive styling;
  • diets;
  • procedures to change the appearance of hair, such as coloring, lamination.

There is a wide range of hair restoration products on the market. We should remember that many of them only mask the problem, but do not have a beneficial effect on the hair. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is necessary to be familiar with their composition. Among the various products are well-proven masks and oils.

Masks can be mixed from natural products at home. It is an economical hair care option without harming your hair. Among the ingredients most commonly used are egg white or yolk, honey, herbal decoctions (chamomile, calendula, burdock and others), kefir, cognac, tinctures of chilli pepper. Well-proven capsules of vitamins A and E, which in the amount of two drops are added to the selected mixture.

Particular attention should be paid to oils. They are applied to half of the hair length or to the tips, added to cosmetic hair care products and home-made masks.

The most effective for hair are several types of oils.


This oil is designed to restore hair after perming, straightening. It saturates the hair with antioxidants, giving it a healthy look. In addition, it has a strengthening effect and prevents the formation of dandruff.


Due to the content of vitamins and phenols olive oil has a nourishing and regenerating effect on the structure of hair. Recommended for dry, brittle hair. It also has a favorable effect on dry scalp.


The oil is able to penetrate deep into the hair, nourishing and regenerating it from the inside. This effect is possible because of the fatty acids it contains. Castor oil is noted for its ability to strengthen hair growth.

often, straighten, hair, blow


Burdock oil has a strong moisturizing effect. It smoothes out unruly strands and protects the hair against harsh environmental conditions.

Almond oil

This strengthening oil can not only improve the appearance of hair, but also promote hair growth, elasticity and shine. It slows down cell aging and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp.

Coconut oil

The oil is primarily intended for dry and lifeless hair. It restores luster and strength. Also has an antimicrobial effect, soothing inflammation and itching on the scalp.


Moisturizing and nourishing oil, rich in vitamins. It is suitable for all hair types, strengthens hair structure and stimulates hair growth. It can often be seen in the composition of various cosmetic products.


The oil is known for its cleansing and strengthening effect on split and damaged hair. It prevents hair loss and is often used in combination with other oils.

With consistent care and gentle handling, you can keep your hair in good condition even with weekly hair styler use. While strict geometric hairstyles are in fashion and women are increasingly turning to styling tools, the first thing that should be borne in mind is how well their hair is groomed. Any hairstyle is variable. The ever-present and much-loved square cut, for example, looks beautiful both smoothed and wavy, slightly messy.

A flexible attitude to fashion and a responsible attitude to themselves will long preserve the beauty and health of the hair.

Girls who wear bangs should constantly maintain its smoothness.

  • It is advisable to dry it naturally before straightening.
  • Apply a hair protectant.
  • At the roots, squeeze the bangs between the plates of the straightener and move them downward.

Just as with straightening, the curls need to be prepared. But the process is slightly different

  • Separate not very much of your hair. Pin the rest so they don’t get in the way.
  • Pinch a strand at the roots between the plates of the straightener. Then wrap it around the iron at right angles, i.e. 90 degrees.
  • Slowly move the appliance down without sticking too long in any area. If done correctly, you should end up with a nice firm curl.
  • Stack all curls this way, separating each strand a little from the rest.
  • Finish the style by arranging the curls in front of the face.

Another way to curl your hair is with a curling iron, which only takes about 5 minutes

  • All the harmless prerequisites for the style should be met.
  • After the preparation, divide the hair in a straight parting and braid two braids for grass.
  • Go over one braid with the flat iron 3 times, and then the other three times.
  • When the grass braids have cooled down, unwind them. You get light waves, which you can spritz with hairspray to fix your hair.

Popular Brands

Today dozens of brands of curling irons. Among inexpensive models, you can consider the offerings of Polaris, Scarlett, Maxwell. These companies produce budget appliances with ceramic coated plates. Braun, Bosch, Philips, Bellissima have many irons for home use with different types of coatings.

GA.MA is a European manufacturer with a good reputation. An Italian company makes appliances with tourmaline plates for home use. Chinese company Xiaomi made a mark in this area, and produces its own version of an iron with a bright design and compact size. Yueli Hot Steam Straightener has steam humidification. Among the manufacturers from China are also popular Pritech, Sinbo.

Professional equipment is produced by brands Dewal, Moser, RiFF, Mark Shmidt, BB One, GHD, Hairway.

often, straighten, hair, blow

They can find and 2-in-1 models for home use, but the most in demand titanium irons for keratin straightening and other options designed for salon styling.

Before” and “after” photos of using the iron

If you follow all the rules and know the trade secrets, the iron will be a reliable helper and will please with excellent styling for a long time. Experiment and learn new hairstyles.

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