How often can you blow dry your hair?

mistakes of hair care

Hygienic hair care is crucial for the health and beauty of your locks and an important part of your full body care. Cleanliness is always important. Even when you haven’t had time to style or style your hair, clean, healthy hair will still look attractive.

But even if we all know how to wash and dry our hair when we are children, very often we don’t wash and dry our hair properly Here are 10 hair care mistakes that we make the most often.

Is a blow dryer bad for your hair?

Household hair dryer is present in the arsenal of almost every woman. It helps not only to dry hair quickly, but also to create the desired hairstyle. But there are also detractors, who say that hair drying damages the hair by reducing its natural moisture. This is the way you can’t do without it in some cases: for example when you need to go out in the cold after the swimming pool. Is it harmful to dry hair with a hair dryer?? To answer this question, we need to look closer at the negative and positive aspects of this action.

How to use a hair dryer-brush for short hair?

The appliance easily manages styles of varying complexity. For short hair suit the usual hair dryer model with a brush with low power. Here’s how to use a blow dryer-brush to create a hairstyle:

  • Shampoo your hair.
  • Apply any hair conditioner.
  • Preheat the appliance.
  • Start at the top of the head and move in opposite directions.
  • Secure the finished hairstyle with hairspray or a special powder.

You can use the nozzle with fine bristles to give volume to fine curls. Hair should be clean and slightly damp. The strands begin to pull up first, and then sideways. Fix the hair styling by blowing cold air on it for a few minutes and then varnish or wax it.

BeautyQuestion to the expert: How to dry your hair correctly

It would seem that today there should be no questions about the right way to dry your hair: the store shelves are full of gadgets and special products, and the beauty sections of websites are full of experts’ opinions and instructions. Probably this topic is still a matter of controversy only because everyone is used to dry his hair in his own way. Is it possible to claim that there is only one correct way to dry your hair? Does natural drying really harm your hair?? And is a hair dryer so terrible?? We asked the experts about all this.

Kopytina Vitalia Vyacheslavovna

The hydrogen bonds in the hair structure are easily destroyed when hair gets wet. So when hair is wet, it is more vulnerable and we can traumatize it. If you don’t subject your hair to friction after washing it, nothing bad can happen to it. However, if you go to bed with wet hair, for example, you risk damaging it.

The experts often recommend not to comb wet hair precisely because of its vulnerability. In my opinion it is important to look at the structure of your hair first. So, if your hair is very thin and dry, without a hair brush you’ll just get tangled strands. I would suggest picking the right comb that doesn’t mess with the hair shaft when it’s wet (like a Tangle Teezer or a fine-toothed comb), and using a styling product to ease the combing process beforehand.

As for the hair dryer, it is worth paying attention to professional devices, which have different temperature modes. You also need to use thermal protection because it’s a very effective complex which protects and moisturizes the hair. For example, keratin and collagen contribute to additional nourishment, which is especially important in the autumn-winter and summer periods.

Careful consideration should be given to the optimum temperature for drying: as a rule it’s around 60 degrees. You should blow-dry your head at a distance of 10-20 centimeters. This way your hair will be smoother and shinier.

A cold blowout for finishing off the style. This method is especially good for people with an oily scalp, because with it we normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands. Cold blow drying can also be used on fine hair as it tends to leave more moisture in the hair as it dries the crown of the head.

Curly hair is usually more porous, so it is worth using a mask and a conditioner during the washing. After showering, do not rub, but blot the hair with a towel. The owners of curly hair usually comb the hair very carefully and use a special styling to create a curl fixing effect, or use a diffuser, or do not dry the head at all with appliances. There is no universal formula, so this is up to you if you feel more comfortable with your hair.

It is important to note that hair loss or thinning cannot be caused by a hair dryer. Even if you use it regularly, but take proper care of your hair, use a professional shampoo, mask, conditioner, styling, fluids, thermal protection with hydrolyzed keratin and collagen, then drying will not do any harm.

Warm air can really make hair structure dry. However, it seems to me that there are many products available now that you can use to keep your hair looking fabulous. If you are comfortable drying your hair the natural way, then just be gentle with your wet hair. If you do use a hair dryer, don’t ignore any precautions. I recommend to all my patients not to give up their comfort habits. Today some rules are too hyperbolic: if you choose a good comb, pillowcase, care and take care of the health of the body, then your hair will be fine.

Katya Bolshakova

The water causes the cuticle to loosen, loosening and stretching the hair so that it can easily be damaged by even the simplest of manipulations. But there is a difference if we naturally dry our hair when it is healthy or damaged. Drying hair in this manner will not be harmful for healthy hair, but for damaged hair it is better to use a hair dryer, following simple rules.

Towel dry hair while drying without rubbing it. Next, dry the hair with warm air, not hot. Before drying it it is necessary to apply thermal protection. it replenishes the lack of moisture and maintains the quality of the hair. The airflow from the hair dryer should be directed at a 45-degree angle to the hair shaft, moving from the roots to the tips. This is how we get the cuticle direction so that hair is not frizzy and can be smoother.

Curly hair can be dried naturally, but do not forget about a properly chosen home care: shampoo, conditioner, masks. When blow-drying naturally curly hair it is important to use conditioner or cream for curly hair after washing, as this can provide extra moisture.

BeautyHow to take care of hair in the cold: hairdressers explain

The untrained person can be slightly confused by the concept of “winter hair care. Face and body care are more or less clear: it is better to switch to mild cleansers and dense textures. What’s wrong with your hair?? Do I need to change my shampoo?? How to deal with styling? What if your head itches and your hair turns to hell when you’re wearing a hat?? We asked the professionals about what to do with it all and chose the right products.

TEXT: Moore Soboleva, the author of the telegram channel Fierce Cute

In winter, it’s important to pay enough attention to thoroughly drying your head, especially if you use leave-in serums and tip oils or styling products with a dense consistency, such as paste or gel, when styling. Because what in the summer on the street will turn a slightly damp strand in a bold curl in the cold time will entail overcooling of the hair and, consequently, dryness and breakage.

If you do not see any visual changes in the condition of the hair, it means that your usual care of shampoo and conditioner suits you and can not change anything. If you want some changes, I recommend adding detox-shampoo or scalp peeling to your usual hair care routine. They are great for cleansing and adding volume, but they also wash out the toning on the whole length of the hair, so be careful if your hair is colored. And if your curls have become duller, you can add a nourishing mask to your usual care, which will bring back the usual summertime glow.

To keep hair frizz-free try to spend as little time as possible near the radiator and under the lamp. they dry the air in the room, and consequently, and you in this room. A humidifier is a good solution to the problem. And for straightforward care, in the wintertime you can use a permanent anti-frizz serum, a hair conditioner or a static-relieving hair spray, as the makers usually put it on the front label.

often, blow, your, hair

If your head itches under a hat, it is most likely a skin reaction to an unsuitable, for example too rough, product material. If it is not a matter of a biting hat, it is better to ask a trichologist.

often, blow, your, hair

Redken Frizz Dismiss Anti-Static Oil Mist, 2000

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Davines Inside Dry Texturizer Spray, 2320

A nice airy spray that effortlessly holds the volume of your hair without creating a frizz effect from the 80s

Hair, like skin, needs moisture. I always recommend humidifiers in the winter. humidity should be around 50%. It’s good for mucous membranes, skin, and hair.

Seasonal shampoos do not need to change, it makes no sense. On the contrary, the less you change care, the better. Just choose the best quality shampoo products, and it is better to use them for daily use.

Shampoo, above all, should be comfortable to use, be mild and pH-neutral. It’s important to use nutrients as well. It can be a mask or oil, for example. For example, many people like coconut oil. as a rule, it is good for people with dense porous hair structure. And burdock oil soothes the scalp and helps fight dandruff and hair loss.

It is desirable that your hat is made of natural fabrics, not synthetics. In the latter case, it should have a cotton lining. and more people are wearing hoods these days, but those who prefer hats should consider hats made of wool or cashmere. And don’t forget to use gentle care products.

Also, if you use styling products in the morning, you should definitely wash them off in the evening. Under the hat it creates a greenhouse effect, and as a consequence, it can get itchy.

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Rated Green Tamanu Oil Soothing Scalp Pack, 2100

The most interesting products in the range of the organic brand are products for the scalp: for example, this honey mask, which relieves itching and irritation

In winter we encounter cold temperatures and frequent changes, excessive dryness of the skin and a lack of nutrients. Naturally, all this has a direct impact on the condition and appearance of hair. Therefore, the care of curls in winter must necessarily begin with the observance of basic rules.

Wash your hair as often as you are used to. A common misconception is that grease protects the hair from excessive dryness and loss of nutrients. But this is not the case, so there is no need to endure dirty hair.

Wearing headgear is a must. And the lower the temperature outside, the warmer it should be. Cold makes your hair and scalp dry and changes in temperature can disrupt your sebum.

Many people switch to thicker, silicone-based styling products in the winter. There is nothing wrong with it, but in this case it is better to add deep cleaning shampoo to wash it all off, otherwise the hair will be electrified and dry. But don’t go overboard with too much cleansing. don’t use it as a replacement for your daily shampoo, just use it periodically.

During the cold season it is necessary not only to moisturize but also to nourish and strengthen the hair. Add a mask, leave-in cream or serum from a professional brand.

Christophe Robin Clarifying Shampoo, 3010

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Hair stylist, salon owner and founder of the Lovely Aura by Rubets hair care line

Winter is a testing marathon for the hair and scalp. The inputs are constantly changing: a hat, overheated and overdry air, frost, hair dryer. As a protective reaction, sebum begins to be actively released, creating a film, so the main problem in winter is too oily scalp. Hair care begins with shampoo. It does not need to be changed: if you have already chosen the right hair care, it suits you and your skin feels comfortable after using it, you can safely leave it. But pay attention to the composition of the products, choosing the mildest and gentlest. In winter we have to blow-dry our hair more often, and this can’t help but affect its condition. It is especially important in this period to use heat protectors, which will reduce the impact of hot air on the already weakened hair.

To help your hair, complete the treatment with a mask. Hydration and nutrition in this case are equally important, additional care for the hair will not be superfluous. I would like to mention that most of the cosmetic ingredients are most active at night and should be used before going to bed, not just before going out.

The next problem is excessive static. Wool hats, synthetics, and heating can make hair literally stand on end. Dry and brittle hair that lacks moisture is especially electrifying. Over the years I have tried many tools and honestly admit that for a short time the problem of excessive electrification can be solved with a standard antistatic, which is suitable for both clothing and hair. I hope my colleagues don’t judge me, but it really does work. Even a light hairspray will do. However, for a more serious and comprehensive approach to the problem, it is necessary to add moisturizing products to your regular hair care.

Another point. if you have long hair and you like to wear wool sweaters with voluminous collars when dressed, try to throw a lightweight scarf on your head and through it climb into the collar of the sweater. This solves the problem of static and prevents hair tangling. In general, the owners of long hair is better to gather them in a high hairstyle. A common problem in winter. the hair is constantly tangled and broken, forming pangs. Regular brushing and use of conditioners and hair masks will help to reduce damage.

In winter I always add a light exfoliation to my care, which relieves irritation and stimulates blood circulation, speeding up hair growth. The optimal frequency of its use. once a week. Such products help moisturize and soothe sensitive skin, as well as cleanse it of dirt and styling products.

Volume loss in winter is not uncommon. I recommend to clients (and I do it myself) to apply a small amount of dry shampoo to the crown area while wearing hats. Dry shampoo helps absorb excess sebum, so even after you’ve worn a hat all day, you still have voluminous hair. I can’t say that it’s healthy, but it’s very effective and it’s perfect for emergencies.

To keep your head from itching, you first have to make sure that you wash it often enough, based on the personal needs of your hair and skin type. Secondly you may have an allergic reaction to the material or weaving of the hat. in this case the problem can be solved by correct selection of a hat. I would recommend using natural materials such as wool or cashmere. Often, itching and irritation of the scalp arise as a consequence of sebaceous glands due to constant temperature changes, and then a special accent in the care should be made on soothing products and prevent the appearance of dandruff.

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What’s Less Damaging To Hair? Blow Drying Or Air Drying | Tips To Safely Dry Your Hair

The styling product

The next step is to apply a leave-in conditioner, a serum or a moisturizing lotion to the hair, the names may be different but the point is the same. These products are found in the form of sprays, balms, creams, lotions, and their meaning is even greater hydration of hair and additional smoothing of the cuticle. Once the indelible conditioner is absorbed, you can start applying styling products.

Apply volumizing products first, usually sprays or mousses. It is important to distribute the product on the root zone, but not to rub it into the scalp: if you do this, you risk problems with the skin itself. “The important thing when volumizing hair is to leave the hair in the root zone to create more volume, and then work on the texture along the hair,” says Rufad Akhundov. You can do it on the hottest setting to save time, but you will probably be more comfortable drying on medium temperature and medium power.

When you are one hundred percent roots dry (direct the air only to the roots without touching the rest of the hair), you can apply styling products on the hair length. These can be special creams for blow-drying, which additionally smooth the hair and protect it from thermal damage, hair oils, lotions to make it smooth or special sprays to create texture. whatever you like. For beginners we recommend that you stick with the first method so that you can understand the basics. When you understand what your hair should look like after a proper blow drying, you can include in your diet and experiments with texture.

Beware the heat: how to blow dry your hair properly

Few girls are not concerned about the condition of their hair. To give curls shine and a healthy look, we resort to the help of all kinds of balms and masks, take vitamins and try various innovative combs, ionizing hair dryers and massagers. But all of these efforts can be undone by not drying your hair properly.

Blow-drying exposes our hair to a lot of heat, and it soon responds with dryness and breakage. Improperly dried locks can be very hard to recover, so it’s better to treat them with care and attention from the start. So, how to properly dry short and long hair?

Hair drying with a hair dryer is bad for you: true or false?

The gentlest way is to let your hair dry on its own. But for those who live in a big city and are always in a hurry, it is not the most convenient option. Many people use a hair dryer on the hottest setting when styling. Hair dries quickly, but regular exposure to hot air can leave it brittle and dull. The right thing to do if you need to dry your hair regularly is to run it in a dryer with as little hot air as possible.

Marina Golubchenko

  • Make sure your hair follicles are healthy and strengthened from within with hair follicle treatments. Then the hair will be healthy and wearable. This should be done under the supervision of a trichologist;
  • Use a quality hair dryer for styling. There are models that control the heating of the hair and “close” the scales thanks to special modes of operation. Good hairdryers cost in the range of 15 thousand;
  • Do not dry your hair on the hottest setting, but on a cool setting;
  • Use products with thermal protection. These are products that are applied to clean, damp hair and reduce heat damage. The results depend on the quality of the product you use. Heat protectors help keep hair looking healthy.

If you frequently blow-dry your hair, watch this video by hair stylist Lizaveta Morozova. In it, she talks about the top mistakes when drying them.

The Benefits and Harms of Using a Hair Dryer

Hair drying with a hair dryer provides many advantages, first of all, saving time. If you have no more than half an hour to wash and style your hair, you can’t do without a hair dryer. No need to go out into the street with a dry head, for example, after the pool or a visit to the water park, thanks to the hair dryer. In cold weather, it can help prevent colds.

  • It helps to create various styles with the help of special nozzles;
  • It gets rid of hair tangles;
  • Equipped with an air cooling function;
  • Gives volume to your hair;
  • Removes static charge with ionization, makes hair more manageable and silky.

Many hair dryers have overheat protection. There are folding models, indispensable for travel, options for different types of power grids.

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