How the procedure takes place laser hair removal deep bikini

How to do laser hair removal deep bikini?

Every woman dreams to remove unwanted body hair, and even for a long time. Today it has become fashionable to have perfectly smooth skin. Have not yet created such techniques, which would have helped in one session to get rid of unwanted vegetation, but for a few procedures to cope with the task is possible. To carry out such procedures at home is not possible, you will need special equipment and highly qualified master. Laser depilation is one of the most effective procedures offered today in the salons in the article will carefully consider how to laser hair removal of deep bikini.

How laser hair removal of deep bikini takes place: all about the procedure

Recently more and more girls (and men) give preference to laser hair removal!) give preference to laser hair removal procedure. Indeed, today it is one of the most painless and effective procedures for getting rid of unwanted body hair.

And if shaving or wax depilation is more or less acceptable for hair removal on arms or legs, where the skin is coarser and there are no problems with ingrown hairs, but for intimate areas laser hair removal is ideal.

Depilation or epilation?

Let’s break down the terms. Depilation is an effect on the visible part of the hair and partly on the follicle, it has a short-term effect. Waxing, shaving, shugaring. refer to just such procedures.

Epilation is hair removal with special devices that act directly on the hair bulb, completely destroying it. It is necessary to tell that the cessation of activity of a hair follicle in no way affects the health of your body.

The various types of hair removal include electroepilation, photoepilation, ELOS-epilation (a combined method, which includes photo and electrosurgery) and laser hair removal, which will be discussed below.

Laser hair removal bikini

Many of us are so accustomed to the monthly visit to the beautician for a waxing, that take it for granted, like a trip to the manicure.

But no matter how reliable and experienced was your beautician, depilation wax is always a kind of roulette. Depending on the day of your menstrual cycle or hair growth cycle, you may get a perfectly smooth bikini zone, or after a couple of days to observe here and there grew hairs that the wax failed to capture.

Achieve smooth skin in the bikini zone with shaving is almost impossible: irritation and ingrown hairs will be your almost constant companions.

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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal | What to expect from your first session, results, preparation etc!

But what if we told you that there is a proven, modern and reliable alternative that will remove unwanted hair in the intimate area thoroughly and almost permanently?

A small percentage of clients may need to undergo one or two corrective procedures a few years later.

Laser hair removal in the bikini zone. a guarantee of perfectly smooth skin, freshness, and let’s be honest, 100% self-confidence!

Preparing for laser hair removal bikini

In spite of the fact that the process of laser hair removal is absolutely safe, in order to get the result that you expect, it is necessary to observe several simple conditions. To learn more about how to prepare for the procedure, tell our doctor during the consultation. The general rules are as follows:

  • Avoid sunbathing or solarium 2 weeks before the scheduled procedure.
  • For 2 weeks before the procedure, do not take tetracycline antibiotics.
  • For 3 days before epilation refrain from using alcohol-containing products in the intimate area.
  • The day before hair removal remove hair in the bikini zone with a razor.
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How laser hair removal of bikini zone takes place?

After consultation and anamnesis gathering, you will be comfortably settled on the couch, necessarily wearing sunglasses. If necessary, the cosmetic surgeon will treat the intimate area with a special anesthetic cream.

“Deep bikini” includes the pubis, labia area and the area between the buttocks.

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Using the new generation Lumenis LightSheer Desire laser, the cosmetic surgeon begins treatment of the intimate areas. The laser reacts to the melanin pigment contained in the hair and hair follicle, heating and destroying it. At the same time the cooling system soothes the skin, making the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible.

The process of laser hair removal deep bikini usually takes 30-40 minutes.

How to care for the skin after treatment?

After laser hair removal you will need to adhere to the following rules:

How to prepare for your first bikini laser hair removal

  • If redness occurs, apply a soothing cream to the pubis and labia area, which the beautician will recommend.
  • Within 3 days to refuse to take a bath, go to the sauna, swim in the pool and even more so in the open water.
  • Stay away from the gym for 3 days.
  • No sunbathing on the beach or in a solarium for 14 days.

If you follow these simple precepts, in just a few sessions you’ll be the owner of a perfectly smooth, silky skin.

Practice shows that the result is already visible after the first laser hair removal procedure, and 99% of hair is already removed after 6 sessions. Depending on the characteristics of your body you will need 6-10 treatments at longer intervals.

The practice of removing unwanted hair from visible parts of the female body is not one hundred years old and goes back (get ready to be surprised)!) By the 4th century B.C. And if Cleopatra’s contemporaries had a hard time: hairs were removed with a thread, the procedure was very painful and had to be repeated regularly, you and I were much more fortunate!

It is unwise not to take advantage of the fruits of technological progress, especially as you and your perfectly smooth and velvet skin are separated only by a few sessions of laser hair removal!

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Benefits of laser hair removal deep bikini

Note that laser hair removal of the deep bikini area is a procedure that has the following benefits:

The result you will notice after the first session, and believe me, it will exceed your expectations.

EXPERT’S MESSAGE: laser hair removal in the intimate area is indicated both for men and women. It eliminates the problem of ingrown hairs and irritation. During the session we use the DESIRE vacuum handle and for extra delicate areas we use the miniature ET handle. Laser hair removal specialist: Askerova Vusala.

How to get rid of hair permanently with laser. General Information

Although in this article we would like to focus on laser hair removal bikini, the masters of the extra class will give you a session on any part of the body. Women come to cosmetology clinics all the time, asking to save them and destroy the moustache above the upper lip. For someone critical is the presence of fine hairs on the contour of the face. Popular manipulation of hair removal in the armpits, on legs and arms. A huge plus of the laser in this area there is no need to grow hair before the procedure. We have already mentioned about the minimal painfulness, but it must be underlined that the modern devices act very delicately, have special attachments with cooling effect and make the session very comfortable, fast and even pleasant.

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What results women and men get after these manipulations?

  • Tender skin that looks like velvet to the touch.
  • Long-lasting effect.
  • The disappearance of the fuzz above the lip and the sideburns zone.
  • Positive results even with severe hair loss on the back, legs, arms.
  • There is no irritation on sensitive skin.
  • Inflammatory processes do not begin.
  • The absence of ingrown hairs (unfortunately, very often they appear in those who use a razor, uses an elementary electric epilator or does salon shugaring).

The effect after laser hair removal bikini additionally consists that you will be rid of unpleasant feelings that begin if the hairs ingrown in the intimate zone. No discomfort and a chance to forget about the machine for a long time. In addition, there is an easy confidence and a sense of readiness for spontaneous dating. Aren’t there any of your friends who at least once refused a rendezvous, knowing that they did not remove hair in the bikini area? That is why it is laser hair removal bikini zone has become one of the most popular procedures.

The hairs in and around the intimate areas tend to be tougher than on the whole body, often darker or more saturated in color, so they are strongly noticeable, and the skin, on the contrary, is light and delicate. The laser beam energy performs its job perfectly, it is absorbed by hair, not epidermis, the impact is on the hair root, not on the skin surface.

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Laser hair removal in bikini

There is no one who isn’t looking for the best way to remove unwanted hair in the bikini zone. Women and men are trying to get rid of hair in this delicate area, trying different methods. But only laser hair removal is the most effective procedure plus the perfect price-quality ratio.

Laser hair removal in bikini zone will make the body flawless, will help to maintain hygiene of intimate areas, and, most importantly, this method does not cause such unpleasant manifestations as irritation, redness, ingrown hair, allergic reactions. During the session you do not experience pain, the procedure is quick and comfortable, and the skin becomes smooth and silky.

Laser hair removal does not guarantee getting rid of unwanted hair forever, but it can significantly delay the moment when you have to think about it. During the first procedure removes hairs that are above the surface of the skin, the other bulbs may be dormant, and the hairs from them appear later. Growing hairs are destroyed during subsequent sessions, so it is possible to achieve removal only after a full course.

In order to cover all the hairs and treat the bulbs that have passed into the active growth phase, between sessions some time must pass. On average about two weeks are required before the hairs reappear and the bulbs become active. However, the interval between the sessions is set by the master, as it may be individual for each patient.

Pros and cons

To reliably and safely remove unwanted hair in the bikini zone, very many women of the fair sex resort to the laser procedure. It is carried out in special centers and it costs quite a lot. Epilation has the following advantages:

  • The procedure lasts comparatively briefly. In a short period of time, the laser treats a sufficient area of the skin.
  • The effectiveness of hair removal, because after the first session the hair will be gone for several months.
  • The skin is not damaged, there is no trace of the procedure. Laser affects only the hair.
  • A competent specialist will perform laser hair removal quickly and painlessly. The client will not feel any discomfort.
  • Convenience of procedure. Patients need only to sit comfortably on a special couch.
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But even the most perfect technology can have its disadvantages. Laser hair removal has the following advantages:

  • To remove unwanted vegetation, you will need more than one procedure, which means that from time to time you will need to visit a beauty salon and pay the full cost. At least 5 sessions.
  • The type of laser used depends on the skin type. For fair-skinned girls and for owners of dark skin different machines are needed.
  • The laser will not remove a single hair of natural blondes and albinos, because there is no melanin in their organism.
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So many girls can’t dare to undergo laser hair removal. They do not know how dangerous this procedure is. Qualified experts say that the procedure is completely safe for women. But there are some categories of people who should not take the risk. Refrain from laser hair removal:

For internal organs this procedure is absolutely safe, because laser influence covers only hairs and hair follicles. This myth has gained traction because surgery also uses laser equipment. However, they are not the same equipment.

Another misconception is that during the machine hair removal there is a risk to traumatize the skin and get burns of the body. But it is not. If all the nuances of preparation for the procedure are observed, there will be no consequences. Ingrown hairs will not appear, and on the contrary, laser will remove the existing ones. But do not forget to consult a dermatologist before waxing.

How the procedure of laser hair removal of deep bikini takes place?

The laser hair removal session begins with the beautician’s evaluation of the skin condition, hair hardness and the intensity of its growth. Depending on this, he sets the necessary settings on the machine. After that the patient comfortably sits on the couch and wears tinted glasses to protect the eyes from laser flashes. Next, the beautician applies gel to the treated area of the skin, improving laser penetration into the follicles, and gradually treats the entire area with the device. After the procedure, the specialist removes the remains of gel and applies anti-inflammatory cream to the skin. In general, the session takes about 30 minutes, and the laser treatment 10-15.

During the session, the patient only feels a slight warmth that emanates from the nozzle of the device, and an occasional tingling sensation. The dynamic cooling system integrated in the Candela GentleMax Pro provides instant cooling and eliminates almost all discomfort. If necessary, anesthetic gel is used for additional pain relief.

Deep bikini laser hair removal

Hair removal in the deep bikini with laser is the most modern and effective method of hair removal, allowing you to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time and make the skin in the intimate areas more gentle and well-groomed.


  • The protocol deep bikini involves treatment of the pubis area, labia / scrotal area, the inner side of the thighs, the abdominal area above the upper edge of the panties;
  • According to the protocol, a total bikini laser exposure covers all of the above areas, including the intercalvian area with the capture of the inner surfaces of the skin of the buttocks.
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