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How to connect the vacuum cleaner Xiaomi to your iPhone

Congratulations on your purchase Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. Below you will learn how to connect the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi to Wi-Fi through the application on Android or iPhone. And at the end of the page files for download: synchronization of the vacuum cleaner with the app and instructions for robotic vacuum cleaner (by following the link select your model).


To connect your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to your iPhone or Android, you will need the Mi Home app. With which you can control the smart vacuum cleaner from your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Links for downloading from official resources (opens in a new tab):

We recommend downloading via Wi-Fi, files weigh a lot, especially for iPhone and iPad.

Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz. Log in to the Mi Home app, log in or register (if this is the first time). Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner

Before you connect the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Home app make sure it is charged, t.к. The first time you turn it on, it may update.

Now turn on Bluetooth, and look for a device in the vicinity. If for some reason you can’t find your device automatically, you can do it manually. In the Appliances tab, select your model. If it is not listed, then change your region to China.

Next, the application will ask you to do a reset, to do this, press 2 of the 2 buttons or the 2 outer 3, depending on the model; wait for the voice signal in Chinese or English. That’s it, the Wi-Fi settings are reset.

Select your Wi-Fi network in the next tab, great. Next, the Smart Vacuum will sync and update. And then the settings are up to your liking.

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On the app’s main screen, a map of the room is displayed, centered on the robot vacuum cleaner and its current location. At the top, the name of the vacuum cleaner and the current cleaning mode.

Information about the distance traveled, cleaning time range, battery level at the bottom of the screen.There you can also start or stop cleaning.

  • The “Go to” button sends the robot to a specific place for unscheduled cleaning.
  • The “Dock Station” button sends you to the docking station for charging.
  • The “Clean” button starts consecutive cleaning.
  • The “Zoned Cleaning” button selects the specific area of the room you want to clean.

In the upper right corner there are three dots, they open additional settings.


  • “Timer” you set the time interval within which you can clean automatically.
  • “Voice and volume” change voice packs and volume of voice notifications.
  • “Cleaning mode” selects the intensity of cleaning: quiet, turbo, balanced and turbo mode.
  • “Cleaning history” a record of cleaning information. Cleanable area, beginning and end of cleaning time.
  • “Remote control” manual control, if necessary or have fun.
  • “Save Map Mode” adding virtual walls.
  • “Carpet mode” specifically for improved carpet cleaning.
  • “DND (Do Not Disturb) mode” during the period you choose, the vacuum cleaner will not clean and emit voice notifications.

Now you know how to connect Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and all its functions.

Useful to know

  • Can be controlled by the voice assistant Alice.
  • If you can’t connect your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi in the document below are tips on how to solve this problem.

Useful Links (PDF)

To connect the robot vacuum cleaner to the app will need:

Как подключить Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum (робот пылесос) к приложению Mi Home ?

  • Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner or company partners
  • Smartphone on Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Wi-Fi router that works in the 2.4 GHz band

To connect the robot vacuum cleaner to your smartphone download the application “Mi Home” in the application store “Play Market” or “App Store

In the Mi Home app, the regions act as a cloud service. A couple of years ago smart home devices worked only in the “China” region. Since last year, the company has been adding popular devices to other regions as well. Now, robot vacuum cleaners, which produces Xiaomi and partners, connect to other regions. In our case, select the “Russia” region.

  • Click “Add device”. The app will ask you to allow access to the location to discover devices nearby. Allow, so it will be easier to find and connect new devices.
  • Connect and select the router that stands in the house. Then enter the password of the Wi-Fi network, that is, the password of this router, and wait until the robot vacuum cleaner connects to the network.

All! Robot vacuum cleaner is connected.

We connected Xiaomi Mijia 1C Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner, but the connection principle is the same for each model.

The Mi Home app increases the functionality of robotic vacuum cleaners. For example using the application builds a map of the house, appears zoned cleaning, staging virtual walls, scheduled cleaning and so on.

To get acquainted with robotic vacuum cleaners Xiaomi you can at our site in the section “Goods for home“. “Robotic vacuum cleaners.

What to do if you can’t connect Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to your smartphone.

In this case we try to connect again. Most likely an error occurred when connecting the robot vacuum cleaner to the network, which prevents you from completing the connection. In this case, restart the application and reconnect.

Resetting the Wi-Fi settings of the robot vacuum cleaner will also help. To do this, press the power button and the “Home” button and wait for 5-10 seconds until the vacuum cleaner beeps. After that, we connect the robot vacuum cleaner.

If these options do not help, then reset the system of the robot vacuum cleaner. To do this, press the “Reset” button under the lid of the vacuum cleaner and wait until the vacuum cleaner beeps.

How to synchronize your smartphone and robot vacuum cleaner after installing the app (Mi Home and others)

Before synchronization you need to do the following:

  • Charge the robot vacuum cleaner. According to the instructions, after unpacking it should be set on the charging station and wait until it is fully charged. It takes from 3 to 6 hours (it depends on the model of the robot vacuum cleaner and the capacity of the installed battery).
  • Authorize in the application Mi Home. For this it is necessary to create a personal account, if the user does not have one. It is enough to indicate the phone number and then enter the code from the SMS message sent to you. Next. specify the password that will be used to authorize in the program.
  • On your phone, turn on Bluetooth, GPS, and connect to your home Wi-Fi network. The application at the first launch will also request access to the user’s location. it is necessary to give permission. Otherwise you will not be able to sync devices.

The FloleVac app allows you to synchronize your phone with the robot without creating a personal profile. But then all the settings will not be saved “in the cloud” and if you reinstall the application or change phones the procedure will have to be repeated.

After that you can proceed directly to the synchronization.

  • Turn on the robot vacuum cleaner with the button on its body.
  • In Mi Home app on the home screen, tap on the icon with the “” icon on it and select “Add device.
  • Starts the automatic search for compatible devices from Xiaomi. From the list displayed on the screen you need to select the robot vacuum cleaner and confirm the pairing.
  • In case the search is unsuccessful, it is recommended to restart the robot vacuum cleaner (turn it off by holding down the “Power” button for 3. 4 seconds) and try again.
  • After the end of the pairing, the user will be prompted to enter the name of the device (you can set an arbitrary one), as well as specify the room in which the base station is installed (it does not matter which one to choose. this is done only for the convenience of the user himself).
  • Choose a home Wi-Fi network and, if necessary, specify the password from it. This is necessary to synchronize the robot vacuum cleaner with the remote server of Xiaomi, where the user’s settings will be stored. Otherwise the remote control would work only when the phone is near.

After synchronization you may receive a notification that you need to update the firmware of the robot vacuum cleaner. You are advised to confirm the request as there may be some critical bugs fixed in the updated software. The whole process takes only 4. 5 minutes, your smartphone should be connected to the Internet. If the new software installation fails, it is recommended to repeat the procedure after 30-40 minutes.

After you finish syncing and updating, your phone will automatically display the robot vacuum cleaner‘s user guide. There are only considered its basic functions, but for the initial acquaintance it will be useful.

Possible difficulties with the connection

Connecting the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner should not cause any special difficulties, in general, the whole process is intuitively simple. However, in practice users can sometimes have difficulties of various kinds. Let’s look at how to proceed in these situations.

Problems with Wi-Fi

To connect the robot vacuum cleaner in the absence of Wi-Fi network you can try to change the DNS address. This will require:

  • Go to network settings;
  • Open the active connection and enter the “Network properties” section;
  • go to “Change network”. “Advanced”. “Custom” and change the DNS address in the opened page from the one set to

But it is not necessary to get rid of the old DNS address, it is better to write it down on a piece of paper and after Xiaomi successfully connects to Wi-Fi add this address back.

Problems with the application

There are times when it is impossible to connect the robot vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi because Mi Home does not log into the account. This may be due to the servers, which for some reason do not perceive the outgoing traffic. So, try “masking” outgoing traffic to another country via VPN:

  • Install the program VPN Master;
  • launch this program and click on the extreme icon in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Choose the name of another country, where your traffic is supposedly coming from (it is recommended to choose Germany or Singapore);
  • Re-enter data to pass the authorization.

When the Xiaomi VPN Master is finished, you should disconnect it by pressing the “Disconnect” button.

Also, there may be difficulties with incorrect login and password, incorrect region selection, refusal to install the proposed updates and malfunctioning Xiaomi charging base. These points you can easily fix yourself, and then you will definitely be able to successfully connect your Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to the phone.

Finally, we recommend watching a video overview of the steps to connect the robot to the Wi-Fi network:

How to connect Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to your smartphone?

These instructions for connection and settings for Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners, will work for most models of the manufacturer. How to connect the device to your smartphone and make it even easier to use, we will tell you about a popular model of robotic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Let’s look at the connection of the robot, using Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner International as an example. Here we consider the robot vacuum cleaner model for the global market, this means that your Mi Home app should be in your default connection region (the app will automatically detect your location).

Download and install the program Mi Home using the application store “Play Market”;

It is necessary to turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on the smartphone, and to charge the vacuum cleaner beforehand;

  • In the app you can mark the main tasks for the smart vacuum cleaner (cleaning Clean or moving to the Dock by itself, if you need more functions, you should go to the “Settings” of the gadget (three horizontal dots in the upper right corner).

Item Scheduled cleaning Is responsible for setting the timer and cleaning automatically on a specified day and hour.

vacuum, cleaner, home

Item Cleaning mode Allows you to select one of four different cleaning modes. They are displayed in ascending order of power: from night to the most powerful and noisiest Full speed. The first time the vacuum cleaner is connected, the cleaning mode is set to Balanced by default.

Item Care shows the degree of wear and tear on the vacuum cleaner’s components. Item Remote control Turns the robot vacuum cleaner into a remote-controlled machine. Here the device can deviate from the planned route and clean a certain area.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner how to build a map

To date, this function can be built using one of two techniques:

Both options allow the artificial intelligence to analyze and store the parameters of the room. Thanks to this data, the electronics builds an optimal route plan.

The robot vacuum cleaner builds a map automatically

As soon as you start the robot vacuum cleaner, it will start mapping your apartment on its own. All you have to do is wait for the cleaning process to complete. Then you can fix it using the Mi Home app. If the robot hasn’t vacuumed at least one room, you can reset the map and start the cleaning process all over again.

Adding a robot vacuum cleaner to Homey

To integrate the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner with Homey, follow the following procedure:

Defining the coordinates:

To specify the coordinates, open the Mi Home app and navigate to the vacuum cleaner page so that you can see a map of the room. Then we take as input the coordinate 2550025500 which is the so-called zero coordinate, and it starts from the vacuum cleaner dock.

We create a test stream, in the column when we move the test This stream starts, and in the column Then we drag and drop the Mi Robot map and scroll to the action Send the vacuum cleaner to the destination. Then we need to set the X and Y coordinates, remembering that the docking station size is 2550025500, add and subtract values to these coordinates by 1000, and running a test run Flow look at the open map in the Mi Home app.

We remember where the destination point indicator is going, so we can navigate the coordinates by adding or subtracting them to get to the correct area. Once we have the coordinate system defined, we try to move the destination point to the lower left corner of the desired area. (Someone may need to move it to the bottom right corner or even the top corner, depending on the location of the dock, but for me it’s the bottom left corner).

During operation, robot vacuum cleaner users may encounter various problems. One of them is that the robot vacuum cleaner does not build a map. This usually happens because the location of the base is incorrect. In the app, you need to be very precise in setting the point to which the gadget will be guided, because the beginning and end of the cleaning is oriented exactly to the docking station. If its position is not fixed, the robot vacuum will not map correctly.

A robot can clean the room without human intervention. remotely. And that’s where the problem sometimes arises. the robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t save the map or doesn’t build a cleaning map. This can be fixed by simply updating the software. An up-to-date platform fixes bugs that may arise during use. If the update does not help, you can reset to factory settings. The worst thing can be a mechanical failure of the device. It can occur due to untimely cleaning of the equipment. Dust, dirt and moisture can get into unwanted places under the body of the device and cause damage to the electronic board.

How to create a language pack

When you buy a robot vacuum cleaner, there is often a problem with the dubbing. It is good when English is enough, which is set in the factory firmware, but sometimes you want something original. Then the user can create their own language pack. Xiaomi Robot will talk in a couple of minutes. For creating your own voiceover, you should go to “Text voiceover” menu, log in and choose in “V7 TTS” tab the necessary variant of voiceover. Enter your text in the voice box and click the “Speak” button. In a few seconds, the voice dubbing of the robot vacuum cleaner will be completed, and the created file can be downloaded and installed in the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner.

Possible problems with the connection

Sometimes Mi Home does not sync and does not see the vacuum cleaner. There are several reasons why this happens.

Problems with Wi-Fi

If it was not possible to connect the device to Wi-Fi, it is necessary to do the synchronization once again, previously resetting the network settings on the vacuum cleaner. It is possible to do it, having pressed simultaneously the buttons “switch on” and “house”. After that repeat all the steps again.

If that doesn’t work, you need to change the DNS address of the Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Do the following steps:

  • Go to the settings of the smartphone and select the item “Wi-Fi”.
  • The available networks will appear. Choose the one you need. Press it and hold your finger on it until you see “Network properties” caption.
  • Go to “Properties” tab, then tap on “Change Network”. The list of different settings will open, select “Advanced” and then “Custom. Here you should fill in a new address.

After that perform synchronization again.

iOS connection peculiarities

Mi Home for iPhone is identical to Android app. Synchronization also takes place in the same way. But in the “apple” version may have a problem when connecting. The application does not identify the device, so synchronization will not complete.

You can fix this error by changing the region. To do this, open the “Profile” tab in Mi Home, select “Settings” in it. Find the “Region” line in the settings that appear. Choose “India” or “China” from the list of countries. Re-synchronize.

Trouble logging into your account

If it is not possible to log into the account, then you should use a VPN. This tool virtually changes the country from which the account is logged in. So if your ISP blocks Xiaomi servers or they are hard to access in a certain country, then using a VPN allows you to bypass the blockage.

You can use Xiaomi VPN Master or a similar third-party program. Preferably use Germany or Singapore. After establishing a connection via VPN, log in to your account again.

Mi Robot Vaccum-Mop P Setup/Installation configuration and connection with Mi Home App India

“Smart robot vacuum makes vacuuming easier. You can vacuum your apartment remotely beforehand, and walk into a clean house. With a careful approach, any owner can connect to the device. Possible problems can also be solved without involving a specialist.

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