How to add a vacuum cleaner to Mi home

Installing the interaction with the charging base

Before proceeding to synchronize the robot vacuum cleaner with your mobile device, you need to set up the device’s interaction with the base station. To do this, you need to make the following algorithm of actions:

Connect the charging base to the power grid.

Note that the docking station should be properly installed: in front of the charging base should be a free distance of 100 centimeters, and on the left and right 50 centimeters. If the rear contacts are set correctly, the light on the top panel will start flashing.

If the light does not flash and the light is constantly lit, it will mean that the battery is fully charged. Press the button to start the robot vacuum cleaner for further operation.

If the light bulb is white, the battery charge is sufficient, yellow to 50%, red less than 20%.

It is also important to note that before using the robot for the first time, you must remove any cables or small objects from the floor, so that they do not interfere with the movement of your smart vacuum cleaner.

The following is a step-by-step look at how to connect the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner to the Mi Home app on Android and iOS.

Setting up the “Xiaomi” Mi Robot without the app

The Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner is factory-equipped with no special application. Therefore, in order to maximize the functionality of the device, the following actions are carried out:

  • Connect the docking station to the mains and remove the excess wire to the socket provided for this purpose.
  • Position the base in such a way that there is a sufficient amount of free space around it. at least 1 m in front and 0.5 m on the sides.
  • Put the robot vacuum cleaner on the base. In this case, the correct installation of the rear contacts will be signaled by a light on the body (will start blinking).
  • Continuous illumination of the light indicates a full charge of the battery, and, if necessary, the possibility of the vacuum cleaner to start working.
  • The color of the LED light shows the battery charging level. White. full charge, yellow. at least half, red. no more than 20%.

How to configure the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, connect to the Mihome app. Step-by-step instructions

In order to properly configure the connection robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi should adhere to certain rules. You should study all the requirements for using a vacuum cleaner, as this device has some differences from conventional household appliances.

First of all, to set up the “smart” vacuum cleaner Xiaomi it is necessary to create working conditions for it, which is an important part of the installation and will not take much time. 1. Before connecting the robot vacuum cleaner it is required to remove all things lying on the floor, which will interfere with the cleaning.

Docking station to recharge the “smart” device must be set on a flat surface and make sure that its back part touched the wall or on the floor, and on the edges of it was not less than half a meter of empty space and a meter from the front part.

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In order for the device to work quickly and properly, you need to check the network signal, as a bad connection can throw off the direction of the vacuum cleaner and then you will have to take it to the place yourself. 4. Before cleaning you need to fully charge the battery. The first time you start up, it takes a long press of the power button and then you have to manually return the unit to the docking station. It takes about four hours to fully charge the battery. Battery LED on the equipment indicates the battery status. If the indicator light is red. the charge is less than 20%, yellow. 20%-50% and white. more than 50%.

To “smart” device did not violate the boundaries of the desired area you can mark them with a special magnetic tape Xiaomi Virtual Wall. Vacuum cleaner will not move out of the marked area, because it will perceive it as a wall. Ribbon can be placed on the edge of steps to prevent the unit from falling. A special “wall” does not take up much space, but is unfortunately not included and must be purchased separately.

After preparing the vacuum cleaner, you can proceed to its synchronization with the smartphone and the network. To do this, you need to follow certain steps:

First, you need to install the Mi Home program. It is available for any smartphone operating system. If you know the name of the region of your device choose it in the settings, and if you are not sure about the name click on the option “Other”.

You need to log in and sign up for a Mi-account. It will take you a little time.

You need to turn on the adapter on your smartphone, make sure you have a good signal, and then add the robot vacuum cleaner to the Mi Home system to control it remotely. The robot needs the internet at all times, as it is constantly online and downloads updates from the server.

Next, you should add a new device and click on the option Mi Robot Vacuum. Or find the name yourself in the section of “smart” vacuum cleaners. Then it is necessary to go through the synchronization and install updates, if any.

To connect the smart device to the Internet you need to enter your password from the network and wait a bit.

When a smart device appears in your device list you can move on to using it.

There are two ways to clean the robot: 1. Automatic. 2. Local.

vacuum, cleaner, home

The first option has a self-constructed and divided map of the area. After analyzing and assessing the area, the robot begins to clean the entire room and then moves on to the next room. When you are finished, the device returns to its place. You can adjust the frequency of cleaning through the app. The location of the vacuum cleaner can be tracked on a map. The robot automatically returns to the charging dock and starts cleaning where it last left off.

Local cleaning is applied to specific areas with a long press of the Home button. With this option, the device will have to be moved with your own hands to the area requiring cleaning, and after cleaning, the technique itself will return to its place.

You can also choose the manual mode and control the robot vacuum cleaner yourself. You can change its intensity, from quiet to the most powerful mode.

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What to do if the robot vacuum cleaner cannot be connected?

If you were unable to connect the “smart” device, you can solve the problem with the following options:

Try restarting the application and reconnect to the vacuum cleaner.

How to Connect the MiHome App to the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Perhaps there is a problem with the network and you need to reset it by holding down the power and Home key until a complete reboot. Then enter your network name and password again. The robot can speak different languages depending on the firmware.

Try resetting all of your appliances and reconnect by pressing the Reset button.

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How to connect Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to a smartphone

The company from the Celestial Empire succeeds not only in the production of smartphones, but also in the production of various “smart” gadgets and home appliances. One such device is a vacuum cleaner. To enjoy the fullness of all functions of the device you need to synchronize with the application. Just about how to connect the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi to the phone and we will talk in this article.

How to sync your smartphone and robot vacuum cleaner after installing the app (Mi Home and others)

Before syncing, you need to do the following:

  • Charge the robot vacuum cleaner. According to the instructions, after unpacking it must be installed on the charging station and wait until it is fully charged. It takes 3 to 6 hours (depending on the model of the robot vacuum cleaner and the capacity of the installed battery).
  • Authorize in the application Mi Home. It is necessary to create a personal account, if the user does not have one. It is enough to specify the phone number, and then. to enter the code from the SMS-message. Next. specify the password to be used for authorization in the program.
  • On your phone, turn on Bluetooth, GPS, and connect to your home Wi-Fi network. The app will also ask for access to the user’s location the first time you run it. you must give permission. Otherwise it will not be possible to synchronize devices.

The FloleVac app allows you to sync your phone with the robot without creating a personal profile. But then all the settings will not be saved “in the cloud” and if you reinstall the application or change the phone you have to repeat the procedure again.

After you can start the synchronization.

  • Turn on the robot vacuum using the button on the robot’s casing.
  • In the Mi Home app, tap on the icon with the “” icon on the home screen and select “Add device.
  • Starts the automatic search of compatible devices from Xiaomi. Select a robot vacuum cleaner from the list displayed on the screen and confirm pairing.
  • In case the search is unsuccessful, it is recommended to reset the robot vacuum cleaner (turns off by pressing the Power button for 3. 4 seconds) and try again.
  • Once the pairing is complete, the user will be prompted to enter a device name (you can set an arbitrary one), as well as specify the room in which the base station is installed (it does not matter which one to choose. this is done only for the convenience of the user himself).
  • Select the home Wi-Fi network and, if necessary, specify the password from it. This is necessary to synchronize the robot vacuum cleaner with the remote Xiaomi server, where the user’s settings will be stored. Otherwise remote control would work only when the phone is nearby.
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After synchronization you may receive a notification that you need to update the built-in firmware of the robot vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to confirm the request, as some critical errors may be corrected in the updated software. The whole process takes only 4. 5 minutes, the smartphone must be connected to the Internet. In case of a failure of the new software installation it is recommended to repeat the procedure in 30-40 minutes.

After the synchronization and update is complete, the robot vacuum cleaner manual will automatically open on your phone screen. It only covers its basic functions, but it will be useful for an initial familiarization.

How to enable and configure voice control

To control the robot vacuum cleaner’s voice commands will be required:

  • Install Mi Home on the smartphone, synchronize the app with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Install the Alice app on your smartphone.
  • Run the Yandex program, log in.
  • Choose “Smart home”, then choose “Add”. Select “Xiaomi” from the list provided.
  • Execute authorization through the Xiaomi profile (which is used to log in to the Mi Home application). In about 2 to 3 minutes, all compatible devices that can be controlled by voice commands will appear in the Smart Home list.
  • Open the Mi Home app. Rename the vacuum cleaner using only Cyrillic letters.

After that, you can control the vacuum cleaner through Yandex Alice. The app will also contain a list of all supported commands. They can be edited to your liking, lock, suspend execution and so on.

After setting up voice control through Alice, commands can also be said in Yandex.Station (if a speaker is available). This device has an order of magnitude better sensitivity of microphones than a smartphone, so that it is really convenient to control with it.

Connecting Xiaomi vacuum cleaners to the app via WI-FI

The smart home concept is changing the way people live. For example, you can vacuum the apartment remotely by setting the process mode and the size of the serviced area. The device is controlled through wireless communication, so you need to know how to connect the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner to WI-FI, to be able to configure it correctly.

vacuum, cleaner, home

Cleaning Controls

Several basic functions are available in the Mi Home app:

  • Clean mode allows you to set the desired cleaning sequence.
  • Dock mode sends the robot vacuum cleaner back to the docking station if it has finished cleaning early.
  • Timer mode controls how long the room is cleaned and how often it is cleaned.
  • Cleaning mode allows you to set the desired intensity of cleaning from the presented options (4 pieces). Depending on the selected intensity, the cleaning performance will be different, as well as the noise level of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Remte Control mode allows you to control the vacuum cleaner in manual mode directly from your phone.

You can also get all the information about the wear and tear of the main components of the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. It can be found under Care.

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi how to build a map

To date, this feature can be built using one of two techniques:

Both allow artificial intelligence to analyze and store room parameters. Thanks to this data, the electronics construct an optimal route plan.

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