How to adjust the remote control from the split system

Efficiency and efficiency of air conditioner heating

Efficiency is indicated in the passport, it is displayed in percent. Also the EER and COP values are written in the document.

EER shows the cooling efficiency of the space and COP is the average of heating and cooling efficiency. Usually EER is less than COP because in the process of operation the compressor reproduces warm air and increases the temperature of freon. These criteria are used to establish the heat efficiency of the appliance.

In the certificate of air conditioner the following indicators are shown:

According to the data, at consumption of 1 kilowatt of electric energy a split-system will give 2.5 kilowatt of cold air and 2.8 kilowatt of heat. But these values often change depending on the temperature difference between the apartment and the outdoors. The higher the range, the lower the values. The colder it is outside, the less efficient the air conditioner, it heats the apartment worse.

To increase the efficiency of the air conditioner for heat, follow the steps below:

  • Watch for formation of ice on the outdoor unit.
  • Use a special winter set for the system.
  • Perform preventive cleaning of the device from dust, clogs, dirt. They affect the deterioration of operation.
  • When installing the outdoor unit of the air conditioner to choose an area protected from moisture and wind.

If it is freezing outside it is more efficient to use other heating devices.

Why do you need a universal remote control for air conditioner?

Today no one will be surprised by a modern air conditioning system installed in the house, which is able to cool and heat the air in the room to the desired temperature. Almost all modern climatic equipment has a self-diagnostic function which notifies the owner of possible malfunctions of the equipment.

In addition, any home split system can adjust the direction and strength of airflow, and the most “advanced” models, the dehumidification function and automatic selection of the most comfortable microclimate. And as a rule all the control of this miracle of climate technics takes place with the help of wireless IR remote control, which regularly has the disgusting property to get lost, to break, to become a toy for kids and the most awful thing. dinner for our four-legged friends.

It is often rather difficult to obtain a new one, especially for outdated models of climate control equipment. In order to find them on sale you need a lot of time and sometimes even money, because the original split-system’s control device can cost up to 5 ths.

Inexpensive and rather qualitative universal remotes for a conditioner were invented by the masters from Celestial Empire.

What one needs to do to switch on the split system without remote control

If the remote controller is lost or malfunctioning, you can turn on the air conditioner with the power button on its indoor unit. In this case it is not possible to control the settings. The unit will operate according to the previously programmed parameters.

It is possible to control the operation of some modern models of air conditioners with the help of built-in Wi-Fi module. In this case it is required to connect split-system to wireless router via hot-spot.

convenient variant can be control of the system by phone. You will need an IR sensor on your smartphone and the appropriate software.

You will have to install one of applications on your smartphone:

adjust, remote, control, split

All apps are free and available on both Android and iOS.

Dear customer, we want to thank you for choosing QUNDA remote control. KT-9018E is universal remote control with 4000 codes, compatible with 98% of household and industrial air conditioners all over the world.

Open the battery compartment and insert two AAA batteries, observing polarity. Be sure to turn on the air conditioner to the mains.

Manual code input

a) Select the code of your air conditioner from the list of models in the brand list. If there is more than one code, start with the first one and try it until the air conditioner works. On the example of the brand Aucma (has the codes 0288-0296, 0462, 1826, 3534) first enter the code “0288”. If the air conditioner does not work, you must enter the code “0289”.

b) Press “SELECT” and the code in the lower left corner will flash on the remote control display. Then successively set a correct code, for example “0288”, at first press digit “0” and then “0” will stop blinking, then press 2, and digit “2” will stop blinking. Then press “8”, the number “8” will stop flashing. And press “8” again and the number “8” stops flashing. Entering the code is complete and it will be confirmed automatically.

c) Check the air conditioner and make sure that all air conditioner functions work correctly. If this is not the case, use the following code “0289” for further setting.

Auto code search

If you don’t know the brand of air conditioner or can’t find it in the brand list. Please proceed as follows:

Press and hold “SELECT” button on the air conditioner for 5 seconds. After that, the controller will go to the automatic code search and will continue to send a signal continuously. The code on the display will flash and increase. As soon as the air conditioner receives the correct setting code, it will turn on and the remote controller will send a sound signal. Then quickly press any button to confirm the code, otherwise the remote control will continue to automatically search for the code.

After turning on your air conditioner, check if all functions on the remote controller work properly. If some function does not work properly or does not work at all, go to stage 1 and start again the remote control in auto search mode.

Timer ON/OFF

Remote controller allows you to set a timer for switching air conditioner on or off.

Press “TIMER ON” button, LCD display shows clock and blinking time. Press the “TEMP or. “Set the desired time (each press will change the time by 1 hour, up to a maximum of 12 hours). Press “TIMER ON or OK” to confirm, also the choice will be confirmed automatically after 8 seconds, without any operation.

Press the “TIMER OFF” button, the LCD display will show the clock and flashing time. Press the “TEMP or. Press “TIMER OFF or OK” to set the time (each press changes the time by 1 hour, up to a maximum of 12 hours). Press “TIMER OFF or OK” to confirm, also the selection will be confirmed automatically after 8 seconds, without any operation.


After setting the timer, you must point the remote controller to the air conditioner and place it at an effective distance, otherwise, setting the timer will be ineffective.

After setting the timer, press “TIMER ON/OFF” button to cancel it. Cancel ON timer can be canceled by pressing “TIMER ON” button, cancel OFF timer can be canceled by pressing “TIMER OFF” button.


In summer time conditioner will cool the premise quicker when “Q” button is pushed.COOL”. In winter time, the air conditioner will heat the room faster when the “Q” button is pressed.HEAT”. In both modes, the air conditioner will keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Of course you can press “TEMP /-” button to adjust the temperature as you like.

If you do not use the remote control for a long time, remove the batteries to avoid damage to the remote control. If remote control LCD display is dim, it is recommended to change batteries. It is not recommended to use new and old batteries together. After each battery replacement, it is not necessary to set the AC model code anew.

Check carefully that there is no interference between the remote control and the air conditioner if on/off does not work. Because the operation is effective only when the air conditioner receives a signal to turn on/off the timer from the remote control.

We reserve the right to modify product features and functions.

How to tune up the remote control of split system

KT-E08 universal specialized remote control is designed to control air conditioners with 6000 codes, suitable for many world brands; old and new models. Remote control has LCD display, clock with timer on and off, room temperature display, etc.д.

Insert two AAA batteries (R03) according to the polarity shown on the battery compartment, and select one of the following settings:

Find codes in the code table, where the model codes of different brands are grouped. Choose the name of your brand and enter the first four-digit number from the presented codes in this group. If the first code doesn’t work, try the next one, and go through the codes from the table until you can control your air conditioner. For example, for Samsung brand try “0188”, if it does not fit, then “0189” and so on.

Press the “SELECT” button once to display the code. Enter the four digits of your chosen code one at a time. For example: “0188”, press “0”, “0” will stop flashing, press “1”, “1” will stop flashing, press “8”, “8” will stop flashing, press the last digit “8”, “8” will stop flashing, code entry is complete and the setup is complete.

Point the remote control toward the air conditioner, then press the “One Key” button, and then check that the remote control works. If all the functions work, the configuration was successful; if not, try the following code from this group.

If you do not know the air conditioner brand or if the desired brand is not listed in the code table, proceed as follows

Point the remote control at the air conditioner, then press the “SELECT” button for five seconds and release it. This activates the automatic search mode. Different coded signals will be emitted one after the other, and the display will show a progressive increase in digits. As soon as the air conditioner responds to a signal, press any button to stop searching and confirm the signal found.

Point the remote control at the air conditioner and press the “One Key” button again. If remote control controls air conditioner, setting is finished, if not, continue auto search.

Use “One Key” button

If you want to switch on the air conditioner, point the remote controller at it and press “One Key” button. The remote control determines the time of year by itself by the current temperature in the room. In summer the temperature is set to 26°C. In winter, the temperature will be set to 20°C. If you are not satisfied with the set temperature, use “TEMP” or “TEMP-” to set the desired temperature.

Press “CLOCK” button, the clock will start flashing.

Press “TIME”, or “TIME-” buttons to set the current time.

Press the “CLOCK” button again, the clock will stop flashing, the time setting is finished. If the “CLOCK” button is not pressed, after five seconds the time will be set automatically.


Whether the air conditioner is on or off, you can set the on and off timer.

Press “TM ON” button briefly, clock and time will be displayed flashing. Press “TIME”, or “TIME-” to set the desired time, and after five seconds the ON time will be confirmed.

Press “One Key” momentarily, then “TM OFF”, clock and flashing time will be displayed. Press “TIME”, or “TIME-” button set the desired time, after five seconds the switch off time will be confirmed.

You can set the time in the range of 00-24 hours. Press “TM ON”, or “TM OFF” button twice consecutively to turn off the timer.

After entering the timer time, the remote must be in the control area of the air conditioner, and pointed in its direction, otherwise the time settings will not work. To display room temperature you need to press “ROOM TEMP” button and in about five seconds remote control will return to the previous mode. Thus, this unit can be used as a thermometer to control the temperature in the room.

If the remote control is not used for a long time, be sure to remove the batteries to avoid electrolyte leakage, which can damage the unit. If display looks dim, replace both batteries with new ones. No need to set the code again after installing new batteries. Before any adjustments of the remote control check if there is no interference between the remote control being adjusted and air conditioner. Actions will be carried out only if AC receives a signal from a remote control.

How to tune up the remote control of split-system

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Instructions for setting up the universal remote control

Regardless of the model all multipurpose devices are adjusted according to the same principle which consists in entering necessary code into the memory of the remote control. Ideally, the remote control is supplied with a manual with a table of codes for the different models of air-conditioning equipment. Remote control setting can be performed in two modes: automatic and manual.

Automatic mode is particularly convenient if you do not know what model your conditioner belongs to, or if its name simply is not in the table of codes. In any case, the first thing you will need to do is carefully study the instructions that come with the remote control.

Setting up the remote control in manual mode

Some remote controls can be adjusted only in manual mode, which may take about 2 hours.

After you have studied the instruction, you will have to program the conditioner by yourself, manually choosing the codes, which are written in the point of your climatic equipment manufacturer.

For each manufacturer of air conditioner about 6 different codes are presented which you have to enter manually for tuning of universal device

Insert batteries into the remote control and turn it on by pressing the corresponding button. Then the basic operation modes of your climatic equipment should light up on it. You should also find the name of your technique beforehand in order to enter the corresponding code for the setting of the remote control.

Press “Select” button, and then enter the first code from the table after the name of the brand. In this case, you will have to use the number buttons on the remote control to enter the code. Press “Select” again and confirm by pressing “ОК” button.

Then you need to check all operation modes of your conditioner with the new remote control. If the basic functions do not work, try entering the following code from the table. You will probably need to repeat this action several times until you find the necessary code.

Automatic remote control setting mode

If there is no code for your split-system in the table below, you should set the unit in automatic mode.

This way differs from previous one only that you will not have to enter all codes manually.

Before buying a universal remote control, you must make sure that, in addition to the manual mode, it supports automatic code search

Point the remote control at the appliance in such a way that it can receive all its commands. Press the “Select” button for 30 seconds. During this time, the unit will switch to automatic code search mode, sending commands and scanning all possible codes beginning from 0001.

Configuring Remote Control Air Conditioning to Cold. Heat

After the remote control starts to operate the air conditioner you will hear a distinctive signal coming from the climate equipment. To stop the process of code scanning, press any button on the remote control, and then use the remote control to check if all air conditioner commands work.

If remote control operates your conditioner only partially and does not switch between its operation modes, you should repeat the process of code search. You will have to do it exactly until the remote control operates the split-system correctly.

Remote control stops working after setting a code

Even after finding correct code we can face a situation when remote control stops working fully. First of all, you should check whether the conditioner is connected to the network.

If the air conditioner is plugged in and there has been no power failure, it is important to check if the code you set has been tripped.

Such situation can arise because of the elementary failure in the electric network, which appeared against the background of its overload with other electrical appliances in your house

If the remote control works, try again to set the autodetect code or enter it yourself. And only in that case if the remote control and conditioner do not react, the problem can consist in a breakage of climatic equipment.

Tips about how to use correctly the remote control of air conditioner

“Who has a remote control of air conditioner is a boss in the office”. This hackneyed phrase has become office folklore long ago. But does everybody know how to use it correctly, for the equipment to benefit everybody in the room??

It often happens this way: having bought complex household appliances, we rather begin to press all sorts of buttons, set them up by instinct, and the thought that it is necessary to read the manual, usually visits when the equipment breaks down. Our review is for those who are not used to bother reading the manuals. After reading it, you can easily operate the remote control and set the necessary parameters.

To anticipate expectations of their buyers, manufacturers of climatic equipment create sometimes inconceivable by design conditioners and split-systems, but at the same time a remote control of any superequipment remains very laconic and simple for using, with the standard set of buttons, necessary for the necessary settings.

The most important button on the remote control. Mode. mode choice.

When you press this button, the air conditioner is set in different modes of air delivery: one press. automatic mode;

two pushing. cooling mode Cool. cooling. Fast or slow. it all depends on the parameters you set (about this. further);

One more press of the mode button puts it in Dry mode. dehumidification. The conditioner transfers to slow, average revolutions;

one more press of the mode button and the Fan mode, in which the air conditioner starts working quietly, at a slightly slower tempo than in the previous mode.

Turbo-mode increases operation of air conditioner of above-mentioned modes in mode button. except automatic mode.

Temp-pressing up or down sets the temperature of heating or cooling.

Fan- selects the fan speed (3 to 4 different speed levels) to provide fresh and cool air. Does not work in automatic mode.

Swing. Horizontal flap direction. One touch Swing button.flap swings up and down permanently and locks its position by repeated pressing. In some split-systems models it is possible to tune direction of vertical flaps, if this function is absent, then you will have to tune them manually, directing air stream in needed direction.

Qulet- this function disperses the cold air much more intensely without exposing the airflow directly to the occupants.

Auto Clean is a useful button for decontamination and dehumidification of the parts of the air conditioner. It is necessary from time to time to let conditioner work in this mode at least for two hours. Then one can not be afraid of fungus and other troubles in the equipment.

Ok and Cancel- button to confirm and cancel the setting.

Smart Saver. allows you to keep the temperature at a certain level. Conditioner reaches a set temperature and stops working. When the temperature in the room starts to change, the air conditioner turns on again.

Good sleep. In this mode, cold air will be turned to the ceiling and will not disturb to sleep.

Sleep. sleep mode. Every hour the temperature is increased by one degree for two hours, then it is kept on the reached temperature and in six hours the conditioner is stopped.

Eco. button is in charge of energy-saving mode. Air conditioner starts to run at low speed.

Clock. shows the set time. It is necessary to set time by hands of temperature.

On Timer- turn on the timer.

Time Up-button for adding time when setting timer;

Off Timer. switch off timer;

Time Down. button to decrease the time, when setting the timer of the air conditioner to turn off.

Many models of modern split-systems are equipped with electronic display, which shows on the panel of indoor unit the information about the set settings. If there is no display, the settings can be controlled by remote controller. When you press each button, internal block of air conditioner will make a characteristic sound, thus responding to remote control commands. If “beep” is not sounded, then the button should be pressed again.

Universal air conditioner remote control: adjustments, connection

Conditioner is a universal thing which creates a favorable climate conditions in the premise. In order to make operation of the equipment comfortable and convenient the manufacturers equip the system with a remote control.

adjust, remote, control, split

Unfortunately, in the process of operation, the remote control is subject to damage, in such a situation, it is necessary to repair or buy a new remote control. But sometimes it is difficult to find a remote control for specific model. But you can solve the problem by buying a remote control with universal control system. This article will tell in detail about the universal remote control, the main functions, modes and ways to configure the device.

The principle of operation and functions of the universal remote control

Despite the fact that this remote control is called a universal, it looks standard, and has all the same buttons to control the air conditioner functions.

Working principle and function of universal remote control do not differ from the original, the user enters the necessary code, which starts the desired function of the air conditioner.

Functions of universal remote control:

Ability to regulate the air flow

Regulation of temperature, cooling or heating in the room

Switching on the function of decreasing/increasing the humidity level

Adjusting the fan speed

Setting the automatic mode of air temperature in the room.

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