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Just got it, not used yet, need a manual. Thank you.

I just purchased and haven’t used it yet. Thanks.

I have been using the FCCW516438 for 12 years. No problems, but I still can’t set the time. I need a user manual in Russian.

When I turn on the elements in the oven blows a fuse. I need a manual. I might be able to find el.schematic, or options to solve the problem. Thanks

Judging by the description, should be a cool stove

I use it in a rental apartment. I need a manual

I use it in a rented apartment. No manual

The display does not work in the Hansa fccw516768.

Looking for a user manual to understand the oven

A friend just gave it to me and I don’t have the manual. They say it is a good product.

Just started using the stove, at random. Found out the nuances and there is no instruction.

Nice hob. Only need instructions

Specifications Hansa FCCW516438

The basic and most important characteristics of the model are gathered from reliable sources and the characteristics can be found among similar models.

General Features
Cooktop Electric
Oven electric
Control mechanical, switches: rotary, display, timer with shut-off
Clock there is
Dimensions (WxHxV) 50x60x85 cm
Oven capacity 56 л
Door hinged
Grill Yes, electric
Convection there is
Number of oven door glasses two
Cleaning traditional
Features of the oven backlight
Work surface glass ceramic
Number of burners electric: 4, dual circuit: 1
Burner with an oval heating zone there is
Automatic boiling no
Residual heat indicator is
Safety shut-off it is
Lock the control panel no
Color: white
Cookware drawer available at
info Electric oven Multi 8; defrosting. Electronic programmer. Accessories: 1 deep pan; griddle. Adjusting the horizontal level of the stove.

Main Breakdowns

Here is a list of the most frequent and widespread breakdowns and malfunctions of our stoves. If you have such a breakdown then you’re in luck, this is a common malfunction for Hansa FCCW516438 and you can ask a question on how to fix it and you’ll get a quick answer or read the Q&A below.

Name of the fault Description of the fault Action
Cooking switches off when one or more heating element is hot Q&A
Stove’s gas burner won’t light or goes out Question
Stove’s gas burner goes out while cooking Question
Electric ignition doesn’t work (Doesn’t Click, No Spark) Question
Light gas fails to burn (Cooker may not turn on) Q&A
Stove burners are burning badly (Smoking) inquiry
Gas taps have a hard time turning Question
Gas Control Valves Hard to Turn on Gas Hob Oven Won’t Light Up or Turn On Question
Smells of Gas Question
Stove shuts off after knob is released Question
The burner does not work Question
Oven doesn’t work (oven) my question
Oven On Thermostat Does Not Work Question
Oven grill won’t turn on When Checking Question
Control knob does not shut off gas The burner valve does not turn off the gas supply to the burner when turned off Question
Smoke When Cooking Question
Indication Unit The oven does not light up Question
Power Control Valve When you turn the tap to any position the burner starts to work at maximum Q
Ardo C 640 Eb Thermostat in the Electric Oven won’t turn on Question
Ardo C 640 Eb Thermostat in the oven is not working Question
Ardo C 640 Eb Thermostat on the electric oven doesn’t work Question
Switch does not work Only works on 3I4 Question
Electric oven doesn’t work It won’t turn on, it won’t keep warm and the light won’t come on Question
Keeps clicking When Cooker is Off There is a Clicking Sound All the Time When I Turn It On, When I Touch It. Electric Hob Shocks Question
How to fix the Zwi-430 Temperature Controller Where does the Zwie 430 thermostat fit? question
Zwie 412 Light does not work in the oven Light Bulb Replacement Question
The oven itself is getting an electric shock issue
Noises After plugging in, there is some kind of Noise, Intermittent humming in the back.What does it mean?? Question
Beko Fg552 How to turn the oven off? question
Bosch Hsf132D Oven won’t close like Something’s blocking it Question
No temperature scale on the faucet Tap White Question
Insufficient power to the burners Question
Oven won’t close well Question
Mora Mgn 52160 Fw Oven Gas Turns On And Burns Normally, And When Grilling Turns On. Gas On And Off! Please tell me what can be done! Question
E7 issue
Temperature indicator light does not turn off when turned off. When turning the Temperature Control knob off. Indicator Light Keeps On. When turning it on again. Sometimes goes out. Sometimes Keeps Burning. question
When the oven heats up The tap turns on very slowly or does not turn at all 1100-04 question
When the oven heats up The tap turns too tightly or doesn’t turn at all 1100-04 issue
Bompani Bo 583 Ka 290 Oven goes straight to maximum power. Attempting to turn down the power immediately shuts off Question
Endever 28 Error E07 Power transistor burned out Q&A
All lights on the Temperature Control Panel, Menu Button Panel are on Q&A
Duxovka When switching off Duxovki Proisxodit Zamikanie V Kontaktnoi Gruppe Q&A

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Amica oven. How to set the clock?

To turn on the baking and activate the oven in general, I need to set the clock. How do I set it up? I have already pressed everything, I have pressed everything, but nothing happens. Do either of you know how to position yourself? I don’t know what model it is, I have retractable knobs, two touch hands, display in the middle.

установка времени на духовке

Answer to: Amica oven. How to set the clock?

To set the clock in your Amica oven, you need to press and hold the left and right hands at the same time. The clock will then start flashing, and to set the time, you better hold down one of the hands to reach the selected time. And when it arrives, we let go and save ourselves. Here’s how it works in my Amica oven.

Hello, thank you so much for your help because I also missed how to set such a simple thing 🙂 Niesetta had no instructions for the oven, so the timing was cosmic.

Answer to: Amica Oven. How to set the clock?

In an amica oven, you set the clock so that you press the right and left hands simultaneously, hold them down for a few seconds until they start flashing, and you can start setting the clock in the amica oven that way. In many other ovens too.

Answer to: Amica Oven. How to set the clock?

Here you have a video showing you how to set the clock in your Amica oven. On the example of time change:

Generally, you need to hold the right and left hands for a few seconds at a time and it will start flashing. And then the hands set the hour.

Answer to: Amica oven. How to set the clock?

I was also pretty good at how to set the clock in an amica oven. I finally found the information you need to pause for a few seconds with both hands until it starts flashing and then set the clock.

As a rule, if there is no electricity, and then there is, until you set the clock, you will not start the furnace. And not just any amica.

I wonder why they do this in ovens?

Reply to: Amica oven. How to set the clock?

To set the clock in your amica oven, press the right and left hands at the same time, hold down for a while until they start flashing and you can’t set the time in the oven.

Answer to: Amica oven. how to set the clock?

Setting the clock in an Amica oven. It’s a piece of cake. You have this in the oven instructions. You should hold the right hand and the left hand. If it starts flashing, you can set the clock. You set the clock by pressing one of the hands. The left hand will go back in time and the right hand will go forward. So if your watch has, for example, 12.43, and you want to set 13.43, hold down both hands until they start flashing.

Then hold the arrow to the right for a while, then you can press the arrow one way or the other several times and set the time.

As soon as you have established the chosen time, wait a little. You don’t need to press anything to confirm the time. After a few seconds the oven will make a sound, and then the time will be set.

Ich schaff es nicht meine Uhrzeit am Amica Herd einzustellen es blinkt wie beschrieben und ich stelle die Uhrzeit ein und es piept als ob gespeichert und dann ist alles wieder weg. Bekomm die Krise Hilfe. Dankeschön

In the domestic market of home appliances among the stoves are quite widespread Hansa stoves. In our store you can buy spare parts for electric stoves Hansa with traditional hobs, for Hansa stoves with glass ceramic hobs, for Hansa fryers. Does not warm a burner, the oven does not work, the oven light does not burn, the thermostat does not work it all can be corrected with the help of new parts for hansa stove.


The power switch of the cast-iron burner of the electric hansa stove

7-position burner power switch, 10 terminals, shaft length 28 mm

Lower heating element of Hansa stove, butterfly heating element

Lower heating element for Hansa electric stove, X-shaped

HANSA stove hob mode switch

HANSA oven. setting time

6-position (05 working positions) switch of Hansa oven

Power controllers for burners of glass ceramic hobs Hansa

Single zone burner power controller (stepless, infinitely variable) for HANSA electric stoves

Controller for hansa hob burners with expansion zone (for two-zone burners)

2-pole (with built-in switch on the second circuit) stepless, clockwise increasing

Thermostat, Hansa fryer temperature controller, 2 contact

Burners for HANSA electric stoves

For traditional cooktops with cast-iron burners for replacement use burners made by EGO or universal burners (ELEKTRON-T). Both are under the 7 position switch, t.е. on the switch knob 0 and 6 working positions. The burners are marked according to the European standard, so the outer dimension is usually about 5 to 10 mm larger than the European standard. All burners are equipped with a Eurocap (ceramic terminal, screw joint) and come with a shiny metal rim.

Please note: repairs of electrical equipment require experience. Incorrect installation can cause serious damage to the unit or create a hazard. Call a service or stove repairman for installation, unless you qualify for replacement parts. Otherwise the correct functioning of the parts is not guaranteed.

Recently, hansa stoves with glass-ceramic hobs have become very popular. However, there is no information on models of this brand. That’s why our recommendations are based on our experience with replacing Hansa hob burners. Usually, to choose a burner, you are interested in its power. This is due to the fact that the burners have standard sizes. But because of the fact that someone measures the cooking zone, someone else the outer diameter of the burner, including the thick walls, there are discrepancies in the diameter of the burner.

Service repair of electric stoves HANSA (Moscow, Russia).Zelenograd) 8(915)-494-46-68

Sales Department 8(916)614-08-30

Parts for electric stoves can be ordered at REM197 online

Self-delivery: Moscow, c.Zelenograd, ul.Panfilova str.28B, Centurion Shopping Center, 2nd floor, Household Appliance Parts

The principle of the electronic programmer

Electronic programmer is designed to control functions and modes of the oven. The timer shows the exact current time. After each mode an acoustic signal is emitted, after which the oven switches off.

The oven will not function without time settings

The programmer is designed to perform the following functions:

You can start the process of setting by pressing the function key. Next you need to set the time with the “” and “-” buttons for a few seconds. The same keys are also used to correct the time if the setting was wrong. Keep in mind that a short press on the plus and minus buttons adjusts the clock by one minute, a long press speeds up the process.

Настройка часов в плите Hansa �� ��

Depending on the model of the oven, the instructions for setting the time differ

When the oven is plugged in for the first time, the display should show a flashing light. This means to enter the current time.

To select the extra function required, turn the setting lever to 0, set the time on the timer, then turn the setting knob to the required function.

Operating instructions for Hansa glass ceramic hob FCCW5, FCCB5, FCCX5

Energy efficiency not only lowers costs, it also protects the environment. Applying the following simple rules helps to achieve the best results: Use suitable cooking utensils and saucepans. Flat-bottomed and thick-bottomed pans can save up to a third of your energy. Keep the lid in mind, otherwise the energy consumption increases fourfold! Select the cooking utensils according to the cooking zone. Cookware should never be smaller than the heating plate. Keep the burners and the bottoms of the pans clean. Dirt on the burners impedes the heat exchange. Stubborn dirt can only be removed by environmentally damaging cleaning agents. Avoid unnecessary “peeking into pans. Do not open the oven door unnecessarily. Timely shutoff and use of residual heat. In the case of prolonged cooking turn off the burners in 5 minutes.Cooking time 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time. This saves around 20% energy. Using the oven only for cooking large amounts of food. Meat weighing up to 1 kg is better cooked in a pan on the hob. Using the residual heat of the oven. If the food is to be cooked for more than 40 minutes, turn off the oven 10 minutes before the end of cooking. Warning! If you use the timer, set it for a shorter period of time. Close the oven door carefully. Dirty oven door seals contribute to heat loss. Dirt on the gaskets must be removed immediately. Do not place the oven near refrigerators/freezers

The packaging has protected the appliance from damage. After removing the packaging, please dispose of its parts in an environmentally friendly way. All materials used for the manufacturing of the packaging are harmless, 100% recyclable and are marked accordingly. Warning! The packing materials (plastic bags, pieces of Styrofoam, etc.) can be removed from the drawer.п.) No children should be allowed near the unpacking process

for certain models. list:

Installation of the hob The kitchen area must be dry and ventilated, with adequate ventilation, and the position of the hob must allow easy access to all controls. The hob on one side may be adjacent to a tall object or wall. Fittings for installation must be lined and the adhesive for joining must be heat-resistant to 100°C. Failure to do so may cause deformation of the surface or the coating. The stove must be installed on a hard and even floor (do not place it on a stand). Hoods must be installed in accordance with the operating instructions. The hob must be leveled before use, which is particularly important for distributing grease on the pan. This is the purpose of the adjustable legs, which are accessible after removing the drawer. Adjustment range /- 5 mm. Connecting the hob to the electrical system Important ! Wiring must be carried out by a qualified fitter with the appropriate authorisation. Never carry out unauthorised conversions or modifications to the electrical installation. Notes for the installer. The hob is designed to supply three-phase alternating current (400V 3N

50Hz). Rated voltage of heating elements is 230 V. The hob is switched to single-phase current (230V) by installing a bridge on the connection panel, in accordance with the connection diagram supplied with the hob. The wiring plan is located next to the distribution board of the hob. The box is accessible after removing the cover by unscrewing the fastenings with a screwdriver. Note the correct choice of connection cable, taking into account the type of connection and the power rating of the hob. The connection cable must be secured in the drawer. Warning! Remember to connect the neutral circuit to the terminal on the distribution board marked with the symbol

Before using the hob for the first time, remove the pieces of the packaging, carefully (slowly) remove the labels from the oven doors, empty the drawer, clean the oven cavity of the original preservation agent, remove the contents and rinse in warm water with dishwashing liquid, fan the room or open a window, preheat the oven (250°C, for 30 minutes), remove the dirt and rinse thoroughly, Warning! In hobs equipped with an electronic timer, the oven must be switched off before the oven is switched on. after connecting to the mains the display will show “0.00”. You must set the timer to the current time (see “Setting the time” on page 31). instruction manual of the timer). If the current time is not set, the oven will not work. perform the work in accordance with the safety rules. The oven cavity must be cleaned using only warm water with a small quantity of dishwashing liquid. Mechanical minute minder timer M The minute minder timer doesn’t control the stove. It is simply an acoustic signalling device to remind you to make short cooking preparations. The time range is from 0 to 60 minutes.

Before switching on your Hansa stove hob or hob for the first time, remove all packaging and wash the appliance thoroughly, as there may be traces of preservatives on it.

Burner activation and heat regulation depend on the type and model of the stove or hob. Electric stove burners can be controlled with the corresponding knobs, induction models with touch controls. with the sliders. Gas stove burners can be ignited with a match, electric ignition or piezo ignition.

Hansa stove how to set the time

Setting the clock zepter induction stove Running time can be set from 1 minute to 23 hours 59 minutes. In order to set the minute minder timer, you need: to start on button 1.

Hansa. Setting the Clock and Timer. YouTube Hansa. How to set the clock, How to set the oven and hob timers.

Setting the Clock on the ‘HANSA53800’ Oven. YouTube. How to set the correct ignition time on the Hansa gas stove, the burner does not light up.


How to change the Time on Hansa Oven? / set the time on the oven. YouTube Suggested time: 83 seconds

How to set the clock on a Hansa stove? / Articles: How to turn on and use your Hansa stove How to set the clock on a Hansa stove To set the time, press the middle [OK] button once on the display. Then use the left and right buttons to set the current time. 7 seconds after setting the time, the new data will be memorized.

How to Set the Time on a Hansa Oven? / Setting the clock To set the time, you must: Press sensor 1 (MENU). The “steaming pan” symbol should illuminate. Set the current time using the sensors 2 and 3 (arrows pointing left to right) After 7 sec. after the operation of setting the time is completed, the new data will be recorded in the memory.

How to Set the Time on an Indesit Stove? / [Page 8/14]. Owner’s Manual: INDESIT Stove. To set the timer: Press the TIMER button H. H. H. H. H The display will show: the and ) ) ) ) ) to set the time; when you release the buttons, the countdown starts and the current time is shown on the display: R.after the set time has elapsed, the display will switch on

How to set the clock on a Hansa touch oven. Inexperienced users of such appliances often wonder: how to set the time on the stove “Hansa“? In order to figure it out.

How to set the clock on an electric Hansa stove Instructions on how to easily set the electronic clock in an H stove Subscribe to my can. Today is less than a week into the use of the pots at the.

How to set the time on the stove? Hansa FCCI 54136060. Lesya Burdyukova. 6.69K subscribers. Subscribe Setting the clock on your Hansa stove. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. videos.

Stove Hansa FCCW57034037. Instruction manuals catalog [Page 13/39]. Hansa FCCW57034037 manual. Stove. download. You need to set the working time and the end time: press and.

How to set the clock on a Hansa stove

Electric stove Hansa clock setting. YouTube Set the grill mode on the stove Hansa 53800 for 40 minutes. You only have to try. You just have to try. 4.1K views 1 year ago.

Set the time on the oven. YouTube Many people write and ask how to set the time) decided to record a video) myself at first thought the sensor does not work) because.

Connecting Hansa electric stove

GasMontazh” company carries out connection of electric stove Hansa in Saint-Petersburg on any day of week. The master comes to your house at a pre-agreed time, performs the work, demonstrates the work of technology and gives recommendations on care and rules of operation. We employ only experienced and qualified employees who understand what they do and are responsible for their work. After completing the work, the technician must issue a warranty card.

Electric stoves Hansa appreciated by users for the quality and reliability, great design. Several modes of oven heating, telescopic guides for easy and safe removal of the tray, the availability of additional functions such as grill, convection mode, timer. all this facilitates cooking and allows you to fully realize the culinary abilities. But in order for your stove to work properly for many years, to be safe in operation, it must be properly connected.

Oven grill function. Use it right!

Lovers of ruddy crust will certainly appreciate the technique, equipped with a grill. Suitable for meat, vegetables, sandwiches and toasts. And if the weather is bad, and you are going to have a kebab. It can be easily cooked at home in the oven, selecting the “grill” mode. It is possible to use this mode during the whole cooking process or only at the end of the process to brown the crust.

A grill is a tube-shaped zigzag element attached to the top of the oven. By the way, it can look not only like a zigzag, but like the letter “P”. In some models of ovens, as two circuits, one small and one large, around the perimeter of the oven ceiling. The heat from the grill acts directly on the dish, so food should be placed strictly under the grill, on the upper or middle level of the oven. Most often the oven is cooked on a rack, but remember to place a lower level baking tray so that the grease does not smear the bottom of the oven.

Some models of Exiteq ovens are equipped with a skewer, which rotates and provides uniform baking of the product on all sides. Such models include:

But more often, instead of a rotisserie in ovens use grill-vection mode. A fan distributes the heat evenly over the whole area. The result will be the same as when using a rotisserie, the meat will not dry out, and the flavor and crispiness will remain.

For grilling, it is better to use a metal rack or other metal dishes that can withstand high temperatures. Grease after the grill is very difficult to clean, so dishes can be additionally covered with foil. Do not use foil on top of the grilled food. It can damage the heating elements. It is not safe to put under the grill glass forms for baking, these dishes can not cope with the intense heat.

One more little trick. The grill has its own “hot spots” and about them it is necessary to know before you start to master this mode. The easiest way is to put slices of white loaf on a baking tray and grill it for a few minutes. Some pieces are fried a little more than others. Keep these points in mind when cooking in the future.

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