How to assemble a 1685 binatone fan

The fan will not turn to the sides

How to repair a floor fan if it stops turning (turning sideways)? It’s all about the crank, the fixing screws of which can come loose or unscrew. To find out, you will need to disassemble the motor housing. If the casing rotation is delayed or comes to a complete stop when the unit is running, check the gears in the gearbox for binding. Also check the Geareducer derailleur, namely its up and down movement.

Disassemble the gearbox and remove the main gear. The shaft also needs to be pulled. Grease all moving parts and reassemble. If the gears are badly worn, they need to be replaced, although it is difficult to find analogues of broken parts for the fan. In this case, you will have to assemble the unit without a reducer and use the cooler in the normal mode, when the air masses will move in one direction.

Review of the Floor Fan Binatone A 1685

AdvantagesSilent, sleep timer, nice design, well made, compact to disassemble for storage.

CommentBought for the house for 800r. Saves you from the heat for more than a year, mostly at night. 5 blades provide quiet and efficient operation. Convenient and functional design. 2 hour timer and 3 modes of operation satisfy all your fan needs. For this price. Best!

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Review: Binatone Floor Fan. Saves you in hot weather

We have had this fan for a long time without buying it. We got it as a gift when we bought the washing machine. At first we were skeptical about the gift, but the fan was a nice-looking and durable. has been working properly for the eighth year.

The fan is mounted on a spar almost 80 cm in diameter, on the one hand it is good. the fan stands stable and will never fall, but on the other hand, it takes a lot of space, not everywhere you can put it.

Five plastic blades are used for blowing, for safety purposes they are hidden under the decorative grid as usual. The grill can be dismantled to wash the inside of the grill and the blades. It is recommended to do it at least once a year.

The fan Binatone A 1685 has 3 modes of air, the first speed is almost silent, you can sleep all night with it on. But on the second and third speed the noise from work irritates, interferes to look TV. The air blowing power is enough for us on 1-2 modes, we seldom switch on the third one, it is possible to catch a cold.

The fan has an auto-rotate, it can be turned on or off with the button on the top

Our fan also has a timer, with the help of which the fan is automatically turned off after a certain period of time, the time range is from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Now let’s pass to disadvantages.The height of the fan can be adjusted from 115 to 175 cm with the help of a telescopic pipe,

but at us it is always at its lowest setting.The case of the fan is heavy, and the fastener, by which it is attached to the rack is pretty weak, so that at the maximum height the fan becomes very unstable. It is especially noticeable when auto-rotate is on.The fastener, by the way, is already rustled and fastens only symbolically, I would be wary of using it with small children.The second complaint about the quality of workmanship. plastic started creaking in the second year of use. Though, when the fan works there is no squeak whatsoever, it can be heard only when you carry it in the car.On the whole, the floor fan Binatone A 1685 are satisfied, it is an inexpensive and reliable model.

Fan Repair

I’ve already told you about how to choose a floor fan for a room or an exhaust fan for a kitchen, bathroom or toilet. In the manufacture of cheap models, the manufacturer saves on the quality of materials, so they break more often than more expensive analogs. If the fan has stopped working, then do not rush to throw it away, because to restore its efficiency in most cases does not take much time and financial costs.

I will not dwell on mechanical failures such as repairing the impeller, housing, turning mechanism, etc. п. To fix these breakdowns, you just need to restore or replace the worn or broken part with a new one. This article will address electrical repair issues with the fan not turning on or running the electric motor with a hum, foul smelling fumes, or jamming. For our consideration we will take a more complicated model of the floor model. Built-in exhaust fans are structurally much easier, because there is no speed changer, so they are even easier to repair. But the repair, given the price of a simple model exhaust fan without frills is impractical.

In order to find the cause of the fan defect it will be necessary to disassemble it. To do it with their own hands is fairly simple and fast. First remove the protective grid, then blades or impeller of the fan, which is fixed by the nut. Further it is necessary to remove the second part of a protective grid and to unscrew screws of the cover.

Design of a typical floor fan

On the agenda repair of the floor fan with their own hands! To begin with a small thing: the simplest fans do not have a grounding terminal. The appliance does not have an electrical safety rating. The design of the floor fan includes a housing made of plastic. Water gets inside expect a good shaking. Floor fan of this variety can not be used near water. Starting with an aquarium with fish, ending with a flower vase. Particularly dangerous where small children live. If the gizmo falls, the child will guess to pour milk inside Conclusion do yourself:

Nothing is likely to happen if the floor fan falls. Let’s dive into the construction. Let’s leave aside for the moment the peculiarities of motor speed control and buttons. Let’s talk about the gearbox. The Krasnodar floor fan carries a single asynchronous capacitor motor. The front side of the shaft through a pin, a nut with a left-hand thread is connected to the blades, the back side goes to the gearbox, formed by two gears, one double.

The shaft has a thread that catches the teeth of the big wheel as it rotates. Torque is transmitted to the small wheel driving the flywheel. The crank pinion is hand-diameter, so the rotation is inferior to the speed of the original shaft of an induction motor.

Through the cardan gear the crank is hooked to the foot, the motor housing is mounted on the axle. As the asynchronous motor shaft rotates, the blades move smoothly to one side or the other. But it is possible to stop the process. At the double pinion shaft is attached to the pinion with two balls with a spring, inserted into a through hole. If you pull the knob, directly connected to the axle, the latch slides up. Loss of connection between pinion and shaft, rotation stops. The mechanism implements a fall protection mechanism: six grooves are cut into the inner drive pinion seat. Balls fit. There are six positions, the mutual transition is accompanied by a click, the axis rotates relative to the pinion, the balls hit the walls sliding into the grooves.

Clicks can be heard, there is a high probability the floor fan has fallen down. Drive is jammed, the safety mechanism works by clicking, keeping the motor from burning up.

Assume the mode is disadvantageous to the floor fan, do not turn off the device, the thermal fuse of the motor is sure to break. The reducer is attached with three bolts to the motor, cut a couple of grease holes through which you can grease the plastic gears. It refers to the drive one, which rotates at the speed of an induction motor.

The headache how to repair and assemble the floor fan. We see the layout: wrong mutual position of the gear, legs through transmission, the head of the floor fan will move asymmetrically to the front plane. Can be annoying. Attach the gearbox, check the product by connecting the power. Carefully, so as not to electrocute, try to visually determine the correctness of the completed assembly.

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