How to assemble a floor fan vitek

How to assemble the fan?

In summer, in the period of a strong heat, one of the most popular purchases is a fan, which is supposed to give the long-awaited coolness in the apartment. And after you have chosen it in a store and bought it, you will have to assemble it yourself, but the instruction on assembling a fan, which is attached to it, does not always help.

In this article by the example of floor fan “Scarlett” we will tell you how to assemble it.

Floor Fan VITEK VT-1942. reviews

I wanted to build a home air conditioner, but since we are going to expand, such a great investment is not acceptable. Due to the fact that there is a small child at home and he can get his fingers into the fan blades, we decided to take a column fan. Very fond of the model Vitek VT-1942.

Hello! Recently I told you about the heater that saved us in the bitter cold, now I want to tell you about the fan that saved us in the hot summer days. The hero of this review will be a floor fan VITEK VT-1923 CH. The place of purchase: Mvideo offline store.

There are among home appliances such devices, without which to do, or difficult, or even impossible. To such appliances I refer fans. During my life I have had a lot of different ones, some of them were used for decades, and there are ones over 40 years old and they are still working.

Bought this miracle about 2 years ago. Until this hellish summer in St. Petersburg did not appreciate the joy of my Vitek airo 2. This great fan has been running for a week without rest. Stylish enough. Doesn’t make much noise! Power 50W. Diameter of blades 40 cm.

Greetings) Who among us does not dream of coolness on a sultry summer day? And the fan is more relevant than ever. After a brief search stopped the choice on the optimal model VT-1943.

And here I am one of the craziest people who stayed at home alone in this heat and without a fan to fight the abnormal heat of 2021, and I panicked and decided to buy, read a lot and stopped my choice on the Vitek VT-1944, this column floor fan: Where to buy.

Good day to all. We live in the Crimea. Used to the heat. We were waiting for our parents from the Urals to visit. They’re sleeping with a fan in the summer, but here they’re flying into such a scorcher. No money for an air conditioner yet, so we decided to limit ourselves to the fan. Wanted to get the cheapest (about 770 p), but there was no function tilt.

Who likes to die in a stuffy apartment in the 30-degree heat? Of course they don’t! That is why honest people buy what they can, air conditioners, humidifiers. fans. I had a certificate in Mvideo for 3000, from this amount I proceeded.

Floor fan VITEK VT-1943. review

Who wouldn’t want to be cool on a sweltering summer day?? And the fan becomes as relevant as ever. After a brief search stopped the choice on the optimal model VT-1943.

Place of purchase: Eldorado

Originally the fan is packed into a narrow tall box. Already in the picture you can see that this fan is compact and unusual appearance. But I like this futuristic and minimalistic look even better.

In general on the packing there is already a schematic picture of all the functions of this climatic equipment.

The fan itself consists of two parts: the stand and the case.

I know that not everyone likes dark shades of appliances, but this black fan blends in perfectly with our interior. It’s very compact, lightweight and virtually silent.

The stand is thin, but thanks to its diameter it is stable enough.

It is sometimes fun for a child to come up to push it or throw the bouncy ball. The fan has never fallen over. So everything is well thought out in this respect.

The cord is long enough to be able to slide it away from the outlet.

Как проверить китайский настольный вентилятор

Taking into consideration the elongated height of the case, the air blows on the entire length. I’m used to this kind of heaters, but they tend to be small in size. And here the air is blown practically along the whole height.

This, in my opinion, is better than a standard propeller fan that blows strictly at its height and you can hardly feel the wind flow lower. So in this case also this model is a winner.

But at that we should not forget about the worst feature of such equipment. It attracts dust like a magnet. So wipe it off constantly, especially since my city in general is very dusty.

Functionality of the fan is not complicated, but optimal.

First of all it is worth mentioning the LED display, which is illuminated in red and green. precisely green in operating mode and red always when the power is on.

In this case, the display shows only the temperature in the room, which, incidentally, is also very convenient.

At the top of the case is located only 5 control buttons.

The main, of course, is the big central button which you can use to turn the fan on and off.

And it is when it is on the green backlight is on, as well as the smallest blowing power.

And the corresponding icon appears that looks like a snowflake and a thermometer. At least that’s how I deciphered it, otherwise the snowflake could be mistaken for some kind of daisy.

Another big button. Speed. located just below the power button, denotes exactly the mode of air intensity. To increase the speed, you just have to press it repeatedly.

Externally on the display it is indicated by additional green cells. Accordingly at the first speed there are two, at the second three, at the third. most powerful. four. It’s not really clear why it’s made this way, but I’m used to it.

At the same time the cells are blinking, as if running from the lower value to the enabled speed.

Next is the OSC function, also indicated by the double arrow. I think it’s easy to guess that this indicates the rotation of the fan.

On the display it is also shown with a similar and clear icon. The fan rotates 360 degrees, thereby ventilating the entire room.

Next important function Timer, marked with a stylized picture of an alarm clock.

Minimum time is 30 minutes or as shown on the display, half an hour. The maximum timer run time is 7.5 hours. I’ve never turned it to maximum, but at night this timer really comes in handy.

And the last function Mode, which in this case means the constant changing of modes. On the display it is marked with the wind icon in the forest.

The fan will periodically turn off the blower when this function is engaged. I do not use it, but I think it would work well for a child’s room.

Also, this fan is convenient to have a remote control.

It’s compact and light and the buttons are soft. Even my one.A 5 year old can use it. Buttons are different but identical to the main ones on the fan.

But keep in mind that the remote control must be pointed in the direction of the fan, otherwise it may not work.

In general, such a fan is enough for the room of 17-20 square meters, which is enough for any room of the apartment.

Floor standing fan VITEK VT-1944. testimonial

And here I am one of the craziest who in this heat left home alone and without a fan to fight the abnormal heat of 2021, and I panicked and decided to buy, read a lot and stopped my choice on the Vitek VT-1944, it is a column floor fan:

Where to Buy. Delivery was fast, I took it in M-video, for 4990.

A little history. it came to the fact that looking for a fan I ran into such a problem as a product that I need is not in stock, and even once I placed an order at night, and the morning I get a call and say that someone has bought an entire batch of fans in the office and they do not have them in stock. I looked in many places, I think I knew the whole range of stores by heart.

About the company. Vitek is an affordable company, you can find it in any store, their products are varied, and I like the fact that at this affordable price is always good quality! I had a lot of products of this company, to all of course come to their time by the old age, but they all work properly and do not give failure during operation.

assemble, floor, vitek

off timer


Power Consumption

45 W

Remote Control

in the complete set

Floor standing


Power cord length

1.9 м

Handle for carrying


And it was while browsing through this company that I saw a fan model such as the column. I originally wanted a regular round paddle blower but when I saw this stylish design I couldn’t resist. Column. differs from a normal fan only in that it has no blades, t.е. Blows like a cannon, but otherwise all the same, only the air supply is more powerful, and in a different way located.

The Vitek VT-1942 is a very compact device that will find a place even in a small room. Despite its modest size, it is not inferior to devices of axial type and successfully creates a cool breeze in the room, not allowing the air to stagnate. Thanks to the laconic and austere design this model will fit harmoniously into both home and office interior.

Country of assembly Russia. 220-240V power supply.

Package and assembly. I installed it myself, and coped with very easy, in a box there is an instruction for use, two parts of the stand and remote.

Of the two parts is very easy to assemble one stand, to pull the wire through the bottom, and fastened as if on the body for stability the body itself.

Design. Agree, columnar design looks very decent, and indeed this can be purchased in the office, it fits nicely among the office equipment. And at home it looks very nice and nice. So laconic black color, it is glossy but not enough to leave fingerprints, the surface is glossy plastic.

The body is made of plastic, and it has the so-called holes from which the supplied air blows:

Included at the back is a handle for transportation around the room, it is light, probably about 2 kg or so, I can easily carry it from room to room.

On the top of the body there are buttons with modes:

There is everything you need here is a button with several speeds, namely their three on the third blows very powerfully, I put it on the second. There are also three modes natural wind, ventilation, and waning wind. The third gear is very strong but very good for hot days. Also, there is a night mode when it blows and shuts off softly, turns off slowly and the lights on the cabinet dim a little in the night mode, but without it, they do not “hurt” the eye honestly.

The fan itself also has the ability to rotate, it can be turned on / off on the same panel button.

All modes and power we use!

My opinion of the Vitek VT-1944.

️ Three speed, the third is a bit strong, but on a hot day great! Very fast and high quality air, it is lighter and cooler, but more often I use the second.

I don’t like to put it in spinning mode either, I like to put it on myself and enjoy the breeze. By the way here is the biggest plus, that the fan can be left at any place of rotation!

assemble, floor, vitek

️ It has a timer, I don’t know if it’s a great feature, you can set it to 7 hours at the most. I set a sleep timer for two hours, so that at night when I fall asleep it turns off, and in the morning I turn it on in the usual way, if it is required in the room.

️ “night mode” runs smoothly and quietly, almost noiseless, I use it sometimes when it’s not very hot, but there were days when the night and plus 27 and of course I turned on the second speed and not the night mode.

️ Well and the most important plus is the small remote control included! It already came with batteries, and all modes that are represented on the panel are also on the remote control. It is a great convenience, especially at night when you fall asleep and are too lazy to get up and turn it off or switch speeds.

Article 26.1. Remote way of selling the product

A retail sales contract may be concluded on the basis of familiarization of the consumer with the description of the goods offered by the seller through catalogs, brochures, booklets, photographs, communications (television, mail, radio, etc.) or other means that exclude the possibility of direct familiarization of the consumer with the product or a sample of the product at the conclusion of such a contract (distance selling method of goods) by other means.

Before concluding a contract, the seller must provide the consumer with information about the main consumer properties of the goods, about the address (location) of the seller, the place of manufacture of goods, about the full trade name (name) of the seller (manufacturer), about the price and the conditions of purchase of goods, about their delivery, service life, shelf life and warranty period, about the payment procedure, as well as about the period during which the offer to conclude a contract is valid.

The consumer at the time of delivery of goods shall be provided in writing information about the goods specified in Article 10 of this Law, as well as information specified in paragraph 4 of this Article on the procedure and terms of returning the goods.

The consumer has the right to refuse the goods at any time before handing over, and after handing over the goods. within seven days.

If the information about the procedure and terms of return of goods of adequate quality was not provided in writing at the time of delivery, the consumer has the right to refuse the goods within three months from the date of transfer of goods. Return of the goods of proper quality is possible if the preserved appearance, consumer properties, as well as the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified goods. The consumer’s lack of a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase does not deprive him of the opportunity to refer to other evidence of the purchase of goods from the seller. The consumer is not entitled to refuse the goods of proper quality that have individually specific characteristics, if the product can be used exclusively by the consumer who purchases it. If the consumer rejects the goods, the seller must return the amount of money paid by the consumer under the contract, except for the seller’s costs of delivery of the returned goods from the consumer, no later than ten days from the date of the consumer’s presentation of the relevant requirement.

The consequences of selling goods of improper quality by distance selling method are set by the provisions stipulated in Articles 18. 24 of this Act.

The apparatus makes a lot of noise

Since the propeller of the machine, whose main task is to create an air flow, is made of plastic (not always of high quality), there is a high probability of deformation of the latter. This usually happens if the unit is left under direct sunlight for a long time, or near a high temperature source. When deformed, the balance between the blades is disturbed, which causes a strong vibration and noise in normal airflow.

Also shaft vibration can be due to loosened from prolonged use of the sleeve bearing.

It is not uncommon to drop the machine when the blades are spinning, deforming the protective grid. If the rotating propeller strikes it, one of the blades may break.

to summarize, it can be said that in different models of fans the basic components and control elements may look different. But the principles of diagnostics and troubleshooting do not change from this.

How to assemble a floor fan

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There are different varieties of fans, which are divided by the method of mounting on:

The last two types do not need to be assembled after they have been purchased. The last type (ceiling) is installed in a specially prepared mounting place.

These kinds differ from each other by power, size, number of speeds, different additional functions, etc.д.

The first type of fan. one of the more popular ways to cool. The main reasons for this prevalence are low price, ease of use and installation, low power consumption, mobility, versatility. The floor fan does not take up much space in the room.

According to the method of functioning, floor fans are also divided into:

  • Axial. These devices, which are equipped with an electronic engine and blades. These blades “force” the air flow during rotation.
  • Bladeless. This variety is a round frame with a motor. The air flow is initially sucked in and then pushed out with acceleration.

Axial floor fans are the more common variety. The whole room is not blown, but only separate place.

Repair of floor fan with your own hands. All the reasons why it doesn’t spin and how to disassemble it.

On the hottest summer days, the only salvation from the weary heat is an ordinary floor fan.

Not everyone can afford a full-fledged split system or even a mobile conditioner.

But unfortunately, even this inexpensive and affordable wind-blower, from time to time breaks down. Especially the Chinese models fly like seeds.

And there’s an overwhelming majority of them on our market. What to do if the fan stopped rotating and working? What are its main weaknesses and what causes it to break?

A total of 5 main reasons for the failure of floor fans can be identified:

The main problem of cheap models, which for some reason few people pay attention to. The blades are not properly molded. Because of this there is imbalance, the bearings break, the clearances increase.

You can not influence this, because you have already bought a fan with this initial defect. Sometimes it seems to work, the impeller rotates normally, but it doesn’t blow.

That is, there is no cooling airflow from it. Why is this happening??

Due to the wrong angle of attack of the blades. Its lobes are deformed and are driven by the air flow in a circle, and not thrown outward.

This effect can appear in time, after the fan was standing for a long time in the direct sunlight and the impeller, warmed up, began to change its shape gradually.

This can only be cured by replacing the impeller with a new one.

The most common problem, is dried up grease or lack of it. The fan starts to jam, loses speed and as a result the load on the motor increases. The blower is no longer working at full capacity.

The motor winded with 0.2 mm thin wire starts to heat up and the windings gradually burn out.

How this defect is detected? In this case, the fan stops rotating. It hums, but the impeller doesn’t spin.

And it also happens that it starts only at the 3rd speed, and the first two do not respond at all. It just does not have enough power to turn the shaft.

In order to start it, you have to spin the blades insolently like on old planes.

By the way, the same symptom can be caused by a damaged starting capacitor. How do you know without instrumentation what is the cause of the failure??

You should at least get to the motor shaft, removing the protective casing and blades. If the shaft rotates by hand with great difficulty, blame dirt and dried grease.

And if it rotates easily and has inertia, then most likely the capacitor is dead. The symptom is. plugged in the fan and it does not spin. You crank the motor with your hand and it will start.

If you hold the blades of the fan with your hand while running, the fan can stop again. Check the capacitor with a multimeter, if it has the appropriate capacitance scale.

For replacement, select a new capacitor with the same parameters as shown on the housing of the old one.

By the way, not completely dried out condenser also affects the speed. If you notice that they have dropped and the fan is spinning slower, it’s a bell to check it.

The problem of stiff rotation can be solved by relubricating the bearings. These are so called sleeve bearings. Some people call them bushings.

It is expensive to use balls in such constructions, and over time they rattle a lot. No need to disassemble the whole motor for repair. It is enough to loosen a few screws and spray in the right places with a universal spray WD40.

How to get to the bushings without removing the engine? First, unscrew the central screw on the back of the protective cover.

One more self-tapping screw is hidden in the adjusting button-lever to turn or stop the fan head.

After that, the back cover can be easily removed from its place. What is underneath? Here you can see the swivel gear, which gives the rotation of the entire head.

Step by step guide for floor fan assembly

There are products of different manufacturers on the market. Mounting models differ slightly, for this reason you can highlight its general scheme. Conventionally, the process of how to assemble the fan can be divided into 3 steps:

This is due to the design features of the product. One of the options is demonstrated in the video. You can start the process by assembling the bottom or the top. there is no difference.

Axial floor units consist of the following elements:

Models may additionally contain air ionizers, remote control, but this does not affect their installation.

Assembling the support

Instructions for assembling the bottom of the product comes down to the following actions

  • unpack the device;
  • if the support is made in the form of a cross, then the crossbars are inserted into each other perpendicularly;
  • connect them and the bottom of the vertical riser with the tube inside with four bolts;
  • At the ends of the supports are installed plugs, with which the device will be in contact with the floor;
  • extend the telescopic tube and fix it at the desired height with the plastic nut.

The other type of base, the disk base, is also fastened with bolts and nuts.

Assembling the upper part of the structure

Then assemble in the following sequence:

  • The back grid of the housing is attached to the drive part, shrinking into the grooves and tightening the nut;
  • place the impeller on the motor axle exactly as shown in the socket;
  • fix it with a special nut;
  • install and fix the front grill of the fan guard;
  • insert the tube into the motor unit and fasten it to the rack using the locking screw located at the junction of these parts.

Как собрать вентилятор

There are variants, where the seat of the shaft without grooves and then the impeller is fixed with a screw. If the motor is disconnected from the button assembly, then use a screw (or a bolt and nut) to connect them.

The assembly of fans from different manufacturers is identical. You can verify this by looking at the following

After all considered manipulations the device is ready for operation. The assembled fan blades should rotate easily “by hand. when switched on, the unit must operate without excessive noise and with no extraneous odours (burnt rubber), in the modes provided for in the manual. If this does not happen, then you should contact your local store to request a replacement or return the product. To avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to understand the availability of all the required components and the performance of the product at the time of purchase.

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