How to assemble a meat grinder for stuffing a sausage

How to assemble a manual mincer

The construction of this type of kitchen appliance is made of durable plastic. And if in the case of the manual one, the whole body consists of metal, in this case there are only separate metal elements. There is a motor built into this body, which performs the main function. Pressing the start button activates the appliance and starts working.

Another difference is the lack of a handle. There is simply no need for it here, as the main function of the machine performs on its own, from the operation of the motor. Almost all models have a removable meat collector, which must be attached to the main body before starting work.

The set usually includes a special pusher for the food to be processed, with which it is convenient to advance the food to the knife. At the end of the auger there is a knurled rod of plastic, which provides a fixation. And thanks to the grooves on the knife, the meat is cut much more delicately and qualitatively. This is one of the differences between the new model and the old one.

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What a classic handheld device consists of:

  • Body: A. Meat pickup; B. Clamping clamp;
  • Handle;
  • Auger with left-hand threads;
  • Bearing sleeve;
  • Cutting knife with 4 blades;
  • Grate;
  • Sleeve nut;
  • Eye bolt for attaching the handle

Additional grates with different hole diameters, knives, nozzles for making sausages, frankfurters and fresh juice can also be attached to the appliance.

The blade must be sharpened regularly and should not be used to cut meat that is too tough or too tough.

The auger shaft is an important and basic part. It is a spiral shaped mechanism that grinds excess meat during operation, pushing it towards the blade tips. This is the mechanism that requires the use of hard metal.

Knife and special cutting nozzles. They do all the work of chopping, cutting and crushing meat or any other products. Mainly made of stainless materials. It is necessary to sharpen the blades for better and better performance, even though the steel is sharpened against the grate during rotation.

The structure of the knife and its shape affect the shredding of the product. For example, if the knife has a curved blade, it means it will easily shred veins and fibers of meat while keeping the auger shaft from getting clogged.

The sieve has three hole diameters:

  • Extra large. 12 mm. Grate with three or four holes. Used for mincing into sausages. Not always included.
  • Large holes. 8 mm. This grater is ideal for making sausage stuffing.
  • Medium holes 4 to 4.5 mm. Multi-purpose grid. Suitable for mincemeat patties. Included.
  • Fine grinding holes of 3 mm. Pate rack. It’s ideal for making pâté or mashed potatoes.

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With these slicers you can achieve coarse or fine mincing. It all depends on your preferences

Nut (fixing ring) clamps and fixes the grid, knife and auger shaft. Sometimes it can be difficult to unscrew after finishing work. But this problem is easily solved with the help of an ordinary cloth thrown over the nut. So, the hand does not slip and the part is easy to unscrew.

Algorithm of assembling an electric meat grinder

An electric meat grinder has the same components as a manual one. The differences in their design are as follows:

  • The knife is designed for a finer cutting of the product;
  • The metal casing and handle is replaced by a plastic version that houses the mechanism that powers the appliance;
  • the meat collector is attached directly to the body;
  • The process goes faster, thanks to a special product pusher;
  • the auger shaft is secured by a knurled rod made of plastic.
assemble, meat, grinder, stuffing

To start the work, you just need to press the power button, then all that remains is to control the process.

Assembling an electric meat grinder is easy and convenient:

  • Connecting the body to the screw. the screw must be tightly fastened by inserting the protrusion into the hole in the body until it clicks into place.
  • On the other side of the auger, the blade and the grid are mounted and secured with a nut.
  • A bowl for the original product is mounted on top.
  • If the design includes a bowl for the final product.

The convenience of the electric multi-food grinder is that no physical effort is required to use it. Such an appliance is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.

Purpose of main and auxiliary parts of mincing machines: Description

Parts of the manual mincer In total, the design of the classic mechanical mincer includes 6 main parts:

assemble, meat, grinder, stuffing
  • The body is a piece of reliable metal alloy, in which the meat is placed through the meat collector.
  • Spiral shaft. part in the form of a metal spiral, which feeds the ground food to the blade for slicing.
  • Knife. designed directly for food processing, and, depending on the model, is available in two variations: a disk or in the form of a four-blade propeller.
  • Grating. a round shaped plate with small holes on it through which processed meat finally passes. On them also depends the intensity of the process.
  • Clamping nut. designed to secure the grid and blade.
  • Handle is for activating the whole mechanism, it is installed on the side opposite to the grid.

Purpose of additional parts is to grind products into smaller or larger fractions. As a rule, a mechanical mincer is supplied with 2-3 different types of blades (sabre-shaped, hexahedral or straight) and 2-3 grids with holes of 2-3,5 mm, 4-6 mm and 7-9 mm. You can change these attachments depending on what you want to get at the end. coarsely or finely chopped minced meat.

How to prepare natural casing for sausage?

To cook natural casing sausages, it is necessary to wash the outside and inside with running water and soak in water, choosing the time and water temperature according to the table above (the table shows the minimum time for soaking natural casings).

If you do not have an attachment for sausage meat grinder, it can easily be replaced by a kefir bottle, you just need to carefully cut off its top and screw it to the meat grinder.

How vegetable processing is done

Vegetables can be processed with a meat grinder on par with meat, if the recipe requires it. From vegetables you can prepare, for example, mashed potatoes, chop them for soup or salad. Such devices are shaped like a cylinder and, by rotating, chop vegetables. Similar devices are also suitable for shredding cheese. For these attachments, you will need a vegetable peeler knife. This is no problem for the multi-purpose electric multi-food grinder. a blade like this is most likely already in the kit. Install it in the usual order, namely:

  • Insert the screw first.
  • Now attach the knife at the very end.
  • Screw on the nozzle.
  • Secure everything with the special ring.

Assembling the multi-purpose mincer

In order to remember how to assemble the meat grinder, it is enough to perform this process yourself once, and in the future this sequence of actions will be done by itself. Assembly of the hand device is performed as follows: first of all the auger shaft should be inserted into the body of the device, and it should be inserted with the side on which there is a thickening for the handle, this end should come out, and the handle should be screwed to it by means of a fixing screw.

In different directions from the auger protrudes a rod, one of its sides is designed to attach the handle, and the other, thinner, for stringing the knife and the grid. On the auger shaft, on the side opposite to the handle, a knife is mounted.

One part of the blade has a convex side and the other is flat with cutting edges. The round grid is put on top of the knife, then the whole construction is fixed with a special cover, which is screwed onto the housing with the help of threads.

Keep in mind that the sieve has a special groove for fixing, so the sieve has to be put so that the groove is fixed in the recess of the body. This kerf fully corresponds to the protrusion on the body of the device.

After that, you need to attach the meat grinder with a clamp to the table top and you can start grinding food and cooking. Having mastered this procedure on the example of the manual model, you should not have any questions about how to assemble an electric meat grinder, because all the actions occur according to a similar scheme.

How to assemble a meat grinder: 5 parts to assemble a meat grinder

To understand how to assemble a manual mincer, you need to understand what parts it consists of To assemble a manual mincer is quite simple, regardless of its model, as they have almost the same principle of operation, and all their parts are also made the same. Manufacturers improve the body, change the type of attachment to a more convenient and functional, but the inside of the device remains the same.

How to prepare salted guts for making sausage?

The dried intestines should be transparent and thin. After drying, deflate the casings, coil them up and store in a dry and well-ventilated room. Soak salted intestines in warm water for several hours before filling with sausage stuffing.

Put the casings in a tub with water at 20 25 ° C, freeing the intestines from the knots and gently kneading in places where the casings are sticking and where there were lumps of salt. Soaking time should be at least 2 hours; soaking for 10-12 hours is recommended for maximum recovery of shell elasticity.

What you can do with a meat grinder?

Using cone-shaped or oval tubes to make homemade sausages, kebbe, sausages. If the set has a shaped attachment, you can make dough for cookies, pies, gingerbread and spaghetti. The meat grinder can slice vegetables with chopper grates, dice cutter attachments.

  • Prepare minced meat.
  • Process liver for pancakes.
  • Chop the livers for the pâté.
  • Cooking homemade sausages, frankfurters.
  • Cooking forshmak with garlic.
  • Prepare forshmak.
  • Grind potatoes for drewniki.
  • Grind the tomatoes

Assembling and operating a manual mincer

Before starting the basic work, you need to thoroughly wipe all the component parts. Carrying out these actions will increase the life of the appliance. Moisture and food debris will cause rust on the body.

Preparing a Meat Grinder for Stuffing Sausage

How to assemble correctly a manual mincer

Now let’s learn how to assemble a manual meat grinder step by step:

  • Take the auger and insert it into the body. The wide part of this device should be near the handle, narrow. in the place of fixing the knife.
  • Insert the handle in the ledge of the auger and fix its position with a special screw.
  • In the other part of the auger install a cross-shaped knife, its flat part should face outward. The disc-type cutter should be in contact with the edges of the griddle.
  • After the knife is installed, put on the metal circular grid (the protrusions on the body and the grid must coincide).

Sharpening a Meat Grinder‘s Knife & Plate

At the end of the work screw the fixing round nut and check the operability of the equipment by several rotations of the handle.

How to place the blade correctly in the multi-food grinder

Previously, we were introduced to the process of assembling a manual meat grinder. Now we will learn how to properly insert the knife into the meat grinder. In stores you can find two basic types of knives, with a single-sided or double-sided blade. When the auger is installed, the part with a single-sided blade is fixed on the device so that the cutting part slides on the surface of the grid. If not properly secured, the meat or other products will crumple, but not grind. Elements with a double-sided blade are installed either side.

How to use the manual meat grinder

The device under consideration has a manual drive. Its operating principle is based on the pressure created by an auger. Meat from the hopper falls on the auger, which presses the product to the body and moves it towards the exit. When moving along the shaft, some of the meat gets under the knife, which cuts small fragments from a piece and pushes the product through the grate into the container underneath.

The cause of improper operation of the appliance is most often the winding of films of meat on the cutting part. In this case, you need to disassemble the meat grinder, clean the knife from sticky parts and assemble back. It is recommended that you disassemble the appliance after each mincing of meat or other products. This will increase the life of the appliance.

How to unscrew the meat grinder

There are cases when it is very difficult to unscrew the clamping washer of the meat grinder. This is due to the bluntness of the knife, which leads to accumulation of meat near the cutting part. In such a situation, proceed as follows:

  • Turn the appliance over and place in a container of hot water for about 10 minutes.
  • Take a small hammer and make light taps in the center of the grate, as well as on the ribs of the jam nut.
  • Unscrew the part, after the manipulation performed, it should yield quickly.

If you have a helper nearby you can try to unscrew the meat grinder together. In this case, one person holds the appliance while the other conducts the unscrewing.

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