How to assemble a table fan

Table fan Equation Moe 2 D15 cm 15 W

Looking for Fans? The service Homostroy offers to order Table Fan Equation Moe 2 D15 cm 15 W part number 19511966 at a price of 440. A wide range of fans available in stock. Early May 2022 shipping discounts apply!

Item: 18373729
Weight, kg: 0.81
Diameter (cm): 15Diameter blades, mm’
Width (cm): 20
Height (cm): 27.5
Depth (cm): 18
Number of speeds: 2
Power (W): 15
Noise level (dB): 46
Timer: No
Cable length (m): 1.6
Remote control (with remote control): No
Product Name: Fan
Color Palette: White
Country of manufacture: China
Supplementary material: Metal
Type of remote control: Not included
Device connection: No

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Mystery MSF-2443

The Mystery device opens the rating. This compact model will help to create a working environment in the office even in the hottest heat and cool the air in any room of your apartment. The fan doesn’t take a lot of space and operates with a minimal noise level.

The device has a medium power (15 watts). It works like an axial mechanism. There are two speeds of airflow with step regulation. Thanks to this the owner can choose the most comfortable cooling mode for himself.

The main features of this model are compact and light weight. Therefore, the fan can be installed in any small area and easily moved from place to place. Thanks to the clothespin on the body of the device, you can safely fasten it to the table surface.

The fan has a modern design. Its body is made of plastic in white and blue colors. The device runs from the mains.

In their reviews, users praised its good fan power, compact size, light weight, and budget price. However, some have noticed that while working, it makes a lot of noise and vibration.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Nice design.
  • Two speed airflow.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • A clothespin to secure it to the surface.

Rix RDF-1500USB

The tenth place of our rating is a table fan Rix R RDF-1500USB. it’s a tiny and stylish device in black colors, which is perfect for a desk top.

assemble, table

This device is capable of creating the optimum temperature conditions in the office or apartment, with a very small power of 2.5 W, a blade diameter of 10 cm and one speed mode.

The fan body is made of plastic, you can change the angle of the fan. The device itself is very compact and weighs only 250g. It is safe to operate the device, its blades on all sides are hidden behind the grid. The blades themselves are made of translucent plastic, which gives the device a stylish appearance.

Axial principle of operation is combined with simple mechanical control and the ability to power the device via USB port directly from a laptop or computer.

The fan is completely silent. If you have the charger handy, you can take it anywhere.

This device has collected a lot of positive feedback. However, some users were dissatisfied with the air blowing power. In their opinion, the power of the device is low and you need to hold the fan very close to feel the coolness of the air.

Other Fans

If you are not satisfied with the Equation table fan Moe 2 D15 cm 15 W for any reason, check out our other products in the category Fans.

Example of floor fan repair

Had to repair the electric floor fan model Scarlett SC-175. The fan motor hummed when turned on, but the blades did not rotate. Checking the free rotation of the impeller confirmed the suspicion. it was spinning tight. Most likely the grease has thickened.

To grease the motor, you need to disassemble the fan. First you need to remove the impeller, which is enough to unscrew the round nut fixing it, turning it clockwise. There is a left-hand thread in the nut to prevent unscrewing when rotating the blades.

After removing the impeller the second plastic nut holding the screen will be opened. It has a standard right hand thread and unscrews counterclockwise.

Next unscrew the two screws that hold the front cover. At the same time, you can remove with a small flat screwdriver the expansion washer, on which the impeller rests during fixation.

To remove the rear fan cover you must first remove the knob for horizontal fan movement. It may be screwed on with a self-tapping screw or inserted tightly.

Before disassembling the motor, you need to carefully inspect it, because the rotation of the rotor can be difficult due to clinging to the stator. In addition, if the rotation of the fan is due to the main and not an additional motor, the malfunction may be hidden in the worm gear.

Disassembly of the worm gearing of the fan head horizontally swiveling device did not reveal the malfunction. Lubrication was sufficient and the gears are in good condition. When disassembling the gearbox, it is necessary to pay attention to two spring-loaded balls, which I unknowingly broke, it took me a long time to find.

assemble, table

Before disassembling the motor the gearbox was assembled. To disassemble the motor it is enough to unscrew four long screws. In this case, be careful not to damage the stator windings made of thin copper wire. The windings in Chinese fans are not impregnated with lacquer and are therefore vulnerable to mechanical stress.

The photo shows the fan motor with the front cover removed. The bearing was disassembled by pulling it out of its housing along with the shaft.

The bearing was so tightly seated because of the grease that had thickened on the motor shaft that it had to be removed by turning it with pliers.

Grease thickened with dirt is best removed with “white spirit” solvent, which is purified gasoline. If you do not have that at hand, then alcohol, acetone, gasoline, and even laundry detergent or laundry soap will do.

Bennett Read Steel Pedestal Fan Assembly

The inside of the plain bearing is best cleaned with a solvent-soaked rag coiled around a tweezers or screwdriver, using a reciprocating motion with simultaneous rotation.

assemble, table

After removing the old grease you need to put the bearing sleeve back on the shaft. It should be easy to put on and rotate with little or no backlash. If the bearing passed the inspection, then you can begin to lubricate.

For the lubrication of slide bearings in my experience, the suitable grease is graphite grease, which is solidol mixed with graphite powder. After lubricating the noisy computer coolers with graphite grease, they never needed to be relubricated, even after years of operation.

I now lubricate all gears and plain bearings using only graphite grease. If you do not have one of these at hand, any other will do, even car engine oil.

Lubricate both bearings, even if one of them works well. A thin film of grease is applied to the internal surface of the bush and its position on the shaft.

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Exhaust fan. a device that is increasingly seen in the homes of our fellow citizens. There are several reasons for this. First, in recent years, thanks to a significant reduction in the cost of production of such devices, almost everyone can afford to buy. Secondly, this electric device, of course, is a very useful acquisition for apartments and private homes.

Electric circuit of a domestic fan and its features

The main task of the extractor fan to provide forced artificial air circulation in rooms where natural circulation is difficult or not enough. A prime example of such a room can be a bathroom. In apartment buildings, as a rule, this room is far from the outer load-bearing walls, and therefore the circulation of air in them is difficult. If you add to this high humidity and arising from it mold, it immediately becomes clear that the bathroom exhaust fan. is not just a tribute to fashion, and a real necessity.

In order to connect the fan, you need to know a few small nuances. It should be understood that the electrical connection diagram of the fan is largely determined by the place of its installation and the presence of features in its design.

Connection with integrated circuit breaker. The simplest scheme. A supply voltage of 220 V is connected to the device. The fan is switched on and off by the switch built into the device.

Connection with a switch. Using this scheme, turning on and off the fan is done with a special switch. As a rule, it is situated in front of the entrance to the room. For such connection it is necessary to lay two cables. one from the junction box to the switch, the second. to the device itself.

Connecting a timer fan. The peculiarity of these devices is that they do not turn off immediately, but after a certain time. This is accomplished with a special time relay that automatically turns off the device after a pre-determined period of time (usually from one minute to half an hour). With this connection, one wire goes to the switch and two to the appliance.

Wiring a fan with a humidity sensor. The electric circuit of fan control can include a humidity sensor, which measures readings in real time and, according to a given program, controls the operation of the device. turns it on when the humidity increases and turns it off when it reaches optimum values. The scheme of connection of the device is similar to that necessary for connection of the fan with a timer.

Most fans consist of switching circuits, starting circuits, electric motor windings. The items on the list concern the repair. Often domestic models use a trivial coil, wound with copper wire with lacquer insulation. Consider today how to do the repair of fans with their own hands, inductance burned out, the wire is torn because of the carelessness of the operator. To restore the coil uses a good old-fashioned device, despite its simplicity, you can not get in the store. With the help of a mechanism they wind the inductances, using an electric drive, working with their hands.

Industrial fans have a different way, unlike domestic fans more often centrifugal. Collector, induction motor winding cannot be restored at home, it will be difficult to do. Artisans repeat the factory production cycle in their native countries.

How many fans can be installed on one socket?

4-pin Molex connector ATX12V (also called P4 power connector), which is also a plug and socket, allows you to connect in parallel an unlimited number of devices. Power capacity of such devices is small. So you can install all your case fans on one connector if you want to.

assemble, table

Also available on the market are splitters. For example, from a 4-pin Molex to 4 fans with a 3-pin connector. Pay attention to the color: white. 12V, black. 5V.

3-pin and 4-pin plugs have limitations. If you do not engage in amateurish craftsmanship and use the factory connectors, one connector on the motherboard allows you to connect one fan. You can increase the number with a splitter, but I wouldn’t put more than two turntables in one slot.

How to set the fan speed?

The speed of rotation can be adjusted in two ways: hardware or software.

By the first I mean a special device between the cooler and the power supply. It can be a simple resistor or speed regulator.

A more advanced solution. a re-bus (fan controller), installed in bay 5.25 which was previously used for CD/DVD-ROM.

Goodmans 16″ Oscillating Pedestal Fan Assembly

Hardware adjustment is possible with 3-pin, 4-pin and Molex connections.

The software speed change is available in the BIOS, as well as in the operating system.

Go to the BIOS setup menu. Under Power, choose Hardware Monitor, Temperature or any similar item, set the desired speed in the settings. In UEFI you can adjust the settings with curve. Don’t forget to save your settings and reboot the computer.

  • Q-Fan Controller
  • SpeedFan
  • Corsair Link
  • MSI Afterburner
  • NoteBook FanControl
  • ZOTAC FireStorm
  • GIGABYTE EasyTune
  • Thinkpad Fan Controller
  • GIGABYTE i-Cool

Let’s look at the SpeedFan software as an example. Main menu shows you information about fan speed and temperature inside the case. Uncheck “Auto-tuning of fans” and set the number of revolutions as a percentage of the maximum. There you can also set the correct temperature. Ideally the temperature should not exceed 50°C. You can do the same in other similar applications.

In this article we’ve collected the best column fan companies which offer the best price to quality ratio:

  • Xiaomi is the best Chinese electronics brand. The column fans are modern in design, quiet in operation, energy-saving and intelligent. The company provides the ability to control the device using a special application with your smartphone and remote control.
  • First Austria is an Australian company that produces high quality fans with a number of essential functions. The devices have a stylish design, and all this at an affordable price.
  • Midea is the largest Chinese manufacturer of home appliances and climate equipment. Makes high-performance column fans. They are easy to install, have a wide, strong air flow and a number of necessary features for easy use.
  • Stadler Form Peter, ProfiCare produce elegant models with a stylish, minimalist design. The devices operate effectively in rooms up to 40 square meters. Comes with a remote control for easy use.
  • Sencor. manufactures powerful climate devices. Fans have different motor settings and three available speeds. Can work in standard and night mode. Sold complete with remote control.

A column fan is a modern, efficient device that costs relatively little. This rating of column type fans will help facilitate the decision-making process by presenting the strengths and weaknesses of the most reputable models.

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