How to blow-dry medium length hair

The preparatory phase

To style your hair beautifully without using special tools, you should first prepare it, that is, put it in order. The first step is to wash your head with a shampoo that suits your hair type. After washing the hair it is necessary to apply conditioner or balm, so the strands can be easily brushed out. Then they need to dry them slightly in a natural way and comb once again.

Next, it is necessary to apply a special product to each strand and distribute it over the entire length of the hair. However, you should do it with your hands, without using a comb. For voluminous styling, you need to lift the hair up a little near the roots before applying the hair styling product. After that, you can proceed to the planned styling.

First you need to deal with the haircut, which acts as a base. Taking into account the shape of the face and the structure of the hair, stylists advise to perform a bob, a square and Cascade.

Styling a square cut

If you have a square haircut, you can easily create a casual and festive styling on medium hair. To create a hairstyle for every day, you need to moisturize the hair, comb it and treat it with foam. This will give volume. Tilt the hair and use a hair dryer to dry it, working it with your fingers. Abruptly raise the head, arrange the hair with your fingers, and treat the result with varnish.

And here’s how to arrange a short haircut with long bangs and how effectively it will look on the hair, you can see in this article.

When you need to go to a party, you can style Cascade according to the following scheme:

  • Use curlers with a large diameter for this purpose. Curl strands on them.
  • Then blow-dry, wait for them to cool down.
  • Remove the curlers and varnish the hair.

Styling a bob

For everyday styling it is necessary to foam dry strands and with the help of your hands knead the strands, creating a casual look. To fix the result varnish. For evening variant of hair styling you should use the following instructions:

  • Wash the hair and apply foam to damp hair strands.
  • Create a volume at the roots by drying the hair with a hair dryer.
  • Now we need to use a comb with fine teeth and lightly comb at the roots at the crown.
  • Now prepare the iron so that it warms up well. Use it to create curls. Consolidate the resulting style varnish.

Cascade styling

To create an everyday style, you need to wash your hair, dry it with a hair dryer, tilting your head downwards. Such actions will allow you to give a volume to hair. Then go back to the previous position and shape them with your hands. Secure everything with lacquer.

If you want to go on a date or a celebration, you will have to wash your hair, treating with foam. Using a hair dryer and a round brush dry the strands. Having prepared the iron, pull the ends. Treat the result with varnish.

How to style medium and long hair?

Styling medium or long hair involves using both the hair dryer itself and additional styling products such as heat protectant, volume mousse, curlers, comb, spray or gel for fixation.

Features styling medium and long hair:

  • Similarly wash your hair, apply styling thermal protectant on curls. Be sure to pay attention to the ends, possibly using a nourishing cream or balm. It is important to close the scales to avoid porosity of the hair or its fluffing during styling.
  • Then distribute the entire volume of hair in small strands, each lock with a hairpin, work alternately with each curl. Blow-dry the curls first with warm air, use the middle speed of the device.
  • Curl the lock into a round comb. You can use curlers to create spectacular curls. Place under the air jet, gradually twisting the curl. The thinner the strands, the more expressive you get curls and your hair will be more plump.
  • Finish by blowing cool air through your hair and applying a locking agent. When styling bangs use a light spray or mousse. Direct the air jet from bottom to top.

Tips hairdressers

Only shampooed hair can be beautifully styled to have a volume. If time allows, apply a moisturizing mask for 15-20 minutes. There are other secrets for voluminous styling with a hair dryer:

  • Hair should not be wet. just damp, dried with a towel;
  • Before styling, comb your hair with a rare comb, break it into strands and dry each separately so that wet and dry hair do not touch each other. There’s no way to perfectly style a whole mess of hair for volume all at once-it’s done piecemeal;
  • The stream of warm air is directed from the roots to the tips. Do not hold the hair dryer in one place but move it around the strands to dry them evenly;
  • It is better to style thin, weak hair by selecting the minimum temperature mode, so as not to traumatize even more. Using the hot mode, the hair dryer is held at a distance of 10 cm from the hair;
  • Finish your style by running a jet of cool air over your hair as it works to close the scales and keep hold of your hair longer.

Curls that are frequently blow-dried need a lot of boosting, not just from the outside but also from the inside. Maintain a balanced diet to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

blow-dry, medium, length, hair

How to Blow Dry Round Brush Medium Hair for MAXIMUM Volume

Types of nozzles

Modern hair dryers have attachments to make styling easier:

  • Concentrator. An indispensable part of a blow dryer, versatile for creating any hairstyle. Allows the air jet to be directed compactly in the desired direction. No more than 1cm wide and 7-9cm long;
  • The diffuser. A common attachment in popular hair dryers. It is designed to dry a large area of hair or create fine curls in a chaotic pattern. The nozzle has small holes in the base and a few protruding “fingers” around which the strands are twisted.

A hair dryer with such a nozzle is brought, on the contrary, to the ends of the hair and gather them to the roots. Then turn on the medium-power mode, and dry the strand in slow circular motions;

  • With nozzles in the form of a brush or rotating parts hair dryers are needed to facilitate the process of styling, if you can not achieve the desired result of a separate hair dryer and comb.

The basic rules of hair styling with a hair dryer itself

Another effective hair dryer is considered a diffuser. It is used to create voluminous hairstyles. There are professional hair dryers with rounded brushes. They are handy for those with short or mediumlength haircuts.

blow-dry, medium, length, hair

A hair dryer with a round brush attachment can curl the ends, making them more fluffy. Such brushes come in medium size, large, small.

When a woman’s hair length is above average, it is recommended to choose large nozzles. For short hair, small combs are suitable. Hair dryers with a rotating brush are the most effective. When using them, you should bring the nozzle to the ends, hold it, and gradually the curls will begin to curl. In addition, with their help, they simply dry strands, creating hairstyles in any style.

Hair styling hair dryer for medium hair

How to arrange a hair dryer itself? Many girls with average lengths use different means. With a hair dryer you can create natural-looking strands, give them a well-groomed look.

The following products and appliances are used to make them curly and smooth:

If the haircut is done professionally, it can be easily modeled. After washing your hair, you should start styling. For fine hair you can use a low level of air heating, because the hot air can damage the hair.

Hold the appliance 10 cm away from you while styling. It is not recommended to use it too often, because the hair can become dull, dry. You can also apply a spray that can protect the strands.

The hair should be divided into small sections and styled. You should start styling the hair at the nape of the neck. Curling curls on a rounded brush can make a sophisticated styling. The air should be directed from the top to the bottom so that they shine. It is then recommended that a locking agent be applied to the strands.

Styling with a hair dryer for long curls

Stylists give their recommendations on how to style curls. With the help of special means and suitable tools, you can perform a beautiful hairstyle on long strands. A sharp, round comb could be used.

You can also smear argan oil, use mousse, varnish to make them more fluffy. After blow-drying the strands, you need to focus on the roots. Each strand can be pulled out for a full bouffant look.

Styling with a hairdryer for short hair

Compared with long curls the owners of short haircuts can not waste their time on washing the head to create complex hairstyles. Beautifully styled short strands create a stylish look. The short haircut can be made sloppy, yet elegant at the same time.

In order for the hairstyle to be stable, attractive, it is necessary to choose the right tools and means designed for styling. With the power of mousse, wax, gel can easily fix the hair.

The hair strands need a firm hold, but the light strands need a more moderate hold. You might need a long, sharp end brush. With a brush you can perform a straight parting, divide the hair into different parts. individual curls.

Hair dryer for styling is suitable semi-professional, having: cold, hot air. The hair dryer is required in order to even out the locks, to create straight curls. First of all, you should shampoo your hair. Then you can apply balm, conditioner. Then it is necessary to style the hair.

Hair styling with a hair dryer is the easiest and most popular solution that many young ladies resorted to. With the help of the mentioned tool the work on giving the bunches of hair a certain shape is greatly simplified. If everything is done correctly, the result can be a lush and feminine hairstyle. Before proceeding to this type of styling, it is necessary to stock up on all necessary components.

  • The hair dryer. It is desirable to use a model that can function in different temperature modes. Most modern hair dryers have such options, so it is easy to find the best option in the store.
  • Shampoo. It is recommended to use quality compositions designed specifically for your hair type.
  • Balm Rinse.
  • Foam, mousse and varnish. These tools will make styling easier, as well as permanently fix the result.
  • A comb. It is desirable to prepare a round brush. brush. With its help, you can create lush and voluminous hairstyles.

All the necessary tools must be of good quality and in good working order. Some fashionistas even make chic curls, using a hair dryer and a plastic bottle.

As for the styling products. their quality should not cause any doubts. It is desirable to use branded compositions that will not have a negative impact either on the hair or on the scalp.

Modern manufacturers, who are present in the market of household appliances, do not cease to delight buyers with new and new improved models of hair dryers, suitable for hair styling. If you go into a store today, on the shelves you can find a lot of different tools to work with them. Choose the right one for you, taking into account all its characteristics and applications. Let’s consider in detail what types of hair dryers exist and how they differ.


This type of hair dryer is designed for drying hair, as well as curling strands on curlers. If you get acquainted with these devices closer, you can see that they differ little from their counterparts. Their structure provides a more comfortable handle and a hollow cylinder, from which and receives a hot or cold stream of air. Such tools come complete with nozzles.

The latter are characteristically wide at the beginning and flattened at the end. Thanks to this structure, fashionistas can do the styling, using a rounded brush (brushing). This makes the styling process much less time-consuming. the hair is shaped very quickly.

Very often it is a hair dryer concentrator used in the salons. This tool is categorized as a professional tool.

With diffuser

The second most popular and widespread recognized quality hair dryer with a diffuser. Such a model consists of a hollow cylinder and a special nozzle with a peculiar “fingers” mounted on it. The last element is used for giving the hair a spectacular volume. It’s also an interesting shaped nozzle, ideal for a pleasant scalp massage that has a positive effect on the health of your hair.

The diffuser comes in a set with many modern hair dryers. This accessory gently dries hair gently and lightly, and gives her beautiful volume.

As a rule, diffuser models and concentrators have a shape similar to pistols. The hair dryer-brush is a very different kind of hair dryer.

The hair dryer-brush

In great demand today is a convenient application of compact hair dryer-brush, which belongs to the category of stylers. This tool allows not only to dry, but also to curl hair. Here you do not have to use separately a hair dryer and a hair brush. everything is collected in one set.

In the use of modern spinning hair-brushes are very convenient and practical. They easily achieve the right shape of curls of any shape and texture. Every girl with these devices can give her mop of hair a beautiful and neat shape, without spending a lot of time.

blow-dry, medium, length, hair

It should be borne in mind that this tool does not cope with hair drying as well as those described above. It is more for styling. This is what experts say, as well as many ladies who bought such models.

The hair dryer-brush can not only curl and twist, but also straighten stray locks. If everything is done correctly, you can get perfectly straight, smooth and silky curls that will amaze everyone around with their aesthetics and beautiful volume.

Consolidating the result

With all her efforts, a woman gets the desired laying, which in windy weather and humidity rather quickly loses its former shape. To avoid the appearance of defects it is necessary to fix the purchased result. As a fixer screws and hairsprays are perfect.

Hair spray can not only hold the shape of hair reliably, but also gives it shine, leaving curls moving and prevent the problem of tangling. Removing such a product is quite simple. Just use a comb.

The subtleties of mediumlength hair styling

For taming mediumlength curls, ladies are also offered an original styling option. Using the right nozzle you can create a beautiful image with soft but voluminous waves. The following actions are recommended for medium hair:

  • Consistently separate your locks from each other, so that you get the parietal locks, two temporal locks and the nape of the neck. they should be fixed with hairpins;
  • it is necessary to comb each strand separately, distributing the styling compound over them;
  • You should start styling from the back of the head by choosing a comfortable position of the head;
  • it is better to dry the curls on the minimum mode, massaging movements, to achieve more volume;
  • You can gradually move on to the next strands, which are located at the temples and the crown;
  • When styling the strands on the vertex, determine the choice of parting, apply the styling product, and place the hair in the desired direction.
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