How to blow dry your hair for volume

The first method

In the first paragraph I want to consider special shampoos for hair volume. I honestly do not see the difference between volume shampoo and the most common, for example, for shine or something else. Without going too far off the topic, I say that in principle shampoo does not play any role, and there is no point in paying extra for any functions that it does not perform anyway. But the only thing I have noticed is that shampoos with m sulfates give more volume to the hair than some organic ones. This is a really tangible fact.

5 ways to blow dry your hair for volume

Volume will also happen if you wash your hair with henna or mustard, because it will dry out your hair a bit at the roots and it will lift slightly, creating more volume.

Way number two

Are there any of you who use conditioner or mask on the whole length of the hair, including the scalp?? Yes, it will make your hair feel softer at the roots and maybe even firmer, but you can kiss volume goodbye, and you have to wash it more often. I suggest that you back off at least five centimeters from the roots in order to maintain volume.

5 Ways to Dry Your Hair for Added Volume

TIP! After you have dried your hair, use dry shampoo or baby powder. Decrease the volume of your hair without any extra work. Guaranteed!

Method three

Now let’s get down to the question of how to blow dry your hair to have volume. This is the easiest and easiest way to dry your hair upside down so you can use a little foam and then polish it in place (in the same upside down position, of course). All this will help you to keep the volume longer, but still varnishes and foams are better to use for special occasions, because it all spoils our hair. And yes, don’t forget to wash it all off the same night!

blow, your, hair, volume

Way number four

The following method is very similar to the third, and maybe it is even better, you will not earn dizziness from the constant drying of the head. You will just need to divide your hair into sections (usually the back and two sides of the crown) and dry each section separately, while lifting your hair at the roots with your fingers or a round comb.

The fifth method

Well, the last method, more tangible, for those who are in no hurry anywhere and for which you will need round curlers. Velcro. After you have washed your hair, towel dry it well, blow-dry it literally for a minute, you can do it in the same position, upside down, and then divide the hair into three sections, and in these sections separate several horizontal strands (depending on how many pieces of curlers you have). And under each of these strands, simply fasten Velcro curlers.

Then go like this for at least 15 minutes, or better yet 40 minutes or even an hour. You can leave your hair in this position afterwards or take your curlers off and leave them slightly lifted.

Alternative Ways to Dry Your Hair Without a Hair Dryer

Quirky, fast and effective: creative ways to dry your hair when it’s wet for those who prefer avant-garde to classic styles.

Long and medium hair

  • Pinch clean, wet hair with a towel (either cold or with a hot iron).
  • Gently smooth the strands out with your fingers or a skeleton comb.
  • Swing your hair from side to side for 10-15 minutes (to avoid neck pain, periodically take breaks to rest).
  • Once again, comb through the strands of hair. Done!

Short hair

  • Apply styling mousse to wet, towel-washed hair.
  • Lower your head and spread the strands out with your fingers, repeat the motion several times.
  • Straighten, separate your hair into strands and twist them, twisting the ends alternately up and in. Headbands can help seal in the volume.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes, then straighten the curls and fix the hair spray.

Girls with greasy hair tend to be deprived of root volume. The sebum deposited under its own weight settles the volume at the root, making the hair look flat.

Wash your head properly

The easiest and most obvious way to restore volume is to wash your head, but it’s important to do it properly, not just rinse off excess sebum and dust.

  • Wash your hair only at the roots. As you may have mentioned before, lengths don’t need a lot of cleansing, but it bears repeating that when you wash your hair, only the hair at the roots needs soaping. This is because the hair is not as greasy along its length, which means it won’t attract the dust. Longer hairstyles just need a little bit of lather. Even the most voluminous hairs will look as though they are falling down because of the frequent, aggressive washing of the hair ends;
  • Apply conditioner and balm only to the lengths. Balms and conditioners make your hair look heavier and envelope it in a film. Of course, you can’t talk about your hair volume at the roots. As a bonus you’ll also get a tendency for your hair to get dirty more quickly.

An extra volumizing step at this stage is to apply a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. The products “lighten up” the length, allowing the roots to lift a little. Sure you can’t achieve your desired volume that way, but you can still get your natural hair volume back.


How do you normally blow dry your hair?? Either naturally or just by blowing air at them randomly?

If yes. take note of 3 more ways to give volume to hair after washing:

  • Bottom of the head. After washing, towel dry your hair, lower your head down, and start drying. Blow-dry right up to the roots. In this position, drying curls is not as convenient, but the result will please you and the question of how to give volume to the hair at the roots will disappear;
  • With a brushing brush. Brushing is a round brush with fine teeth all around. This type of hairbrush is specially designed for applying volume at the roots. It’s easy to use. just lift a strand from the roots and gently twist the comb in place while directing the air of the hair dryer at the same time. There are different diameters of brushes, but a medium or large 25-35 mm comb is best for curl volume;
  • With the diffuser. The diffuser is a hair dryer attachment, specially designed for voluminous styles. Gently dries hair while lifting it upward from the roots. This method is especially good for girls with curly hair. the diffuser does not destroy the structure of the curl.

The mousse or foam can enhance the styling effect when using a hair dryer. just apply the product to the root section before drying. Don’t overdo the amount, or you’ll get the opposite effect. fallen roots with a dirty look. Remember that styling with heat styling tools requires the use of thermal protection.

Volumizing products

Hair volumizers come in many different formats. Specific products have their own nuances of use, but are most commonly applied to slightly damp strands.

  • Sprays. Apply to damp hair before styling. Finish with a volume enhancing spray like Moroccanoil’s Root Boost or a volumizing spray that lifts the roots and leaves the hair fuller and fatter. Sugar Lift by Wella;
  • Mousses and foams. They have a styling function, and volume is an additional product option. Like sprays, mousses and foams are applied to damp strands before styling. It is important not to overdo it, as it tends to stick to the hair. The volumizing mousse found in Londa Professional;
  • Lotions. Applied to the root zone, applied to slightly damp hair and distributed evenly. Unlike mousse, it doesn’t weigh down the strands, keeping them from falling out during the day;
  • Styling Jelly. A jelly-like consistency, which can be applied to the hair roots and tips. After blow drying, you can start blow drying.

Dry shampoo

A dry shampoo is an absorbent that soaks up excess sebum. Shampoo the roots and use a fine-toothed comb to thoroughly comb the powder out. The result is immediate, luscious, and strikingly clean.

But don’t get carried away. dry shampoo can clog pores as well as dry out the hair shafts. This method is suitable as an express solution when there is no time to deal with a long washing and drying.

The Lazy Method

This method of creating a volume to your hair will appeal to those who don’t want to spend time styling in the morning.

Take care of your volume in the evening:

  • Wash your head, if necessary, and dry it almost to the end;
  • Gather the curls into a bun at the top of your head and secure with a soft rubber band;
  • Remove the rubber band in the morning and you’re ready with your voluminous waves of softly flowing hair.


As back in the ’00s curling tongs were commonly used to create full-length looks, now they are used for more volume.

Plaiting the root zone will help lift the roots dramatically:

  • Brush clean hair lightly with heat protectant;
  • Heat a pair of pliers to about 130-150 degrees. Higher temperatures will damage the hair shaft;
  • Tuck your hair as close to the roots as possible, holding the tongs for 3-5 seconds;
  • Keep going until you’ve gone all the way through the roots.

Finish with a fixing spray or polish if desired for long-lasting results.

The comb-over

If you need to create volume without drying or using curling irons but don’t have time to create buns, try looking at backcombed styles. not the 2000s-style frizz that looms a mile away but its lightweight version:

  • Separate a layer of hair parallel to the parting and flip it to the other side so it doesn’t get in the way. You can fix it with a hairpin or a hairdresser’s clip;
  • Lift a small strand of hair and with a flat comb with frequent teeth make 2-3 movements against the growth in the direction of the roots;
  • Repeat the same step with the next strand, moving along the parting;
  • When you are ready to create a fleece, put the initial bounce back into place to hide the fleece;
  • Repeat on the other side of the parting.

This method will help to significantly increase the volume of the hair, and if you use an additional means for fixation. nail polish or spray, then the result will last a long time.


Curlers are not the most common method of volume, as the set with the raised roots are also curls, and they may not fit into the desired image. But if you do not have anything against curls, feel free to curl your hair.

Clip-ons for volume

Clips can be an alternative to the methods described above to add root volume. Clip on roots are plastic products, which can be used repeatedly. The clip consists of two knurled halves, which simulate a corrugated effect at the roots and thus raise the hair. The result is similar to a salon Boost up treatment.

  • Wash your hair as usual. Separate the covering layer on the crown. it is the part of the hair that you will use to hide the ruffles. Make sure to secure the part so that it doesn’t get in the way. we won’t use it to create volume;
  • Finish by applying hair styling product to the flat part of the hair. It is better to use light textures. mousse or foam, so as not to weigh down the hair and make it visually messy;
  • Fix the clip at the roots. unclip the halves, put a strand between them and snap the clip;
  • Leave it to dry completely or use a hair dryer to speed up the process;
  • When your hair is dry, open the clips and pull the strands out. Cover the crimped hair with the covering part that you separated at the beginning.

There are clips of plastic of different density. the ease of use depends on it. At home, it is better to choose softer clips, as stiff ones are hard to open and close.


To give volume to your hair with nail polish can be done without first using curling irons or a hair dryer:

  • Separate the strand of hair from the top layer and lift it. you can hold it with a round comb or put a deodorant bottle under the strand;
  • Spritz some hairspray and let it set for a few seconds;
  • Put away the comb or bottle. the hair strand grabbed by the varnish will become voluminous. Repeat this with neighboring hair until the entire perimeter of your hair has the desired shape.

How to amp up your hair at the root: 13 simple techniques (takes just 5 minutes)

No matter how long or short, curly or straight your hair is, it couldn’t hurt to have some root volume. We’ve got you covered with a selection of cool remedies, and we’ve rounded up the beauty hacks that really work.

The lack of volume at the roots of the hair. a problem facing most girls. You create it in the morning and in a couple of hours there is no trace of puffiness? If you recognize yourself in this description, then you’ve definitely wondered “how to volumize your hair at the roots.”. It’s actually not that complicated. We’ve compiled a list of the best (and easiest) ways to get volume without any tears or misery.

Ponytail drying

A simple ponytail can create enormous volume. To do this, just apply mousse or balm to towel-dried hair, tilt the hair and blow-dry the entire length.

After that, gather all the hair on top of the crown in a ponytail, dry it. Then unwind the ponytail and shape it into the desired shape by hand, spray a small amount of varnish on it.

Why can’t I get curl and texture in my hair?? Typical mistakes and expert advice

Figuring out how to choose the right volume and texture styler and how to use it properly.

Slava Ryabokon, the leading coach of the company Authentica, told us how to choose the styling products for your hair type and to get the volume of your dreams by the example of RCo brand.

What’s important to know about Ruffle Volume before you style your hair??

Volumizer only applies to the root zone. They all make the hair stiffer. You might even get a distinctive crunch (this is normal). If you apply them all over the hair, instead of volume, you will get excessive stiffness and unnecessary fluffy cotton candy effect. Remember: keep volume or coverage at the roots and texture at the bottom.

If you’re uncomfortable with stiff hair at the roots, just go with it. volume isn’t for you. Without styling products, you can get volume with the right haircut.

Don’t apply volumizer to the nape of your neck. There’s no way to get volume there. Also, the skin in this area gets sweaty, and styling can make it feel sticky.

Dry your hair properly with a hair dryer. Which means properly?

  • Remove the hair dryer’s concentrator attachment. It polishes and smooths the hair. Blow-dry without it, for maximum volume.
  • First remove moisture from the length, then move on to the roots. Not the other way around, or the volume will just fall off as a result of the weight of your hair being soaking wet.
  • The best way to dry your hair is to tilt it back. But this method is not for those with porous or frizzy hair. You begin to look like Angela Davis. Your go-to option is to tilt your head left, right and slightly back.

If you tumble dry your hair on a brushing brush, be careful not to brush the volume styler right up against the roots. Most modern hair care products are designed so that they can be removed more easily with a comb. (This is so that you can completely change your style in the evening or on the 2nd or 3rd day after washing your hair.)

I tell you the trick. First, as usual, you lay the roots: fix the comb, do not move it, just blow dry with a hair dryer.

Then step back from the roots a short distance and from this point, slide the brushing along the strands.

You can use more than one volumizer at a time. Hairdressers often use a duplicating technique: apply 2-3 layers of styling for a more pronounced effect. It can be different means (a mousse on wet hair, then a spray on dry hair) or one (a spray on wet the same spray on dry).

Consider the shape of your face. A voluminous ball around the head is not good for everyone. Or rather, it doesn’t suit almost anyone:) Look in the mirror and think in which areas you should really add volume to make everything look harmonious. Maybe just at the temples? Or just in the front, at the forehead line? If you have a round face, don’t make it any rounder. Lay the front strands (long bangs if you have them) in soft waves. They will frame the face, cast a shadow on it and sculpt the oval. And let the volume be concentrated on the top of your head.

How To Blowout Your Hair Like a Pro

Alena’s hair is straight and heavy, which doesn’t hold volume at the root

Alena: My hair doesn’t hold any style and the only way to get volume is to make a crimping effect at the roots.

Slava: Kudos to Alena’s master for a haircut. (It was made by Roma Gelik. Comment. ed.) If the ends were cut in a straight line, the hair would be even heavier. Now they are textured from the middle, and that makes them easier. I understand girls who want both length and volume but it does not happen that way. With straight and heavy hair exactly.

Hair without styling or styling

blow, your, hair, volume

How to create volume in heavy, straight hair?

  • Choose extra strong volume products. They tend to have a mousse texture. At RCo, it’s the Rodeo Star Thickening Foam. It has a memory effect. That means the hair will remember the shape you give it.
  • Your volume mousse is the size of a tangerine. No matter what length hair. See. Above, apply the volume styler to the brow area only.
  • Procedure: Grind the mousse between your palms until it reaches a creamy consistency and rub it well into the roots (not into the scalp). And you tilt your head back and blow-dry it. Then you look in the mirror and just use your hands to add volume where you want it. Grasp the hair roots with your fingertips and move your fingers as if you were salting borscht. At the same time, lift your hand a little at a time. and the strand. up. A mousse will hold it in place.

How to give straight, heavy hair texture?

Not everyone understands what texture is and why it’s important. Let’s find out. Hair can be straight, curly or wavy. If you give them a shape other than natural, you’re creating texture. If it was straight, it’s wavy. Used to be curly, but now it’s sloppy waves with frizz or curls on the second day.

The volumizer is applied to the root zone. Texture products. by length.

Texture can be created with hot styling tools or with styling tools alone. At home many do without curlers and irons because it’s faster and the quality of the hair is not diminished.

Slava: In a live show I showed how to create texture only with styling tools, without gadgets. Now I used a curling iron. I guarantee that every girl can curl just about anything for 5-10 minutes. Accuracy is not important in this case. If you don’t want to use hot tools, braid or twist your hair in plaits before bed.

So, which texturizer to choose for Alena?

  • Heavy hair lacks lushness. So it’s better if it’s a dry spray with an effect as if the wind blew them out. Hairstylists even have a term for blowing out hair, which means “forcing air” inside a mass of hair with a styling product. Glory advises RCo Balloon Dry Volume Spray.

Glory: It’s a two-in-one spray. First, for texture. Lift one of the strands by the tips. Underneath, apply the spray. It instantly makes your hair look fuller. Second, for volume. I put it in sections, massage it into the roots and blow it down with my hands. Balloon Dry Volume Spray works for everyone, but for girls with heavy hair, it’s a masthead.

Texture: Balloon Dry Volume Spray with a lightweight curling iron

What other styling products are good for those who have heavy, straight hair??

  • To get rid of any flyaways or fluff, use Foil Anti-static Spray. It gives shine, protects against humidity and static, and takes the frizz out of my hair.

Lisa. thin hair that’s easy to weigh down

Lisa: I have never been able to get any volume under my hair. When I apply a little mousse, nothing happens. When I apply a lot, the roots get dirty. What to do?

Slava: Lisa could have good volume of her own, but she doesn’t because her hair is long. I love the texture, the lightweight wave. I want to keep it, just make it more pronounced.

No styling, no styling on the hair

How to create volume in thin hair?

  • Fine hair is soft and supple, it lacks roughness and stiffness. Use Thickening Sprays. They usually say “Thickening Spray. Think carefully. Sometimes the word translated into Russian means “volumizing” but not “thickening. Focus on the original title. Thickening products contain polymers that make hair more pliable and fluffy. Foams and mousses can weigh you down, so a spray is best. Lisa is fine with the liquid Dallas Thickening Spray and the dry Grid Structural Setting Spray. Choose according to how you feel: Dallas is softer, Grid is firmer, but you’ll get more volume at the root. Glory used it exactly.
  • Your course of action: Apply spray to damp or dry hair (if it’s a second day styling). Apply only to the roots. In sections and generously: Press the doser and hold for 4-5 seconds on one section. Blow-dry hair and shape it with your hands.

What’s the right texturizer for fine hair??

  • Depends on what effect you want. Blowout with Balloon Dry Volume Spray. Curl with Trophy Shine Texture Spray. The trendiest texture right now is that I was sailing on a yacht and got splashing water on my hair. It’s not the same as a sea salt or grey wave effect. Curls should be well-defined and tips should look like sharp needles. This effect can be created with the Sail Soft Wave Spray.
  • Your routine: do a light curl with a curling iron or curling iron (or curl up before bedtime). Spray Sail Soft Wave Spray along the length of the product. A little squeeze, and it’s done.

Slava: Notice how I removed the volume from her face. Lisa is the type that doesn’t need it. Soft waves frame the face and bring its shape closer to the oval. Volume is now concentrated on the top, like Brigitte Bardot. Also, some girls ask their hairdressers to raise the top. It’s not really about the crown of the head. You have to take the volume off the front strands to get that wavy effect.

Texture: a light curl on the curling iron Sail Soft Wave Spray

What else is good for fine hair?? Rain umbrella. Moon Landing Anti-Humidity Spray. Pour it on and don’t regret it. Covers hair in an invisible veil that helps keep out moisture, and protects the style.

The products Slava used

Lena’s hair is porous and frizzy and frizzy

Lena: My favorite style is sloppy waves. I don’t really have to do anything for it. Two sprays, two squeezes, and it’s done. And if you twist a bun for 15 minutes, then I will walk around with curls until the next wash. Hair gets shampooed very easily. Lucky? Yeah, but no. I can’t make my hair smooth and frizz-free, despite my best efforts.

Slava: I have the same type of hair, so I understand Lena very well. When you go outside, it gets frizzy. At the root zone is ok (the same volume)!), and on the length of the impression of unkemptness.

Hair without styling and styling

How to make sure that the volume at the root zone remains, but the wave and frizz do not?

  • Always use leave-in conditioner before styling. This is good for everyone, but especially for people with porous hair. The purpose is to moisturize and close the cuticles, so that they do not fluff up during the day. For a length like Lena’s, a lot of leave-in conditioner is the size of 2-3 walnuts.
  • Get body volumizer in a spray format. Porous hair is tough on its own. Usually their owners do not like products that make them even stiffer (foams and mousses). Glory suggests Dallas Thickening Spray. For a single stroke, five squeezes.
  • Your procedure: Apply a leave-in conditioner, comb through the hair and blow-dry about halfway through, until it’s semi-moist. Now apply a volumizing spray to the roots, and along the length. any smoothing or disciplining styler. It could be Mood Swing Straightening Spray or Two-Way Mirror Smoothing Oil, or Foil Anti-static Spray. Blow-dry hair all the way through or lay it on a brushing brush with natural bristles (for perfect smoothness).
  • What to do if it rains and hair does curl? The important thing is to avoid taking on any nail polish or texture products. Use Foil Spray. Spray generously, like a cloud. Allow the cloud to settle on the hair, and then smooth/style it with your hands.

What texturizing products are good for porous hair?

  • The same ones that Slava advised Lisa. Balloon Dry Volume Spray (for a lush feel), Sail Soft Wave Spray (for a sea salt effect) or the Trophy Shine Texture Spray, perfect for curls. Gives her hair volume, hold and hold, and adds hold to her style. This is what Slava eventually chose for Lena.
  • Your course of action: Apply Trophy Shine Texture Spray to dry hair. Curl them with a curling iron or hair dryer. You can spray it on again at the end.

Glory: If you have an important event ahead of you, and you need your style to be as neat and smooth as possible. you can’t do without thermal tools. Porous hair should be straightened or curled so that it becomes shiny and glossy.

Texture: curls on a Trophy Shine Texture Spray curler

Typical hair drying mistakes and how to avoid them

There is a widespread belief that blow drying can be bad for your hair. And many people think that it is impossible to make light styling on a broom brush at home, unless you first attended a hairdressing course.

However, if you do it right, despite the use of hot air, your hair will stay healthy. And the styling can be done by yourself. There are a few basics to keep in mind.

We asked Alexandra Edelberg. CHI trainer and brand ambassador. Talk about common mistakes when using a hair dryer. To make it clearer, Masha Botvinina demonstrates all the techniques on herself.

) By the way, even if you are not going to style your hair with a round comb but just want it to be dry, you will need the same basic instructions

Here’s a video, for those who like to watch, and a text for fans of letters. (But hint, some things are still clearer and more visual on the video:)

For this shoot we used a CHI hair dryer of a professional American brand, which in the U.S. is better known just for its beauty gadgets than hair products (which we love for a long time).

The Onyx Euro Shine hair dryer has an ion generator that makes your hair shine, and a backlit digital display. Power 2000W. Buttons can be locked against accidental pressing while in use.

Mistake : Trying to style hair that is too wet or too dry

If your hair is completely dry after washing it, it’s no use trying to style it with a hair dryer and comb. It’s better to style hair when it’s wet. Hair is already in shape so it’s almost impossible to change it; you can only dry it out more.

Too wet hair is also poorly amenable to styling extra water weighs strands. In addition, after washing, the cortex inside the hair shaft swells and becomes extra brittle.

It’s best to style hair when it’s wet. Wet is about 60-80% dry. How to measure this 60-80%? The answer is no, and it’s not worth the hassle. Simply towel dry your hair after washing to stop water dripping out, then blow-dry without a comb through the roots and lengths.

Mistake: Never apply thermal undercoating

Exposure to hot equipment is bad for the hair as it evaporates and lifts the cuticle scales. HeatSafe is not a useless marketing invention. It covers the hair with a film, and this film minimizes the negative effects of the hair dryer. Often caring ingredients such as vitamins, oils, and proteins are added to soften and nourish the hair.

In the video Masha used Total Protect Defense Lotion, CHI.

Mistake Dry the roots by running the hair dryer from top to bottom

Start drying your hair at the roots, so you can add natural volume to your style. But if you direct the airflow from top to bottom, from crown to tip, the volume will be lost.

This is true for normal blow drying, but if that’s not your style goal, blow drying from the bottom upwards is better. When drying, you can hold the bulk of the hair with your hand, lift it up with a comb, or blow-dry it with your head down.

It’s a mistake to dry your hair from the bottom up

When drying lengths, direct the airflow along the web of hair from the roots to the ends. That way the cuticle scales are closed and the hair is smoother. This is as true for blow-drying as it is for brushing.

If you dry it against the growth, the hair will frizz and lose its natural shine and smoothness.

Mistake Do not fix the curl with cold air

Hair changes shape when heated and remembers it when cooled. So if you want to curl the ends or make curls with a brushing, twist the strand on the comb and warm it first with hot air, and then cool it with cold. Keeps hair in shape longer.

Thank you to Alexandra Edelberg, CHI Brand Ambassador, for your assistance.

Styler styling mistakes coming soon.

The shoot took place at our Beauty Insider salon ka2. Looking forward to haircuts, styling, and coloring

Styling short hair with a hair dryer: step by step instructions

As any shorter hairstylist knows, if you don’t follow the rules for styling hair of this length with a hairdryer it can lead to unbelievable chaos instead of beautifully shaped hairstyles!

We’ll tell you what you need to do to get a perfect style:

  • Use a fine-toothed comb to thoroughly brush your hair before styling.
  • Dry your hair a little bit chaotically along its entire length. at maximum temperature and maximum speed.
  • Separate the hair into zones. Leave the back of the head free and secure the rest of the hair with soft hairpins or bobby pins.
  • Set the hair dryer to medium speed and medium temperature.
  • Start styling the back of the head by brushing the hair all the way to the right with a stiff brush.
  • Then change the direction of the brush. sweep the hair to the left.
  • Use the same technique for setting the temple areas.
  • Curl the front of your hair and bangs while turning down the heat to the lowest setting.
  • Apply hairspray to fix the hair.

Hair Drying Technology

The best blow-dry hair is naturally air-dried. However most women use a hair dryer for this purpose. How to blow dry your hair without damaging your hair? To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Wash your hair and use moisturizing shampoo. Such a special product will provide additional moisture to the hair and protect the hair from other high temperatures (such as straighteners or curling irons).
  • Lightly towel-dry your hair so it does not drip water. To do this, gently wrap a towel around them and press.
  • Apply heat protectant.
  • Separate your hair into sections. The bigger the part, the longer it will take to dry. Long strands are best divided into 4-6 pieces, and too short strands into 2 pieces.
  • Start at the roots and hold the hair dryer at least 15 cm away from the head. Maintain this distance so you don’t burn your hair. Never dry your hair backwards.
  • Leave the hair slightly damp, so that it dries naturally for 5-10 minutes.
  • Finish with a stream of cool air to give your hair a shiny finish.
  • Gently brush or detangle your hair with your fingers. If necessary, you can apply a moisturizing or smoothing serum and brush evenly.

Use a moisturizing hair spray, straightening cream or conditioner after drying your hair. The most natural option would be to use 1 drop of olive oil, which will give shine and natural moisturizing.

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