How to boil corn in a pressure cooker multicooker

How to cook corn in a redmond multicooker

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Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Corn on the Cob | Easy Recipe

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How to Steam Cook Corn in a Multicooker?

There is hardly a single person who would argue that vegetables or grains, such as corn, are incredibly beneficial at harvest time. All the vitamins that the fruit has been enriched with for so long have finally come together and are still stored in the plucked fruit. Our task is not to let them slip away and cook it as soon as possible. But you also need to do it right, so that and in the process of cooking them retained a maximum, and that the end result is delicious and juicy, not rubbery strange mass.

Steaming is great for this. This method of cooking is really very popular and appreciated for the fact that the product does not give its juices and useful substances in the water, as in cooking, and thus retains a maximum of useful in itself. In addition, the product turns out very juicy, fragrant and tender. just a dream, isn’t it?? Of course, there are some pitfalls. For example, the fact that the steamed product is cooked, as a rule, somewhat longer, and to set the pans so that there was constant boiling water and steam, is not particularly convenient. Everything constantly tends to go wrong and the process ends up being excruciating, not allowing you to relax and let it go by itself. And it is in this case, an indispensable helper is the multicooker.

Almost every multicooker has a steam mode, and it makes it very convenient. you just have to set everything, close it, and you can forget about the complexities of cooking. all will be cooked as it should itself, a real wand-helper!

This recipe has received many recommendations and characterizes the finished product as “best option,” “juiciest corn,” and other laudatory Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Following this detailed step by step recipe, you will surely be able to cook healthy and very tasty corn, which will surely be appreciated by your loved ones on the first try. And there are no risks, as when buying on the street!

Young corn on the cob of a small size. 3-4 pieces;

clean water at room temperature. 2-2.5 cups;

Butter. one teaspoon per cob.

You need to rinse and peel the cobs thoroughly. To do this, remove all the leaves and “stem” and cut out the golden core. Lightly rinse the peeled corn, but there is no need to do it too thoroughly. it grew among the leaves and did not have time to be covered with all kinds of dirt. It is worth mentioning that the bowl of the multicooker is quite small, so your task is to put as much as possible on it. For this you can cut the long cobs into two shorter ones and arrange them like a “mosaic”.

The important point is that we must NOT salt corn before cooking it. In no case. First, because the taste of the product itself is very precious and you need to let it unfold on its own while cooking, and second, because the membrane of corn kernels is very thin and can easily be pierced with grains of salt while grating. Then, of course, no juiciness is out of the question.

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Pour the water into the bowl of the multicooker. There is no need to salt it, we have already written the reason above. Salt will affect the texture and flavor of the final product, so just take our advice. because we want it to turn out exclusively as it will be best for you.

The water should not be cold, as this can severely slow down the cooking process. Included with the multicooker, you must have a special grid, repeating the shape of the bowl of the multicooker. This netting comes in “peas” and other shapes, but the key factor should still be the presence of holes.

It is put on top of the bowl and fixed as a kind of lid, only with a recess. Spread the corn cobs evenly on this grid. Do not try to layer it, it simply will not cook through properly.

Close the lid of the multicooker, set the steaming mode and set the time. 25 minutes to half an hour. You will have this time absolutely free, and you can safely go about your business without even thinking about the product you are cooking.

As soon as the cooking time is up, open the lid of the multicooker and gently press the cob with a fork. If it is soft and firm. the corn is ready. If it’s hard, keep it there for 10 more minutes, it won’t hurt for sure. As soon as the product is ready, immediately powder it with salt so that it has time to spread over the still hot cob.

Then, butter the cob generously or just put a piece on top and serve hot. very tasty! Enjoy your appetite and have a healthy snack!



Ingredients. For one serving you need the following ingredients:

Recipe. Procedure:

  • Place the prepared cobs on top of the leaves tucked in the bottom of the container. Fill with water, wait until it boils.
  • No need to salt immediately, otherwise the kernels will be tough.
  • Set the mode “Steam Cooking” and turn on the device for 20 minutes.
  • If using a Soviet pressure cooker, place it on the stove, wait for it to boil, then turn down the heat and simmer the cobs for 6-7 minutes.
  • If the corn is not quite fresh, then in the process of cooking, add to the water 2 st.л. Sugar. It will give the kernels a sweetness.

How to serve and how to eat? Serve the cobs better when hot, so they are much tastier and juicier. To consume the dish, before rubbing it with salt and adding a piece of butter.

With butter

Ingredients. The following ingredients are required for preparation:

Recipe. Procedure:

  • Remove the leaves and hair bundles from the cobs of corn. Wash and wipe thoroughly.
  • Put the cobs in the pressure cooker bowl (if they do not fit, cut them into several pieces).
  • Pour water on the cobs until they are completely covered.
  • Boil corn in a pressure cooker for 10-15 minutes if the cobs are young, and old. 30-40 minutes.

How to serve and how to eat it? Serve the corn when it is ready, hot. Sprinkle with salt and butter before serving.

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The right choice of vegetable

Before you start cooking this product, it’s worth selecting it. A lot depends on the choice of corn in the store or in the market.

It is worth knowing what varieties of corn exist. Divide it into four main types:

Regarding feed corn, we can say that this product is the most common on the market.

Feed corn is purchased most often, and this is due not only to its taste, but also to the price.

The low price also contributes to the fact that this variety is often bought as feed for livestock. However, this product can be given to animals only after it is fully matured. And for human consumption such corn is sold unripe.

This kind of corn contains a lot of starch. The color of the kernels is orange.

Table corn, in turn, is subdivided into two subspecies. food and sugar corn.

  • Edible corn is distinguished by its bland flavor. it is not sweet. It contains much less starch than food grains. The color of its kernels is usually milky yellow. And you can find it on the market a little later than the forage variety. around the beginning of August.
  • Sugarcorn is more popular than edible corn. This is due to its taste. it is much sweeter than the previous variety, that’s why it got that name. Its kernels are very large, and their color is bright yellow.

Corn for popcorn is not particularly tasty. However, it is just right for these treatments. Also it is often used as animal feed.

Medicinal corn is in great demand among folk healers. It is absolutely unsuitable for eating.

When choosing this vegetable, it should be clearly understood that any corn will be tasty only in its season, namely, in July and August. The corn harvested before those months will be unripe, but harvested later will be overripe. Speaking of quality, it is worth saying that it can be determined visually, but it is up to the master.

For cooking, choose corn with light yellow kernels. It should be soft, but at the same time firm. They should be placed close to each other. In the case when there are dimples on the kernels of corn, you can definitely say that it is not suitable for cooking, as it has long been ripe. Cooking, as we know, requires only unripe product. However, if all the storage rules are not followed, such dimples can also appear on unripe cobs.

It is also important not to forget about the leaves, which should not be withered or yellow. Ideally, a good product has bright green leaves. It is not advisable to buy unleavened corn.

There is hardly a person who does not like boiled corn. You bet it is, since it is sweet, milky and tender. It is very easy to boil corn in the multicooker.

A side note! How long to cook corn in the multicooker “Redmond? The time depends on how young the cobs are. On average the corn cook for 40 minutes to an hour.


  • Remove the leaves from the corn. Remove the “hair” from the cobs.
  • Rinse the corn well.
  • Put the corn leaves in the multicooker.
  • Then put the cobs on top.
  • Introducing purified water.
  • Add oil.
  • Close the appliance.
  • Set the valve to “Closed” mode.
  • Activate the “Cooking” option.
  • Boil the corn for forty minutes. Add more time if necessary.
  • At the end of the regimen, let the steam out.
  • Remove the corn and serve with salt. You can grease the corn on the cob with soft butter.
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Advice! The most delicious. young corn with firm kernels of light yellow color.

What is more preferable to choose?

It’s no secret that the age of corn can be determined by the color of the kernels: the more yellow and brighter they are, the older the vegetable. For this reason, it is best to use cobs with milky white or light yellow kernels. They should be firm, but slightly soft, close to one another and of equal size. It is on such corn is recommended to stop your attention, while choosing the cob for cooking in the multicooker.

Boil the frozen corn

We can not enjoy corn all year round. We are talking about buying fresh cobs. But if you freeze corn kernels from the summer, you can enjoy your favorite dish in the winter. Frozen corn on the cob.


  • Take the corn on the cobs out of freezer. Use a sharp knife to separate the grains. It is better to do it if the corn is frozen.
  • Pour the corn kernels in the multicooker bowl.
  • Add a small piece of butter (about 1-1,5 tbsp). л.), and salt.
  • Add the cream. You can substitute filtered water or milk.
  • Cover the appliance. Turn on the “Steam mode”.
  • Cook the corn for 15 minutes.
  • Stir them occasionally.
  • At the end of the program let’s taste the corn. If necessary we add more time. Done!

For your information! Mozzarella” and “Parmesan” cheeses and chopped greens will be in perfect harmony with our sweet corn. Regarding the spices, I would give preference to freshly ground red and black pepper.

Steamed “Spicy” Corn (in the multicooker)

We can prepare corn on the cob in different ways in the multicooker. And the corn is always soft and delicious. And, most importantly, the corn cooks faster than on the stove. Even if you don’t have a pressure cooker, but a regular multicooker. The only disadvantage. Few cobs fit in the multicooker at all, much less in a steamer container.)

Advantages of cooking porridge in a multicooker compared to the pot

Of course, you can cook porridge in a pot, but it is better to cook breakfast in a multicooker. There are several reasons for this. First, you do not need to stand near the stove and control the process, the multicooker will do everything itself. Secondly, the kitchen appliance has a special mode for cooking porridge, which means the dish will be more delicious. Thirdly, in many multicookers there is the “Deferred start” function. Thanks to this, you can prepare corn porridge for the morning, without spending a second on cooking in the morning.

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