How to calculate the facades on a built-in refrigerator

How to calculate the fronts on the built-in refrigerator

Each built-in model is accompanied by the installation diagram or the annotation, which carefully indicates the dimensions of the facade and doors at these parameters of the device.

The width of the built-in cabinet should be larger than its refrigerator width by 2-3 cm. In the most popular two-compartment model Liebherr IKB 3560 with a standard width of 55.9 cm door width should be 56 to 57 cm.

It is recommended to choose the door thickness itself within the range from 16 to 19 mm and the width of the gap between the door of the refrigerator and the cabinet not less than 3 mm. It is important that the weight of the door does not exceed the values specified in the annotation for each model.

Fronts must be chosen so that they can fully overlap the door of the device and the gaps to the side walls of the cabinet. Fastening method fronts are also listed in the annotation. Some manufacturers, for example, “Bosch”, enclose a separate diagram of the installation of the front panels with all the dimensions.

Advantages and disadvantages of a built-in refrigerator

often than not, those who elaborate the design of the interior of their kitchen want to buy a built-in refrigerator.

Many people do not like the fact that the free-standing fridge is very difficult to integrate into a kitchen set.

In this case, a refrigerator built directly into the cabinet will help to create a harmonious interior in the kitchen.

Remember! Refrigerators can be built not only into kitchen furniture, but also into office cabinets and even into car interiors.

Advantages and disadvantages of a built-in refrigerator

  • Built-in refrigerators are much more economical, because they have additional thermal insulation of their walls;
  • They are practically inaudible, because the outer panels additionally create protection against noise;
  • As mentioned above, the main advantage is their “invisibility”.

Kitchen unit with built-in appliances

What’s the Difference Between Integrated and Built-In Refrigerators? [Pro Refrigerator FAQ]

There are actually two disadvantages of built-in refrigerators:

Any built-in fridge has a smaller volume than its solo counterpart. But because of this small minus, its convenience does not suffer.

Beko BCNA275E4SN built-in Fridge Freezer IKEA METOD kitchen cabinet integrateion step-by-step guide.

As a rule, a built-in refrigerator is always more expensive than its solo counterpart.

How to calculate dimensions?

For those who want to independently design a set, including non-standard size, should know how the calculation.

The gap is necessary for the correct operation of the furniture. There are no specific requirements for this size, but as a general rule of thumb, in most cases it is 1-3 mm.

To calculate the height and width of the fronts use the following formulas:

To calculate the hinged cabinets, drawers under the countertop, you can derive their formulas. The main principle to be guided here is the exact calculation of gaps (both the number and millimeters).

For detailed instructions, see here

How to build a regular refrigerator into a cabinet

However, if you still want to integrate the refrigerator into the kitchen set, you can consider the following two methods:

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Method 1

To install the fridge into the box, which is designed according to its dimensions, and to install the door of the cabinet fronts.

Conventional fridge built into a basement cabinet.

Method 2

Conceal the fridge with paint or self-adhesive wallpaper.

Standard dimensions

The depth of the small side-by-side fridge is the same as the standard refrigerator. But the height is designed to install the equipment under the countertop of the kitchen set. 820 mm. There are also models with medium height dimensions in the range of 9001100 mm. These refrigerators have independent freezers, or they can be built into a single cabinet with an oven and a microwave. The width of a small built-in appliance is 595597 mm. For its installation it is not necessary to build a separate cabinet. the refrigerator fits into the aperture of 600 mm between the two lower drawers.

Built-in Side-by-Side refrigerators parameters

Side-by-Side refrigerators with 2, 3 or 4 chambers are suitable for huge families, all those who like to make home preparations, owners of their own houses and apartments with a large kitchen.

Built-in models “Side-by-Side” are not so many, but they all belong to the luxury class and entice with a large capacity of up to 600 liters., Cabinets with freezer compartment capacity above 300 l., Stunning interior filling.

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Width varies between 90 and 120 cm and height between 177 and 202 cm.

Kitchen set design with built-in refrigerator

Everyone acquires kitchen furniture, guided by his own taste, his own idea of beauty and convenience.

A fridge built into the cabinet in the same color and material as the rest of your kitchen set-up would make a great addition to your home.

calculate, built-in, refrigerator

The price of such refrigerators is a little higher, but this difference is fully compensated by the additional convenience and high ergonomics of the equipment.

We’ve got you covered with pictures of fitted kitchen designs. Take inspiration from !

Beige built-in appliances design

Contrasting design for built-in appliances

Black and white option for a built-in fridge

Built-in refrigerator as part of a darker set

A classic kitchen with a built-in fridge

A luxurious kitchen with a built-in fridge

Built-in fridge in a small white kitchen

Interesting solutions in the interior

It is necessary to remember that in the stores most of the built-in refrigerators are presented in a very modest design. This is due to the fact that the final look they acquire only after the installation of decorative panels on the surface. Therefore, you should first choose a refrigerator suitable in function and size, and then take care of the design of the part of the structure, which can be made in any color and style. Built-in refrigerator in the cabinet, ideally suited in appearance to all the kitchen furniture, will be a great addition to it. The cost of these models is somewhat higher than the standard models, but this point is compensated by the convenience, quietness and high ergonomics.

Despite the high price, manufacturers offer the modern buyer a variety of models: black, blue, white, pink built-in refrigerators. As a rule, the colored version is best used for partially built-in furniture. If the kitchen is large and bright, the ideal option would be a large refrigerator completely hidden behind the cabinet door. If such model has a separate chamber for drinks, it can be transparent with illumination. Such a refrigerator looks luxurious. For black furniture in the kitchen, it is reasonable to choose a black or gray model.

Washing machines semi-automatic

For many will be a real discovery of the fact that this technique is still popular. But, it really is. Buy these models for dachas, in country houses, where there is no central water supply. The size of this technique has no standards.

Washing machines of this type can be very capacious, for example, RENOVA WS50PT, it allows you to put 5 kg of laundry. There are also small sizes, for example WILLMARK WM20A, which holds only 2 kg, and the dimensions are 320x320x450.

Non-standard are both small-sized models, and washing machines of large sizes. Most often these devices include industrial equipment, which is designed for large volumes. 14-18 kg.

The dimensions of this equipment are 1404x868x962. And the volume of the drum allows to load up to 17 kg. Such models are purchased by enterprises, which have to wash laundry in significant amounts all the time. supermarkets, hotels, factories.

Among the appliances that are designed for household use, you can also find non-standard models, for example, Ariston AQXF129H. The height of the washing machine, where the tank holds 6 kg, is 1050 mm, this is due to the container for dirty clothes, which is located at the bottom of the machine.

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