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Serenity Kettle Guide

Hello Travelers! A new update is out, and with it the Genshin Impact Serenity Kettle hints!

To enter the Serenity Kettle, go to the tools menu and equip, apply, and interact with the kettle that appears. Joint mode is activated with entry. Players in the abode cannot receive invitations to dungeons.

To exit the Serenity Kettle, go to the tools menu and leave the kettle.

You can also open the map, switch to the world map and click on any teleportation point or statue of the Seven Archons to leave the Kettle of Serenity.

Leaving your friend’s Serenity Kettle will bring you back to your own world.

To furnish your Serenity Kettle, enter it and click on the furniture icon in the upper right corner.

How to repair electric kettle not heating

The mechanics of settling heroes in the abode

The mechanics of settling free heroes is quite simple: you need to go to the inventory and find there a kettle of serenity, activate it and go to your cozy corner in another universe. There already you need to go up to the pooch guard and talk to him. You should be interested in the “idle talk in the kettle” dialog option.

Next you get a new function “placing companions” in the menu of editing the dwelling. For example, go into one of the rooms and open the edit menu. To do this, click on the “finger” in the top menu of the interactive:

Select the “companion” section, at the bottom you will see the characters that you can place in the room, and you can place any of the characters in the air (street). Keep in mind that each room and street has a limited maximum occupancy, and companions take up a lot of space in terms of occupancy. That’s why you can’t place a lot of characters in a room, and you need to choose what’s more important to you. to furnish the room or put a character there. On the tenth or seventh level of trust you have only 8 heroes available for placement. On the 5th level you can settle 5 characters:

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Icons of the selected characters will appear in your selected location (room or street):

A maximum of three companions can be placed in one empty room, try to keep this in mind when planning your decor and settlers. By the way, on the second floor after the update 1.6 two more rooms became available, in which you can conduct design work and inhabit companions (you can also inhabit animals, such as cats, dogs and other furry companions, which can be obtained from the merchants of the decor for the kettle).

Also with the update was added a lot of new items of decor, which can be bought from Puhlyashik in the menu decor, or you can buy in the menu event “Summer! Island? Adventure”. Important point. from Pulyash you can now buy elements of decor, which are important for settling the companions (you can not just take and place the hero in the room, he needs the conditions).

Characters you place in the heater can be tracked by icons with the corresponding character icon on the serenity world map. Thus, the task of finding the right companion for you is greatly simplified, just go to the global map and look for the right hero.

Why do this (why look at the world map and monitor characters?). first of all it’s important to keep track of the dilemmas. If a character has a cloud icon, it means that he wants to talk to you and has something to share with you.

change, house, kettle

To track in more detail who’s already settled in your abode, go to Chubby and go to the trust menu, there you will see a table like this:

At the bottom of the companion bar you’ll see all the inhabited heroes in your unique mini world. They all get 5 units of friendship experience per hour. But keep in mind that this figure depends directly on the strength of the adepts in the abode, so it makes sense to throw in the development of the kettle before and after settlement.

You can finally swing friendship with the characters without using them in combat! It’s very motivating to post characters whose story you’d like to know more about, isn’t it? But do not forget one more important point: after settling friendship points need to be collected manually, and this must be done constantly in the section with the “gifts of the abode”, click on the chest:

By the way, if you notice, some heroes may have the text “no room” hanging on them. This means you have reached your maximum friendship level and it’s not very effective to keep him in the mansion (although you can still do it). It’s much better to pump friendship to any other hero.

One more interesting nuance: communicate with the characters, be sure to talk to them on different topics. Thus, you can get a lot of interesting stories about the life of the characters, a lot of funny dialogues. The higher your friendship, the more dialogues will be open for you. There are only 3 conversation threads available at the start.

For fans of the Achievement Menu, there are now even more ways to get rewards in the Achievement Menu, so be sure to check it out!

The Intease of Construction and Placement of Serenity Kettle Furniture

First of all, it’s important to remember that “furniture” can be for the house and for the street. You won’t be able to place a sofa outside and a tent or a signpost in a house, for example. These are the basics, which are worth talking about from the start to eliminate the “why can’t I put this or that piece where I want it??”.

Next comes the interes. Select the index finger icon in the upper right corner:

You’ll get into this kind of space editing mode:

At the bottom you’ll see a list: yard, buildings, landscape, landscape, animals, main buildings, exterior items, exterior sets. Inside, each of the headings is divided into even more specific sections. For example, if it’s “buildings,” you’ll find divisions for “what kind of buildings are?”. If you have an exclamation mark above one of these headings, it means that you have something to put in one of the sections. It makes sense to look there.

For example, you have crafted the Mondstad House and want to place it in the. Go to “buildings,” houses, and there select the house you want, then it will automatically appear in the field for placement with a blue bottom. If the bottom is red, it means you can’t place it in the right spot for some reason (e.g. part of the house is off the lot you own). Press the left mouse button to move it to the right place.

When you put it in a comfortable place for you, you can rotate it with the ring of editing the angle of rotation:

If everything fits, you will see a menu on the right: cancel, rotate, or confirm. Click “confirm.”. If you suddenly placed the furniture incorrectly, use the gear and the “snap furniture” button.

An important point right away. keep an eye on the load indicator. You can see it at the top right and it’s highlighted in yellow, green or red for convenience:

Each color signals the level of “scoring”. As soon as the blockage becomes maximum, it will be impossible to place objects in the area or the state of your clearing is already “close to that” and you need to take this into account. In the actual time for writing this article it is impossible to somehow expand the potential of construction and capacity. But this may change with the new update. For example, the development of the volume of “hammering” can be linked to the level of trust or the strength of the adepts.

By the way, in the screenshot above you see the section with the stones. A very important point: it is forbidden to make “forbidden symbols” out of stones and any hints of them (you know). For example, you can not put out of the stones the letter “T”, try to build a tsar-gun, and then try to prove to the developers that anything you did not mean to say, banned and will not even argue.

Now as for the trees. they have a bug that occurs from time to time. It looks like a tree, which is spun inside the house. Т.е. you selected it for placement and can’t find it. It’s probably inside the house, chase it around with your mouse to get it out of the walls:

Luckily it can’t be placed there, so you won’t be in danger of overloading. The trees can’t be contacted, nor can the large houses pictured in the screenshots above, they’re just decorations of no use.

But you can put a smithy, benches, stoves and other useful things that might be effective to place because of the perks they can give. You can, for example, cook food or make your own forges.

Your main building can also be moved, twisted and placed anywhere (the “main buildings” section). Landscape is your off-site environment. Now, as for the sets. they do not give any additional bonuses, but they can automatically sit pretty in the territory, if you are not quite all friendly with design and a sense of beauty.

Also, if you suddenly get the design wrong and want to quickly tear everything down from a certain area to rearrange everything, you can go into gear and select there “collect furniture in the area”. The developers have tried to make the abode quite easy to edit.

How can you hack the Serenity Kettle space and get lots of adept power points without increasing the load level too much?

A very hot question that nevertheless has an answer. Try to place rare small items in the kettle. Throw your pets in the house. This is important because outdoors they take up an awful lot of space and add a lot of stress, with the placement in the house having virtually no effect on the load.

It will be quite effective for quick pumping to allocate one room where you will put a huge number of screens with high adept power points. This is the most accessible item that every player is likely to get before they even enter the serenity kettle.

Among the least accessible are: economy bookshelf, alchemy workbench, archivist’s treasure trove, aroma corner, and 2 stone lion statues.

Crafting and not only

In the menu of his dialogs you will see several items for communication. If you want to start furnishing your house straight away, go to “make furniture”. There you will get to the crafting menu. It looks like this:

At the very top you will see 2 positions: a hammer and a bottle. The hammerhead is the menu with the furniture. The bottle is the paints and fabric. The screenshot shows the “furniture” menu with the hammer.

On the left you will see the blueprints that you have open and you can choose something to craft. Once you select something, it will be displayed in the right window, underneath the item you can see all the ingredients needed for the crafting and the time it will take to make it. Click “create” in the lower right corner if you want to create an item and place it in the abode.

Immediately an important point: each item should be made only once (if you want to pump up quickly, and not do Accent on the visual). The blueprint menu has a hint for these moments. it’s a blue teapot in the corner of an item you’ve never crafted before, it looks like this:

Once an item is successfully crafted it disappears. When you click on an item you’ve never yet crafted, you’ll also see a note on the right about how many confidence points you’ll get after crafting.

But! There are also items that you can craft without leaving them for a while, they will still give you points no matter how many times you craft them. These include “folding pine screen: waving sails” and “carved garden fence”.

Each item has its own load, trust points, and how much power it gives the adept. First of all you should be interested in “load”. The higher it is, the fewer items you wash indoors or outdoors (by the way, the load of each room is counted separately). When it is red, you cannot place items in the treasure room.

Conclusion. we have a lot of rooms, but so far you have only one street. Therefore, prioritize compact items for the home with a low workload. Remember, an adept’s power boost only comes to you for those items you EXIST. It makes sense to sacrifice at least one “stuffed” room for the sake of points to develop your abode:

Also, don’t spare any materials when crafting the Adept’s Speed Vial potion and spend it without any regrets. Also purchase them every day in the “furniture” section of the treasury for 10 silver. This vial allows you to instantly make an item. It looks like this:

If you run out of vials and put some items to make, don’t forget to ask a friend to speed up production. This way you can save four hours! Otherwise, you will develop your abode until your retirement.

For those who have problems “with friends”. go to the “friends” tab or go to any Genshin Impact publique and meet there for a “mutually beneficial friendship.”

For the acceleration to work, you need a friend to enter your kettle and Puffy will have this type of dialogue:

By the way, no one can get to you in the teapot if you edit something there. This can be the main reason “why my friend can not get into my kettle?”.

Regarding furniture sets (Mondstadt set, etc). you don’t get any set bonuses. Their only gimmick is that the items stand nicely in place and look harmonious.

It’s best to search for materials on the official interactive map.

quest walkthrough

Go to Li Yue’s Landing and look for Madam Ping. Chat with her and meet the new hero. Yan Fei. After the conversation, go to a character named Crosle. It is located at the docks, so you will have to walk down. Chat with him and go in search of Zhi Qiao.

It can be found in the center of town, next to the Mingxing Jewelry House. Talk to the girl to find out about her trouble.

After the conversation, go back to Crosl to solve this problem. From there go to the new quest marker, watch a small cutscene and talk to the owner of the Jade Enigma, whose name is Shi Tou.

Now we need to get proof. To do so, examine the ore and talk to the shopkeeper once again. That’s how we’ll get the certificate we need.

Then go to Xing Xi to get the right paper from the department. Finally, go to Bai Zhu and take the conclusion from the “Bubu” hut. Now you can go back to Cross.

Order of Proof

To expose Crosl, show the evidence in the following order:

But even if you choose something wrong, Yan Fei will correct you and guide you in the right direction, so it’s okay if you don’t do this sequence the first time.

The reward for the quest will be a personal Kettle of Serenity and a few recipes to create furniture for it.

That way you get a personal home and can make furniture. You will also be rewarded with a few resources and Mora.

When does the Wandering Merchant Spirit appear?

The Merchant appears at the Kettle every Friday at 4am and disappears on Monday, also at 4am. You’ll have no trouble spotting him on the Kettle map, so pay attention to it if you don’t know where to look.

Below is where he can appear in abodes like Cool Island and Emerald Peak.

You can also look for this merchant in your friends’ Teapots. The range may vary, so you may well find something from a friend that you didn’t have.

How to invite a friend to Genshin Kettle of Serenity

If you are interested in how to invite a friend to Henshin Impact’s kettle, but already know how to request access to a friend’s abode, it is not difficult for you to invite a friend to the serenity kettle.

As such, there is no possibility to invite anyone. In order to invite a friend to the Serenity Kettle in Genshin Impact, it will be necessary for your friend to send you this very application to enter.

How to change the music in your Kettle (hidden achievement)?

In the Genshin Impact 2 update.4 Radiant Crystals have been added to the game along with two versions of “players”, decor items “Music of Nature: Melody in the Wind” and “Music of Nature: Interwoven Melodies”, which can be installed in the Abode and then, having Radiant Crystals, change the melody played in your Teapot.

To complete all stages of the “Melody of the Past” achievement from the “Wonders of the World” section, you must consistently activate 10, 30 and 60 tunes in the Kettle.

change, house, kettle

That is, you must first open the notes using the crystals, and then change the music in the Kettle 10, 30 and 60 times.

Making Cloth and Paint


Inside Travis Barker’s Tranquil Modern Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

To start making fabrics and paints, walk over to Puhlash, select the “Make Furniture” option, and switch to the second tab, which will be very similar to the alchemy table.

In case it did not seem obvious, colors can be made not only by preselected in this menu recipes: you can also click on the icon that resembles several sheets of paper, and choose another. We do not particularly recommend alternative recipes, as they waste rare or necessary for the development of heroes ingredients, but do according to your situation.

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