How to check the hair clipper

Hair clipper does not cut hair how to adjust

It happens that the hair clipper suddenly stops cutting. The machine turns on properly, the blades move properly, but not only do not cut, and not even pluck the hair. What is the cause and whether the defect can be corrected independently?


It is unlikely to succeed on your own, take it to a master. It is most likely that the blades are blunt. They can be replaced. But it is not a fact, until you consult with a master not to spend money to buy these new nozzles-blades. Also depends on how often you used it, they may have really blunted if you use it very often, and some people even cut pets with such machines.

How To repair Your Electronic Hair Clippers Spring Attachment

Of course it is very unpleasant, and it hurts when the machine stops cutting. We have had this happen. And the thing is, in the beginning the machine was pulling my hair a little bit, but it cut it, and then it stopped cutting it. At first glance, everything seems fine. But still the blades are moving, but the machine does not cut the hair. I tried to lubricate and asked the experts, but they said that over time, almost all machines stop cutting. But I kept looking and then we got a new machine. But I tried to compare the old one to the new one and find the cause. And I think I found it. And the thing is that the gap between the blades increased and actually iudah and got hair when the machine began to pull them. So if you fix this, you’ll be fine. But it is easier to replace the blades if you can, because different machines have different access to spare parts.

And there may be several reasons. For example, the blades simply blunted. In this case it is necessary to sharpen them. But there is a drawback: it is very difficult to do it at home, because the blades of the clipper is not a simple knife, which can be sharpened with a bar, it needs special equipment.

Next, you should try to adjust the blades, maybe they depart somewhere. Also, try to disassemble the body and clean the rotor with an eccentric. There might get hair and other contaminants. Perhaps there is a slippage of blades in this case.

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But it is better not to repair it yourself. After all, this is a complicated machine. And if it is also of Chinese origin, then it is better not to get into it by yourself. It ends up being a simple matter of throwing the machine away.

One more thing: Each set comes with a silicone oil bottle. Try to grease the place where the blades are inserted. Such a procedure should be done from time to time, because the oil evaporates, and it can be difficult to use the machine. Clean and lubricate the nozzle compartment.

If you prefer to cut your hair yourself, you should definitely know how to adjust the clipper at home. After all, it depends on the quality of the haircut, the speed of the procedure and the service life of the device. The manipulation is based on the adjustment of the basic elements. nozzles, blades, etc. д.

Types of machines

When choosing a hair clipper, it is very important to decide for what purposes it will be purchased. There are three types of hair clippers: rotary, vibratory and battery-operated.

Rotary machines

Are in high demand in hair salons, because they have a fairly powerful motor (from 20-45 watts). This type of motor will allow the appliance to work for about an hour without the risk of overheating. In addition, these units often have a cooling system, they are easy to clean and lubricate.

  • high power level;
  • there is no vibration at work;
  • without problems cope with tough hair;
  • Many models can be washed under running water;
  • a wide choice of nozzles and cutting modes;
  • reliability.

However, there are some disadvantages:


Vibrating machines

Suitable for home use because they do not have much power (9-15 watts). After about 20 minutes of use, the machine may turn off due to overheating.

  • low cost;
  • low weight;
  • Sufficient equipment for most haircuts;
  • On some variants there are replaceable blades.
  • Unpleasant vibration in the hands is felt;
  • due to low power may not cope with thick and strong hair;
  • short operating time.

Vibrating machine is suitable for home use


Powered by a non-removable battery. Can be charged from the mains. Most models are hybrid and can run on both mains and battery power. Most often these variants are used for small jobs, such as trimming, shaving hair on the neck or cutting short soft curls.

These devices are weak enough. Their power can be up to 12 watts. Operating time depends on the type of drive. Vibrating units run for up to 20 minutes, while rotary units operate for up to 3 to 9 hours off-line.

Self-contained, lightweight cordless clippers

How to clean and lubricate a hair clipper

Before you clean and lubricate your hair clipper yourself, there are a few simple steps to take. For grease application a grease gun is needed, but if it is not available, a syringe with a needle will do. The whole process of cleaning the device from hair should be carried out very carefully, so that the remaining hair, mixed with the lubricant, does not put it out of operation.

Sequence of steps in lubricating a typewriter

This sequence is a certain algorithm of necessary actions:

check, hair, clipper
  • With a special stiff brush, usually supplied with the purchase of the machine, brush off any hair left on the blades of the device after cutting;
  • Wipe the knives with a soft damp cloth, preferably with an antibacterial effect;
  • Apply a drop of oil to the appropriate points;
  • switch on the machine for a few seconds to distribute the oil better over the cutting surfaces;
  • turn off the machine, wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth, removing excess oil.

Which parts of the machine should be oiled

When lubricating machine parts, oil must not be poured or dripped on any places. Lubricate only certain points of contact with the blades. Usually, the oil designed for hair clippers is applied 1 drop at the following five points:

  • 3 points on the serrated side, in the place of the closest contact of blades, (2 on the edges and 1 in the middle);
  • 2 points, on the heel side of the knives, also in the place where they are pressed tightest to each other.

With what to apply oil and how much of it is needed

It is best to lubricate the device with a special oiler. If it is not available at home, you can use an ordinary medical syringe. The droplets should be small. If using a syringe, it is desirable to cut the needle to half. Then the droplets will be just the right size.

Tip! Before you begin to lubricate and clean your hair clipper, you need to prepare in advance:

  • A brush with stiff bristles;
  • Wet wipes, preferably with antibacterial action;
  • A special liquid for washing blades;
  • Oil or special grease;
  • a dry towel or soft towel.

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Adjusting the nozzles

How to adjust your hair clipper? Installing the nozzles is an extremely simple procedure that requires following the following algorithm.

  • Lubricating the blade unit (2-3 drops of oil).
  • Moving the adjusting lever to the lower position.
  • Selecting the cutting length with the lever.
  • Place the lever in the optimal position.
  • Choice of nozzle.
  • Place it on the blade assembly by lightly pushing it in (you should hear a slight click, indicating that it is correctly positioned).

Important! Initially the length is chosen and then the lever is moved. Otherwise the settings will be reset.

That’s all. Now all you have to do is plug it in and start cutting.


I have a young guy living next door. Neighbor. I cross paths with him from time to time, we talk a little, but nothing like that. The doorbell rings one day. I open it and there he is standing there asking for help. I asked how exactly, and he said, I have a date in a couple of hours, I should cook dinner, and I said, not very good at cooking, and you kind of know how, I know, because from your apartment often smells delicious. It’s true, I love cooking and I often make myself a nice meal. I said yes, and together we cooked dinner. Ten minutes later, the doorbell rings again. There’s my neighbor again. He’s standing there, all dressed up and inviting me in for dinner. I figured it was his way of coming on to me. Well, that was original. I was surprised. Well done I blew him off anyway.

You can find the problem yourself

If a car doesn’t work, a simple defect can be diagnosed by the owner himself. Check the machine and find out the cause of the problems should start with the simplest options. The most common malfunction is damage to the power cord.

When inspecting the unit it is necessary to check visually the absence of melted traces on the insulation near the plug (if there are no results when switching on again. breakage in the plug), tighten the screws, check the absence of places of darkening on the supply cords (darkened outer insulation can be a place of breakage). Visible abnormalities may cause the machine to stop:

  • Unreliable contact of the connection in the plug;
  • regular unplugging of the machine by the cord;
  • Dropping the machine on the floor;
  • Accidental damage to the cord with a sharp object.

The machine can stop if the on/off button fails. When inspecting the machine, make sure that the supply wires are not soldered off.

Unnatural increased vibration of the machine is an indication of a faulty motor or vibration unit. Foreign objects in the cutting parts of the machine may cause it to stop completely or increase vibration.

Lack of lubrication in the rubbing parts of the mechanism, breakage of the coil winding cause overheating of the machine from the first minute of operation.

Failure of the power unit is indicated by the cutting elements stopping when the machine is on.

In the battery instrument it is necessary to make sure that the battery is in good condition and has the necessary level of charge.

check, hair, clipper

The video below clearly shows a common cause of poor hair cutting with hair clippers.

The lack of regular maintenance, high humidity, dustiness or violation of temperature conditions in the room. are not unimportant factors affecting the reliability of the hair clipper, contributing to its rapid failure

Blade material. important or not?

If metal or ordinary (non-stainless) steel is specified as the material, it is archaic. Most devices. both professional and mass market. have both fixed and moving blades made of stainless steel. There are a lot of marketing tricks to make it look more attractive: medical, surgical, Japanese. the essence does not change. If its marking is 18/10, then it is a chromium-nickel alloy. Some people can be allergic to nickel (relevant, if only you cut “to zero” and the blade comes in contact with the skin), for them fit a titanium or ceramic coating blades, it is both hypoallergenic, and adds durability.

All of these nuances are important for professional use of hair clippers in salons: different people with different hair and problems come. For a home typewriter the most important thing is that the blades don’t rust and are self-sharpening. They are certainly not eternal, but they do not blunt for a long time, because they have a sophisticated design that allows them not to fail for a long time. A good clipper always has a grease gun to lubricate the blades.

Why the clipper doesn’t cut

Depending on the hair clipper you use, faults will vary. So, in rotary models powered by electricity, the following breakdowns are possible:

  • Problems with the power cable (burned out, frayed, etc.). д.);
  • the activation key broke;
  • the eccentric is triggered;
  • The problems are related to the head of the shearing blade assembly;
  • The electric motor is broken.

Standalone rotary models can frustrate consumers with problems such as:

  • Battery breakage or loss of charge;
  • the charging station is broken;
  • the recharging station cord is frayed;
  • Control board burned out.

Vibrating models are also not the most reliable equipment and very often upset the customers with a variety of malfunctions. Major breakdowns include:

  • Problems with the power cord;
  • Breakage of the activation button;
  • The winding of the coil is broken;
  • you hear a noise while it is running.

ATTENTION! To prolong the life of the machine and to prevent the occurrence of some breakdowns, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the device with a special oil.

In addition to these breakdowns there are a number of common breakdowns for each type of machine. These include: the device has stopped cutting or skipping pieces of hair, tugging or “jamming” them.

Mechanical breakdowns

If the machine starts but the blades don’t move, t. If the head does not work, then the problem is in the head. It should be disassembled and find out the reason, most often the stoppage occurs due to lack of proper care, hair clogs the head, as a result of which it ceases to function normally.

You should also check the eccentric and rotating mechanism, inexpensive models are made of plastic and wear out very quickly, so most likely the problem will lie in it.

In the case of a small breakage it can be eliminated by yourself, but complex cases are better left to professionals, since not only specific tools, but also the appropriate knowledge will be required.

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