How to choose a good gas cooktop

Gas cooktops are available with a different number of burners. On sale there are variants with burners from 1 to 6 pieces and more.

Models with 3-4 burners are most popular in the home, with 1-2. in cottages and small kitchens. Five to six burners are required only in very large families and catering facilities.

The cost and durability of these panels is affected by the surface material:

Enameled metal. budget option. Easy to clean, but in the process of operation it can get chipped.

Stainless steel is a more durable and less expensive material. Requires care because it is constantly covered with streaks and “incurable” scratches.

Tempered glass. more expensive and easier to care for. But it, too, will have water stains and streaks.

Fiberglass is a tough, impact-resistant coating that is the most expensive and requires special care.

Grids over the cooking plates are made of cast iron or steel. The first material is more durable, resistant to deformation, but because of the porous structure it is difficult to care for. Steel is easier to clean and less expensive, but it wears out more quickly.

Choosing a hob, you should also pay attention to additional options. The more of them, the more functional, but also the more expensive your technique. Gas-powered equipment has few such additions, but they are all useful and sometimes even necessary.

Such important features include: gas control, auto ignition, a burner with a triple or double crown. Sometimes it can be a barbecue grill or other types of burners (often electric). and then we are talking about combined hobs.

How to choose a cooktop for the kitchen: gas, electric and combined

Built-in hobs. the norm for a comfortable and functional kitchen. Such hobs do not take up much space and fit perfectly into any interior. What new features do they have?! They can cook by themselves, control the boiling of food and even regulate the heat of burners “according to the recipe”. The advantages of current furnaces are many, but we should not forget about the minuses.

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How to choose a gas cooktop?

The gas cooktop is an option for those who are already used to using gas stoves and live in a house that provides for the use of such equipment. The right choice of such appliances affects the quality and taste of food, as well as the safety, comfort and speed of cooking. In addition, modern models of panels are safe to use and can save space even in a very small kitchen.

Built-in hob type

Gas cookers can be both independent and dependent. In the first case, the panel is connected with the oven, in the second case, it can be installed separately.

Independent models expose the owner to more opportunities. They are not attached to the oven, they can be installed in any convenient place. This allows you to competently equip any area kitchen.

Popularly used surfaces in standard colors: black, silver, white, beige. A large number of options allows the buyer to easily pick up the technique to match the style of your interior. And to effectively cope with dirt even on a snow-white surface can help special cleaning cloths.

Electric ignition

With the option of electric ignition it is not necessary to use matches and lighters. To ignite the burners, you just need to press a button (semi-automatic) or turn the knob (automatic) on the panel.

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Gas Cooktop. Top 5 Best Models

The option will be especially useful for families with young children who like to play with unsafe objects, including matches and lighters.

Number of burners

The gas cooktop is equipped with from 1 to 5 burners. The choice depends on where and how often the appliance will be used.

For a cottage and a family of two people enough to 1-2 burners. If the panel is used frequently and the dishes are cooked for the whole family, then you should give preference to the option for 4-5 burners. Such a technique allows you to cook a lot of different dishes at the same time.

Gas control

Burner flame can be extinguished by both liquids and drafts. The option of gas control will help to avoid consequences of this situation. System automatically shuts off gas supply when flame goes out.

The gas control works independently of the power supply. Response time of the system. up to 6 seconds. Keep in mind that over time the thermoelectric system wears out and activates slowly. But the gas control can always be replaced.

Worktop material

Manufacturers use the following materials:

  • Enamel. Traditional version. Enamel surface is not afraid of dirt, easy to clean with conventional detergents. Simple design. Scratches and chips may appear in the process of operation.
  • Stainless steel. Highly durable, resistant to thermal and mechanical influences. With this kind of panel, you don’t have to worry about it cracking and splitting. Looks stylish, especially suitable for modern, high-tech, minimalist interiors. But a stainless steel surface requires special care, regular cleaning and the use of special detergents A shiny, glossy surface goes well with modern interiors. Withstands temperatures up to 750 degrees. Easy to clean with glass ceramic cleaners. And for cleaning tough dirt just use the special glass ceramic scrapers. To keep its attractive appearance for longer, it is necessary to avoid contact with sugar, salt. Also copper and aluminum cookware cannot be used It has a glossy, stylish surface. Able to withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees. Requires careful maintenance.

If you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning the surface, the enameled plate is your choice. It looks simple but is easy to care for.

For those who love style and innovation, glass ceramic, tempered glass and stainless steel is the right choice. However, they will require more care and special detergents.


The cast-iron grate is designed to last forever. It is heat resistant and highly durable. Cookware of any bottom diameter can be placed on it. But if it gets dirty, you’ll have to work hard to clean the cast-iron griddle.

The enamelled cooking grid is made of a heat-resistant enamelled alloy. The main advantage. easy to clean. Can warp over time. But this problem is easy to solve. just replace the worn-out piece with a new one.


Panel size depends on the size of the kitchen and the number of users.

The standard size is 60 x 60 cm. You can choose the size between 30 and 60 cm with 1 or 2 burners. The optimal width for a shallow kitchen cabinet is 40 cm.

If you cook often, and use many different pots and pans at the same time, choose gas hobs with a width of 60-80 cm.

In the catalog “5 ELEMENT” presents high quality and reliable cooker hobs GEFEST, MAUNFELD, Bosch, ELECTROLUX, MIDEA, Samsung and other brands. The choice depends on the necessary characteristics and budget. And to make cooking your favorite dishes even more comfortable, we suggest you pay attention to the kitchen utensils, knives, scissors and cutters.

How to choose a gas stove


Above all, choose a stove that fits in your kitchen, taking into account other furniture and appliances. But even if the area of the room allows you to buy the largest model, you need to think. whether you need this enormous.

Consider the size of your family and how often you will be cooking:

For one or two people, a stove with 2-3 burners and a small oven with a capacity of 40-50 liters is enough.

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For 3 to 4 people, a standard stove with 4 burners and a 50-70 liter oven is the right choice.

A large family needs a really big stove, then you have 6 or 8 burners and a very roomy oven (or even two), where you can cook several dishes at a time.

The material of the hob

No matter what metal the gas stove is made of, the most important issue is the choice of cooking surface material. This will determine both the life of the stove and the specifics of its care.

Enameled steel is the most common. Housewives especially like it for the variety of colors. Enamel is not too capricious in maintenance, if you do not let runaway dishes to boil to death to the surface, and does not particularly affect the final cost of the gas stove. Alas, the brittle finish can chip off and is virtually impossible to repair.

Stainless steel. more durable and easy to clean, but you will have to rub it regularly, because the shiny metal will be constantly dripping and staining.

Tempered glass. this material has relatively recently been used for the manufacture of cooking tops of gas stoves, but it has a right to exist. It looks luxurious, and it has a decent safety margin, but the problem of soap scraps is still relevant.

Burner types

Gas burners today please with the variety. They can be round or oval in shape, differ in diameter and sometimes in design. In addition to our usual burners of different power, modern stoves are also equipped with non-standard burners. Whether you need it, you can decide yourself, based on your daily menu.

We will just tell you what manufacturers offer:

Double crown. here the flame is split into two circles, which allows you to heat the bottom of the pot faster.

Triple crown. respectively, has three rows of flame, evenly and quickly heating even very wide pots and griddles.

Wok burner. designed specifically for wok pans. Can have 2 or even 3 corona flames at different levels and always complemented by a high grill with a wide “landing” hole.

Coup de feu. a professional burner under a thick cast-iron plate. It is used for stewing and warming plates before serving food, but is only installed on wide ovens.

Hob grids

The griddle of the hob can be in one piece, consist of two halves, or be installed individually for each burner. In the first case, you get more freedom of maneuver, if you need to set aside from the fire a heavy pan or place an oversized. In the second. the stove will be easier to care for.

Such grids are made of two metals:

Cast iron. practical and durable, easily withstands the weight of any pans;

Steel is cheaper, but will last less time.

Features of the oven

These can be simply profiled walls, into the grooves of which the most common griddle is inserted, and these are the most common in gas ovens. Models with electric chambers are sometimes equipped with telescopic rails, on which the dish “comes out” to you in its entirety.

This option is more convenient because the oven in the floor stove is located quite low, and so you can assess the degree of readiness of your culinary masterpiece without bending over.

The more glass in the door of the oven, the lower the risk of accidentally burning yourself on it. This is especially true for families with small children and those who have a very cramped kitchen. In the budget segment there are usually stoves with double-glazed doors, and famous manufacturers offer a safer and “cooler” option. three-layer glass, which practically does not heat up from the outside.

This includes the automatic ignition, the presence of a rotisserie, overhead grill (gas or electric), and a fan that provides convection in the chamber. The latter significantly improves the quality of cooking in the oven, because the blowing hot air makes the food bake more quickly and evenly.

Also keep in mind that gas appliances require additional safety precautions. For this are responsible for the child lock, blowing the door to cool it and gas-control, which cuts off the fuel supply to the burners if the fire goes out. These functions are just the priority, and you should not refuse them.

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Buying a gas cooktop: how to choose a good model and what to pay attention to customer reviews

Buying new appliances for the kitchen is a serious purchase, which is worth special attention.

Built-in hobs differ in color, size, number of burners and functionality.

To choose a good model, you need to consider both the wishes of the client and the technical features of devices.

To do this, it is worth studying several popular appliances and their main characteristics.

Top 12 best gas cooktops for 3 burners: rating 2021-2022 built in surfaces

Gas cooktop. a great alternative to a free-standing gas stove.

This panel can be installed on almost any countertop, and to save space it is better to buy a model with 3 burners.

This device will ensure fast cooking, but will not take up much space in the kitchen.

TOP 15 best built-in gas hobs for 4 burners, 2021-2022

Seat Name Price
Top 5 built-in gas cooktops for 4 burners by price/quality
1 LEX GVG 640-1 BL Find out the price
2 Ginzzu HCG-469 Check price
3 LEX GVS 643 IX Expedient price
4 GEFEST SR SN 1210 K5 Find out the price
5 Hotpoint-Ariston TQG 641 (WH) Expedient price
Top 10 inexpensive 4 burner built-in gas cooktops
1 Hotpoint-Ariston PCN 641 T IX Find out the price
2 Weissgauff HGG 641 BGH Check out the price
3 Weissgauff HGG 641 WGH Find out what it costs to cook
4 Hotpoint-Ariston TQG 641 (BK) Find out the price
5 Weissgauff HGRG 6041 BGH See price
6 Indesit THP 641 W/IX Check price
7 LG HVW6442AG Learn more about the price
8 GEFEST SN 1211 K30 Find out the price
9 MAUNFELD EGHG 64.2CB/G Do not forget to check price
10 Kuppersberg FQ6TGW Check price

Top 15 ranking of gas built-in cooktops. Tips for choice, review, characteristics, pros and cons

Built-in gas cooktop. a classic option for installation in any size kitchen. The device copes very well with its duties and does not need any special maintenance.

Gas stove. equipment that successfully combines a compact design, functionality and reasonable cost.

With the help of the kitchen device, the user will be able to seamlessly prepare the desired dish or drink, getting a perfect result.

The appliance market offers a wide range of gas cooktops that will bring pleasure to use and last for years without breakdowns.

Rating of the best gas hobs 2021-2022

Name Name price Rating
The best gas cookers by price/quality for 2021-2022
1 Simfer H60Q40B400 Find out the price 9.9 / 10
2 Weissgauff HGG 320 BGH information about the price 9.7 / 10
3 GEFEST PVG 1212 Check price 9.6 / 10
4 Weissgauff HGG 451 WFH Find out the price 9.5 / 10
Best 4-burner gas cookers
1 GEFEST SR SNG 1210 K5 Check price 9.9 / 10
2 Weissgauff HGG 640 WG Check price 9.8 / 10
3 Simfer H60Q40B570 Check price 9.7 / 10
4 Beko HILW64122S See price 9.5 / 10
The best three-burner gas hobs
1 Weissgauff HGG 451 BFH See price 9.9 / 10
2 LEX GVG 430 BL Check price 9.8 / 10
3 Simfer H45V30B400 Check price 9.6 / 10
The best gas cookers with gas control
1 GEFEST PVG 2232-01 Check out the price 9.9 / 10
2 LEX GVG 430 BL Ask the price 9.8 / 10
3 Simfer H60K40S000 Expected price 9.7 / 10
The best gas hobs with childproofing
1 Bosch PPP6A6M90 Check price 9.9 / 10
2 Beko HILG 64235 S Learn the price 9.7 / 10
3 TEKA CGW LUX 60 TC 4G AI AL CI (40217007) Check price 9.5 / 10
Best inexpensive gas cookers
1 Simfer H30V20B420 Check price 9.9 / 10
2 LEX GVG 640-1 WH Check price 9.8 / 10
3 DARINA T1 BGM 341 11 W Check price 9.6 / 10
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