How to choose a hair dryer for hair styling

best hair dryers for all hair types

These hair dryers are proven to work with fine, frizzy, thick and damaged hair. They are recommended by thousands of women. Be sure to study our selection before you buy a new hair dryer.

The key to perfect hairstyles at home is a quality hair dryer that is easy and comfortable to use on your own. But choosing the one that’s right for you and won’t tire you out while using it is no easy task. Together with experts, we have tested many hair dryers, which can be found in Russian stores or you can order in Western marketplaces, focused on the sale of professional beauty gadgets.

What hairbrushes are?

Another name for the hair dryer-brush. air styler. Its main function. Simplify styling, partly combined with drying, thereby saving time and effort for a beautiful and natural hairstyle. Modern air stylers can be divided into three groups:

  • Hair dryers with a rotating brush. Great for pulling and styling hair with clever construction and enough power.
  • Hair dryers with nozzles (no rotation). Round nozzles of different diameters are designed for brushing and creating curls, flat brushes. Hair straighteners, combs and volumizers. For creating volume at the roots;
  • Steam Stylers. Thanks to the built-in steam generator, can not only dry and style wet hair, but also refresh / moisturize dry hair.

The criteria for choosing the best hair dryer


The power of the airflow depends on the capacity. The bigger the power, the faster your hair will dry. On sale you can find hair dryers with a power from 400 to 2400 watts. For home use, the best devices from 1400 to 1800 watts, they are convenient for independent use, as drying is gentle, even and relatively fast. Hair dryers power of 2000 watts dry your hair in minutes and are perfect for the beauty salon. However, without professional skills such a hair dryer can not smooth, and on the contrary, excessively fluff out and overdry curls.

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Temperature control and fan speed

A good hair dryer has several heating modes, which allows you to select the optimal temperature for the peculiarities of hair. Inexpensive hair dryers temperature control combined with speed control. That’s not bad, but if you can change the heat and speed separately it gives you even more options for customizing your hair dryer.


Additional attachments expand the functionality of the apparatus. The most in demand:

  • Concentrators (narrow the air flow, making it more powerful and directed, used for styling, straightening strands);
  • Diffusers and volumizers (lift hair roots, give volume);
  • brushes and combs of all kinds (facilitate drying, allow you to dry and style your hair at the same time).
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Many modern high quality hair dryers are equipped with this useful function. The flow of negatively charged particles in the drying process saves hair from static, leaving it smoother, shinier, softer, more manageable.

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Cold air blow

Needed not only for the most gentle drying, but also for holding the shape of the strands during styling. It is especially useful if the button for cold air blowing is placed on the body separately from the others and allows you to press it from any position.

A good hair dryer should not be “fluffy”, because this means that the metal winding of the motor is very thin. Hair dryers with professional motors are always heavier. A good hair dryer weighs at least half a kilogram.

Choosing the best hair dryer, you need to pay attention to many other nuances: the strength of plastic, ergonomics and location of the buttons, the length of the cord and the possibility of its rotation, the presence of protection against overheating, noise level, etc.д. Before buying, find out the warranty period: with famous brands it is 2 years.

The most popular hair dryer manufacturers

Advantages of

Recommended for a wide range of consumers.

Quite recently, this category of devices was used exclusively in beauty salons. They have the largest size, weight, power, and usually the most extensive equipment. Usually have a shockproof and heat-resistant body, interchangeable filters, a long cord and nozzles for styling hair of any length.

They can work for a very long time without interruption. Their greatest flaw is their ergonomics. The knobs and buttons for switching modes and speeds in these devices are more tailored to the work of professionals, and may not be very convenient for individual use. Also, professional hair dryers are very heavy, holding them with one hand over your head for a long time will be difficult.

Hair dryers-brushes, conventional and travel hair dryers

For an ordinary hair drying and styling at home it is most convenient to use a familiar hair dryer that looks like a pistol. And for those who are especially often makes the styling and likes to experiment with their hair, there are special hair dryers-brushes (hair dryers-stylers), they have a cylindrical shape of the body and they are attached to a variety of attachments: from a simple brush to curl straightener.


For those who travel a lot, there are travel models hair dryers in different forms: hair dryer blower Clatronic HTD 3217, for example, has an impressive power, 6 modes and a set of nozzles in the kit, so that even on the road you can cope with any hair. In addition, choosing a hair dryer for travel, pay special attention to the durability of the construction and the presence of pads on the body, which will help to avoid falling of the device from a smooth surface even with vibration on the train (usually the pads are made of rubber or silicone).

If you still are not going to go anywhere, but just decide what hair dryer to buy for home use, try to understand the basic criteria for choice.

place. Master Professional, Storm MP-305Y hair dryer

Professional beauty products are produced under the Master Professional brand, among which the hairdryers are important. The brand products are developed with super quality American raw materials using the latest technology.

The characteristics of the manufacturer

Powerful and ergonomic blow dryer with overheat protection and instant cooling button for fast drying and softening, making it easy to style your hair. The device is equipped with a reliable motor, has 2 speeds, 3 temperature modes, a long cord, a loop for hanging. The tool is completed with 2 air concentration nozzles.

  • Power up to 2 400 watts
  • 3 operating modes
  • 2 airflow rates
  • Hanging loop on the body
  • Handy body
  • There are complaints about the slippery body
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Allocation of points

  • 1 point for power up to 2,400 watts;
  • 1 point for the stylish handy housing;
  • 1 point for 3 temperature modes;
  • 1 point for 2 airflow speeds;
  • 1 point for the cold air function;
  • 1.5 points for the 2 nozzles included.
  • 3 points for cost;
  • 1 point for popularity.

In summary, the Master Professional hair dryer gets 10.5 points.

What hair dryer to choose?

The statement that all hair dryers are the same and differ only in brand and, accordingly, in price is nothing more than a widespread myth. But in fact hair dryers can be different in power and purpose.

A professional hair dryer is used in salons, but also at home if necessary. This hair dryer is powerful, has a long cord, and is quite massive. it works long hours, helping you style your hair one style at a time.

Household hair dryer. with or without attachments. is more convenient for use at home. It is easy to store and easy to hold, but for prolonged work it is not good. In this category the choice is great: you can buy a rotary hair dryer for hair that needs to be straightened, or a hair dryer with special brushes to make a neat styling.

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A compact hair dryer is an option for those who are often on the road or go to the gym. Most often such a device has a folding handle and a modest size. It is not able to perform feats, and it is problematic to use this hair dryer for hair styling, but it can simply dry your hair.

The modern electric hair dryer has many functions that even its predecessors could not dream of. Among them are ionization, which fights electrostatic electricity, several temperature modes, an infrared lamp that allows you to dry your hair at lower temperatures.

What to pay attention to when choosing

So, now that we are oriented in the type of gadget, we will learn what parameters you should pay attention to when buying.

Power of a hair dryer

The power of the hair dryer determines the speed of airflow and the maximum temperature of heating. The parameter is measured in watts and is always indicated directly on the case.

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  • Small power. from 600 to 1000 watts. Such a hair dryer is not suitable for hair styling, but suitable for regular drying. The advantage is that this setting ensures that your locks will not be damaged by heat.
  • Average wattage of 1000 to 1800 watts. Ideal for home use. At such power will be easy to make your own styling, straighten curls, curl strands. It is good if the model will have several speeds and temperature modes. This allows you to adjust the device to your hair type.
  • High power. from 1800 watts and higher. Can be in domestic models, but more often found in professional. Powerful hair dryer is necessarily equipped with regulators. In the unskilled hands of such a device risks damaging the hair, so it is still better to choose for yourself hair dryers with average parameters.

Number of speeds

Today, even the budget models of hair dryers have speed regulators. This option is of little relevance for devices with low power, but is necessary for devices with power from 1200 watts and above.

The best hair dryers are considered to have 2 or 3 speeds. The controls are usually located on the handle in the form of buttons or a slider.

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A slow drying speed is recommended, especially if the hair is thin and weak. On medium and high you can do styling, straightening, curling.

Some companies offer models with more speeds (4-6). But as practice shows, there is no need for such ranges, and it is not worth overpaying for them.

What speeds do you want?

In order to choose the right device for your hair, you should pay attention to the availability of temperature modes.

In household devices there are more often 2 modes of air supply: cold and hot. In professional tools, there may be more temperature switches. 3-4.

Regulators are also located on the handle of the hair dryer and can be in the form of runners, levers, buttons.

Experts recommend choosing a model with 3 modes of air temperature:

choose, hair, dryer, styling
  • Maximum hot air allows you to quickly create hairstyles, curls, straighten the hair.
  • Medium temperature is safe for frequent use.
  • Cold air is necessary for fixing the style.

Additional Features

The best hair dryers are equipped with useful add-ons, such as:

  • Ionizer. Negatively charged ions break up the water droplets into tiny particles. Microdroplets more easily penetrate deep into the hair, moisturizing it. The ionizer thus prevents hair from drying out and promotes healthy-looking hair.
  • Ozonator. This addition is used in the new generation of hair dryers and is not yet found very often. A built-in ozonator lamp also helps water molecules penetrate deep into the hair, but beyond that, it oxygenates the hair structure and fuses the scales. A large amount of moisture remains inside the hair, making the hair smooth and supple.

Hair dryer attachments

The number of nozzles in all models varies. A lot. does not mean good and useful. You should choose a complete set based on your needs. There is no point in buying an expensive model with a huge number of nozzles that no one will use. Let’s see what nozzles there are and what they’re for.

  • The concentrator is the basic nozzle that enhances and precisely directs the airflow. It is detachable and comes with any hair dryer. For both drying and styling your hair.
  • The diffuser is a large round nozzle with “fingers” that allows you to dry your hair with volume. Also good for soft curls.
  • Hair comb. used to straighten hair, making it smooth.
  • Curling tongs. needed to form curls. Sometimes there are several pliers of different diameters in the set. The shorter the hair, the smaller the diameter of the tongs must be.
  • Brushes. they can also be different diameters, shapes, of plastic bristles or natural. Brushes are fairly versatile attachments, they can be used to pull hair, curl curls, give volume. A good option for girls with short, thin hair.
  • Comb. usually made of plastic, has long, wide teeth. Helps to create volume and hairstyles with chaotically arranged strands. Relevant for long hair.

In professional devices you can find additional concentrators (narrow, round, tubular, etc.).) Hair dryers-stylers can be with a rotating nozzle, which greatly facilitates styling, but not the best effect on the device itself. The differences of sets are very substantial, and here we should consider each model separately, taking into account your wishes and the need for a particular nozzle.

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