How to choose a pan for an induction stove

Ranking the best cookware for the induction stove in 2021

The popularity of induction hobs is increasing rapidly every year. This isn’t surprising, since electric and gas stoves can’t demonstrate the same safety, economy and ease of maintenance as induction. But it has one major disadvantage. incompatibility with some materials. That’s why, cookware for these panels should be chosen with great care. We’ll teach you how to do it in our ranking and tell you about the best brands and top 12 models of cookware for the induction stove in 2021!

When choosing a decent model, you should pay attention to its characteristics, the presence of positive reviews and the brand. Products from renowned manufacturers inspire confidence because of their high quality, ecological compatibility and impeccable design. We invite you to discover the companies that make excellent cookware for induction hobs.

  • Woll. This German brand specializes in luxury cookware of the highest quality. The combination of hand-cast and innovative non-stick coating that is resistant to abrasion and scratches made the products of this brand perfect, so they enjoy worldwide popularity. Any model perfectly conducts heat, and in the process of cooking you can adjust the minimum degree of heat. Woll. the best choice in its class.
  • Staub. The French company produces ceramic and cast iron cookware that is not only ideal for cooking, but also looks attractive on the everyday or festive table. The distinctive feature is the durable enamel coating that preserves the nutritional value and flavor of each product.
  • Zwilling J.A. Henckels. This German company has been producing quality crockery and cutlery for over three centuries. Knives are the hallmark of the brand. Also the firm patented several alloys of high-carbon steel, which is used in the manufacture of professional cookware or serving. Buying these products is an investment in practical and durable products.
  • WMF. German manufacturer of cookware characterized by unique design and professionalism. The brand uses a special strong steel alloy, which does not deteriorate, does not oxidize, is not subject to deformation and mechanical damage, and does not change over time.
  • Nadoba. The company produces quality cookware and kitchen accessories. A unique alloy of stainless steel with nickel and chromium makes the products impervious to corrosion, strong and resistant to deformation. Well thought out in every detail, attention to detail and high functionality are the key features of this brand cookware.
  • Gipfel. The main focus of the company is the production of stainless steel utensils, which have high performance and maximum resistance to mechanical stress. The German brand is one of the most popular and reputable on the Russian market.
  • Rondell. The company deals with premium kitchen cookware and appliances that combine bright style with high reliability. The company wants to create a perfect helper for every kitchen task. Each product goes through strict quality control before going on sale. All pots, pans, saucepans and buckets are safe for health due to modern technologies used in production.
  • VSMPO Cookware. Products of this brand are made of quality stainless steel and have a thicker bottom. It reduces cooking time and guarantees impeccable taste. The austere and sleek design is another distinctive feature of this manufacturer’s models. By choosing one of these brands, you purchase cookware that will last you for many years and turn cooking into a wonderful culinary adventure.

What is important to know about induction hobs

Stoves with an induction heating element are increasingly common in our kitchens, thanks to their unique properties and safety in use.

The panel becomes hot when it comes into contact with a heated pot or pan.

The basic principle of operation of induction is to create an electromagnetic field, which heats not the surface of the stove, but the bottom of the cookware. Therefore, with this purchase, one acquires cookware that can interact with the induction field. This kind of stove is often used by professional chefs who need to cook quickly, without the distraction of maintaining the surface.

Induction hobs are fundamentally different from other similar types of hobs because they don’t get hot.

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There are many advantages to using an induction cooktop:

  • Variety. A wide range of models allows you to pick up your variant on the number of heating elements that is necessary for cooking your family.
  • Easy care. If necessary, you can wipe the surface during the cooking process like a normal table.
  • Safety. The surface is not heated, reducing the likelihood of burns, especially important if you have small children in the house.
  • Power. Fast heating allows you to prepare dinner in a short time, which will please any housewife.
  • Saving. Power consumption is significantly reduced compared to other stoves. it doesn’t use energy to heat up the hob, but gives all the heat directly to the cookware.
  • Aesthetics. Owing to the fact that nothing sticks to the surface, such a stove will always look clean and tidy.

The heating element is not the stove, but the bottom of the cookware.

  • High price. Induction stoves are much more expensive than conventional electric or gas stoves. But the costs are more than repaid by the energy savings.
  • Replacing the cookware. If you used metal cookware on an old stove, you won’t need to replace it. But the need to buy special cookware sooner or later will arise. For a small family, a set of two or three pots and pans will suffice.
  • Buying an adapter. The bottom of the cookware must be at least 12 cm, if less, you will have to buy an adapter that ensures contact between the panel and the small bottom.

A special disk will allow you to cook food in any pot or pan without harming the stove.

Caution should be exercised when using such stoves to people prone to allergies to nickel and pacemakers, who are sensitive to electromagnetic waves.

The panel becomes hot from contact with the pan.

What should induction cookware be made of?

What’s the best induction cookware?? Much depends on the material from which it is made and the needs of the hostess.

Cast iron is very strong and has excellent heat distribution. So that it hugs the food from all sides. The material is safe for human health, but you should not store cooked food in it: it may acquire a metallic taste. Even an empty cast-iron container has a tangible weight, so you have to handle it carefully so as not to damage the ceramic surface.

Stainless steel is one of the most often used materials in induction cookware. It is not afraid of oxidation, has high durability, and an attractive appearance helps to fit into any interior. Stainless steel products are lightweight. However, the alloy has low thermal conductivity, so good stainless steel cookware always has a three-layer bottom. A layer of aluminum sandwiched between two stainless steel layers. Thanks to that heat is distributed evenly.

Enameled steel. Such utensils can be virtually any color and even patterned. there are options for almost any taste and to any interior. Often inexpensive and easy to maintain. The enamel is not afraid of acids and salts and does not absorb odors. Food can be stored in it. The main drawback of enamel is its resistance to mechanical stress and temperature changes. The coating can crack, scratch or chip if handled improperly.

Copper has a very high thermal conductivity and capacity, and therefore cooks quickly. In addition, the antibacterial properties of the material allow you to keep cooked food longer. Most often a coating of other metals is applied to the inside to avoid oxidation. Copper cookware is expensive and requires special care.

Familiar to every housewife aluminum pans are not suitable for the induction hob. But it would be a pity to do without them at all: Their high thermal conductivity and resistance to temperature fluctuations have earned them recognition for a reason. Manufacturers have solved the problem of aluminum’s lack of magnetic properties by adding stainless steel inserts to the bottom. It is worth to be careful when buying, and specify whether the chosen pot is suitable for the induction hob.

Read more about how to choose here:

Best Brands

Germany, France, and the United States are ahead of the rest of the world in manufacturing pans for induction cooktops. Also in the top companies from the Czech Republic, South Korea and Denmark. Do not disparage domestic brands, as the products of many brands deserve attention, while it is available at a price to a large consumer audience.


The rating of pans for induction stovetops is not accidentally opened by this brand. In Russia many customers associate Tefal frying pans with excellent quality, although the company has some ineffective models.

), other models will cost 2-3 thousand.


The company’s products from South Korea are increasingly in the top. Customers appreciate the quality of cookware: thickened bottom, practical and durable stone coating.

Inexpensive series for induction. Gochu brand Ecoramic (coating with stone chips). When cooking, you need minimum oil, the dishes get juicy, well-cooked, very tasty.



Very famous German manufacturer, which, along with professional cookware produces a line of pots, pans and sauté pans for the common consumer. All models are based on cast aluminum or stainless steel. Non-stick coatings are used.

Popular models: Rondell Walzer

The second pan for the induction stove is a wok made of cast aluminum, with an outer silicone coating. Inside. two-layer, non-absorbent Xylan Plus. On the rim there is a spout for drainage. Bakelite handle, removable.

I’ve had an induction stove in my household for three years. Very happy with this helper. I chose between “Tefal” and “Rondell”. I liked the Rondell. Mocco model better. It has a beautiful brown color, glitter, textured bottom, rubberized handle with a hole (easy to hang). Heats quickly, but the center is better than the edges. I only use silicone spatulas, so no damage after a year of use. I cook everything: potatoes, meat, pancakes. Nothing burns. The disadvantages are the considerable weight, the lack of a complete lid (had to buy more). I bought it for 3 thousand (diameter 26 cm), and I think it was worth the price.

U.S. company is world-famous for quality cast iron products. An innovative method of hardening the material has been used in the production, thus improving the protective properties of cast iron.


Products of the middle price segment. Considered one of the most popular in Europe. Domestic buyers also appreciate it. They say that it is reliable, stylish and easy to care for.

A side note! The manufacturer gives a 10 years warranty on the frying pans.

Most of the products of the German company are made in China.

Also note the brands Tescoma (Czech Republic), KitchenAid (USA), Le Creuset (France), Fissman (Denmark), the Russian company VSPMO (Gourmet series).

Induction Cooktops. 5 Reasons They Are Better Than Gas

The choice of pans for the induction hob is large, so it’s not always easy to quickly understand the intricacies of the cookware. We hope that this information will be helpful and that it will also be helpful, if not yet, in the future.

Selection nuances

Before making a purchase, it is necessary to understand which pots are suitable for cooking on induction stoves, and which should be set aside. It is not necessary to completely replace all the cookware, since it is likely that your kitchen cupboards contain a couple or three cookware suitable for glass ceramic induction pans.


Advanced housewives assure that only stainless steel cookware is suitable for induction hobs. Argue that the vessels are magnetic. This is not entirely true, as stainless steel, depending on the percentage of components in it, may not attract a magnet.

Better to say this: for induction suitable for any model, the alloy of which contains ferromagnets, but it is preferable:

Steel products are valued for their resistance to corrosion, excellent appearance, durability, strength and ease of use. “Minus”. burnt food when cooking, but this can be easily avoided by strictly observing the temperature regime.

Cast-iron pots (subject to proper operation and care) are “eternal”, harmless to health, heats evenly. The dishes cooked in them are delicious, with a unique flavor, which makes this dish an absolute favorite.

Drawbacks: fragile, heavy weight. One careless move and the stove can be damaged.

The common belief that aluminum, glass or ceramic is not suitable for induction is only partially true. If such products have special components added to the bottom, marked “Induction” or an icon with the image of spirals-curls, then feel free to buy your favorite glass or ceramic set.

Don’t discount sets of enameled iron pans you already own. They cook perfectly well on induction hobs, but on one condition. the presence of an even thickened day.

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Cookware with indentations in the bottom (and these are often the case with enamel-coated cookware) should not be used on the stovetop

The induction cookware must have a thick base.

Parameters. from 0.6 cm, or better, 1 cm or more. This condition is mandatory for the base because it is in contact with the cooking surface. The walls of the pot body can be thinner.

If it is thinner, the heating is uneven and the pot, pan or pot rattles and hums when placed on the stove. This not only slows down the cooking process, but also leads to deformation of the bottom of the pots.

Another important condition is a perfectly smooth and even bottom that fits snugly to the glossy surface of the stove. If the pan has irregularities, it is not suitable for induction, even if it is magnetic.

So check kitchen utensils carefully, both new and old. It happens that a long-acquired set of pots and pans, according to its technical parameters, fits a smart stove, and superfashionable, but with a concave bottom ceramics will have to “retire”.


With any stove, and especially with induction stoves, even heating of the cookware during cooking is important. It is ensured by properly sized cookware. Cookware should be at least 12 cm in diameter, so that the bottom covers about 70 percent or more of the cooking area.

Some stove hobs have a minimum diameter requirement of 8 cm. The exact details depend on the model.

Nowadays, panels with the function of automatic detection of the diameter of the containers have become widespread, which is very convenient.

Experts advise buying wide, but low pots. Cooking is faster because the heat is more effective and uniform.

Disk adapter

If the household has many different types of cookware, but none of the set is not suitable for the hob with induction, it makes sense to buy a special disk (adapter). Its task is to combine cookware with the hob. The induction disk copes with this function successfully.

When choosing an adapter, consider the following:

Using the dial allows you to cook on the plate in dishes that are not suitable for induction (because of the material or diameter).

Disadvantages: The cooking time increases because the adapter is heated first and then the cookware. The disk is a temporary option; afterwards it is better to buy suitable pots and pans.

Materials for making pans for the induction stove

Most modern frying pans in 2021 have nonstick coatings. And the models compatible with induction stoves can differ in the type of coating. Here are the most common materials:

BEST WOK CHOICE for 2021 | My Recommendations

  • Teflon. Attracts affordability and prevalence, its good non-stick properties, thanks to which products can be fried without oil or with a minimum amount of. However, a frying pan with such a coating should not be heated over 200 ° C, when the coating begins to release harmful substances. The exception are appliances from the manufacturer Tefal, which are allowed to heat up to 260 degrees. You should also be careful about the integrity of the coating. Do not touch it with metallic spatulas, forks, spoons or other cooking implements. It is better to replace them with silicone and wooden. Any damage is a good reason to change the pan.
  • Ceramic. Frying pans with this coating cost more, but they are absolutely safe and do not emit harmful substances. They can be safely heated to high temperatures. They do not lose to counterparts in non-stick properties. But ceramics can not tolerate prolonged contact with water, sudden temperature changes, may be sensitive to mechanical damage, so you need to use the dishes carefully.
  • Marble (stone, granite). The coating contains inclusions of marble, which gives the cookware an interesting appearance. If it is multi-layered, the service life can be very long. Frying pans with a marble coating are resistant to damage, shocks and temperature changes, as well as cool down more slowly, suitable for long frying.
  • Titanium. One of the most modern and technologically advanced options. Titanium coating lasts a very long time and has excellent non-stick properties and is not prone to oxidation. The coating does not emit harmful substances, has good thermal conductivity and strength, is not afraid of metal accessories, can serve more than one year. Endures long-term exposure to high temperatures. The disadvantages include the high cost and high weight of the product.

Selection criteria

The difference between pans for induction stoves and conventional ones is the presence of magnetic properties. Food is heated by currents caused by electromagnetic induction.

When choosing, you should carefully study the characteristics and description of the cookware. Do not pay attention to budget options. After all, inexpensive models can not be made of quality materials. Your best bet is a mid-priced purchase. Especially now the best manufacturers offer many models at a pleasant price.

Diameter and thickness of the base

The size of the pan should not be less than 12 cm. Because smaller pots simply can’t get hot.

When choosing, you should pay attention to pans with a thick and flat bottom, without the embossed pattern on the bottom. Since the cookware must be in contact with the cooking surface. After all, the uniformity of heating depends on it.

Regarding the height of the rim, it is advisable to choose a medium height. Cooking time can then be greatly reduced.

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Frying pan types

There are 3 kinds of pans that are suitable for the induction stove:

  • Cast iron. This material has proven itself as a durable helper in the kitchen. So if you choose it, you should not doubt its quality. The only thing is that the weight of the material is quite heavy.
  • Stainless Steel. The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing this material is the thickness of the bottom. Often manufacturers try to make it thin, but this type of bottom is not suitable for induction cooktops. Thin bottoms, however, are a poor choice for any kind of stove. Because then it would be difficult to avoid food sticking to the pan’s surface.
  • Enameled. This material also requires careful inspection for the right thickness of the bottom. The best choice would be an encapsulated bottom.

Types of coating

There are such types of coating: ceramic, diamond, marble, nanocomposite, Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene). You can also buy pans coated with enamel, granite, copper and titanium.

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Rating of pans for induction stove

The top was compiled based on product reviews from major online stores, tests, reviews, recommendations from amateur cooks and famous chefs. By comparing the opinions of experts, it was determined which pans are suitable for induction stoves and the parameters that you need to pay attention to:

  • Material;
  • Diameter;
  • Price;
  • Wall/bottom thickness;
  • Heating speed;
  • The evenness of the spread of temperature;
  • The height of the walls;
  • The presence of a heating indicator;
  • The handle, the type of its attachment;
  • Presence of a lid;
  • Shape;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • The amount of oil used;
  • Type of compatible products;
  • Can be used in the oven.

All the nominees of the rating have positive results on the listed characteristics and are highly rated among buyers.

Popular manufacturers of the best induction cookware

It is difficult to identify the leading developer of this type of cookware. To choose the best option for a particular stove, you should pay attention to the properties of the individual model. It is recommended to buy options specifically designed for certain products. Among the largest representatives of the industry should be noted Tefal, Fissler, Woll, Zepter. Their products are of high quality, long service life and optimum performance.

There are many different models of pans on the market from well-known manufacturers.

It’s hard to find the right cookware for the induction stove. You should carefully study the market and choose the best product. These dishes are costly compared to their counterparts, so initially choose only what is needed.

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