How to choose a voltage regulator for the boiler

How to choose a voltage regulator for the gas boiler

Modern gas boilers are equipped with innovative software. Electronics controls the operation of the processor and the modes of installation of the device. To learn how to operate an electronic device is quite possible, but there are circumstances when the management of the system does not depend on the user. The unforeseen circumstances include sudden voltage fluctuations in the network or a brief sudden disconnection of the electric line. In such cases, a voltage regulator. Otherwise, expensive gas boilers will periodically malfunction and the board will very quickly fall into disrepair.

What type is suitable for the boiler

Today’s market of electrical digital equipment presents a large selection of protective devices, with a variety of operating principles. Before choosing a voltage stabilizer for a gas boiler, you need to understand the basics of their functioning.


These are devices of two-system conversion. Primary, when converting alternating current to direct current. Secondary. on the contrary, which is why there is another name for them: the inverter.

Initially, unstable current from the network reaches the rectifier and power corrector of the machine, where it undergoes filtering and stabilization processes. The energy is then stored on the plates of a huge number of capacitors.

For the stable and continuous operation of the boiler unit, the network parameters need to be of the correct sinusoidal quality. The impeccable sinusoidal waveform of this kind of protection, creates through the use of an inverter. The charge from the capacitors, after the completion of the 1st stage of conversion is transferred to the second part of the device, where it is transformed again. inversely with stable output sinusoidal parameters.


Relay devices have an automated transformer and a specialized electronic circuit that controls the transformer. They have the distinction of being relays, which is why they got their name.

With this small device the current is transferred between the various windings. Initially, such voltage regulators of 220 V were produced in the format of volt.

Later changes were made to the device, which allowed them to be used for both increasing and decreasing the voltage.

It should be recognized that these modifications, sold on the market, can not demonstrate good quality. Some manufacturers, mostly from Asia, reduce the cost of stabilizer with the use of not very high quality components, which affects the low service life of devices.


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This type is often referred to as a triac, today are considered the best with good technological and working parameters. At the heart of the principle of the device is an automatic method of switching the converter with the support of digital switches. triacs, which are the root cause of the immediate response of the device to all kinds of deformations of the network characteristics.

Only one disadvantage. the decent cost of the device. In this group of devices, the voltage regulator for STIHL gas boilers tops the ratings.


This type refers to a very simple, but ultra high-quality devices, the method of operation is based on the slider sliding on the secondary winding of the drive. Slider moves the brushes, reducing or increasing the number of turns under voltage.

Of course, the slider cannot move spontaneously. This is performed by an electric motor or as it is called. the servomotor.

The slider is under the direct control of the processor, which controls the voltage strain. When the network characteristics change, the microprocessor sends a signal to the motor, which starts and initiates the direction of the slider on the windings, in one or the opposite direction, based on whether the reduced or increased network parameters.

What is a Voltage Regulator. Another Teaching Moment | Digi-Key Electronics

Constructive design stabilizer

Appliances, mounted or floor-standing, are suitable for operation with a gas boiler. The purchase of rack-mounted models is not practical. They imply a special, almost not used in the household 19-inch design and are characterized by high power, far exceeding the needs of the electrical circuit of the boiler.

The choice of connection method of the stabilizer depends on the location of the device. Consider in advance which mounting device is convenient in your case vertical or horizontal.

The gas boiler consists of many individual parts that are placed in a large housing. Modern device is designed not only for heating, but also to ensure safety during operation. To do this, the boilers are installed electronic units and various microprocessors.

To ensure the smooth and safe operation of the equipment, all the blocks of the electronic circuit must work in the right mode and not shut down due to unstable operation of the network. To avoid fast breakdowns, I recommend installing voltage regulators for boilers. To understand whether you need a voltage stabilizer, you need to get acquainted with its capabilities. Boilers use 220-230 V power supply with a small margin of error of 10-15%. If the power is reduced by 20 V, the boiler will be able to work unchanged. But with a greater drop in voltage equipment will not be able to fully function and will shut down. Such problems often arise in areas remote from the city, where weak power lines are laid. Boilers there can function unstable, periodically shut down. This will lead to the fact that one day the device will burn out.

To eliminate the possibility of such troubles, you need to put a voltage regulator for the heating boiler. So you can extend the run time.

Calculator for calculating the power of a voltage regulator for gas boilers

Many modern models of gas boilers are equipped with a fairly complex electronic control system. It provides maintenance of the set mode of operation of the system, controls circulation pumps, fans of air into the combustion chamber, commands the operation of various solenoid valves or cocks, sometimes stores the necessary settings and can even analyze external data to develop the most optimal algorithm for the heating system as a whole.

Calculator for calculating the capacity of the voltage stabilizer for gas boiler

Of course, it’s all convenient, but if there is not enough voltage stability in the network, then the control system can start to malfunction, and even “freeze” at all. To avoid such situations, it is strongly recommended to equip such boiler equipment dedicated stabilizer. And to choose the right model to suit your needs will help calculate the capacity of the voltage stabilizer for gas boilers.

Stabilizer for gas boilers

If during the calculations there are questions, then under the calculator gives the necessary explanations of how to work with it.

Calculator for calculating the power of a voltage stabilizer for a gas boiler

A few necessary clarifications to the calculations

Criteria for selecting a voltage regulator. a lot. One of them is its power. To be precise, of course, we are talking about the volt-ampere characteristic, that is, not about the useful power (watts), but about those parameters of the output current (volt-amperes), which the device is able to maintain in the normal mode of its operation. But still the input parameters for calculating, of course, will be the value of power consumption of devices connected to the regulator.

  • A simple summation would give a very inaccurate result. The fact is that most devices consume not only useful but also reactive power. It is calculated by a special formula and should be taken into account. Our calculator takes this into account.
  • Further, when transforming the voltage to the required rating, power losses are bound to occur, and they are greater the greater the deviation from the established 220 V. Therefore, before proceeding to the calculations, it is recommended to conduct a kind of “study”. to organize measurement of the voltage in the network, for example, in the morning, during the day and in the evening peak consumption hours, for several days. You get a clear picture and the value that differs most from the nominal should be the starting point for your calculation.
  • The calculator will ask for the power consumption of the boiler. IMPORTANT: do not confuse with the thermal capacity of the boiler equipment! Power consumption of the boiler is specified in its passport, and refers only to its electrical parameters.
  • If it is planned to connect external (not part of the boiler configuration) circulation pumps to the stabilizer, their power consumption is also taken into account. In the calculator you only need to specify the number of pumps.
  • Finally, to the stabilizer is sometimes connected and other external equipment necessary for the operation of the boiler (for example, it could be forced ventilation). In this case, in a special field of the calculator you will need to specify the total power consumption of all additional devices.

The result will be obtained in volt-amperes. It will be one of the key criteria for further selection of the required stabilizer model.

How to choose the optimal model?

In the sale there is a wide range of devices of this class, differing both in principle and operational characteristics. Do not make a mistake when choosing a voltage stabilizer for the boiler will help a special publication of our portal.

Gas or electric boiler today is one of the most popular household appliances in apartments and private homes. In order for it to work smoothly, there must be a constant voltage of electricity. Almost no one is immune to its surges and spikes, so craftsmen and manufacturers recommend using special stabilizers. In the great variety of equipment and components it is difficult to choose good-quality devices, sifting out obsolete, low-quality goods. For this purpose, experts have made a rating, where they named reliable manufacturers, the best voltage stabilizers for the boiler of single-phase and three-phase type, evaluation criteria, tips for purchase.

Voltage regulator capacity

On each device, the power characteristic is indicated. In fact, it shows how much of the total load the device can handle. Note, however, that the power is quoted in volts-amperes, not watts, because both active and reactive power are taken into account.

Calculate the power regulator is easy: just add the power of the boiler and pump in watts, and then multiply the sum by the safety factor of 1.3. That is, for example, for a boiler with a consumption of 200 W and a pump of 70 W, the power of the stabilizer should be such:

Voltage stabilizer for gas heating boiler: types, selection criteria review of popular models

When installing a heating system is necessarily installed a voltage regulator for the gas boiler (CH). It prevents the electronic board from damage due to instability in the electrical system. To intelligently choose this device, you need to understand not only the characteristics, but also the principles of operation. Agree?

All about the types of stabilizers, their design and operation you will learn by reading the proposed article. We pointed out the benchmarks required for the right choice and gave a rating of the best models. With our advice you will properly equip your gas boiler with the necessary device to work.

Energotech NORMA 12000

Single-phase device with compact dimensions. Peak load capacity of 12 kVA (9.6 kW) at 97% efficiency. The metal housing is painted white and coated with a special powder that protects it from corrosion. The developers included a bracket for wall mounting. Automatic control unit independently manages the components in the event of a short circuit and severe overloads occurring in the AC network. The device is able to operate at low and high ambient temperatures, if the humidity does not exceed 80%. At the output the user receives the value in the range of 205-235 V, which is quite enough for the gas-fired boiler.

  • Input range: 120-260 V.
  • 9 steps of regulation and fast response time (20 ms).
  • Active cooling system inside components.
  • Low noise level.
  • Not enough information shown on the display.
  • Significant component heating during peak loads.
  • Weight of components. about 30 kg.

Energy Classic 7500

Electronic device of Russian make with thyristor switch of winding and 12-step stabilization. Operates in the 220 V mains and copes well with a voltage spike in the input current range of 125-255 V. Connected to the equipment by means of terminals. Active power rating of 5,250 watts with 98 percent efficiency. At the output the regulator gives a current with a regular sinusoidal pattern, with a low fraction of interference, which is ensured by the work of the deviation monitoring system. The fan built into the case is capable of cooling the unit even in high load mode if the air temperature does not exceed 40 degrees. A voltmeter indicating input and output voltages is installed as an indicator.

  • High leveling accuracy of 5%.
  • Advanced service.
  • Possibility to mount the device on the wall.
  • Claimed service life of 60,000 hours.
  • IP20 dust protection technology.


Low-power household appliance (3 kVA) with 9 voltage adjustments. Due to the round metal housing, installed on the floor, assuming that the temperature in the room is not below 10 degrees. This version of the developers inherently smooth and accurate stabilization at a current of 120 to 280 V and 50 Hz. The triac switches provide soft switching of the windings and make it possible to obtain a high-quality sinusoidal signal at the output. The display shows data such as the real voltage, power, input and output frequency and other indicators of current. Indicators inform the user about activation of emergency operation modes. You can buy this model for 20 thousand.

  • Response speed: 10 ms.
  • Protection against fire and dust.
  • Wide input range.
  • Low noise level (about 20dB).
  • Microprocessor control unit.
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