How to choose the right domestic vacuum cleaner for an apartment.

TOP of the best vacuum cleaners

compiled a rating of vacuum cleaners consisting of 53 models of 14 brands. Leading places in the top 5 were taken by models of five different manufacturers. How to choose an inexpensive, but good vacuum cleaner? Which brand vacuum cleaner is better to buy for home? How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for a home with animals? We answer these and other questions in our review.

The test program has been developed and implemented in conjunction with the International Institutes of Consumer Testing and Product Quality Research. The results of the faned study were simultaneously brought to the attention of consumers in several countries by organizations similar.

Full results of the vacuum cleaner rating see here.

How to choose a good inexpensive vacuum cleaner?

There are several types of vacuum cleaners like a vacuumber. It is the vacuumber that will largely determine the design of the device, size, shape. Our study includes the most popular among users, traditional wiring vacuum cleaners of two types: with a bag and container. Most often, models with a bag for collecting dust are affordable and inexpensive. You need to either buy bags in them (if they are disposable), or wash (if they are fabric). Vacuum cleaners with a container in this regard are more convenient, although they, as a rule, are more expensive and more noisy.

Calculate how large the territory that you are going to clean will be is necessary to determine the power. This parameter also affects whether you have pets or a large number of carpets. The less contaminants, the less power is required. 300 watts are enough for minor pollution. If there are factors described above, then you need more power.

For allergy sufferers, you may need a filter of thin cleaning with a serial number depending on their effectiveness.

The rating of the best vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers can be viewed here.

Remember that power, price, presence of special nozzles on the quality of cleaning do not affect. A correctly selected inexpensive vacuum cleaner can clean the surfaces better than a powerful expensive device with low efficiency.

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The main characteristics

To choose the right vertical vacuum cleaner, you need to understand what tasks it should perform. Defined on tasks? We look at the characteristics.

Council 1. Power

It is necessary to distinguish the power of electricity consumption from absorption power. The first indicates how much energy the vacuum cleaner will spend. And the second. with what performance it will work, t.e. how quickly it can remove. You can easily find all indicators in an annotation for a vacuum cleaner.

For cleaning smooth surfaces there is enough power of 20-40 watts. But if you have a carpet or terry surface, then all 100-120 watts will be needed.

It is best to choose a vertical vacuum cleaner where you can adjust the power of power. Also keep in mind the higher the power on which the device works, the faster the battery sets.

Tip 2. The volume of the vacuum cleaner

Vacuumber of a vertical vacuum cleaner

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A vacuumboard is a container in which garbage enters. The average volume of the container is usually 300-400 gr. And this is enough to maintain freshness in the house daily, quickly remove dust or crumbs after dinner.

Tip 3. Dimensions

As we said, vertical wireless models are easy. Nevertheless, when choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should hold it in your hands to make sure of convenience. There are devices weighing, both 1 kg and 2.5 kg, which is noticeable when cleaning.

Tip 4. Power supply

Vertical vacuum cleaners work not only from the battery, but also from the outlet. If you choose the last option, then check the length of the cord so that it is not short, and in wireless models it is important to work without charging.

Tip 5. Filter

Ergonomics and the noise of a vertical vacuum cleaner

Today, the highest quality cleaning is possible with non.filters. They are able to cleanse the surface both of dust and ordinary debris, and from pollen, tobacco smoke.

Tip 6. Noise

If it is important for you that the vacuum cleaner works as quieter as possible, then when choosing a vertical model for an apartment, we advise you to see DB. The average noise level varies between 60-80 dB.

Tip 7. The power of absorption

An additional option that will help control power depending on the coating on which you remove.

Tip 8. Nozzles and brushes

Nozzles of a vertical vacuum cleaner

Pay attention when choosing a wireless vertical vacuum cleaner for the number of nozzles and brushes. The more of them, the more high quality you can do cleaning. There are nozzles that help to remove in places. for skirting boards, in the corners between furniture and t.D. There are special nozzles for furniture care, in t.h. delicate fabrics. And even the nozzles with backlight, so that it is more convenient to vacuum under the bed. And brushes help to better remove wool, hair, etc.P.

Council 9. overheat protection

A useful option that, in case of overheating of the vacuum cleaner, will automatically stop its operation. Overheating protection extends the life of the equipment, reduces the likelihood of its breakdown.

Three popular models 2020 g.

In 2020. Most often, the following models were chosen among vertical vacuum cleaners.


Vertical vacuum cleaner ROIDMI Zero Z1

The model is easy. The hand does not get tired even with prolonged cleaning. In addition, the vacuum cleaner not only removes, but also disinfects the surface due to sterilization technology. And how to remove you can choose yourself. a simple dry cleaning or wet, so that after the vacuum cleaner you do not have to wash the floors.

The manufacturer offers 4 nozzles in the kit. Slopic nozzle and nozzle for furniture, for important cleaning and turbo brush. The latter is suitable even for the floor to remove dust and dirt. Autonomously Roidmi Zero Z1 operates about 1 hour., which also increases the chances of this model for the purchase when you choose a powerful vertical vacuum cleaner for the home.


Vertical vacuum cleaner ROVUS VC889RS

The difference between the model is that it can work both in its classic assembly and manual mode. You can easily remove the apartment without connecting the vacuum cleaner to the outlet, or clean the furniture, the machine salons. There is enough wireless work for an hour.

At the same time, the aquafilter not only collects all the dirt, but also gives back clean air, which is excellent for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. In manual mode, the dust is collected in a special bag. There is a regulator that is adjusted by the absorption intensity.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Your Home!

Bosch BCH 6ath18

Vertical vacuum cleaner ROIDMI Zero Z1

The advantages of this vertical vacuum cleaner in a large vacuum cleaner (900 g), so you can safely choose it if you have to remove several rooms. The device is charged in 6 hours. And enough of it for an hour of autonomous work. There is an electric shock for deep cleaning from dirt in the kit. And the indicator will allow you to track the level of fullness of the vacuumber, filter consumption and battery charge. There is also a power regulator.


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How to choose a vacuum cleaner for a home?

In our article we will give advice on how to choose a vacuum cleaner and remain a satisfied purchase. The modern vacuum cleaner ceased to be only a device that quickly collects dust. In addition to this function, many models can perform a number of others, for example, wash the floor, qualitatively clean furniture or windows and even ionize air.

The design of the vacuum cleaner determines the functions that it can perform. Therefore, before choosing a vacuum cleaner, it is worth studying its types and deciding for yourself how much it should be easily cope with. You will quickly understand how to choose a good vacuum cleaner for the apartment, if you think about its area, how often you plan a device, remember about the presence of carpets, furniture, animals.

The classic design of the vacuum cleaner is a body with a motor and a vacuumber inside, as well as a hose with a nozzle for absorption of garbage. And such models remain the most popular. But detergents vacuum cleaners allow not only to remove dust, but also wash the floor right away.

In general, all vacuum cleaners can be divided into several types:

  • A classic model with a motor, garbage bag and a hose; Classic vacuum cleaner
  • Portable vacuum cleaner. Choose such a vacuum cleaner if you want it not to work from the outlet. Or if you need a vacuum cleaner for cleaning in a car interior. The disadvantages of the portable model include small power. This is not the best choice for cleaning the premises of a large area; Portable vacuum cleaner
  • Robot perm. This is a smart vacuum cleaner, which, in addition to the usual set of functions of the classic model, can go around obstacles, is guided in space and works at the expense of the battery, t.e. You do not need to connect the vacuum cleaner during operation during operation. You only need to set the working time and sometimes clean the vacuum cleaner. But there are shortcomings if you think how to choose an inexpensive vacuum cleaner for your home, such a model will not work for you. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to remove well under furniture and dust in the corners of the room, to independently move through the high threshold; Robot perm
  • Vertical vacuum cleaner. The model is distinguished by an unusual case. the motor and the vacuumber are connected to the pipe vertically. Users like this solution, The vacuum cleaner is distinguished by mobility, with all the quality of cleaning. In addition, the vertical vacuum cleaner is easy, and it can be put in a closet or hidden behind the curtain. Therefore, pay attention if you think how to choose a compact and powerful vacuum cleaner; Vertical vacuum cleaner
  • Professional vacuum cleaners. They differ in high power, a large tank for collecting garbage and long work without regular cleaning of a vacuumber. Typically, such equipment is bought for cleaning large rooms, industrial workshops, They cope well with the collection of construction and heavy garbage, liquids. Professional vacuum cleaner

How to choose a good vacuum cleaner: specialists’ advice

There are many criteria for choosing a vacuum cleaner. Everything individually and largely depends on the characteristics, parameters and cost of the vacuum cleaner. Below are the main indicators and types of technology that is worth paying attention to when selecting and buying. And if there are pets, then do not forget about their opinion!

Types of cleaning

The vacuum cleaner should be chosen depending on what type of cleaning your home is most often needed:

  • Dry cleaning. Here, dirt through the vacuum cleaner pipe fall into a special bag or container. T.e. If you plan wet cleaning separately, and the vacuum cleaner is needed only to collect dry garbage, then this is the perfect option. You will not overpay for additional options, and the technique itself will not take up much space. It is also a good option if you choose a powerful vacuum cleaner;
  • Wet cleaning. In this case, the vacuum cleaner not only removes dust, but also immediately washes the floor, spraying water with a detergent. If you think how to choose a vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning, but you are afraid that it will not be possible to remove the parquet or laminate, then you should not. A special nozzle will help you do it and this. In addition, a vacuum cleaner with a moist excellent purchase, if at home there are small children, people with allergies or diseases of the respiratory system. The disadvantage, perhaps, can only be dimensions;
  • Steam cleaning. The vacuum cleaner not only removes dirt, but also disinfects the room without chemistry. The design provides for a water tank and a steam nozzle. Experts advise choosing a steam vacuum cleaner when you often need to clean the young children.


A vacuumboard is a container where dust and garbage are collected during cleaning. Choosing an inexpensive vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, you should know that vacuumers are different:

  • Bag. Their plus is that they do not need to be cleaned after each cleaning. There are disposable bags of paper and reusable fabric. The paper is more convenient and hygienic in its use due to density, but such bags will have to buy new ones from time to time; Dust and garbage bag
  • Container. advanced vacuum cleaner model. After cleaning or, when the container is filled, just throw out the garbage from it, wash and put in place. It is convenient that in many models the container is transparent, and you will immediately see when it was completely filled with garbage;
  • Aquafilter. The best solution for dry cleaning. The air passes through a container filled with water, where dust is settled with dirt. Then it is cleaned and clean, moisturized air enters the room. All you need is to drain dirty water from the container, wash it and dry it. Therefore, if you choose not only a good vacuum cleaner for the home, but also the one that is suitable for cleaning with young children, allergies and people suffering from asthma, this is the best option. Aquafilter

If you clean the houses several times a day, we recommend choosing a good vacuum cleaner with a large vacuumber. 3 liters. And more. If you vacuum less often, then there is enough a bag or container less than volume.


They are responsible for the delay in dust, allergens and harmful microorganisms. Typically, manufacturers use electrostatic filters in inexpensive models.

When choosing a good inexpensive vacuum cleaner, specify about the pre.engine filter. It can be shift or constant. The replaced does not change often with vacuumers, which reduces your participation in the maintenance of equipment. For constant, you need to take care of regularly.

There is also a filter at the air output. Better let it be negligent, since such a filter is able to remove pollen, smoke from cigarettes. The larger the digit, the higher the level of air purification. As a rule, in the latest models it reaches 15-16.


Is responsible for the effectiveness of his work. But do not confuse the consumed power with absorption power. Power consumption indicates what the estimated energy consumption will be. Choose with an average indicator-1800-2000 watts. But the absorption power is directly about the productivity of the vacuum cleaner.

If there are no carpets in the apartment and there are not so many furniture, which must be looked after with a vacuum cleaner, then it is enough to choose a device with a capacity of about 300 watts. Otherwise. see a vacuum cleaner with a power of 400 watts and above.

There is still maximum and nominal power, right when these indicators diverge by 14-16%, but not more.

Vertical models work without an outlet for up to an hour. If you vacuum at the highest power, then the time will be reduced by 2 times. But you still have enough to make a quick cleaning.

Nozzles and brushes

Set of nozzles

Two nozzles are in the standard set along with the vacuum cleaner. for the floor and for the carpet. And can also be additional, depending on the manufacturer, model and cost:

  • Nozzle for cracks. Will help remove garbage from places. Behind the battery or between furniture;
  • Round brush. To care for complex surfaces, for example, chairs;
  • Oval brush. Useful for curtains, upholstered furniture and carpets;
  • Turbo brush. It will help to best cope with animal hair;
  • Natural bristle brush. Carefully cares for expensive coatings, parquet or delicate fabrics.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, note that a turbo brush can be mechanical or electric. They differ in the principle of work. The mechanical works due to the absorbed air, and the electric due to the drive. Also, vacuum cleaners with a container have an additional function of collecting fluid. Allows you to quickly remove if something was spilled, but it does not wash the floor.


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What about washing vacuum cleaners ?

This is a separate category of devices that can work in two modes. dry and wet cleaning. In the second case, the vacuum cleaner first splashes water, and then sucks it along with dust and other contaminants. In addition, with its help you can clean up the upholstered furniture, wash the windows. To make the cleaning more effective, you can add a cleaning agent for a particular surface to the tank with water.

Important: a vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner can also have three types: a bag, cyclone container or water tank.


  • Great for a long.term full cleaning of the entire apartment, riding you from the need to wash the floor with a mop.
  • Additional humidification of air indoors.


  • Many models cannot be used on the floor and laminate so that the flooring does not swell.
  • After cleaning, it will be necessary to thoroughly wash the dust container and aquafilter, dry all the components, including the absorption pipe.
  • Such vacuum cleaners cost more than ordinary.

What else to pay attention to when choosing

The presence of additional functions

Some vacuum cleaners may regulate the position of the brush depending on the height of the carpet. Others allow you to set the level of absorption, which is useful if you are going to clean the surfaces of fabric. Vacuum cleaners with a turbochite will be better cleaned by carpets than models that are cleaned only by the force of suction. Look for those functions that can facilitate your cleaning.

Inspection of the vacuum cleaner

Even if you order a model online, inspect it in the store, touch it, try to make cleaning movements. Perhaps you will already understand that this model is not suitable for you.

Hepa filters

If you use a regular vacuum cleaner, when cleaning you will “redistribute” dust. Part of it will settle in a bag or vacuum cleaner, and the other will inevitably return to the room again. Allergies will be especially sensitive to this, so they need vacuum cleaners with a special HEPA filter (“highly effective air purification”).

Choose vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers here.

Energy consumption

If you have a small area for cleaning, there are no pets or carpets with a pile, then there is no need to choose a model with high power. Such a vacuum cleaner will consume a lot of energy. A small model will save on electricity accounts.


Often manufacturers significantly reduce for models of previous years. As our tests show, the last year of release will not necessarily be the most effective when cleaning. Perhaps you can buy an inexpensive vacuum cleaner last year, which will be more manufactured than any new product.

Strengths and weaknesses of different types of vacuum cleaners

The study presents traditional wired vacuum cleaners, the most popular among users. Our rating includes both vacuum cleaners with a bag and a container for collecting dust.

Vacuum cleaners with a bag

Such vacuum cleaners remain popular among users. The dust in them accumulates in paper bags, which are then utilized, replaced by new ones, or fabric, which are used again.

Varieties of household vacuum cleaners

Depending on the type of work performed, vacuum cleaners are for dry and wet cleaning, for rubbing floors, washing windows and other surfaces. Some models perform purely one type of cleaning, while others are universal and are able to combine several options.

Also, all vacuum cleaners on sale differ externally, technical characteristics, dimensions, weight, type of vacuum and filtering system.

The difference in appearance in appearance

Household appliances purchased for home use should have a number of useful functions. In addition, it simply must be convenient to operate, and its price tag is to match the expectations of the owner.

In appearance, the devices can be as follows:

  • ordinary. classical performance;
  • vertical or 2-in-1-manual vertical version;
  • automatic. robotic devices;
  • central dust removal systems.

If the first three options are quite popular among users, then the technique or it is correctly called the system, only gaining momentum. It is more often used in the industrial sphere than in the household. Although the owners of suburban housing already understand the advantages of dust systems.

This option will be the best solution for a 2-3-storey cottage with a total area of ​​200-250 m 2 2. over, the system has to be mounted first by placing air ducts throughout the house. And it is more convenient to do this at the stage of construction and decoration of the house.

Standard or ordinary version of cleaning equipment. Differs in an affordable price, the richest assortment and quite high cleaning results

Manual models that manufacturers more often integrate into vertical vacuum cleaners. The option with the disconnection of the manual device is extremely convenient, though the cost will be slightly higher

Automated cleaners are a dream of busy people. In addition, such a smart assistant looks stylish. And it performs its function to maintain order at 100%, provided that the model is selected properly vacuum cleaner or dust dusting system. expensive pleasure. True, it is convenient to use if the installation was performed competently. And the life of such a variant of cleaning equipment is rather big

In addition, in addition to the standard type of cleaning within the house, the owner can count on the automation of a narrow orientation of cleaning measures. All this is possible due to the presence of household specialized equipment in the market.

Depending on the equipment and their destiny, the help of assistants look different and can perform the following functions:

  • Automated Poloters. rub parquet or laminate using a wet or dry napkin;
  • Window washers. can be robotic or manual, but both are perfectly wash windows and other vertical surfaces, for example, tiles in the bathroom;
  • submariners. help in cleaning the domestic reservoir (pool) from dirt and garbage;
  • Compact manual devices. vacuum the passenger compartment, keyboard and other delicate surfaces.

Dimensions, weight and appearance can vary significantly. Therefore, it is important to select an option that is as suitable for your needs.

Differences in the type of cleaning

We will dwell on the possibilities of household appliances in more detail. Initially, three main types of devices can be distinguished that can perform dry, wet or combined surfaces.

Dry surface cleaning method

Everything is simple here. if we are talking about a classic model from a budget price range, then most often its functions are limited to dry cleaning.

But if there is a power regulator, you can clean different types of surfaces from dust. sofas, pillows, curtains, carpet, linoleum, etc.P.

Vacuum cleaners that perform only a dry type of cleaning are most often found. over, this is the most popular version of equipment among buyers. It is convenient to use such a device, just care for it, and there is something to choose from it. the assortment is wide and includes sentences in various price ranges

Wet cleaning technique

Detergents are a separate technique. Often such vacuum cleaners perform only floors and require significant preparation for this process.

It is necessary to remove dust, garbage and scattered things in the rooms, correctly assemble the device itself, setting all the filters and filling the necessary containers with water and a detergent solution.

After the washing measures are completed, you need to wash all the containers, filters and other details, dry them in disassembled form and only then you can collect everything or be sent for storage. Read more about the rules of operation of vacuum cleaners in this article.

Vacuum cleaner will help to cope with wet housing cleaning several times faster. You do not have to constantly bend down to wash the rag or squeeze it out, removing the remaining liquids. just adjust the water supply, pressing the lever on the handle

over, the market offers units that can work in automatic mode. washing robots. Some manufacturers even offer to control their work remotely, using their smartphone/iPhone for these purposes.

To do this, you have to install the application, after which you can not only run/stop the robotic cleaner, but also monitor the procedure for completing tasks and plan the hours of cleaning procedures.

Combined version of cleaning equipment

The third option is combined when a vacuum cleaner is able to combine a wet and dry cleaning type. This is convenient, because first to process the rooms before washing will not be required.

What to look at when choosing?

Getting acquainted with the variety of household appliances and understanding how to choose a good and reliable vacuum cleaner for the home and subsequently not regret the purchase, study the main criteria affecting the adoption of the right decision.

Below we give a number of useful tips for choosing technology, taking into account its technical characteristics and structural features.

Criterion #1. type of vacuum cleaner and its application

Type of vacuum cleaner, its purpose and capabilities are extremely important criteria. For example, not all models are able to help cleaning the fallen leaves from the apple tree, maple, birch, while this task will be possible. These are in the assortment of the German brand Kerher.

Thanks to stainless steel tank, they can be used to clean the site from leaves, small pebbles and other inclusions. And the otuba option will help to get garbage from the most complex cracks. The vacuum cleaner in all respects is extremely good, and the price of a number of models is available for most potential buyers

But such an assistant will be extremely inconvenient when the operational cleaning of small areas is required-to clean the car interior after a family trip with 1-3-year-old children. Or quickly collect crumbs from sand cookies from the table and floor.

For these situations, a compact device will simply become indispensable. a manual vacuum cleaner. He is deprived of bulky tubes, hoses and a long cord. What makes its use incredibly convenient and simple.

But maintaining cleanliness in the house is the prerogative of robotic assistants. Many models are able to work on a schedule compiled for them for a week in advance.

The owner does not have to be in the visibility zone during the cleaning. the device itself will go to the rooms to clean and it will stand on the base when the battery charge is at the end. And the owner of this automatic miracle canine will receive a report on a smartphone about the work done

But the cost of such perfect equipment is not at all small. But it is not worth saving in this matter by buying a cheap Chinese robot. The characteristics and possibilities of cheap models are quite mediocre. so it will not be possible to get the expected result.

The vertical version is suitable for owners of small apartments or houses-they are most often battery, and one charge is enough for 20-60 minutes of cleaning in the best way. What will be clearly not enough for cleaning a two.story cottage with an area of ​​300 m 2 or more.

For overall houses, a vertical vacuum cleaner is suitable as an auxiliary tool in the fight against garbage and dust. Когда нужно собрать шерсть линяющего любимца с подушек или освежить комнату, в которой вчера убирали.

Option 2 in 1 or vertical portable/manual. this is more expensive pleasure. But it should be bought consciously-after all, the capacity of a plastic container, as a rule, is 0.2-0.6 liters. Yes, and it is impossible to fill it under the tie. you need to devastate when ½ or 2/3 of garbage gathered there.

With a vertical assistant, you should not dream of a full-fledged general cleaning of a two-room apartment once a week or two-such a technique will not cope with this task. Will it be a wired model with the most voluminous vacuumber. And then the container, most likely, will have to be devastated a couple of times

Classic vacuum cleaners with any type of vacuumber are best suited for general cleaning.

The cleaner will be the cleaning with a water filter. after such cleaning even the air in the room will become fresh. But a significant minus of such technology is the difficulty in maintenance.

Aquafilter must be washed and dried at the end of cleaning. And many manufacturers sin with a huge number of details of the aquafyl, which you can assemble after drying if you arouse additional instructions.

This is especially true if the functionality of the vacuum cleaner is expanded to the ability to wash the floors/wet cleaning of carpets/curtains and other things. Here it is very difficult to figure it out without instructions.

But after weekly training, the assembly/disassembly problems will no longer remain. But you will be extremely satisfied with the quality of cleaning.

Criterion #2. vacuum cleaner and filter system

The type and volume of the vacuumber is also an important criterion when choosing home harvesting equipment.

Now on sale are most often the following options:

  • The bag is disposable or reusable, which collects maximum dust, delaying up to 99% inside, and some manufacturers offer bags from HEPA materials;
  • A plastic container without a cyclone is an extremely rare phenomenon characteristic of extremely inexpensive models, with a rather weak filtration system;
  • Cyclone container is a popular version of the vacuum cleaner, due to the special design of the cyclone filter, a negligible fraction of dust penetrates outside the container;
  • The water container is an aquafilter that provides the cleanest air at the output, because its special design moistens the smallest dust masses with water, holding them inside;
  • The combined version is a bag/cyclone, aquafilter/bag, these options are also extremely rare.

Therefore, in order to decide which option to choose a vacuum cleaner, given the features of their vacuumers, it is extremely important to first highlight the main tasks for which you need a device.

Another type of vacuum cleaner is a plastic container without a cyclone. She preceded the development of cyclone filters. Such vacuum cleaners are extremely inexpensive, but due to the features of the garbage collection, they give back a lot of dust. Therefore, the air in the room cannot be called clean after cleaning with such a device


Studying reviews of detergents, you can notice that they are different. Models differ in cost, design, volume and location of tanks, type of control.

By design

By design, detergents are vertical and horizontal vacuum cleaners. The first. bulky, have a cylindrical shape. They are heavy, designed for large rooms. Horizontal models are more compact, resemble a regular vacuum cleaner, only with a water tank.

Electroskhvabras are now produced. They have tanks and all controls are located on the handle. Despite the compactness they are difficult. The absorption power is low, suitable for small rooms.

By the type and location of water tanks

Water tanks can be located differently. often the clean container is above the dirty. It is usually smaller in volume, so in the process it is required to add it. But to pour dirty water, you must first remove the upper tank.

A convenient option when a clean tank is located inside the tank for dirty water. In some models, you can pull out the cassette and add the liquid without analyzing the entire device.

By the method of nutrition and management

By the method of nutrition and management, there are several varieties of detergents vacuum cleaners.

  • Manual are small devices, used to clean the machines, clean furniture, and windows. They eat from the battery.
  • Robots-blankets are convenient to maintain order in large houses. Operate autonomously 2-2.5 hours, a small water tank.
  • Classic version with telescopic pipe. Controlled by buttons on the handle. Communication with the engine is carried out by wires or through infrared beam.

How to choose

To choose the best detergent vacuum cleaner, you need to study honest consumer reviews and specialist recommendations. The main thing is that it will take into account is filtration. Such vacuum cleaners have aquafilter. Dusty air passes through water, cleaned and moistened. But for high.quality cleaning, other filters are needed. It is desirable that there is a three.stage filtration system:

  • The HEPA filter removes up to 99% of impurities, dust, allergens from the air;
  • S-filters are able to capture the smallest particles;
  • Aquafilter retains dirt, dust.

Important! You need to pay attention to the filters to allergies. The better the filtering system, the cleaner the air will be after cleaning.

Criterias of choice

For such a technique to help cleaning, facilitating the work of the hostess, and not create a problem, you need to figure out how to choose a detergent vacuum cleaner for the apartment correctly. There are several characteristics that are important to pay attention to:

  • Suction power, the quality of cleaning depends on it. 350-400 watts enough for the house. Powerful 1000 watts are used for industrial cleaning or large rooms.
  • The volume of water container is recommended to be selected depending on the size of the house. 2-4 liters are enough for 2-3 rooms. If the house is large, 8-10 liters are consumed.
  • You need to see how much nozzles are included. There may be 5-7 of them. This is a brush, a nozzle for cleaning places. During wet cleaning, a brush for carpets, hard floor, furniture, windows is used.
  • From additional accessories, an antistatic brush for monitors, a foam roller, a brush for paintings are convenient. There are models with a plunger, a turbo engine, rotating electric.
  • The length of the cord 5-6 m provides freedom of movement around the apartment. It is desirable that there is automatic revolving, then the cord will not get confused.
  • To protect against overheating, there is auto shutdown. And a smooth start prevents the overload of the motor.
  • The reliability of the device depends on the manufacturer. You can advise not to save, but to choose models manufactured by large companies.

Important! It is necessary to pay attention to the power of absorption, and not consumed. The second parameter indicates how much the device consumes electricity, it does not affect the quality of cleaning.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment: what to look for

The vacuum cleaner is a complex household device, its choice should be based on technical characteristics, and not on design and price. Accent must be done on:

  • Power, the higher it will have to pay for electric energy. Depending on the design and manufacturer, the engine of harvesting equipment can consume from 1200 to 2500 watts.
  • Suction power (from 250 to 550 W) or an indicator of the possibilities of cleaning the vacuum cleaner. Do not confuse with the first parameter.
  • The type of filter. A progressive development is considered a non-filter suitable for dry cleaning of the premises where allergies live.

The secondary characteristics include: cable length, weight, noise indicators, volume of vacuumberry. Pay attention to the warranty period and the availability of service centers in the city. Do not forget about the configuration: the number of brushes, additional accessories for cleaning.

Which Cordless Vacuum is REALLY Best?! Splurge or Save

When planning to buy a vacuum cleaner for the apartment, first you need to determine what type of cleaning is needed: dry or wet. It is better to purchase a detergent model that will allow you to remove not only smooth surfaces (linoleum, laminate, parquet), but also carpets.

note! Before purchasing, check the length of the cable, if it is too short, you will have to constantly connect it to a new outlet.

For a small apartment, there will be enough traditional version of the vacuum cleaner, with a standard set of nozzles: for cracks, cleaning furniture and for cleaning floor and carpets.

Types of structures

Types of vacuum cleaners by type of design can conditionally be divided into 5 varieties. models are not installed in apartments and have a number of minuses:

These are centralized systems, with a power block that takes up a lot of space.

Classic version

The model has a horizontal case with a garbage collection compartment and a motor part. The harvesting equipment has wheels and a flexible hose, a prefabricated pipe. There are several nozzles in the kit. Work from an electric network.

Rating of the most reliable traditional vacuum cleaners:

Model Weight, kg The volume of the vacuum cleaner, l Additional characteristics of vacuum cleaners
Philips FC8294 Powergo 4.3 3 Super Clean Air filter, capturing up to 99% of harmful particles, a long cord. 6 m
Bosch BSGL3Mult1 5.7 four It has an indicator of filling the vacuum cleaner, automatic cable reckoning
Samsung SC4140 3.7 3 It has an indicator of filling the vacuum cleaner, non-filter, absorption power 320 W
Scarlett SC-VC80B95 2.9 2.5 Non-filter, parks vertically and horizontally

Vertical option

Vertical vacuum cleaners with a steam generator are not suitable for cleaning carpet coatings and piles.

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Model Weight, kg The volume of the vacuum cleaner, l Noise level, dB Description of additional functions
Bissell 17132 (Crosswave) 5.2 0.62 80 Aquafilter, designed to clean large areas
KitFort KT-535 5.3 one 80 3 degrees of cleaning, an elongated handle and the function of vertical parking
Tefal VP7545RH 5.5 0.80 84 Independent work of a steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner

Manual models

Model Battery capacity, mash The volume of the vacuum cleaner, l Dimensions, DHSHHV, mm Additional pluses
Philips FC6142 1 800 0.5 460x160x160 Flat base for charging, collects liquid
Bosch BHN 20110 1 500 0.3 368x138x110 Cyclone filter, battery charge indicator
Xiaomi Cleanfly Portable 2,000 0.1 298x70x70 Aquafilter and container
Clatronic Aks 828 1 400 0.5 380x130x110 collects liquid

Vacuum cleaners are not suitable for cleaning the house. Work from a cigarette lighter or battery, so they quickly discharge.

Robotized models

Vacuum cleaners independently clean according to a predetermined program. These are compact units that penetrate inaccessible places.

Robots-blankets can work on a schedule, it becomes recharging.

Review of the best models of the average price segment:

Model Dry/wet cleaning Opening hours, hour Remote control Minuses
IROBOT BRAAVA 390T / four Do not remove carpet coatings
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner / 2.5 And has Wi-Fi Poor cleans carpet coatings with a high pile
Panda X500 Pet Series / 1.5 A short.lived battery
Philips FC 8776 /- 2 do not remove carpet coatings with a high pile, does not cope with the forty in the corners

TOP-17: The best vacuum cleaners without a bag of 2022

Top vacuum cleaners without a bag with the best ratio of price and quality

No. Name Description
3. Karcher VC 3 Great high.power mild vacuum cleaner 231
four. Samsung VC18M3120 Reliable vacuum cleaner with a container from Samsung 281
5. Bosch BWD421PRO High.quality vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter from Bosch 330
6. Karcher ds 6 Good and famous vacuum cleaner without a bag 355
7. LG VC73209uhas Vacuum cleaner without a bag with a dry type of cleaning from LG 263

Rating of the best robots without a bag

№ Name Description Price
one. Tefal Smart Force X-Plorer RG6825WH The best robot vertebrae without a bag 135
2. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 BHR5055EU Multifunctional and popular robot vacuum cleaner without a bag 245
3. Roborock S7 Maxv Plus Robot Vacuum A premium harvesting station with a function 1 350 1350
four. KitFort KT-531 Nice and inexpensive robot vertebrae without a bag 90
5. Redmond RV-R65os Wi-Fi Good robot vacuum cleaner without a bag 3 in 1 300

The best inexpensive vacuum cleaners without a bag up to 10,000

№ Name Description Price
one. Samsung SC4326 The best budget vacuum cleaner without a bag of 2022 118
2. Philips XB 2022 High.quality inexpensive vacuum cleaner, best up to 100 100
3. Vitek VT-1833 Reliable inexpensive vacuum cleaner with aquafilter 149
four. Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner mini The best manual vacuum cleaner without a bag up to 50 fifty
5. Samsung VC18M21C0 Great budget vacuum cleaner without a bag 117

The best vacuum cleaners without a bag of 2022

TOP of the best vacuum cleaners without a bag, what to do if a vacuum cleaner does not work?

In 2022, in almost every house you can see a vacuum cleaner. This is a productive device that allows you to maintain cleanliness and order in the house with minimal physical and temporary costs. In household appliances stores, you can see a wide variety of vacuum cleaners with different technical characteristics, work principles and prices. To narrow the search circle with our list of the best vacuum cleaners without a bag at an attractive price.

LG VC73209uhas

Vacuum cleaner without a bag with a dry type of cleaning from LG.

Vacuum cleaner without a bag LG VC73209uhas

Opens our top vacuum cleaner with a dry type of cleaning LG VC73209uhas. High cleaning quality is ensured due to the optimal absorption of the device, as well as the system of thin cleaning Ne 14, which is equipped with a vacuum cleaner. During operation, the device consumes up to 2,000 watts, works from a standard power grid.

All details of the household appliance are made of high.quality materials, providing a long operational period, as well as resistance to mechanical effects. The length of the cord is 6 meters, when you press the special button, it is automatically wound. Steel telescopic tube makes cleaning even more comfortable. In addition to the vacuum cleaner and the telescopic tube, special nozzles for cleaning in places, floor and carpets are also attached to the kit.

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