How to choose the right hair dryer

Hairdryer Rating 2021: Top 10 Hairdryers

To keep your hair healthy, shiny and manageable after regular drying, it is important to choose the right hair dryer. After all, it is its functionality, the quality of the airflow that determines whether its use will be traumatic to the hair. To make it easier for you to find your model, we’ll tell you what to look out for and take a look at 10 good hair dryers for 2022.

There are two common opinions: “the more powerful. the better” and “the most quality hair dryers. expensive”. There is some truth in this, but it is a little more complicated. You don’t always need a very powerful device at home, and even the well-known manufacturers of hairdressing equipment produce a line of inexpensive models that professionals enjoy using, which means they will please your home too.

What is the best hair dryer??

Judging by years of experience, the most popular brands among the professionals are Gamma Piu, Parlux, Valera, BaByliss PRO, harizma, Coifin and others presented in the catalog. we are closely following the changes on the market of professional equipment and see what company masters trust when they choose the range. Which means that all of our models are also perfectly suited for home use.


Power affects the speed and temperature of the air flow. the more they are, the faster drying strands.

choose, right, hair, dryer

The most low-power hair dryers (up to 1200 watts). it’s usually a road option. The range for domestic and semi-professional models is from 1200W to 1600W. The professional hair dryer power can exceed 2500 watts.

What power to buy a hair dryer, depends on the type of hair. It’s better to dry fine and short hair at low temperatures and low air speeds, or you won’t have time to get your hair in the right shape. For long and thick hair, the indicators should be higher.

Interesting! Hairdressers do not recommend hair dryers with power over 2000 watts for regular use. But there is a nuance. In the characteristics indicate the upper threshold of power, but the hair dryer is not always working at the limit of their abilities. in professional models, the blowout speed (as well as temperature mode) can be changed. So if you often need to dry your hair, it makes sense to buy a professional hair dryer with good power. for every day you will choose a low speed / temperature, and if you need to urgently dry your hair. high.

The power range of the Ionic Storm professional hair dryer from harizma is 1680 to 2000 watts. If you’re looking for a hair dryer to buy for short and long hair, thin and thick at the same time (that is, for the whole family), this model will be a universal solution. At the same time it is compact (without the attachment. 16 cm) and lightweight (520 g), there are 3 temperature modes and 2 modes of airflow speed. There is also a built-in ion generator with a light indicator of work.

The motor

Explaining which professional hair dryer is better to buy and why, experts often touch on the peculiarities of the structure of the motor. While domestic models use a DC motor, professional models use an AC motor. It is designed for continuous operation. it does not overheat and you can do complex hairstyles for a long time.

To understand how to choose a good hair dryer, it is necessary to understand the types of motors. They come in:

Brushed, or collector (designation. DC). They have carbon-graphite brushes, through which the current is fed to the rotor.

Brushless, or brushless commutator (AC). Instead of brushes, they have neodymium magnets. This eliminates friction between the brushes and the rotor, and extends the life of the. The devices become more powerful, lighter, work up to 10,000 hours.

How to choose the right hair dryer? At first glance it is better to buy a hair dryer with a brushless motor, because it will last from 10 years in conditions of intensive use. But at home you are unlikely to load it so much, and to buy a new hair dryer after a while want to. Therefore, models with DC motors, but professional, would also be a great choice.

Coifin EVA X1R hairdryer with professional AC motor. At the same time it is very powerful (2100-2300 W), it is possible to choose one of three heating modes and one of two speeds. An additional plus for those looking for a hair dryer for home use. very democratic for professional equipment

The case

The material is important. The main condition. the case must not heat and break on impact (professional models. from carbon fiber or metal with insulation), and in the hands of a hair dryer must not slip, it is solved by rubber or soft-touch coating.

The important point is the removable filter on the air intake (the back of the hair dryer). It must be cleaned because if the filter collects dust, hair particles, the air to the motor will flow less, and this will lead to overheating or even burn out the heating element.

Observe the size and weight. What a hair dryer for the home? Lightweight. That way your hand won’t get tired longer and you have more room for maneuvering. it’s not easy to keep the right angle with a big hair dryer when you’re styling your hair. Compact and lightweight, these hair dryers are not necessarily travel- or low-capacity models.

VELECTA PARAMOUNT’s TGR 3600 weighs only 350g and is 19 cm long with the spray head. It is a fairly powerful hair dryer (1470-1740 W), there are 2 speed modes and 4 combinations of heating and airflow. The everyday companion.

Tailor the hair dryer to the job at hand. To do this, look at where the switches are located. on the side or in front/back of the handle. Which one is the best to choose?? The side-mounted side is particularly handy if the hair dryer is held in the right hand (the traditional hair dryer). For left-handed craftsmen, and for a comfortable change of work arm, a hair dryer with switches on the front or back is a good choice (universal, because it works for right-handers, too). At home you have to move the hair dryer from hand to hand to get even airflow from all sides. so it’s better to choose the universal version.

Modes of operation

The more you can adjust the airflow in terms of temperature and speed the better. At least a hair dryer for the home should give out hot, warm, cold air. With hot air they pick up extra moisture, with warm air they blow-dry, and with cold air they blow-dry.

Power cord

A thick (but soft) long cord won’t snag or restrict your movement. A rotating cord is ideal. Manufacturers have different ways to make the cord rotate, because it is important to ensure that it also has a firm grip on the motor. That’s why you’ll find a variety of solutions. An interesting option is Valera’s ROTOCORD system.

This is what the ROTOCORD system looks like in a hairdryer The Swiss Power4ever from Valera – Cord rotates 360 degrees without the risk of losing contact. But this is not the only innovation. It uses a brushless motor ENDURO BLDC and Smart Airflow technology (optimizes airflow), and reduces the drying time of your hair by 50%. Comes with a TOUCH ME nozzle attachment in addition to the standard nozzle. it is not heated during use. Ionization and 6 positions for switching airflow and temperature. Power. 2400W.

Top 10 models

Here are the top 10 hair dryers from different categories, which according to experts have become the best this year.

Dyson Supersonic

  • Power. 1600 W.
  • Nozzles. 2 pcs. (concentrator and large diffuser).
  • Has a cold air mode, ionizer.
  • Motor protection against overheating.
  • Power control.

The unique Dyson Supersonic hair dryer brings something new to the world of hair care. It is unusual in everything: in appearance, in technical parameters and in operation.

Equipped with intelligent control system, it measures and controls the temperature of the air by itself. This technology eliminates overheating and damage to the hair, ensuring gentle drying all the time. Unusual design of the body creates a super-powerful flow, and the magnetic attachment of the nozzles makes them easy to use.

Parlux 385 PowerLight Ionic Ceramic

  • Power. 2150W.
  • Temperature settings. 4.
  • 2 modes of blowing airflow.
  • Has a cold air supply.
  • Ionization function.
  • 2 nozzles in the kit (narrow and wide concentrator).
  • Hard to find in offline stores

A good and relatively inexpensive hair dryer is available in bright colors and is oriented to domestic use. It harmonizes technical parameters, quality and design. It is lightweight, handy, compact and yet quite powerful.

BaByliss BAB6160INE

  • Power output. 2000W.
  • It has ionization.
  • 2 modes of air temperature.
  • Power control. 2.
  • Cold air mode. yes.
  • The kit provides only 1 nozzle concentrator.
  • Hair dryer is heavy for its size. 900g

The hair dryer of professional quality can be used in the salon and at home. Design is made in classic black color, the device itself is not big. It does not have any special “frills”, it is a model with basic functions.

Lumme LU-1042

  • Power. 1400 watts.
  • Temperature settings. 2.
  • Airflow speed. 2.
  • Included 1 concentrator nozzle.
  • No cold blowout mode

Compact household hair dryer in several bright colors is suitable for thin hair, as it does not have a very high power. It is simple and more for drying than laying.

Philips BHD176 DryCare Advanced

  • Power. 2200 W.
  • Heating mode. 3.
  • Modes of intensity of air. 2.
  • Cold air blow. is available.
  • The nozzles are 2 pcs. (diffuser, concentrator).
  • The body overheats if you use it for a long time

This hair dryer is equipped with the latest ThermoProtect technology that guarantees an optimal temperature for drying curls safely and gently. Stylish design and relatively light weight (600 g) will make hair care pleasant and comfortable. This model with a diffuser is suitable for short hair, fine and curly hair.


  • Power. 2000 watts.
  • 2 airflow rate controls.
  • 3 temperature ranges.
  • There is a cold air flow.
  • Ionization function.
  • Concentrator nozzle included.
choose, right, hair, dryer
  • No diffuser nozzle

This hair dryer has excellent performance and is very inexpensive, about 800 p. It is lightweight, handy, suitable for drying, extracting and styling hair.

Polaris PHD 1464T

  • Power 1400 watts.
  • Air speed. 2 modes.
  • Temperature mode. 1.
  • There is an option of cold air blow.
  • Overheat Protection.
  • Nozzle. 1 pc. (wide concentrator).
  • No narrow concentrator

The new and very good hair dryer from Polaris has a folding handle, so you can take it with you when you travel. It is simple in its functionality and will suit those who are looking for a good model just for drying hair.


  • Power. 1800 watts.
  • Three temperature settings.
  • Blowing power modes. 2.
  • Cold air is available.
  • In the complete set of 2 nozzles. the concentrator and diffuser.
  • Not detected

Another quality hair dryer with a folding handle, but with better parameters than the previous model. The device is positioned as a household appliance and promises to cope with drying and a variety of hair styling in minutes.

Philips HP8233

  • Ceramic heating element
  • Heating air modes. 3.
  • Adjusting the intensity of the air flow. 2 modes.
  • Cold air. is available.
  • Concentrator nozzle and diffuser included.


Recommended for drying short hair, or for those who regularly travel, go to the gym or the pool.

With technical characteristics only slightly exceeding those of compact hair dryers, the “household” class of devices has a number of advantages. The light weight of these devices allows for free manipulation, and their power is enough for daily needs. In addition, household appliances are the most ergonomic and convenient option for do-it-yourself use. The control buttons and the handle are designed so that they can easily be found to the touch. On the other hand, such hair dryers, as well as “compacts” are not designed for long-term work,

What to look for when choosing a hair dryer

Obligatory attribute. it is the power of a hair dryer. But you should not run for maximum power if you are not a professional. Otherwise you run the risk of not being able to cope with such power and not having time to style or at all damage the hair and contribute to premature hair loss.

Cold blow blow. It is a very important point. Cold blowing is practically indispensable for fixing the paving. Back at the store, before you buy, it’s worth turning on your hair dryer and seeing if its rate of transition from hot to cold is high enough.

Body. It is best to choose heat-resistant and impact-resistant plastic if you do not want your device to melt in the first day, because the temperature of the dryer comes directly from its resistance to heat. In general, in the 21st century, a hair dryer without a resistant housing is a worthless dryer.

Wire. It must be insulated and not less than 2.5 meters long. If the wire base can twist in its socket, this is a big plus and it’s best to choose it.

Power hair dryer

The notion that the more powerful the device, the better it is. wrong. With less than 1000 watts is a completely inefficient dryer.

For home use, it is best to choose a hair dryer with medium power (from 1200 W to 1600 W). A compact hair dryer also has a similar power.

For professional styling use dryers with power from 1600 watts to 2300 watts.

The power can be adjusted with a dedicated button on the handle.

Do not confuse temperature and power. And the second. with how hot that air should be.

Synopsis! When drying and styling, use heat protectors to avoid damaging your hair. They are very inexpensive and can provide you with safe use of any type of device.

For long and thick hair is suitable hair dryer with a capacity of not more than 1600 watts. This is the ideal tumble dryer for this kind of drying.

Attention! It is not recommended to use hair dryers that have a power of 2000 watts or more often. Even the best hair dryer when used improperly can both ruin your hair and damage your hair.

Number of speeds

The speed of airflow depends on the power of the appliance. An elementary fact about using hair dryers is that hair is dried not because the temperature of the hair dryer is raised high, but because of the speed of the air flow. What’s more, raising the temperature can mess up your hair. The higher the air speed, the faster you can dry your hair. It turns out that the dryer for hair with high speed is more effective than others in this case.

The device has a button that controls the flow rate: weak, medium and fast. There are only two modes in ordinary hair dryers.

Tip! When buying a hair dryer, check the airflow rate.

Temperature mode

The airflow temperature ranges between 70 and 120 degrees Celsius. The temperature on the appliance is adjusted by a button. It usually has three modes: low, medium and hot.

Cold air is a very. important function. The cold air dryer is widely used by professionals. The hot airflow opens the hair scales and makes them more susceptible to the environment, while the cold air closes them and fixes the hair.

Important! Modes should be chosen based on the structure and thickness of hair. The thinner and weaker they are, the lower the temperature should be. It is also recommended to dry bangs and temples in a gentle mode, as the hair in these areas is thinner.

Additional functions

To understand how to choose a hair dryer, you need to pay attention to additional functions. There are quite a few such features, but a multifunctional device may not suit everyone.

Dryer with a humidity control sensor regulates the temperature of the air flow and the level of humidity of the hair. On this basis the output changes, which you can follow on the indicator. Orange indicates hair is wet and green indicates hair is dry.

The removable air filter allows you to use the appliance for much longer. The filter can be removed and cleaned of dust and trapped hair. The specific temperature of a hair dryer with a humidity control sensor is usually higher than other models.

Very handy feature. automatic shutoff. Sensor sensors shut off the hair dryer when put on the table. This allows the device does not overheat and saves the user time. This kind of dryer is often used in hair salons and hairdressing salons.

A hair dryer with ionization is worth choosing for those who have damaged and overdried hair that often gets electrified. The ionization process produces negative ions in the hair. Ionic airflow makes hair softer and less tangled. It is not only suitable for drying hair, but also for healing it.

A cordless hair dryer is a handy tool for travel or when you don’t have access to electricity. Even without electricity, you can look your best with this kind of appliance. The cordless also produces hair dryers. However, it is worth remembering that the wireless gadget costs more than the same model with a wire. It’s a smart way to overpay for portability.

The silent function is a definite plus. Many hours of work with a humming device can cause headaches, so manufacturers have come up with a silent hair dryer. These models are not inferior to their counterparts. The only difference between them is the high price.

Nozzles for the hair dryer

  • When choosing a hair dryer for home use, you need to pay attention to the nozzles.
  • There are a lot of them and they all have different functions:
  • The diffuser nozzle. This device is to ensure that the hair lies neatly in waves and does not look like a dandelion.
  • Brush. The perfect hair dryer for styling your hair.
  • The comb attachment. It’s good for adding volume and drying the hair.

HOW TO USE A HAIR DRYER | Blowdrying Tutorial | Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial 2022

Manufacturers of hair dryers

There are a huge number of companies that produce hair dryers. But the best produce Philips, Bosch, Panasonic, Braun, Polaris, Supra. The last brand has established itself as a manufacturer of budget, but quality hair dryers.

Rating of the top 10 hair dryers according to KP

Galaxy GL4310

Our rating opens with the hair dryer Galaxy GL4310. the device optimally combines price and quality. Outwardly the hair dryer may seem simple, but its functionality is not affected. The power rating is very high (2200 Watt), and it comes in handy for professional salons (or for blow drying thick hair). We advise you to be careful with the heating modes: there are 3, you should choose according to the type and humidity of your hair. The air flow is also adjustable: with the button on the handle, as well as the concentrator (comes with the technique). The cord has a length of 2m, which is enough for styling, even if the location of the outlet is unsuitable (this most often “suffer” rooms in hotels). There is a loop for hanging up. The hair dryer is suitable for use in hot weather, t.к. There is a cold air blowing mode. The noise level is controversial. some people think it is loud, others praise its quiet operation. It is advisable to test the appliance in the store before buying it.

Pros and cons

Bloggers complain that the buttons for switching speed and temperature mode are badly distinguishable. The aesthetic appearance of the equipment “with three stars”

Stylish hair dryer Magio MG-169 will please the price, functionality and appearance. Thanks to the bright blue buttons you can not mix up the modes when drying; moreover, the bezel on the body makes it clear how you put the nozzle. The set includes not only the concentrator but also a diffuser. It can be used to create volume at the roots and even to fix a chemical styling. Concluding the external review, it is worth noting the Soft Touch coating. Light ABS plastic roughness eliminates the risk of slipping out of the hands. The high power of 2600 Watts makes this hair dryer suitable for professional use, especially since it is equipped with a loop for hanging. 3 heat modes to suit your hair type. The cool airflow is perfect for hot weather or express hair styling.

Pros and cons

Stylish look, 2 nozzles included, matte finish Soft Touch, hanger loop

DEWAL 03-120 Profile-2200

Hairdryer Dewal 03-120 Profile-2200 is recommended for hairdressers: it looks bright and does not leave anyone indifferent. 4 colors to choose from: classic black, lettuce, coral and wine tint. The colorful hair dryer will delight the client in the salon, and will cheer you up for the day! Also the technical values are satisfying: The 2200 watt output is ideal for thick hair and also for fine hair. if you want to dry it quickly after dyeing it. 3 heat modes, 2 speeds conveniently switched on the handle. Be careful with the maximum temperature. possible overheating of the body and the smell associated with it. The kit only includes the concentrator, but for professional hairdressers, it’s all about focus and skill. Provides a loop for hanging, the cord length. the whole 3m.

Beurer HC 25

Beurer HC 25 is a compact travel hairdryer. The handle folds up conveniently and takes up minimal space in your bag. Weight of only 470 grams, such a device will appeal to the fragile teenage girl (will not get tired arm when styling). It is a modest hair dryer, but it boasts a power rating of 1600 watts, and this is good for long, thick hair. But it can not be used for a long time, keep it in mind (to avoid damages). Built-in overheat protection prevents the hair dryer from overheating in the event of a sudden drop in voltage. The 2-way design and the cold air blowing feature are useful for short hair and dry hair. The ionization, if enabled, makes the hair less electrifying. It comes with a concentrator nozzle. The hanging loop comes in handy when you take the appliance to the pool or to the gym. the hair dryer fits neatly into a locker.

Soocas H3S

The cylindrical shape of the Soocas H3S is considered by some to be more suitable for daily use. It doesn’t affect the blowing, but it makes it easier to operate. Note, the kit does not include any nozzles, not even a concentrator. This tool is suitable for light hair drying. complicated procedures, like volume at the roots or curling require a stream of air with a clear focus. The manufacturer warns about the aluminum alloy body (be careful not to burn yourself!) and bundles hair dryers with rubber mats. Choice of 2 colors. vibrant red and versatile silver. Has 3 heat modes, ionisation function. The latter will be useful if your hair is thin and brittle; eliminates electrification, makes the styling smooth. Built-in protection against overheating, the device is equipped with a cord 1.7 m.

Pros and cons

Customers complain about the lack of European plug, you have to buy an adapter. Not suitable for the problem scalp (hot air without the nozzle is a continuous stream, unpleasant sensations are possible)

Philips HP8233 ThermoProtect Ionic

Thanks to its ThermoProtect technology, the Philips HP8233 is exceptionally well suited for weaker hair. This mode can be used to dry the head after the coloring, perm. which is used by professional hairdressers. Additional ionization function closes the scales of the hair, which means smooth styling and even preserving the dye in the cuticle for a long time. Cold air blowing with 6 operation modes in total. Removable filter protects the device from dust and small hairs, which are so common in the salons. A very good investment! There is a loop for hanging, the cord 1.8 m without the rotation function, you have to get used to using (otherwise it will twist). It comes with 2 attachments: a concentrator and a diffuser. Power 2200W, enough for thick and unruly hair.

Polaris PHD 2018Ti

Classic household appliance with 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings. The power of 1800 watts is enough for long or thick hair. It has an ionization function, which ensures the removal of static and easy combing after laying.

Overheat protection. automatic shutdown when the appliance is too hot.

Includes only the nozzle concentrator, so the hair dryer Polaris not suitable for complex styles, but will be a great solution for girls looking for a good device solely for drying curls.


The VALERA hair dryer is made by a Swiss hair expert, who makes appliances for professionals. The device has a shockproof case that is resistant to mechanical impacts and has an extended service life. Slip-proof, ergonomic handle.

Hair Dryer Buying Guide | How to select Best Hair Dryer

  • Power. 2400 W.
  • Ionizer. yes.
  • Cable length. 3m. Cord has an intermediate holding ROTOCORD, which allows 360 degree rotation of the cable without twisting.
  • Weight. 495 g.

Reduced noise level. The manufacturer has even indicated that the sound from the motor does not exceed 65 dB, which is comparable to a loud conversation at a distance of 1 meter.

Metal air filter can be removed for cleaning if needed. Comes with 2 concentrator nozzles made of nonheating material, which makes styling even more comfortable.

What to pay attention to when choosing a hair dryer

So, now that we have oriented ourselves in the type of gadget, let’s find out what parameters you should pay attention to when buying.

Power hair dryer

The power of the hair dryer depends on the speed of air flow and the maximum temperature of heating. The parameter is measured in watts and is always indicated directly on the case.

  • Small power. from 600 to 1000 W. Such a hair dryer is not suitable for styling hair, but suitable for drying. The advantage is that with such indicators, the curls will not be damaged by high temperature.
  • Medium power. from 1000 to 1800 W. This is the optimal parameter for home use. With such power will be easy to make your own styling, straighten curls, twist strands. It is good, if the model will have several speeds and temperature modes. It will allow you to adjust the device for your hair type.
  • High power. from 1800 W and higher. Can be found in home models, but more common in professional models. Powerful hair dryer necessarily equipped with regulators. In the unskilled hands of such a device risks damaging the hair, so choose for themselves is still better hair dryers with medium-parameters.

Number of speeds

Today, even the budget models have speed regulators. This option is little relevant for devices with low power, but necessary for devices with a capacity of 1200 watts and above.

Hair dryers with 2 or 3 speeds are considered the best. The regulators are usually located on the handle in the form of buttons or a slider.

A low speed is best for drying hair, especially if it is very fine and weak. At medium and high speed can do styling, straightening, curling.

Some companies offer models with a large number of speeds (4-6). But as practice shows, there is no need for such ranges, and it is not worth overpaying for them.

Temperature mode

In order to choose the right quality device for your hair, you should pay attention to the presence of temperature modes.

In household devices, 2 modes of air supply are more common: cold and hot. Professional tools can have more temperature switches. 3 to 4.

The regulators are also located on the hair dryer handle and can be in the form of sliders, levers, buttons.

Experts recommend choosing a model with 3 modes of air temperature:

  • Maximum hot air allows you to quickly create hairstyles, curls, straighten your hair.
  • Medium temperature is safe for frequent use.
  • Cold air is necessary for fixing the hair styling.

Additional Features

The best hair dryers are equipped with useful add-ons, such as:

  • Ionizer. Negatively charged ions break the water droplets into tiny particles. Microdrops more easily penetrate deep into the hairs, moisturizing them. So the ionizer prevents the hair from drying out and promotes healthy looking hair.
  • Ozonator. This add-on is used in the new generation of hair dryers and is not yet found very often. A built-in ozonator lamp also helps water molecules penetrate deep into the hair shaft, but it also oxygenates the hair structure and fuses the cuticle scales together. It locks a large amount of moisture inside the hair fiber, leaving it smooth and supple.

The hair dryer attachments

The number of nozzles in all models varies. is not good or handy. The choice of equipment is based on your needs. There is no point in buying an expensive model with a huge number of nozzles that no one will use. See what attachments are available and what they’re good for.

  • The concentrator is the basic nozzle that amplifies and precisely directs the airflow. It is detachable and can be found with any hair dryer. Needed for both drying and styling hair.
  • Diffuser. big round nozzle with “fingers” that help dry hair with volume. It is also great for creating light curls.
  • Combs comb. used to straighten the hair, making it smooth.
  • Tweezers are necessary for forming curls. Sometimes there are several pliers of different diameters in the set. The shorter the hair, the smaller the diameter of the tongs should be.
  • Brushes. they can also be different diameters, shapes, of plastic bristles or natural. Brushes are quite versatile attachments, with their help you can pull hair, curl curls, give volume. A good option for girls with short, fine hair.
  • Comb. usually made of plastic, has long, wide teeth. Helps create volume and chaotic hairstyles. Relevant for long hair.

In professional appliances you can find additional hubs (narrow, round, tubular, etc.).) Hair dryers-stylers can be with a rotating nozzle, which greatly facilitates styling, but not the best effect on the device. The differences in the kits are very substantial and each model has to be considered individually, taking into account your wishes and the need for a particular attachment.

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