How to choose the right way to place a mobile conditioner at home

How to install a split-system with your hands

If you want to install conditioner, as a rule, you should call specialists, who will give you the document about right work done. At installation of split system with your own hands you lose the right for a service under the warranty. But to save money many home craftsmen try to do the air conditioner installation by their own hands. It is worth considering one thing: in order to qualitatively connect the external unit of the system with the internal one, and then run the unit in operation, you will need to buy quite expensive equipment. In addition, the installation of the split system. a rather troublesome affair, if you do it yourself. Purchase of equipment is reasonable in the following cases:

  • you are planning to move one or more units to new locations;
  • If you purchased several units;
  • You are planning a serious repair in your apartment, which assumes a complete dismantling and then re-installation of split-system;
  • You want to help your friends or relatives to install split-system;
  • If you need this set of tools for making repair of automobile conditioner.

In other cases the installation of air conditioner in the apartment with your hands is unpractical.

Installation of the outdoor unit

Having decided to buy one of split-systems you should think how to install correctly the outside unit for it. Wrong initial installation can lead to big financial expenses in the future. In order not to let it happen you should take into consideration the following moments:

Conditioner is expensive climatic equipment, which is bought with expectation for 7-10 years of exploitation. Therefore, the choice of model and installation of a cooling device in the apartment should be approached in a balanced manner and with. Otherwise next year you will have to redo walls, to make a repair in the apartment or even to buy another type and brand of air conditioner.

Pros and cons of the design

Advantages of mobile devices are obvious:

  • relative mobility. just put the product in the room, connect to the network and enjoy the coolness will not work, because some preparatory work will have to be done, but not as much as when installing a wall-mounted version;
  • no complicated works on installation, sometimes it is enough to put a duct with a special nozzle in a half-open window;
  • There are no communications for freon circulation and condensate drainage;
  • it is not necessary to coordinate the installation of the unit in different instances.

There is an equally representative list of disadvantages.

  • All the mechanical part of the air conditioner is inside the room: a compressor that compresses the refrigerant and takes away its heat. When working this unit creates a small, but still noise impact on the surrounding. Operating mechanics emits heat, i.e. е. The product creates a heating effect, and the principle of work of mobile air conditioner is based on the struggle with this phenomenon.
  • These products do not have a condensate outlet, it is collected in a special pallet, but you have to remove it by yourself.
  • The monoblock is supplied with a corrugated hose for an exhaust air discharge outside which also is heated in spite of the insulation and creates additional greenhouse effect behind the conditioner.
  • For cooling air is sucked from the premise where it is installed. It turns out that it is used repeatedly, what does not add quality to it.
  • Floor-mounted conditioner takes though a small but nevertheless space near the premise. it is very important for small rooms.

All these statements are true, but you should not get upset. all home appliances have their own pluses and minuses, monoblocks are no exception to the rules.

New AC Unit Install

How to establish a mobile conditioner.

Introduction. A month ago summer came. Weather forecasters promise high temperatures, especially in the Southern Federal District, which includes Volgograd, where I live. In order not to suffer from heat at home (and a draught between a hall and a loggia will hardly save you from it), it was decided to buy a mobile conditioner. I will answer the question: “Why mobile, and not the “classic”. with two units: one inside the room, the second outside (fixed to the outer wall of the house with climbing equipment)”? The answer is simple: a mobile air conditioner does not require installation (by a climber) and its maintenance is minimal: you only need to occasionally drain the condensed water inside and clean, once a year, the two removable dust filters. Well, the “classic”. You should annually hire a handyman, who will service the remote unit on the outside wall of your house. We bought Magnit MC 2009 mobile air conditioner on June 17 of this year for 12,695. The installation kit for the air conditioner was designed for plastic windows that go up. Therefore, the question arose: how to install it in a window with a wooden frame? After some thought, the solution was to make a wooden sash with a width of 17 centimeters. and a length of just under one and a half meters, which will be attached to the three hinges with screws directly to the window frame. An oval hole was cut into this sash to fix a plastic outlet from the air duct coming from the mobile air conditioner. Initially there were hesitations about the material of the sash, wanted to use for this: fiberboard, foam PVC, monolithic polycarbonate, and even laminate. But it turned out that the fiberboard and laminate are not waterproof (rain will soak and warp), suitable only. PVC foam and solid polycarbonate. In the end we refused from these materials too, and used only what we had on hand: two wooden boards (linden), ~10 cm wide., stapled together with a construction stapler. The boards used to make the sash were soaked in olive oil and painted white. It was decided to fix the given construction, with a locking hook, which was bought for 20. Hook made of 4mm diameter rod., was bent about 90 degrees and screwed to the frame and to the sash. Now a few pictures. Close-up of an air conditioner: An air conditioner, a view of a room with a mobile air conditioner from afar: Discussion of this entry on the forum here: As a bonus, here’s the same video, but in better FullHD-quality:

choose, right, place, mobile, conditioner, home

Introduction. A month ago summer came. The weather forecasters promise high temperatures, especially in the Southern Federal District, which includes Volgograd, where I live. In order not to suffer from the heat at home (and a draught between the hall and the loggia saves little from it), it was decided to buy a mobile air conditioner. To answer the question: “Why is it mobile, and not the “classic”. with two units: one inside the room, the second outside (attached to the outside wall of the house with climbing equipment)?? The answer is simple: a mobile conditioner does not need installation (by a climber) and its maintenance is minimal: you only need to occasionally drain the condensed water inside and clean the two removable dust filters once a year. Well, the “classic”. You need to hire a handyman annually to service the remote unit on the outside wall of the house. We bought Magnit MC 2009 mobile air conditioner on June 17 of this year for 12695. The air conditioner installation kit was designed for the plastic windows that go up. So, there was a question: how to install it in a window with a wooden frame? After some thought, we came up with a solution: to make a wooden sash, 17 cm wide. and a little less than a meter and a half long, which will be attached with three self-tapping hinges right into the window frame. In this sash was cut out an oval hole to fix a plastic outlet from the air duct coming from the mobile air conditioner. Initially there were hesitations about the material of the sash, wanted to use for this: a panel of fiberboard, foam PVC, solid polycarbonate, and even a laminate. But it turned out that the fiberboard and laminate are not water-resistant (rain soaked and warped), suitable only. foamed PVC and solid polycarbonate. In the end we abandoned these materials too, and used what we had on hand: two pieces of wood (linden), ~10 cm wide., stapled together with a stapler. The boards used to make the sash were soaked in olive oil and painted with white paint. Fix this construction, it was decided to lock with a hook which we bought for 20. A hook made out of a 4mm diameter rod., was bent on 90 degrees and screwed to the frame and to the sash. Now a few pictures.

Air conditioner close-up:

As a bonus, here is the same video, but in better FullHD quality:

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Order of installation

In order to correctly and qualitatively install split-system with your own hands you need to do it in this order:

  • At first it is necessary to install indoor equipment;
  • then prepare the communication ducts;
  • lay out the connecting lines in the ducts;
  • to put the external unit;
  • connect the units to the electrical and gas lines;
  • Vacuum the system and check for leaks;
  • Fill in the system with coolant (freon);. Fill in the system with coolant (freon).

Internal equipment

The indoor unit is mounted to the wall on the included steel frame. Usually there is a drawing in the manual, which shows the location of the holes on the bearing surface of the wall. But it is easier to take the frame itself and to mark the places of fixing on the wall directly on it.

Take the mounting frame and place it on the wall in the place where you plan to install the indoor module. Using a spirit level, make sure that the frame is positioned strictly horizontally. If the frame will be tilted to the left or to the right, the moisture inside a conditioner can accumulate from one edge and will not reach the socket of condensate drain.

After making sure the frame is level by using it as a template, mark it on the wall. Using the markings, make holes of the required diameter in the wall. Use wall plugs, screws or screws to fix the base frame to the wall.

After the bearing frame is fixed it is necessary to prepare channels through which connection pipelines will go. First mark out the trimmer line on the wall, along which the communications should run. Among other things, there will be a drainage pipe. In order for the water to flow freely into the street, the line trimmer line must have a slight slope, which is checked with a construction level.

You can deepen the trunking into the wall. To do this with Stroborez will have to make channels with a depth of 35-40 mm and a width of 50-75 mm. That is bad because in case of air conditioner repair it will be necessary to spoil the wall.

It is easier to lay the pipes in a plastic box. Good fit standard cable-channel section 60×80 mm. Plastic boxes are attached to the wall with screws or dowels. Sometimes cable-channel attached to the concrete with construction adhesive, but it is not suitable for installation of air conditioning systems. The fact that the copper lines and electrical wires are quite heavy.

Outdoor module

It is not easy to install by oneself the external part of split-system. Outer module has a big weight and big sizes. The matter is complicated by the fact that one will have to perform the work outside the room, moreover at a considerable height.

First prepare one hole for the upper mount of one of the brackets. Secure the top of the bracket and, setting it strictly vertically, mark the location of the bottom attachment. After you will be fixed one bracket, you can mark a place for the second.

How to drain a portable AC without a hose

You should make a mark on the wall with help of construction level so that the second bracket was at needed distance from the first one, exactly at the same level. Fix it in the same way as you fixed the first bracket.

The hardest part is getting the outdoor unit onto the brackets. Because there is a compressor inside it, the outdoor module can weigh up to 20 kg. Just in case, tie down the module with strong tape or rope and do not remove the safety feature until the module is completely secured to the brackets.

What’s the advantage of mobile technology?

There is a question at once: is this cumbersome floor equipment necessary, when you can buy a traditional, more habitual in use split-system??

Floor standing monoblocks are referred to mobile appliances, that is, equipment that can be moved at will from place to place. to move from living room to bedroom, and if necessary, to take to the country house.

Monoblock conditioner is very popular because of the simplicity of connection. Its construction is peculiar in that both condenser and evaporator are placed inside one case installed inside the premise

The units are attractive for those who like to change conditions, but at the same time to live in the most comfortable conditions. Here are four main qualities, which are positively estimated by constant users in floor models:

As you see the floor standing monoblocks are in some way better than split-systems, and in order to install a home mobile air conditioner it is not necessary to chisel walls and install brackets from the outside. Servicing the unit also takes a little time, and at a cost it is not more expensive than alternative models.

There are also mobile air conditioners without ducts. But they have many disadvantages: loud noise, low efficiency and necessity of regular service. And the most unpleasant. the high humidity in the room

If you choose the floor equipment, carefully read the next section in order to get acquainted with the installation nuances. If you know how to install a mobile air conditioner correctly, you will be able to provide a comfortable microclimate in the room without the help of specialists.

Peculiarities of installation

In order to install correctly a mobile conditioner one needs a definite skill, though one does not have so much work here as while installing a window or wall conditioner. You should think over at once what kind of installation of air vent hose will be used: permanent with cut-in into the window unit or temporary, in order to use slightly half-opened window sill. If you intend to move the air conditioner around the apartment in order to create a cool atmosphere everywhere, then the temporary conclusion will do for you.

Some models are sold with a factory design of the output unit at the end of the hose, users only need to make a similar opening and connect the hose to the window unit.

To install the monoblock indoors, you will need:

  • A sheet of durable plastic with a thickness of at least 10 mm to create a barrier between the outside and the inside air in the opening where the hose outlet will be installed permanently;
  • Metal hacksaw to cut the hard metal of the window construction;
  • Special construction adhesive tape for fixation of the cut-out area in a plastic window.

In order to create a reliable seal, the edges of the sheet should be sealed with silicone sealant or treated after installation with assembly foam.

Selection Criteria

You have to choose the air conditioner for your apartment seriously in order for it to meet all your requirements. Here are the most basic criteria, which are worth to be underlined while choosing an air conditioner.

  • this indicator is influenced by the power of the unit.
  • It is necessary to chose a conditioner in a bedroom with an availability of a night mode;
  • the quietest are inverter models.
choose, right, place, mobile, conditioner, home

One of the main criteria for purchase. For example, when choosing an air conditioner for a two-room apartment, you can buy two medium-powered, or one powerful enough, and place it so that it cools both rooms.

In order to calculate the required power, you must know the area of the room where the unit will be installed, the possible number of people there, running appliances, the level of warming of the room by the sun. If the power of the purchased device will be less than it is necessary, he will have to work hard, what will deduce its failure in a short period of time. Excessive power leads to unnecessary expense of electric energy and consequently the finance as well.

Depending on the work of the air conditioner, you can choose the model with appropriate additional functions:

  • auxiliary air purification;
  • air mixing from the street;
  • possibility of operation at low temperature;
  • smart eye system;
  • reduced noise index;
  • ionizer.

One of the important technical indicators of air conditioners is energy efficiency. The less energy an appliance consumes when producing more cold or heat under certain conditions, the more energy efficient it is, and the higher its efficiency.

Depending on the degree of energy consumption, air conditioners are divided into 7 classes, from A to G (these classes are indicators of energy efficiency)

Presence or absence of heating function and inverter

As it was marked inverter makes operation of air conditioner the most energy efficient. Its function is to regulate the capacity. Air conditioner with inverter works at high power till the set temperature is reached and then it reduces it, which allows to make the work of unit in the most effective way.

What air conditioner is better to choose for the apartment, with heating or not, depends on what functions it will have. When choosing this feature, be guided by the area of the room and the presence of other heating appliances.

While buying conditioner one more problem appears. how to fit it into the interior of the premise so that it will please your eyes?

  • it is possible to hide the system at the stage of repair in plasterboard constructions, in furniture facades, in niches;
  • in some air conditioners, the indoor unit is made in the form of a frame in which you can insert a photo, picture or poster;
  • it is possible to chose a conditioner in one color with the furniture, wallpaper or curtains. If the desirable color is not found, it is possible to use a self-adhesive film;
  • To use air-spraying technique. to paint a picture on the surface of an air conditioner with an airbrush, what is effective, non-standard and inimitable.

It happens that one selects an air conditioner only according to technical characteristics, without taking into consideration the specificity of a premise, and then the installation and use of the conditioner become complicated. To avoid this, you need to initially take into account the squareness and type of space, the peculiarities of indoor unit installation

It is necessary to take into consideration the shape and size of rooms, if it is a sunny side or not, ventilation. Residents of apartment buildings should take into account the noise level of the chosen unit

And of course it is recommended to entrust the installation of the equipment to professionals, because this is a guarantee of a long and trouble-free work of the equipment.

While purchasing a conditioner you should read the rules of warranty service and repair, peculiarities of utilization.

One more nuance. the modern models of air conditioners can perform a huge number of functions, which in most cases are not used. A buyer must decide for himself whether he needs such a multifunctional device, because, as a rule, it is worth much more.

Before buying air conditioner it is desirable to know reviews and opinions of people who have already bought and use this equipment. So you will get information that no seller will tell you.

Let’s analyze advantages and disadvantages of floor conditioner

Of course, a stationary device is a more widespread variant, but in some cases you cannot do without an air conditioner, but you cannot install it on the wall due to certain reasons. That is why in these situations there comes a mobile conditioner. It has a number of advantages:

Equipment of the mobile air conditioner

  • You can easily install it by yourself, as it is rather simple assembly.
  • There is no possibility to damage while installing mobile air conditioner the repair works in the room.
  • No extra utilities are needed to drain and circulate freon.
  • You will not need to ask a host’s permission for installation, if you rent an apartment.
  • Relatively cheap installation.
  • Small size of the air conditioner, allowing to save a place in the room.
  • It can provide a normal temperature in the premises up to 25 square meters.
  • The eco-friendliness of the appliance due to the absence of refrigerants.
  • Easy to use.
  • Many models have many additional functions, such as ionizing, heating the room, or can be used as a fan.
  • Low enough power consumption.
  • Noise during operation is not higher than the noise of the ordinary floor fan.

In addition to the huge number of advantages, mobile air conditioners also have certain disadvantages, which include:

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