How to clean the compartment in a washing machine

Design of the powder tray (cuvette)

It is not recommended to pour detergent directly into the drum, on the laundry. This can lead to stains on clothes, and the quality of washing in most cases will be lower.

A special cuvette is used to deliver the detergent into the washing tank at the right time. The active ingredients arrive dissolved in the tank, ensuring that your clothes are washed effectively. The powder hopper of most washing machines is divided into 3 compartments, which are designed for different detergents. There are separate compartments for prewash and main wash, as well as a compartment for an additional substance (rinse aid, conditioner, bleach).

The size and location of the compartments for detergents inside the tray differs from machine to machine. To know the intricacies of loading the detergents for a particular model of washing machine, refer to the manual for help. Whether or not you fill the detergent and conditioner correctly can determine the effectiveness of the wash.

How to get the detergent compartment out of the washing machine

It is possible to clean the powder compartment without taking it out of the washing machine. But you can clean the powder tray more effectively if you pull it out.

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Pull the powder compartment out very carefully, following the instructions so as not to break it.

The powder tray may crack if you are not careful.

On most washing machines, to get to the powder compartment, you push in the tab and pull out the tray.

On some washing machines, such as Indesit and Ariston, this is harder to do. It will be better if you are shown how to do it the first time by a washing machine repairman.

How to remove limescale powder in the washing machine tray

Before you start cleaning the tray, you must separate it from the machine body. This will not be easy to do. To do this, squeeze the tab located in the middle of the basket, next to the conditioner compartment and pull the basket out of the machine.

Then you should already proceed directly to clean this container. It can be carried out by mechanical method, as well as using folk remedies and household chemicals.

Mechanical methods

When the tray has to be cleaned, the easiest method is mechanical cleaning, because no detergents or auxiliary tools are needed.

  • Remove the container from the machine.
  • Dismantle the tray into its component parts if it separates. Often the rinse aid compartment of these appliances is separated from the tray.
  • After disassembling the tray, open the hot water tap and rinse all of its plastic parts under the hot water jet. Any powder residue on the walls should be removed.
  • Wipe off any encrusted dirt with a soft brush.
  • Then rinse the container again with hot water and a cloth.
  • Wipe the tray and return it to the machine at the end of the procedure.


No hard brushes or abrasive tools may be used for mechanical cleaning. They can scratch the plastic walls and erase the powder dispenser marks.

The method described above is suitable for cleaning weak and medium soiling. If the scale has a lime nature and is already well ingrained in the walls, you can not remove it mechanically. Chemicals or home remedies are needed to solve such problems.

Folk remedies

The folk ways mean the improvised substances of natural origin. These remedies do not contain special chemical additives. This option of cleaning is usually used by people who are limited in money and want to work with environmentally friendly products.

Folk cleaning methods are highly versatile and can be used to wash the container and the entire washing machine. The useful properties and safety of folk remedies have made them so popular.

Mix baking soda with a proportionate amount of water and pour this mixture into the tray. Wait 35 minutes and then carefully scrub the dirty places with a soft side of an ordinary sponge. This will wipe off mold and deposits.

The baking soda is placed in a container, and then vinegar is poured on top. The products in contact with each other will cause a chemical reaction which can dissolve even stubborn dirt. Remove the remains of softened dirt with a rag without much difficulty.

Table or undiluted vinegar is good for this recipe. Remove the tray from the machine and place it in a plastic bowl. Then pour 1 liter of hot water and 200 ml of table vinegar into the tray. Keep the tray in this solution for 6-8 hours. During this time, all the existing dirt will have time to soften, and it will be necessary to remove them with a rag.

The recipe based on citric acid is so good that it is suitable for cleaning the tray and the entire machine. This is the sequence of the cleaning process:

  • put 210 g of citric acid in the compartment;
  • start the device by setting the mode to 60 degrees;
  • in the tank of the washing machine things do not need to be loaded;
  • When the washing program is done, it is necessary to switch to the rinse mode.

This product will not only wash well the tray and the whole machine from fungus, limescale and other deposits, but also give things a pleasant smell.

Household chemicals

Household chemistry involves cleaning the dirt on household appliances by using special agents. There is a large assortment of such preparations in the trade. The main advantage of household chemicals is high efficiency.

In the first group of substances is allowed to soak the tray for a few hours to soften the dirt. And gentle products are recommended to pour into the machine to clean the entire household appliance.

The following brands refer to gentle preparations:

  • Sandokkaebi. means produced in South Korea, the price is low. All plastic parts and hoses can be cleaned with it.
  • Doctor TEN. this product costs a little more than the previous one, but is also quite affordable. It is used when you need to clean the insides of the household appliance and the tray, too, from minor and medium soiling.
  • Frisch Aktiv is a complex product, made in Germany. Removes limescale, fungi and other dirt well. Shows effectiveness only in cases where there is not much dirt.

The application of these agents is not very difficult. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Measure the estimated amount of the substance;
  • Pour it into the container;
  • Run the wash at the maximum temperature;
  • When the program is finished, switch to the rinse.


The above brands, which are poured directly into the household appliance, will conduct an effective cleaning of weak impurities.

Aggressive agents are used in the fight against difficult soiling, the group of which includes:

The use of these preparations involves soaking heavily soiled trays for a long time to soften the dirt.

Such a procedure requires the following sequence of actions:

  • the tray removed from the machine is immersed in a basin of hot water;
  • In it add a calculated dose of a cleaning purchased substance;
  • mix the composition well, achieving complete dissolution of the preparation in the water;
  • wait for 6 hours, until the end of the soaking process;
  • Remove the tray from the basin and clean it with a cloth or soft brush;
  • After cleaning, rinse the tray with running water;
  • dry the item;
  • put the container back in the washer.

Useful tips on how to clean an LG washing machine

Automatic washing machine LG. reliable household appliances, which helps to keep clothes and other textiles clean. But the washer itself also needs care.

Constant use of the machine for washing different things, its presence in a humid room and loads are the factors that contribute to the formation of limescale, clogs and mold.


For what and how you can clean a LG washing machine, we will tell in the article.

Professional and folk remedies, how to clean the rubber in the washing machine

Is it necessary to clean the rubber in the washing machine?? The effective operation of the washing machine is often related to its cleanliness. Without proper care, it accumulates dirt, fungus and mold develop, and eventually it can stop working.

Cleaning the cabinet and door

The body of the washing machine most often can be simply wiped with a damp cloth without the use of detergents. If the dirt is old, you’ll have to use the same liquid cleaners that are used to remove plaque on the sink and tub. To do this, you need to apply them to the body, wipe with a sponge, wipe with a clean rag.

You can use improvised means:

  • 2 st. л. Dilute the baking soda in a small amount of water to make a pulp;
  • add 1 tbsp. л. citric acid;
  • Apply the mixture to the glass;
  • Leave for 10-20 minutes;
  • rinse with a damp cloth;
  • wipe off.

Buttons and other small parts on the cabinet can be cleaned with the same mixture, using an old toothbrush.

A little nuance: Do’s and don’ts

What to do when cleaning the powder compartment

  • Do not rub the tray with great zeal. This can erase the marks in the compartments.
  • Wipe the area from where the container was removed with a cloth or sponge soaked in a solution of baking soda (1 teaspoon per 250 ml of water) or citric acid (10 g per 250 ml of water) from the inside. Pay special attention to the water supply and detergent outlets to the drum.
  • Wear rubber gloves when using aggressive cleaning agents.
  • In machines with vertical loading of laundry, the trays do not pull out. The water used to rinse them flows directly into the drum. You have to be careful, because if you don’t, it could cause a little bit of a flood in your room.

How to clean the powder tray of a washing machine

If long delayed with the removal of plaque, the remedy in the tray can leave a yellow trail or harden to the point that it will be very difficult to clean. There are many cleaning methods you can use to remove dried out powder at home.

Popular methods

To clean the tray of petrified plaque, various improvised substances are used, which successfully eliminate the problem.

Baking soda

Dilute baking soda with plain water in a 1:1 ratio. Then apply the resulting pulp to all contaminated areas, leaving it for a few minutes. Then use a toothbrush to clean the baking soda. Rinse the dispenser with water at the end of the procedure.

Citric acid

An effective tool that can easily dissolve fossilized plaque. Pour the amount of sodium bicarbonate into the dispenser to equal the amount you would normally add to the powder. Run the program with an empty machine, setting the temperature from 60°C. In the same way you can put in order not only the detergent compartment, but also the inside of the machine.


If there is powder left in the compartment, it can be cleaned with acetic acid. It does not damage the equipment and is suitable for any washing machine. It is necessary to prepare 1 liter of boiling water, then pour 200 ml of vinegar. Put it in the tray for an hour, then clean the remains with a toothbrush.

Household chemicals

If the use of improvised substances does not yield results, special chemicals can help. They can be used to clean the washing machine from detergent residues, scale, fungus and rust.

How to clean the powder and soap scum from the dispenser:

  • “Toilet Duck. By applying the product, you can easily cope with fungus and petrified powder residues. It also has a whitening effect.
  • “Domestos. Cleans any dirt, including powdery ones, and removes rust.
  • “Silit.”. It is a good way to remove soap scum and lime scale on the walls of the container.
  • Beckmann. Quickly cleans the surface from limescale, fungus, microorganisms, leaves a pleasant fragrance after application

To properly decalcify the tray, it is necessary to soak it in the product for a couple of hours. This way the powder residues can easily detach from the walls. After the time has elapsed, wash the internal surfaces of the compartment with a sponge.

Using special detergents

In addition to these simple home remedies, you can also use special descaling preparations. MAGIC POWER detergents do not harm the washer-dryer and effectively remove lime sediments. The use of descaling agents is strictly recommended in accordance with the preparation’s instructions.


For cleaning the elements of a washing machine which are in contact with water and have a tendency to scale, you can use the German preparation MAGIC POWER. The product is made in Germany.

There are two forms of release:

Application. easy to use. If you have chosen a gel, the procedure is as follows:

The powder is effective, due to the acids included in it, already at a temperature of 40 ° C. The order of use of the powder:

  • Pour the powder into the detergent compartment according to the instructions.
  • Set the washing mode by adjusting the temperature.
  • Start the wash.

per half-liter bottle, for powder, from 100 for a half-kilogram pack.

Topperr express cleaner

Topperr powder is designed for descaling washing machines and dishwashers. Powder is available in small 125 gram packages.

Dr. Beckmann

The product is available in liquid form. In addition to removing limescale, the product helps to eliminate mold and unpleasant odors.

The cleaner is poured into the powder compartment and run the wash at 60°C. A 250 gram bottle costs from 300.

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