How to clean the internal block of split system

Hand air conditioner cleaning: regularity, ways, means

Conditioners have been widely used by Russians for a long time for creating favorable climate in houses and offices. In the process of operation, they get dirty and need to be cleaned. You can make it by turning to professionals or by yourself.

Dust and dirt can cause damage to the device. In the instruction to any kind of air conditioner one can find a paragraph about their obligatory periodical technical service. Timely cleaning of the device prevents the emergence of unpleasant odors and noise during operation. Keeping air conditioner clean helps to prolong significantly its lifetime.

Cleaned from dust and dirt, the unit does not spread bacteria and viruses that accumulate inside the living space. They can cause allergic reactions, respiratory disease and asthma. The power consumption of the air conditioner increases in the contaminated conditioners that can seriously affect the family budget.


Self-cleaning of the air conditioner requires knowledge in its construction.

Criteria for choosing a cleaning agent

In order to decide what to clean your air conditioner at home, you should understand the types of disinfectants and cleaners that are available in stores. Typically, the following products are used to remove dirt from appliances:

Foam spray cleaners. Foam type cleaners are designed to remove contaminants in appliances for home use as well as for treating air conditioners in cars.

The penetrating agent is sprayed from an aerosol can and settles on the surface of the internal elements of the device in the form of a thick foam. Chemical reaction neutralizes grease, softens the dirt and dust and then the foam is removed with a cloth or brush. A special extended nozzle is purchased for cleaning the car air conditioner, allowing you to reach the right place without problems.

The foam not only cleans the surface, but also acts as an antiseptic, keeping an antibacterial film on the parts of the unit for 3 months.

Alkaline disinfectant liquids. Special liquid-type products with m alkali are sold in plastic containers or spray bottles.

They are necessary for deep disinfection of air conditioners, especially in the case of prolonged absence of maintenance. Available disinfectant liquids have different concentrations, for regular use it is sufficient with a solution with a medium concentration of alkali, and for the capital cleaning of the device it is better to choose stronger means.

It helps to better clean and disinfect the internal parts of the device by pre-treatment with a special concentrated mixture like Carlyclean.

Home remedies. One can cope with the dirt of the internal and external block of air-conditioner by domestic methods. often for this purpose the hosts buy medical antiseptics which are used pure or diluted with other substances in certain proportion. Chlorhexidine, chloramine or lysoformin are usually used.

Such way of cleaning is effective, but it does not work well when it is necessary to reach inconvenient and hard-to-reach places, especially in auto-devices. One should choose a remedy for air conditioner treatment in domestic conditions with consideration of a possibility of full or partial disassembly of the unit and the degree of its contamination.

Cleaning the outside of the air conditioner

Unlike the internal module, the external one is cleaned not more often than once every 8-10 months. Provided the device is not clogged with large amounts of dust, leaves, dirt. If it is mounted at high altitude, you can’t do without specialists.

  • The condenser is cleaned with a cloth and a vacuum cleaner;
  • remove the front panel;
  • Remove the coarse debris. this is easy to do by hand;
  • use brushes and vacuum cleaner to remove small clogs;
  • If necessary, wipe the fan blades with a damp rag so that water does not get on the wires;
  • condenser is cleaned with a cloth soaked in soapy water and well wrung out;
  • the front panel is soaked in a solution of soap and water, brushed, wiped dry and put back.

The device of the external heat exchanger

Module is a set of parts for different purposes:

  • Fan. Takes up a considerable amount of floor space.
  • Condenser. These are tubes of copper placed along the walls of the housing.
  • compressor. Can be piston or spiral. The first type is inferior to the second in reliability, but costs less.
  • Control board. there are only in the inverter-type devices.
  • Four-way valve. It is installed in reversible type units, which work on cooling and heating of air.
  • Connections.
  • Filter.
  • Cover. Protective panel to be removed before cleaning.

How to disassemble the outdoor unit of the air conditioner?

Complete disassembly of a module only if it is necessary to move it to another place.

In all other cases, a partial disassembly is required:

  • unscrew the refrigerant supply pressure gauge hose, install the plug;
  • Unscrew nuts fixing copper tubes to connectors, bend aside lugs and close holes with adhesive tape;
  • disconnect the cable by removing the protective cover over the freon valves;
  • there are terminals under the body, before removing the wires, they are covered with tape with a signed location;
  • unscrew the four nuts from the bracket, remove all the necessary parts for thorough cleaning.

Cleaning the drainage system

If the drain tube of the air conditioner is clogged with debris, it will lead to water leaking out. Own hands perform only superficial preventive maintenance, for deep cleaning of the unit give professionals.

Self-cleaning consist in surface washing with a brush and soap compound. The drain is washed especially thoroughly, because debris often accumulates there. Clean under running water, wipe dry and re-install the sump. If you know how to wash an air conditioner in home conditions, not everybody wants to spend time for a preventive maintenance. In this case it is convenient to buy devices with automatic self-cleaning program. But even in this case the filters are regularly cleaned so that dust and dirt do not accumulate.

Cleaning the outdoor unit

The outside unit needs cleaning much less often than the inside one, but it is more difficult to clean it as well. There will be no problems if you:

  • if you live on the first floor;
  • You live in a private house;
  • It is possible to work safely from a stepladder;
  • External block of the conditioner is put out on the balcony.

The inhabitants of the apartments on the high floors are not lucky. one cannot carry out the works on the height by oneself, and one will have to call a specialist.

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Cleaning of the outside unit is made as follows:

  • to disconnect conditioner from a power;
  • Remove the outside panel of the unit, after which you can roughly estimate the front of the work;
  • Remove the large garbage such as leaves, flowers, twigs, etc., from the air conditioner by hands.д. It is better to work with gloves on;
  • Use brushes or a vacuum cleaner to remove debris from the more inaccessible areas of the housing;
  • fan blades may need additional cleaning with a damp sponge. Proceed carefully. If it is necessary to use a large amount of water (hose watering), close the electric unit;
  • The surface of the condenser can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge;
  • The outside panel can also be carefully washed and dried before installation.

In what cases you can not do without the service center

Having bought an air conditioner, be ready that in some cases you cannot do without service maintenance. There are several reasons, which will make you apply to the specialists:

  • The conditioner does not start;
  • Certain functions have stopped working;
  • the unit shuts down on its own;
  • The water drips from the indoor unit;

If the water drips from the indoor unit of the air conditioner, it is worth to contact the service center

You cannot remove any of these causes by yourself, and that means you cannot do without service.

Now you already know how to service conditioner, but it is necessary to conduct the process of cleaning of different parts with high accuracy, because it is possible to damage the equipment or to hurt yourself. What to say about the fact that the badly damaged element should be replaced. Please also take care that after cleaning air conditioner parts must dry out well. Complex maintenance will help to use your air conditioner for a long time.

How to clean an air conditioner at home by yourself: step-by-step instructions for different components

Before you start cleaning your air conditioner, determine the types of work that need to be done. The following processes are done independently: cleaning the fan, heat exchanger, filters, drainage.

The outdoor unit also needs cleaning, but for this work it is better to invite a professional. High altitude work is not safe and requires special equipment and experience.

For self-cleaning of equipment, you will need tools:

  • vacuum cleaner;
  • soft cloths;
  • a small brush (not too wide and with a medium pile);
  • toothbrush;
  • detergent;
  • soap;
  • a bowl with warm water.

Next, the independent cleaning of the equipment is performed in several stages.

Filter cleaning

Cleaning the filters is simple, so everyone can cope with this process, the main thing is to stick to this sequence:

  • On the top panel, open the lid.
  • Air conditioner filters are mesh parts that are carefully pulled out.
  • Put soap in a bowl with warm water and wait until it is completely dissolved.
  • You need to put the filters for half an hour in the obtained solution.
  • After time has passed, check to see if contaminants remain on the filters. If so, use a toothbrush to wipe the elements, but do not press them hard. Running water will help you rinse the soapy solution from the filters.
  • To remove excess moisture, wipe the parts with a dry cloth or leave them on the window sill in sunny weather.
  • Install the filters in their place.
clean, internal, block, split, system

How is the heat exchanger cleaned

The heat exchanger affects the quality of cooling and heating the room, so the procedure to clean it should not be ignored.

First open the indoor unit in the unit.

How the external cleaning of the device is performed

Also outside unit of the device needs permanent cleaning, though it gets dirty much less than inside one, therefore it should be cleaned from dust once in 6 months.

For the procedure, use a powerful vacuum cleaner, which is able to pull out all the dust from the external filters and heat exchanger radiator, as well as a soft brush:

  • Remove any debris. The brush is for large debris and the vacuum is for small debris.
  • Remove contaminants from the filter grill with a brush.
  • Put the housing cover back on.

How to Clean a Fan

The fan is located inside the unit, so to see its blades, you must open the cover. Dust accumulation on the fan does not allow it to work properly. You can remove plaque this way:

  • Turn the machine on and operate it for a while in any mode.
  • Turn off the air conditioner and open its cover. Remove it and put it away for a while.
  • Moisten a toothbrush with a solution of soap and warm water prepared initially and carefully wipe all the blades.

Procedure of fan cleaning must be performed accurately and carefully in order not to damage blades.

Clean the Drain

Drainage of the unit is cleaned with antibacterial treatment. This process includes maintenance of all units of equipment. In the presence of a steam generator with a similar procedure can be cope much faster.

  • First of all it is necessary to find an inlet in the drainage system of the air conditioner.
  • Antibacterial cleaning will be completed immediately after the steam is blown into the body of the unit.
  • There is also a second way. the whole air conditioning system is washed out, after which it is treated with a special antibacterial substance, which is based on alcohol. This cleaning option involves spraying the substance from a spray gun.

Why it is profitable to service more often

In contrast to the old climatic equipment, modern split-systems are able not only to cool but also to heat the air. Therefore, owners of apartments and private homes often use them for heating in winter, before the outside temperature drops below.5 ° C. Respectively the main elements of a conditioner. filters, heat exchangers and fans become dirty twice as quickly. There are other good arguments in favor of timely maintenance:

  • Your health. Fungus and mold are attacked, settling and thriving inside a too dusty unit. Sign. unpleasant musty smell.
  • Dirt accumulated inside and outside of the radiator obstructs normal airflow which reduces the efficiency of the whole unit. The same amount of heat or cold consumes more electricity.
  • Flushing every season is one thing; cleaning and antibacterial treatment of a severely contaminated indoor unit is quite another. The first you can do yourself, and for the second you will have to call a master with specialized equipment (high pressure washer, steam generator), which will cost you a pretty penny.

Note. Reducing the efficiency of any refrigerating machine leads to increased load on the compressor, the most expensive part. It turns out that clogged with dirt heat exchangers bring closer the moment of its repair or replacement.

There is no sense to develop the topic about harmful micro-organisms, living inside the dirty conditioners and harmful to people’s health, because this fact is well-known for everybody long ago. But it wouldn’t be out of place to find out how much a professional cleaning of split-systems with disinfection costs in your region. If the evaporator has not been washed for several years, then the call of a specialist becomes inevitable.

A comparative example. The cost of complex cleaning of household air conditioning systems with power up to 5 kW is in the range of 2-3 thousands per month. (35-53 у. е.). These are in Moscow, in regions they can be lower. If you wash a split with your hands you can get it for 5, maximum 10. е., that you will spend to buy a cleaner. You’ll agree that preventive maintenance on your own is much more cost-effective than service.

On the photo: application of Bizol detergent foam (price around 6 bu. е.)

Industrial air conditioners cleaning and disinfection

Industrial air conditioning systems must be cleaned and disinfected according to the manufacturer’s regulations. The maintenance, cleaning and disinfection log must be kept by the operation service. This work must be performed by the specialists who have special training and further certification by the commission.

For multizoneal air conditioning systems (VRF/VRV), rooftop conditioners as well as for chiller-fancoil systems the regulations and frequency of service work are not much different from the work with domestic and semi-industrial segment, taking into account the size and complexity of the equipment.

Concerning the precision air-conditioning equipment, cleaning and disinfection of the internal module, including humidifying system, is done on a quarterly basis, and cleaning and washing of the remote condenser. twice a year.

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Central air conditioners and compressor and condenser units operate in a complex ventilation systems, therefore, their cleaning and antiseptic treatment should be performed in accordance with the recommendations of SNiP and SanPiN.

All service works followed by decontamination of surfaces of industrial air-conditioning systems must be performed by persons who have been properly trained, including the issues of safe work practices and pre-hospital medical care in case of poisoning by disinfectants.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Outside Unit at Home || Step by Step ||

Preparing the system for summer or winter

Caring for an air conditioner or split system in an apartment includes carrying out activities in preparation for the change of the season. Regardless of whether or not the model is adapted for winter use, there are some temperature limits. Switching on the climate control equipment at temperatures below the allowable temperature threatens with liquid leakage and subsequent icing of the outdoor unit.

Before the cold season it is necessary to clean your home air conditioner and dry out the whole system. In modern models there is a special function “FAN” (the name can be different).

Getting ready for a warm season it is necessary to clean inside of a splitsystem or conditioner one more time. During a period of idle time a fine dust from home is accumulated inside of the case, that is why it is necessary to wash air-filters and fan and if necessary. evaporator.

Taking care of the air-conditioning equipment in an apartment or in an office raises its efficiency, increases a resource of work of the conditioner. The technical structure of air conditioning systems is not complicated, that is why many users prefer to perform cleaning operations by themselves.

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