How to clean the washing machine from the smell.

How to remove the smell from the washing machine

You can get rid of the smell in the washing machine using repeatedly tested folk methods or chemicals. But in order for the cleaning to be successful, you need to know which parts of the unit to pay attention and how to avoid the appearance of the smell in the future.

Some time after buying a washing machine, people are faced with a problem-a putrefactive unpleasant smell begins to come from the unit. A poor aroma can appear in just a couple of months or after a few years, but it is almost impossible to completely avoid its occurrence.

The general reason is always too intense operation of the machine in combination with improper care of it. Several factors of the appearance of the problem can be distinguished.

  • Using low.quality powders and bleach. In addition to the fact that such funds in themselves can have an unpleasant aroma, they often leave persistent traces on the walls of the unit.
  • Using a washing machine as a basket for dirty linen. If you put stained clothing in the unit for several days, and launch the washing only when the machine is filled, then the unpleasant odor will appear very quickly. the clothes inside the drum will “acidify”.
  • Pollution and clogging of heating elements, pump and other internal parts. In the process of use on the details of the washing machine, small garbage, scraps of thread, pets wool are constantly assembled. Over time, this dirt begins to naturally decompose and make an unpleasant odor.
  • Cool water. If you constantly wash things at a temperature of 40 ° C and below, then the deposits on the walls of the drum and on the internal details will appear faster, while hot water itself helps to clean the washing machine, and the cold one does not.
  • Belated extracting the washed things from the washing machine. If wet clothing after washing remains in the car for a long time, conditions of high humidity are created in the drum, respectively, a musty smell quickly appears.

One of the main factors of the appearance of an unpleasant odor from the washing machine after washing is insufficient ventilation of the drum. If the door is constantly closed, then the humidity inside the unit is very different from the humidity in the room.

Important! It is under the influence of this factor that in the washing machine the smell of mold and the splash fungus on the inner parts arise, the mold grows rapidly and multiplies in warm raw conditions in the absence of ventilation.

How to clean various elements of a washing machine

The washing machine drum is only one of the internal details. At first glance, it seems that you can remove the smell by simply thoroughly wiping the washing machine from the inside. But after this procedure, people often find that the situation has not changed at all.

  • a tray in which the washing powder is filled up;
  • heating element inside the machine, subject to the formation of scale;
  • drain hose and its filter collecting small garbage.

To remove the musty aroma completely, it is necessary to clean all of the listed elements.

How to clean a washing machine from a smell from a tray

To wash the washing machine from the smell and remove the unpleasant aroma, it is enough to pull out the tray, usually manufacturers make it removable, you can remove the part with one movement without the use of special tools. The tray is thoroughly washed with hot water, the contaminated places are cleaned with an old denture. Coarous soap or any remedy for m chlorine will help to remove the smell.

After cleaning the tray, you will need to dry in a natural way or wipe it with paper wipes, and then put in place.

How to remove an automatic machine from the emergency room from the emergency machine from the receiving opening

A reception in the washing machine is a recess in which the powder tray is located. Over time, pollution and unpleasant odors can accumulate in this place, for example, the fungus very quickly switches to the walls of the receiving opening from the walls of the contaminated tray.

Washer Smells Bad? How to Clean Your Smelly Washer |

Cleaning the hole is very simple, first of all, you need to remove and thoroughly rinse the tray itself. After that, a recess in which it was fixed is treated with a damp cloth or a small ruff, for high.quality cleaning you can use laundry soap or chlorine.containing means. Then the receiving hole must be wiped dry with a clean rag and install a clean dried tray back.

How to eliminate the smell from the cuff in the washing machine

The unit cuff, which ensures the tightness of the drum with a door closed, is especially prone to the accumulation of unpleasant odors. First of all, a cuff is made of rubber, so the remains of contaminants and detergents settle on its surface very easily, and the fungus spreads quickly. In addition, in its structure, the cuff has many folds and inaccessible places, they are not cleaned naturally in the process of rinsing.

To clean the cuff from pollution and remove the musty smell from the washing machine during washing, you need:

clean, washing, machine, smell
  • moisten a rag in the soap solution and thoroughly wipe the outer side of the elastic on the hole of the hatch;
  • bend the edges of the cuff and remove the dirt under them, it is there that small garbage usually accumulates and mold occurs;
  • wipe the gum in all recesses along the entire circumference of the hatch;
  • wet a rag in a solution with m chlorine or other potent detergents and rinse the entire cuff again thoroughly;
  • For half an hour, close the hatch of the machine and wait until the cleaning product shows the maximum effectiveness.

After that, it is recommended to run the machine without linen in rinsing so that hot water was washed as a drum and elastic band, this will remove the remaining cleansing agents without unnecessary efforts.

How to clean the washing machine from the smell from the hose

To remove the unpleasant odor when washing from the washing machine, you often have to remove the drain hose. With each cycle of operation of the device, dirty water passes through the hose with small waste residues. Over time, dirt accumulates on the inner walls of the hose and forms a dense plaque, it is source of unpleasant odor.

There are 2 ways to thoroughly clean the drain hose and remove the appeared musty smell.

  • Without removing the hose. If there are no signs of a noticeable blockage during the machine, and the problem is only in the swamp smell, the drain hose can not be removed. It is enough to run an empty machine into work at high water temperature. you must first fill up a special cleaning tool for removing deposits into the powder tray for powder. Powders, solutions and gels from well.known manufacturers do not harm the hose itself or rubber gaskets inside the machine, but then they effectively dissolve the deposits on the walls and even small half.rotten garbage.
  • With the removal of the hose. If there is reason to suspect that the hose has seriously clogged, then it should be removed to clean it. To do this, the machine is first completely turned off from the network, then the water supply is blocked. completely in the entire apartment or using a special valve only in a washing machine. Then the hose is neatly disconnected from the rear wall of the unit, you must first substitute a basin for draining the remains of water. The hose is cleaned with a soft Kevlar cable and washed several times with hot water to remove the plaque and stink, and then put in place and again connect the machine to the sewage system and the mains.

Advice! To clean the drain hose without removal, not only special tools, but also ordinary baking soda are well suited, it must be filled into the tray in the amount of 150 g.

How to clean a washing machine from a filter smell

The drain filter is usually located on the side or rear cover of the machine in the lower part under the plug. It is intended precisely in order to collect and delay all small garbage from clothes. Since, in conditions of constant humidity, garbage begins to rot, it is natural that over time there is a strong unpleasant odor.

To remove the smell of rot from the washing machine, the filter needs to be cleaned. To do this, the plug is removed on the back or side wall, unscrew the filter plug and a pre.prepared basin is substituted, quite a lot of detained water can result in a machine. The filter is cleaned from garbage, thoroughly washed in hot water with soap or other households, and then rinse and twisted back.

How to clean the drum

How to derive an unpleasant aroma from a washing machine and not spoil the technique

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Almost all housewives have encountered the problem of unpleasant aroma from the automatic machine. The smell not only spoils the impressions of the use of household appliances, but also conveyed to behed things. will tell you how to eliminate an anchor and prevent its appearance.

Causes of odor

If you bent a rubber lining between the drum and the door, you will see a lot of interesting /

The main causes of the bad aroma. The formation of mold, which multiplies in a raw environment, or improper care of technology.

If you regularly wash on an economical program, where water does not heat up to 90 degrees, the fungus will quickly spread through the typewriter.

After the washing is completed, leave the door open for a couple of hours so that the remaining moisture evaporates. It is also necessary to wipe the rubber lining dry dry, which is located between the door and the drum. If you neglect this step, over time the part will rotate or mold begins to multiply in it.

Do not store dirty clothes in the machine in anticipation of washing. There are sufficiently pathogenic microorganisms that can cause fungus and unpleasant aromas.

The use of low.quality powder or air conditioner is fraught with the fact that substances are poorly washed out of the drum. If they are not removed, a specific smell will appear. Rinse the compartment for liquid and bulk remedies regularly, otherwise a foul.smelling film is formed on the container.

The clogged hose. Over time, washing products or garbage settled on the walls of the element. As a result, they begin to rot or are covered with mold, which is why a musty aroma appears. Check the condition of the hose regularly and periodically rinse it with warm water. As a last resort. Replace with a new one.

The filter is also exposed to garbage and other contaminants. Do not forget to shoot it and rinse it in warm water so as not to arrange a fungus.

Household chemicals to remove the smell from the machine

Calgon. The product softens water and protects household appliances from scale and lime plaque.

“CHERGOLAL AUTOMAT”. A budget and effective drug that neutralizes scale and unpleasant aroma.

Tiret. The chlorine.containing agent is used to clean the sewage system and remove blockages. Neutralizes smells and has an antibacterial effect.

Doctor ten. The substance removes lime plaque, mold and the remains of insoluble washing products from the machine cavity.

“Crust effect 2 in 1”. Eliminates the scale on the heating element of household appliances. Can be used for prevention.

Refine. Household chemicals with low cost will reliably protect the machine from lime plaque.

Folk methods to eliminate stench

If the smell just appears, wash the machine thoroughly with a dish gel or liquid soap. Wipe the equipment inside and outside, and then leave the door open until completely dry.

Take old things that you are not afraid to spoil or white underwear that requires washing at high temperature. Install the program with hot water and run the machine. To enhance the effect, add a little vinegar to the compartment to disinfect the system.

Clean the machine with a copper sulfate. Make a solution of 1 gR of powder and half a glass of water. Pour the resulting tool into the drum, put a program with high temperature and launch the wash. After a day, keep the door open.

You can clean the machine and idle. Run the program with the maximum temperature. Instead of powder, use 50 ml of “whiteness” or a capsule for cleaning dishwashers. When washing ends, run a rinse.

clean, washing, machine, smell

Soda and citric acid will relieve pollution and disinfect the system. Pour 1 h into the powder compartment for powder.l. Soda and citric of citric acid. Set high temperature and turn on the wash.

How to prevent the occurrence of an unpleasant aroma

Check clothes before washing and shake out garbage from your s. Even the smallest crumbs and villi can cause an unpleasant odor.

Fat and oily spots are better to wash. The fact is that the stains are not always activated during washing and can simply settle on the walls of the drum.

If you plan several washes in a row, start the machine after a half.hour break. All this time the door should be open.

Get out the clothes from the drum as soon as the washing ends, otherwise things will begin to dare.

Alternate washing with a temperature of up to 40 degrees and high.temperature programs. Be sure to get things.

How To Clean A Smelly Washing Machine With Vinegar And Baking Soda

After washing drying, wipe the drum, wash and dry the powder container. Clean the filter regularly.

Use only high.quality washing products from trusted manufacturers and do not load more/less underwear into the machine than the norm allows.

What to do so that the smell in the washing machine does not appear anymore

If you do not want to clean the car too often, try to prevent smells. There are several ways Wy Yor Washing Machine Smells. And How to Clean It / Reviewed to do this.

Pick up the right washing powder

Repeat: cars with front loading cannot cope with a lot of foam. Select powder for automatic washing and read the instructions for it. Manufacturers usually indicate how much detergent is needed per cycle.

Keep the drum dry

Closed and wet machine. an ideal environment for the propagation of bacteria. Therefore, immediately after washing, you need to take out linen. Keep the drum and tray for powders open. So the technique will dry faster. If possible, put in the room a fan or air drainage.

Regularly wipe the rubber cuff

Correct powder does not guarantee that there will be no deposits on the sealant from which mold appears. Therefore, after each washing from the folds of the cuff, you need to remove the stuck garbage, and then wipe the rubber with a dry rag. Once a month you can use a solution of vinegar and water.

Complex mechanical cleaning of the washing machine

Many housewives, having discovered an unpleasant odor, simply start the machine in idle mode with the addition of rinseum or citric acid. This will solve the problem if she is not neglected.

If the question is about cleaning the machine from dirt, one washing will be not enough. It is worth washing the following elements with your own hands:

  • Luke’s rubber seal.
  • Drum.
  • Water drain filter.
  • Water draining hose and nozzles.
  • Corps SMA.
  • Powder’s fence.
  • TEN (heating element).

Cleaning the drain filter

About how to clean the drain filter is written in almost every user guide. But if the instruction to cm is lost without a trace, we will list in detail the sequence of actions:

  • Find the location of the filter: it is located in the front of the lower part of the washer behind a small hatch.
  • Having discovered the filter lid, unscrew it to the left side.
  • Remove the filter and rinse under the crane.

Important! Before cleaning the filter, lay rags on which the remaining water of the spent water from the tank will spill.

Repeat this operation every 3 months, and the drain system will always be in order.

Cuff cleaning

Cleaning the washing machine from the smell always involves cleaning the rubber seal. The rubber absorbs smells perfectly, and without constant cleaning, the pollution process proceeds 2 times faster.

When choosing a cuff cleaning tool, stop your attention on the two simplest options:

If there are visible traces of dirt on the elastic band, take ordinary household soda and grate it stains, leaving the machine for 10-20 minutes. Then wipe the soda with a sponge, wash the elastic band and wipe the dry.

Attention! In order not to “save” the smell on the cuff, take it the rule after each wash to wipe it. Do not close the hatch immediately after washing. give him time to ventilate.

Cleaning the case

Perhaps this is the simplest thing that can be done if you planned to complete the washing machine, both from the smell and from the mud. The main thing is to choose a suitable cleaning agent.

If there are few pollution, just wipe the machine with a damp sponge, then wipe it dry.

If you find complex spots, make a regular soap solution. If there is a special spray for cleaning windows and mirrors, it is also suitable for cleaning the hatch glass in the front.

Powder Cleaning

The cuvette for detergents is cleaned separately from the machine. for this it needs to be extracted.

Having taken out the fence, soak it in an aqueous solution of citric acid. it will relieve rust plaque. When the dough is soaked, you can additionally clean it with a sponge or technical brush, rinse and wipe it dry.

The place in which the powder fence is located also needs to be cleaned. If there is dirt that is hard to wash, use soda.

Shrilling hoses

Understanding how to clean the washing machine from the smell, you can not ignite the hoses of the bay and drain the water. To do this, they must be disconnected: on the one hand. from the washing body (prepare a container for draining water), on the other hand. from the water supply and sewage.

Important! Turning off the communications hoses, do not forget to block valves on the pipes.

If you do not know how to clean the hose, there are no strict recommendations for this process. you can use a toothbrush, a special brush for bottles, and wire.

In order to eliminate clogs in the hoses, and therefore an unpleasant odor of them, rinse them with warm water under the tap.

Cleaning in automatic mode

Do not limit yourself to manual cleaning. automatic cleaning will also be useful.

To do this, send a glass of vinegar or soda to the dick. Next, select the program up to 60 degrees. this will cleanse cm from unpleasant odors. Soda and vinegar also fight perfectly with mold and fungus.

If you need cleaning from scale and lime plaque, you will need about 150 grams of citric acid. Pour the acid into the ditch and run the long.term wash at high temperature (preferably 90 degrees). You need to rinse twice.

Under standard conditions of use, see two such purges per year will be enough.

Cleaning the drainage opening

The drainage hole (often also refers to the “drain filter”) is located on the front of the washing machine (most often. below the right by the decorative pad). It is a mechanical filter that “captures” large garbage fractions: paper, pieces of fabric, thread, hair and so on. And, accordingly, prevents them from getting into the sewer. How often it is necessary to clean the filter? Some manufacturers say that after each completed washing cycle. Others, however, indicate that, as necessary, but at least 1 time per month with the regular use of the washing machine (that is, 2. 3 laundry cycles weekly).

The filter itself is a plastic insert with holes, which delay large garbage fractions. To clean it, you just need to remove the decorative insert, then. extract the filter itself. It must be taken into account that water can pour from the hole after that, so that some dishes should be substituted.

How to clean the filter? Just rinse under running water, as well as mechanically remove all adhering garbage. If there are difficulties with its cleaning from hair, fabric, then they can simply be cut with scissors. In extreme cases. the filter is simply replaced with a new one (as a rule, you can buy them in authorized service centers, they cost quite cheaply).

Prevention of the appearance of pollution in the washing machine

To minimize the risk of pollution in the washing machine, it is recommended to follow the following recommendations:

  • Pre.soak in a separate container too dirty clothes. This is especially important when it is planned to wash fabric with motor oil spots, fuel oil.
  • Open the door when the washing machine is not used. This will help normalize the humidity of the air inside the drum, which will prevent mold, fungus.
  • Do not exceed the recommended amount of washing powder during washing. This does not affect the quality of washing clothes in any way. But if there is too much detergent, then it simply cannot completely dissolve. And its remnants will “stick” both on the drum itself and on the heating element, which just provokes the formation of an unpleasant odor.
  • Periodically perform washing in hot water. This prevents the formation of mold and unpleasant odor.
  • After each wash, wipe the rubber cuff dry out dry. There are often fractions of not dissolved detergent, pieces of fabric. And it is there that mold is formed in the first place.
  • If the washing machine supports the cleaning mode independently. start it at least 2 times a month.
  • Use softeners if the hardness of the water in the water supply is too high. You can also install a special filter that delays calcium compounds. The formation of a thick layer of scale is one of the most common reasons for the failure of the heating element of the washing machine.
  • Regularly clean the drain filter, drainage hole, outlet hose for connecting to sewage. They are often clogged, especially when washing winter things and soft toys.

Total, at home to clean the washing machine and maintain it in the current state is quite possible. The most important thing is to observe preventive measures. Otherwise, the manufacturer has the right to even annul a guarantee for equipment, justifying this by the fact that the buyer ignored the basic rules for operating the washing machine. And such situations arise quite often.

Step-by-step instruction

Well, let’s start? To make the instructions visual, we decided to test the theory in practice and cleaned the Bosch washing machine-automatic machine. Looking ahead, we present you a photo of the result.

Cleaning of the drum and a heater of the washing machine from the scale

At the first stage, we need to clean the machine from the inside, namely, remove deposits of minerals on the heater and drum. How to clean a washing machine from scale? The secret of all methods is simple and one:

Since the scale consists of magnesium and calcium salts, it is necessary to influence it with organic or inorganic acids. What acids are there in every house and there are mere pennies? Correct, ordinary vinegar or citric acid.

How to clean the washing machine with vinegar and soda

  • 2 cups of alcohol white vinegar (preferably) or ordinary table vinegar 9%;
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda;
  • 1/4 cup of water;
  • Sponge with hard side.

To get a 9%bite, we divorced a 70%essence of acetic acid with water in proportions of 7: 1

Mix soda and water in a small bowl, add soda mixture to the tray to receive detergents of your car, and pour vinegar into the drum. Run the car in idle at maximum temperature and for the longest time.

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid

Cleaning washing machine with citric acid is even easier.

Add citric acid powder to the compartment for washing powder. Run the car in maximum temperature and operation time.

How much to pour citric acid. 1, 2 or 6 packs at once, depends on the volume of the washing machine and the degree of its pollution

Cuff cleaner (sealing gum)

Hooray! The car finished the washing and we can start washing the sealing gum. In this dark and wet place loves to accumulate dirt and mold, so it needs to be especially carefully cleaned. This can be done using any cleaning agent, for example, pemolules or soda. If you see too much mold, which also exudes a strong unpleasant odor, then take the product more powerful, for example, premes, duckling, comets (in the photo) or whiteness. But keep in mind that using chlorine.containing products is too often undesirable, otherwise it threatens with deformation of rubber.

Apply a slightly selected remedy to the wet rag or sponge, carefully pull the rubber over yourself and wipe the metal part of the case.

Also, do not forget to clean the rubber cuff itself in the same way.

The main part of the pollution is accumulated in the lower part of the hatch, but it is worth cleaning its entire circle.

Be careful and do not pull the rubber too much so as not to damage. Finally wipe the entire cuff with a damp cloth.

Clean the tray (container/bath/dispenser)

Find the instruction manual for your car at home or on the Internet, which is indicated how to pull the tray for washing powder. Most often, this can be done like this:

  • Pull the tray until it stops. If you see that a blue/blue part is built in its middle compartment (in modern Bosch, Samsung, Beko, etc.), then it needs to be pressed and pulled with force, while supporting the container itself.
  • If there is no blue/blue details in the tray of your machine (often the trays in Indesit machines are arranged), then you just need to pull the tray on yourself and down, then slowly moving it to the right and left.
clean, washing, machine, smell

As soon as you get the tray, most likely the following picture will appear before you. the remains of the powder have accumulated in its compartment. Get rid of these savings with any cleaning agent and wipe the compartment completely. Keep in mind that you need to do this carefully so as not to damage the rubber pipe.

And a little about prevention

Why does the smell appear in the washing machine?

Reasons why an unpleasant odor may appear in the washing machine can be several. Here are the three most common:

  • Most often, the smell in the washing machine appears due to the fact that users have the habit of closing the hatch immediately after washing. As a result, due to the remaining moisture, the drum and sealing gum in conditions of tightness begin to smell poorly and risk covered with mold. So after each wash, do not forget to leave the door ajar for a couple of hours so that the drum can dry.
  • Another common cause of the appearance of unpleasant odor and mold in the washing machine is to accumulate moisture in the folds of the rubber cuff, as well as small garbage. You need to monitor this and from time to time wash the cuff with a dishwasher tool. If the mold has grown strongly, the sealing gum needs to be replaced with a new.
  • Finally, the third reason is the habit of collecting dirty linen in the drum. This is quite convenient, however, it should be remembered that combo from high humidity and stale clothing creates favorable conditions for the appearance of smells, reproduction of bacteria and mold.

If everything is in order with the drum and the cuff, but the smell is still there, it is worth checking the tray, the supply channel of washing powder, the drain filter, the plum hose. All these details should be clean, without raid powder and mold. Hoses can be checked by a flashlight by a flashlight. Usually mold is formed somewhere at the beginning of the hose, so it can be seen and cleaned with a little brush.

  • Sometimes an unpleasant odor may appear due to the accumulation of scale on Ten (for example, it can be the smell of Gary). In this case, the washing machine should be cleaned with vinegar or citric acid (see. Step 1 in the instructions).

How to clean the washing machine from the smell?

First, find the source of the smell, checking the details of the machine described above, and eliminate the problem locally. You can also simply follow our instructions and clean the washing machine comprehensively. Be sure. there will be no trace of an unpleasant odor.

There was an unpleasant odor in the washing machine what to do

Suddenly, a very unpleasant smell appeared in the Candy GC3 1041 D-07 washing machine, tell me why, and what to do?

Hello, if the smell is not associated with the technical condition of the washing machine (if it is completely good), then washing at maximum temperature with dissolved citric acid will help

Perform cleaning with special chemical means. There are quite a lot of ways on the network. Do not close the car for a long time

Check the sewer (connection), read the instruction manual. It indicates how to use and clean the washing machine.

Drive the machine at maximum temperature with citric acid. 200 grams.

Extraneous smells in the Candy GC3 1041 D-07 washing machine may appear due to:. moisture and deposits inside the machine;. improper insert of the drain into the sewer;. Electrical equipment malfunctions.

If this is the smell of Gary, urgently turn off the car from the mains and call the master. In the case when it smells of sewage, perhaps the drain is incorrectly cut into the sewer. If it smells of stray or mold, the deposits are most likely to blame. This can be both deposits from unpeeled water and excess powder, as well as the remaining dirty water in which microorganisms begin to multiply.

They can appear: inside the tank and on the drum; On the rubber cuff of the hatch; In the supply and drain hose; On Ten; In filters; In the powder loading tray.

How to remove the smell. The easiest way is to fall asleep 100-150g of citric acid into the powder compartment, start a complete washing program and set the temperature of 90-100 degrees. If it does not help, we use a chlorine.containing cleaning agent (whiteness). In the same compartment, pour 100 ml of agent, complete washing at maximum temperature. You can also use vinegar, food soda, special equipment for cleaning household appliances. After the washing is completed, clean the filter and hoses, wipe the drum and cuff dry. In order to avoid the repeated appearance of the smell, after washing, open the hatch of the washing machine so that the remaining water evaporates. Additionally, you can open the bathroom door.

We remove the smell from the washing machine quickly and easy

We tell you why it begins to smell unpleasantly from the washing machine-automatic machine and what needs to be done to remove this smell: mechanical cleaning and different means.

With the help of a washing machine, you can easily cross all the linen and clothes, including delicate and voluminous textiles. Like any other household appliances, washing is required to properly care, otherwise there are problems, including an unpleasant odor. We will figure out why this happens and how to remove the smell from the washing machine automaton.

All about the removal of an unpleasant odor from the washing room

It would be a mistake to think that this problem appears only in old technology. Even a new washing machine a few weeks after the purchase can smell unpleasantly if you care for it wrong. Actually, no matter what the smell appears: mold, rot or musty. it is caused by a multiplying microflora. And it appears in such quantities only when elementary rules for equipment care are ignored. We list the most frequent causes of the smell.

  • Closed door. After washing inside the centrifuge, moisture remains, which in a closed space leads to a greenhouse effect. A wet and warm environment becomes an ideal “home” for a variety of microorganisms, including mold and fungus.
  • Constant washing at low temperatures. Fast and economical modes are designed to process linen at a temperature below 40 ° C. In such conditions, powders, especially inexpensive, dissolve poorly. Powder “spots” are formed on the internal surfaces of the equipment, on which microorganisms settled. Most of them warm water do not cause inconvenience, they actively develop and multiply.
  • Using cheap washing tools. Inexpensive powders and rinses dissolve worse, in addition, they do not have special additives from scale. Insoluble residues accumulate on internal surfaces and become a nutrient medium for microflora.
  • Dirty linen inside washing. Microorganisms develop very quickly on polluted things folded into the machine, especially if the machine gun is poorly dried after the previous washing.
  • Dirty drain and intake filters. A large number of all kinds of pollution are held and accumulated inside them. If they are not removed in time, microflora is actively propagated here.
  • Lack of regular care of a car machine. The flip-torture for powder and its seat is supposed to rinse, wipe and dry. It is advisable to wipe the rubber laying of the loading hatch dry after each wash. If this is not done, high.speed colonies of microbes settled on these surfaces.
  • Loading things with various objects in s. Paper, non.woven napkins, cigarettes and the like in the processing process break up, their remains settled on the inner surfaces of the machine.

These reasons most often lead to the appearance of a putrid or musty smell emanating from the technique. All of them are somehow related to violation of the rules of operation of equipment, so the situation is quite easy to fix on their own.

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