How to close the gas pipe in the hallway

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Pipes of engineering communications are like blood vessels that feed the entire house with the necessary resources. But outwardly they are not very aesthetically pleasing, and often laid in the wrong place, bringing disharmony to the interior. There are two ways: to hide or decorate. Which one will you choose?? Let’s reveal a few secrets about how to decorate pipes in the interior.

The nuances of work: how to cover the heating pipes in the room with plasterboard

In any residential or nonresidential premises there are pipes that give heat in the fall and winter period. Undoubtedly their appearance is desirable.

There are several ways to hide heating utilities:

The most popular and fastest method is considered the installation of boxes. This method is well suited if the room has already been repaired. The work is similar to the above described with one nuance.

Batteries and heating pipes must give off heat and if they are sewn up with plasterboard, the heat flows will remain directly in the box.

Special holes in the front of the box will help to solve this problem. These holes can be made with an electric drill. You should install a special nozzle on it and calculate the required number of holes. The number and diameter can be any. Also the market offers its customers special covers, which can be mounted in a box to perform several functions.

After installing the box, it should be decorated in any way you like. This method of masking the heating system is the easiest and does not require any special skills and dexterity. To do this, you should strictly follow the step-by-step instructions and recommendations of experts.

How to hide gas pipes: the easiest ways

There are inexpensive and simple options on how to hide gas pipes in the hallway, kitchen or bathroom. One of them is to paint the communications in the tone of the walls. This method will not completely hide the pipes, but the wiring will be visually less noticeable.

Communications, which are located near the windows, you can try to cover with curtains. Sometimes it helps to decorate them with magnet-toys, but this method will complicate the cleaning of the room.

This is interesting! It is easy to form tree trunks from the pipes, which can be equipped with plastic or branches drawn on the walls.

An interesting interior element can be obtained by hiding the gas pipe in the kitchen by decoupage technique. For this purpose paint, glue PVA, multilayer napkins, acrylic varnish are needed. First, the pipes are cleaned and painted in the desired color. Then the napkin is cut to size, and the top layer is separated from it. Next, glue is applied, it is glued and dries. To make the pipes shine, you can paint them.

The easiest way to turn a gas pipe into a kitchen décor item

Systems that are located at floor level along the walls, you can hide, using plasterboard. The method will work for eco-style or nautical-themed furnishings. To do this, the space with the gas pipes is fenced off with metal profiles and plasterboard, and the resulting recess is filled with, for example, pebbles.

What regulations state about the masking of gas pipes

No doubt, many have seen all sorts of tricks that neighbors, relatives and friends are doing to hide the gas pipes. Even more ways offers the Internet. However, few methods can fit your design. In this case, some methods of decoration are generally prohibited inside dwellings.

For example, do not shorten, cut, reposition or transport your kitchen gas equipment yourself. To carry out such actions, a permit from the gas service is mandatory, and the work of dismantling and relocating the systems should be performed by professionals.

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Failure to follow this rule threatens the owners of the kitchen with a lot of trouble upon detection of violations. In the best case, they will have to pay a fine for vandalism, and then be forced to eliminate violations, but in the worst case, because of the poor workmanship there is a possibility of a gas leak that can cause an explosion and death of tenants.

So is it possible to hide the gas pipe in the kitchen by yourself? Of course it is possible, but many of the owners refuse cardinal options, preferring to hide the pipeline in different ways.

Among the various solutions to cover unwanted protrusions, you should not forget about the building codes, which contain a number of bans. For example, it is strictly forbidden:

We can formulate the basic requirements to ensure safety and at the same time transform the space.

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  • First, the space should not become completely enclosed to prevent a critical concentration of natural gas in the event of a possible leak.
  • Secondly, if the object is closed, you always need free access to it when there is a specific smell and to check the condition of the system.
  • Third, it is dangerous to use damaging material when hiding.

Options for solving the problem

What can be done with the gas pipes and risers without resorting to drywall construction:

  • Hanging furniture with a cutout for the mains will cost more, because you will have to make an individual order for the cabinet.
  • Decorate under some of the elements of the design, such as a tree trunk.
  • Elementary painting drywall to match the general tone of the kitchen design.
  • Ask the gas company to move the riser from the kitchen.

Such solutions have their disadvantages. Gas pipes are not always possible to hide in hinged cabinets, as their location can be very inconvenient. Design options for hiding the gas pipe

How to hide the gas pipe that runs in the hallway of the apartment?

The pipe, which must be hidden, it is desirable to close the box of plasterboard. This will putty the surface, primed it, and then paint any kind of paint for interior work, wallpaper, cover with plastic and other panels, finish with artificial stone, ceramic granite, decorative plaster, and so on, depending on the general coating of walls and room design.

  • peorator;
  • stairs;
  • stepladder;
  • Electric screwdriver;
  • tape measure;
  • level;
  • plastic dowels;
  • black self-tapping screws;
  • gypsum board;
  • a knife for cutting GFB;
  • metal galvanized profile;
  • safety glasses;
  • gloves.

After measuring and marking, cut the profile with iron scissors and fasten the construction to the ceiling and walls. Further to the frame on self-tapping screws fasten GFB. Now we finish with putty and corners with mesh serpentine, and then cover with finishing material of finishing.

You can understand people who do not like the gas pipes passing through the walls of the kitchen or other rooms, but under the terms of service, walling them up even in part is strictly prohibited, if such a fact will be detected by the regulatory authorities, you will be turned off until you do not return all back!

Hidden pipes can be only temporary means: install furniture that will hide them from view, you can buy special decorative boxes and close them there, you can construct a structure made of plasterboard like a niche, but to completely close them. you can’t!

Access to gas pipes must be full, to inspect and control the condition!

A big trouble are open pipes that run through the apartment, as well as in the corridor. They pose no danger and any possible leakage is unlikely, so there is no need to keep them open at all times. So, these pipes can be easily covered. Usually they are laid under the ceiling at a distance of 8-12 cm from the ceiling. So they can be covered with a suspended ceiling or plasterboard. This method immediately solves two problems: this ugly pipe and a new ceiling, which incidentally can be done in two levels.

How to remove a gas pipe in the kitchen of a five-story building. Ways to disguise pipes

There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • Cover the gas line with kitchen furniture. Behind the hinged cabinets of kitchen furniture you can completely hide both the pipes and the gas boiler and the counter. To do this, remove the back of the cabinet or remove the side panel. The meter and the gas pipe will not take up the entire volume inside the cabinet, there will still be enough space for storing kitchen utensils or food. The option of masking with hinged cabinets look at
  • Install a box of plastic, plasterboard, polycarbonate or particle board. The box is a lightweight structure that is attached to the metal frame profile and rails. Its installation will be cheaper than buying a new kitchen set;
  • Use the railing system. Reiling is used to conceal a gas pipe when it runs the full width of the wall at a level between the countertop and cabinets. This makes it possible to use it as a suspended structure to place on it not heavy kitchen utensils, hooks, shelves and dryers. In this case, the pipe is brushed to shine and then coated with several layers of chrome paint;
  • Decorate the pipes. This method of masking does not require the creation of any structures of different materials, inside which will be located the elements of gas communications. To paint the gas pipe in the tone of furniture or wallpaper, you can take any water-resistant paint, and also apply a decorative painting on the surface of the pipes.

What is the best way

The most simple, economical and at the same time the safest way to mask the gas pipes is by decorating them. In this way the gas mains are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

close, pipe, hallway

In addition to the budget painting to decorate the gas pipes, you can use various improvised means and modern finishing materials:

  • cardboard sleeve;
  • decorative painting;
  • interior mosaic;
  • Wallpapering the pipe with wallpaper;
  • decoupage method;
  • Twine or twine;
  • bamboo panels.
close, pipe, hallway

How to paint the original gas pipes in the kitchen

Not every owner disguises the pipes, most prefer simpler and more budgetary ways. The most common option. painting, which can be done decoratively, so that the pipe fits perfectly into the interior. It is often painted to match the trunk of a tree, such as a birch. If you draw a few leaves on the wall, they will as if continue the composition, make the decoration original.

Painting in the same tone as the walls makes communications inconspicuous

The coloring option is very simple and familiar. Its advantages:

  • the ability to perform almost anyone without much effort or knowledge;
  • A minimum of costs;
  • Properly selected shade fits into the interior;
  • Complete safety. communications are always available.

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The only disadvantage. the pipes remain in sight, even if the masking is the most thorough.

Original artistic painting

Gas line in the kitchen, covered in the tone of the surface of the room, becomes little noticeable, fits harmoniously into the interior. Contrasting colors are rarely used, only if they are present in the style of decoration of the apartment. When the master has artistic ability, a beautiful geometric or floral pattern on the pipe will look appropriate.

Tips from the experts

On construction forums, specialists most often answer the following questions:

  • Is it possible to close the gas pipe with drywall? Yes, you can. However, it is necessary to choose moisture-resistant gypsum board gypsum board with a thickness of 10. 12 mm.
  • Is it possible to hide a gas pipe in the wall? No, not allowed. To the pipe must be freely accessible;
  • Can a gas pipe be covered with a suspended ceiling?? Yes, you can, if you use a stretch ceiling of a more complex configuration, when the place of passage of gas communications will be closed with a decorative box of plasterboard.
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