How to configure the remote from the split system

R/C buttons and their functions

Buttons of most models of split-systems remotes are designated with standard inscriptions or icons, located next to them on the top panel of this device. Sometimes there is an icon printed on the buttons themselves and also an inscription next to them. Let’s list the inscriptions and their deciphering, which can be found on AC remote controls.

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  • On/Off. /Off.”). activation and deactivation of the ACS. Sometimes this function is called Power. Marked with an icon: a circle crossed with a vertical line.
  • Mode. button to select the mode of operation. For example Auto. for automatic, Cool. for cold, Dry. for dehumidification, Heat. for heating, etc. The button can have the fan, sun (heating), snowflake (cooling) and standard icons of other modes.
  • Air Direction. change of vertical position of air damper.
  • Swing. enabling and disabling vertical movement of the damper. Button can have an icon with an arc-shaped double-sided arrow.
  • Fan, Fan speed, Speed. Pressing the button increases the rotation of the blades. Icon: image of a fan.
  • Timer on/Timer off” Icon: Fan speed, Fan speed, Speed, “Setting fan speed” Icon: Timer on/Timer off (TIMER on/Timer off). /Timer off.”). switching the timer on and off.
  • Sleep: Sleep mode: decreases noise level and cooling capacity. There may be an icon of a sickle-shaped moon.
  • Clean Air, Ion, Plasma. activation of the ionization function of the air blown into the room.
  • Turbo” or “Full Power”. start technique at maximum cooling power.
  • Set or Ok. confirmation of the chosen command.
  • Reset. reset to default settings.
  • Lock. keys lock. The same button can be used to unlock the remote control.
  • Temp. temperature setting. Usually looks like a button in the shape of arrows (down/up) with “/-” signs.

There are also other buttons, but their interesace is quite clear (setting the clock, the current value of temperature, humidity, etc.). The screen of the remote control usually shows the time of the day, the temperature in the room, the fan speed, the current mode and other parameters of choice.

Why do we need a universal remote control for an air conditioner?

No one is surprised any more by a modern air conditioning system installed in the house, which is able to cool and heat the air in the room to the desired temperature. Almost all modern air-conditioning equipment has a self-diagnostic function that alerts the owner to possible malfunctions of the equipment.

remote, split, system

Besides that, in any splitsystem at home you can regulate direction and power of air stream, and the most “advanced” models have the function of air dehumidification and automatic selection of the most comfortable microclimate. And as a rule all the control of this miracle of climate control takes place with the help of wireless IR remote control, which regularly has a nasty property to be lost, broken, become a toy for kids and the most awful thing. dinner for our four-legged friends.

It often becomes rather difficult to buy a new one, especially for the outdated models of climatic equipment. It takes much time and sometimes money to find them on sale, because the original splitsystem control device can cost about 5 thousands

The way out was found by the Celestial Empire craftsmen, who invented and produced inexpensive and qualitative enough universal remote controls for air conditioner.

Mitsubishi MSZ-FH Remote (SG15H). Basic Functions

Icons and buttons on the air conditioner control panel

Greetings all on the site Air Conditioner! Today I will try to write the most understandable instruction on how to control splitsystem. I hope that after reading this each user will be able to control absolutely any air conditioner.

Before turning on “split” make sure that outdoor temperature corresponds to its operating conditions. If you do not know your model’s allowable outdoor temperatures, I do not recommend you to turn your unit on when the temperature outside is below zero degrees Celsius. Read more about it here.

Let me start with the fact that in order to use the air conditioner it must be connected to the mains. Usually it is connected either by a plug into a socket or a “machine” in the electrical panel. When you “power on” the unit, you will hear a beep from the indoor unit or you will see the louvers opening/closing once. If there is no power supply, read the possible causes.

P.S. It happens that some conditioners switch on automatically after turning on the “power”. there is nothing bad in it. Just continue to set it according to the instruction.

Get advice:

There may also be Lock (locks settings), Led (backlight on remote control) and Clock (shows current time) buttons, etc. Everything depends on the model of split system and its functions.

Sometimes, the producers put on separate buttons for Cool, Heat and Fan functions.

Details about buttons and modes

Everyone, who has ever held a device in his hand, knows this button. “ON/OFF” button is responsible for turning air conditioner ON and OFF respectively. Press once to turn split system on and press again to turn it off;

The second most important button on the remote control is “MODE”. It is needed to select the operation mode. The button works sequentially, i.e.е. After each press one of the available modes is activated: automatic (AUTO), cooling (COOL), dehumidifying (DRY), heating (HEAT) and ventilating (FAN). Information about the selected mode is displayed on the control panel;

Quickly activate cooling or heating mode respectively.

Buttons designed to adjust various values, such as increasing/decreasing the temperature or timer time;

Button designed to adjust the position of the horizontal louvers located in the wall unit of the air conditioner. Blinds are necessary for adjusting the airflow direction. Press the button once for the guides to start moving. And press again to fix them in their position;

Another button for adjusting the rails. But in this case they are not adjusted horizontally, but vertically. Adjustable in the same way as for “A”.SWING” (see “ON/OFF TIMER”) (see “ON/OFF TIMER”).above);

These buttons are for setting on/off timer of air conditioner respectively. For more details on this mode of operation, see the article below.

Confirmation of settings. This button must be pressed in timer setting mode.

How to adjust the remote control of the split system

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Manual on using the universal remote control for air conditioners KT-9018E

Product Description

The KT-901BE has a patented design and code setting.

Split AC Remote All Functions

Insert the code and use, it takes a couple of minutes, the remote control has an accurate clock, timer on and off memory settings, as well as the original function, so it is very convenient to use


Insert the batteries into the remote control, observing the polarity.

Find the code for your device in the code table in the photo above, There are many codes for each brand. First of all, try the first code in the group, if after that the remote control does not control the unit or does not perform all the functions, try the next one and so on until you find the code in which the remote control will control your air conditioner. For example, for your conditioner you enter code 0235, if conditioner does not react, you will enter the next code and so on.

Press the Select button, the code line on the display of the universal remote control blinks once, enter the 4-digit code you need. For example, the 0288. Press the 0 button on the display, it will stop flashing and the remaining three digits will flash, then 2, the remaining two digits will flash, then 8, one digit flashing and finally the last digit 8. All four digits of 4-digit code stop flashing, code is entered and press Select. The remote control is programmed and now the digital buttons of the remote control work in a usual mode and carry out the original function The remote control is ready for work, you can control your conditioner.

After your conditioner is switched on make sure. That universal remote control operates the conditioner correctly.

How to adjust correctly a universal remote control for an air conditioner

As a rule, if remote control is lost or broken, it is impossible to turn on a conditioner. It is not always possible to buy a new remote control for a specific air conditioner model. That is why purchase of a universal remote control is the only way out. Using such a remote control you can control any air conditioner. For this purpose it is necessary to adjust the remote control for your model of air conditioner. Principle of setting all the remotes is the same and consists in entering the necessary code into the memory of the remote control. As a rule, there is a manual with a table of codes for different models of conditioners included in the remote control. There are two modes for setting the remote control: automatic and manual. Automatic mode can be used if you do not know what conditioner you have or if your air conditioner model is not in the table of codes. For setting in a mode of auto search you should take a remote control in your hand and direct it towards an air conditioner. Find “SELECT” button on the remote control, press and hold it for 5 seconds and release it. Remote control will automatically send commands to AC and search all available codes. The codes will flash and change on the remote control screen. As soon as a correct code appears, you will hear a sound signal from your device and air conditioner will switch on. At this moment you should press any button on the remote control, scanning of codes will stop. Check the operation of the air conditioner with this code. If some commands do not work properly or some functions do not work, start the auto search of codes one more time until you find the code, when your conditioner will work properly. Setting in manual mode takes less time. Find code in code table for your air conditioner model, there may be several codes. Press “SELECT” button and the code should blink once on the display of the remote controller. Use numeric buttons to set code in memory and press “ENTER” button, control unit is programmed. Check how the air conditioner commands are executed. If the air conditioner does not work correctly, try entering the other codes one by one. You can also use “TEMP” and “TEMP-” buttons to search codes. After entering the correct code, the air conditioner remote controller is ready for use. All basic functions will be available to you. You can select from remote controller working mode of conditioner such as cold, warm, ventilation or automatic mode. You can set the temperature, adjust the fan speed and choose the direction of airflow. If you lost or broke the remote control of your air conditioner, come to us, we have a universal remote control, it will surely turn on your air conditioner!

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Mitsubishi Ductless Remote. Simple Remote, Basic Functions

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Universal remote control for air conditioner: function, setting

For convenient start-up of air conditioning systems, manufacturers equip units with remote control. If during operation the remote control is defective or lost, you need to buy a new one. However, not always the user can find a remote control for the specific air conditioner model. In such cases purchasing of a universal remote control becomes a solution.

In this article we will consider information about universal remote controls for air conditioners, description of main modes and functions and how to set up and operate the device correctly.

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