How to configure Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

Instruction on how to teach Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to speak in Russian: variants of russification, changing the language and voice of the device

One of the most unusual functions of robot vacuum cleaners is their control by voice commands. As well as “sounding” the mode of operation.

And vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi in this respect. the most “customizable”.

After all, the manufacturer has released a special API, allowing you to easily modify the firmware and add voice commands to it.

Almost all languages are supported, not only Russian.

Mi Home program functionality to control the Xiaomi smart vacuum cleaner

Many basic and advanced options are available with which the user can customize the vacuum cleaner.

  • Go to send the vacuum cleaner to a specific location for unscheduled cleaning.
  • Docking station the robot is sent to charge.
  • Clean start unscheduled cleaning.
  • Zoned cleaning mode cleans a specific area (you need to select it).
  • Timer cleaning starts after some time.
  • Voice and volume allows you to change the robot’s voice settings.
  • Cleaning mode provides the ability to select the cleaning mode. They are displayed in increasing power quiet, balanced, turbo, full speed. On most devices, this mode is set to Balanced by default. That is, the first time you start the vacuum cleaner, it will work in this mode.

⚙️ How to connect the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P to your smartphone

Modern robotic vacuum cleaners have a lot of functionality, which is provided through a proprietary app. Today we will tell you how to connect Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop and Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P to your gadget.

To connect you will need the proprietary Mi Home app, it can be downloaded both in the “Play Market” and in the AppStore.

Download the application, launch it and authorize in the European region. Once you’re in the app’s main menu, tap the “” icon in the top right corner to add a new device.

Now you need to reset the Wi-Fi settings on the vacuum cleaner, to do this, press the power and home keys for 3 seconds, until the sound indication. After resetting the Wi-Fi settings, the vacuum cleaner will automatically be detected in the list of available devices to connect, you can also select it manually.

Next, enter the data of the Wi-Fi access point to which you want to connect the vacuum cleaner Xiaomi. Only supports 2.4 GHz.

Now you need to wait a couple of seconds to connect.

Then the connected vacuum cleaner will prompt you to specify the location.

You can also share access with other Mi Home users.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is connected to your smartphone and ready for further manipulation, for which you just need to click on the vacuum cleaner icon that appeared in the main menu Mi Home.

You can also use the instructions for setting the Russian voice of your new friend.

Cleaning of hair

often than not, hair accumulates in the center brush and in the side brushes. It is very important to remove them in time, as they can interfere with the proper operation of the vacuum cleaner. For example, you may find yourself in a situation where the side brush stops spinning because of the huge amount of hair that can eventually become wound up on it.

Cleaning the side brushes from the hair

Cleaning the side brushes is very simple. Almost all models of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners have in their package a special brush to remove hair and clean the device from dust, which is what the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential. In complicated cases, it is best to use a knife or scissors for this procedure. To remove hair with a knife, you need to gently pick it up and cut it off. If the hair is wrapped up hard and deep, you can take a screwdriver and unscrew the brush and pull out all the hair.

How often should you clean the side brushes? As needed or after 3-5 months from the last cleaning.

In addition, over time, these brushes wear out. After about a year of using the device, it is recommended to replace them with new ones.

Cleaning the center brush

Dust and hair can collect on the central brush. Basically, the main enemy of the central brush is hair. So next we will look at how to easily get rid of them.

Clamp the brush fasteners and take it out. Remove the axes of the brush on the sides and remove the hair, which in any case will be there.

After that, it’s best to go to the bathroom and there clean the brush with a special tool that comes with the vacuum cleaner. It’s really handy and has a blade on the back, which works much better with hair than your hands. Next, you need to rinse the brush under the tap and wipe it with a towel. That’s it, the brush is cleaned and ready to use again. Put it in place in the vacuum cleaner, fix it and put the protective cover in place.

We recommend repeating the cleaning process about once a week or as needed. This will ensure a longer life span and will have a positive effect on the quality of cleaning.

Setting up the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner


Press the button. To begin cleaning Press any button to pause the unit during cleaning

Note. ✓ The device cannot start cleaning without sufficient battery power. Recharge the unit before cleaning. ✓ The device will automatically return to the docking station to recharge if it diagnoses low battery while cleaning. The unit will automatically return to the place left behind and continue cleaning after charging ✓ Before cleaning, all cords lying on the floor (including the docking station power cord) must be removed to prevent the unit from getting caught on any cords during cleaning and disabling other electrical appliances, damaging cords or objects as a result ✓ The unit will clean the default cleaning area twice if it cannot complete the cleaning in 10 minutes

Partial cleaning

Press and hold the button. To start partial cleaning with the unit paused or waiting for commands. Use this mode to clean area 1.5 × 1.5 m directly around the unit. When partial cleaning is complete, the main unit will automatically return to its original position and stop working.

Note. Enabling partial cleaning mode when the unit is paused stops the cleaning that the unit was previously doing

Pause state

Press any button while the unit is running to put it in a pause state.

Press a button. To continue cleaning, and then tap the button to return the device to the docking station and complete current cleaning tasks.

Note. Charging the device on the dock while the device is paused completes ongoing cleaning tasks.

Schedule cleaning

In the Mi Home app for the vacuum cleaner, you can set a scheduled time to start cleaning. The main unit will automatically begin cleaning at the designated time and automatically return to the docking station when it has finished cleaning.

Cleaning modes

In the Mi Home app, you can choose between quiet, standard, or intensive cleaning modes with the robotic vacuum cleaner. Default standard mode.

Do Not Disturb mode

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s robot will not automatically start another cleaning task or give voice alerts in Do Not Disturb mode, and the indicator light will glow dimly. The factory preset time between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. is specified as the Do Not Disturb mode. You can disable Do Not Disturb mode or change the duration of this mode using the Mi Home app.

Third generation


On the third generation of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners almost nothing has changed: open the lid, press the “Reset” button and hold it until the button blinks red. You can then release the key, which will cause the device to automatically restart.


Press and hold the two main buttons. Then, without releasing them, hold down the reset button (“Reset”) for 3 seconds; then release it, but continue to hold the main buttons. In the next few minutes, the robot will beep and reset itself.

Connecting Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to your smartphone through the app

Mi Home. The universal application developed by the company Xiaomi, which controls dozens of devices. From smart home sensors to electric vehicles and appliances. The app is available on both Andriod and iOS.

To connect the robot vacuum cleaner to the app you will need:

  • Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner or company partners
  • Smartphone on Android 4.4 or on iOS 9.0 and higher
  • A Wi-Fi router that works in the 2.4 GHz band

To connect the robot vacuum cleaner to your smartphone download the application “Mi Home” in the application store “Play Market” or “App Store

In the Mi Home app, the regions act as a cloud service. A couple of years ago, smart home devices only worked in the “China” region. Since last year, the company has been adding popular devices in other regions as well. Now, the robot vacuum cleaners that Xiaomi and partners produce are connected through other regions. In our case, select the region “Russia”.

  • Press “Add device”. The app will ask you to allow access to the location to detect devices nearby. Allow it, so it will be easier to find and connect new devices.
  • Connect and choose a router that is in the house. Then enter the password for the Wi-Fi network, that is, the password of the router and wait until the robot vacuum cleaner connects to the network.

All! The robot vacuum cleaner is connected.

We connected Xiaomi Mijia 1C Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner, but the connection principle is the same for each model.

configure, xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner

Thanks to the application Mi Home increases the functionality of robotic vacuum cleaner. For example, using the app builds a map of the house, appears zoned cleaning, staging virtual walls, scheduled cleaning and so on.

To get acquainted with robot-vacuum cleaners Xiaomi possible on our site in the section “Goods for home. “Robot Vacuums.”.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Unboxing, Setup & 1st Clean | TechManPat

Configuring the functionality after connection, how to control the robot vacuum cleaner

To control the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner after connecting to the app, you must:

  • Launch the Mi Home app.
  • Enter your remote’s number.
  • Find the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner in the app and connect to it.
  • Wait for the robot to connect to your remote and the menu opens.
  • Select the “Charge” menu option, then “Clean”.
  • Press the “Select” button and select “Clear (disconnect)” (if the option Clear every 20 minutes is selected), “Clear” (including).
  • Press the “Confirm” button to have the robot delete the last cleaning time.
  • Enter the Settings menu and turn off the “Clean every hour” option.
  • Enter the Settings menu and turn on the Clean every 7 days option.
  • Press “Change” to change the cleaning frequency and set “7 days” to “Daily”.
  • Set the periodicity “every hour” to “24 hours”.
  • Set the purge time.
  • Set the purge frequency in the range of 1 minute to 24 hours.
  • Select the cleaning interval “daily”, “weekly” or “monthly.
  • Press the change button to change the cleaning frequency and set it to “daily” or “weekly.
  • Press the confirmation button to confirm the settings.
  • You will now have a timer for cleaning at the specified time.
  • Simply press one of the buttons on the robot to clean the spot.
  • You can set the timer by pressing the “Reset” button next to the timer (the button must be pressed within 10 seconds).
  • If you want to know the error code, press “Info” and you will see the cause code.
  • If you want to reset the robot, press the “Unlock” button next to the “Unlock” button on the remote control.
  • To set and delete a cleaning schedule and timer, go to the Setup menu and select “Schedule” or “Timer”. Press the Change button, then in the window that appears, press the Refresh menu button.
  • After that, the Schedule window will appear, and then you will be redirected to the Schedule menu to configure it. Click on the Refresh button, then a window will appear in which you need to select the desired mode (weekly, daily or).

Robot information

Clear the area of the floor where the robot charging station will be installed. There should be a free distance of 0 on the sides of it.5 meters and more than 1 meter to the front (preferably 1.5 meters).

Next, install the station, attach the regular cable to it and connect it to the power.

Turn the robot on by holding the power button and place it on the charging station so that the indicator light shows the charging process.

The next step is to synchronize the robot with your smartphone and home Wi-Fi. To do this, download the Mi Home app. It is available from these QR codes, or in the app stores.

Next, log in to the application and synchronize with the robot vacuum cleaner. A detailed description will be available at this link

Maintenance The canister and filter must be cleaned after each cleaning.

To do this, open the vacuum cleaner hatch and remove the dust canister from the compartment by pressing on the groove.

Open the lid of the container in the direction shown.

To keep the filter in good working order, it is advisable to give it a light tap during the cleaning process to get rid of any remaining particles. Never wash the filter! It is recommended to change the filter every 3 months to maintain a high degree of efficiency. Main (center) brush

Press stops to remove main brush cover.

Remove the main brush and clean the axle with the special tool.

Cut the coiled hair with the special tool.

configure, xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner

Replace the cleaned main brush and cover.

Note: for effective cleaning it is recommended to replace the brush every 6-12 months, depending on the intensity of use. We recommend cleaning the brush once a week.

3) Attach and reattach side brush.

Note: We recommend replacing the side brush every 3-6 months to ensure effective cleaning. And it is recommended to clean the brush every 3 to 4 weeks.

It is recommended to wipe down the sensors located on the body of the robotic vacuum cleaner as dirty or once a month.

Clean the docking station charger connector with a dry soft cloth.

Allow clearance 0.5 meters on both sides and 1 meter on the front side, then plug the docking station in.

Note: do not place the charging station in direct sunlight or near foreign objects in the docking area. Otherwise the robot will not be able to return to the charging station automatically. We recommend cleaning once a month.

The robot has a built-in high-performance lithium-ion battery. In order to keep the battery working, we recommend charging the robot after daily cleaning.

Note: If you plan not to use the robot for a long time, please turn it off and charge it at least once every three months to avoid battery damage due to excessive discharge and subsequent loss of capacity.

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