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Hi all! Today very briefly we shall consider the instruction how to connect LG refrigerator to your home Wi-Fi. It is actually very simple to do. But still read this article from start to finish so you don’t miss any small details. There will also be a chapter at the very end, which will tell the solutions to the connection problems.

Hi there! Today very briefly we will consider the instruction how to connect LG refrigerator to your home Wi-Fi. In fact, everything is done very simply. But still read this article from beginning to end, so that you do not miss any small details. There will also be a chapter at the end on solutions to connectivity problems.

Applications and main functions

and more refrigerator companies are equipping their new models with a wireless module. Such units are demonstrated at international exhibitions. Why a modern refrigerator needs Wi-Fi? Thanks to the introduction of innovations, the technique works more efficiently. The software will run diagnostics by itself and tell you how to fix the damage.

The built-in program can be adapted so that the device keeps track of the amount of food that is available. Equally useful is the ability to order food. This function is available in automatic mode.

Wi-Fi in the refrigerator not only allows you to turn on and off the device remotely, but also greatly expands the functionality. The operating parameters can be set so that the user is automatically sent information about what products are running out, where they can be purchased, and at what price.

Wi-Fi setting on LG refrigerators

To connect such a fridge, you can use a special application, downloading it from the official site of LG company or from Play Market service.

The synchronization is done according to this scheme:

  • LG Smart ThinQ is downloaded to your mobile device.
  • After that, you need to press the button with the image of a Wi-Fi icon on the refrigeration equipment. It needs to be held for 3-5 seconds.
  • Button should light up continuously. That completes the setup.

The app allows you to control many types of LG equipment. This includes ovens, clothes washers, and robotic vacuum cleaners.

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How to connect the fridge to Wi-Fi

Connecting a refrigerator with Wi-Fi is a simple task, which can be handled by any schoolboy. It is enough to have skills in working with applications on your smartphone and be able to find the right function.

To connect to the Internet through your refrigerator, follow these steps:

  • Download the special LG Smart ThinQ application to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Install it, guided by the standard algorithm of actions.
  • Launch the application and go through a simple registration procedure.
  • Enter the created account, where they select the “Refrigerator” item.
  • On the control panel of the home appliance find the button labeled “Wi-Fi”.
  • In order to connect Wi-Fi on the fridge, press it and hold for 5 seconds.
  • After that, the button will glow steadily.
  • A window will appear on the mobile device, in which the LG Smart ThinQ application will ask you to confirm the synchronization with the fridge.
  • Press “Yes” and complete the connection process.

How to use

Each model of refrigeration equipment has its own rules of operation, which can be found in the enclosed manual. To use household appliances, you need constant access to the Internet and the availability of a smartphone that supports the software of the manufacturer of the refrigerator.

connect, refrigerator, internet
  • Switching on and off.In the menu of LG Smart ThinQ application find the “Power” menu item. In it you choose the required function. If you want to set the switch-off at a particular time, you should set the timer in the same section and activate the corresponding option.
  • Decrease in power consumption. To reduce the financial costs, you need to find and turn on the “Minimum rate” function. After that, the device will independently regulate the amount of power consumption.
  • Diagnostic. If you turn on this useful function, in case of any malfunctions or problems in operation (for example, the freezer door is open or the ice generator is off), the smartphone will receive a corresponding notification.
  • Temperature control. It is possible to follow the changes of this parameter and make adjustments even from another city. To do this, just go into the application and open the window with the current indicators.

[LG ThinQ] Connect WiFi SmartThinQ /h3>

LG company constantly improves its technique. Thanks to this new devices appear in stores, capable of performing many useful functions. If you learn how to use them, you can simplify your life and increase the amount of free time.

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How do you control your fridge with Wi-Fi?

Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than it seems to manage a refrigerator with Wi-Fi function. It is enough to have a smartphone, computer or tablet that supports the manufacturer’s software of the household appliance, as well as access to the Internet. After purchasing the model of interest, you need to find a link in the manual to the site where you can download the free software of interest.

For different systems. Android and iOS are used different software shells, which will be mentioned in the instructions. You need to be guided by the option to which the user’s gadget belongs. Installation is done automatically or manually according to the points indicated in the manual. After its completion, the program is ready to use and the refrigerator is ready to control. Now you can use all of the above features while at work, on the road, or in the next room.

How to use Wi-Fi in the refrigerator?

There is an opinion that a refrigerator with Wi-Fi requires specific knowledge of control and setup. This is a misconception. To control Wi-Fi, it is enough to have a smartphone or tablet with the manufacturer’s software installed on it. You will also need Internet access to connect to the equipment.

The manufacturer’s instructions indicate that the appropriate software is required for iOS and Android. After downloading, the program is installed on your smartphone or tablet for further control of your home appliance. In the future, you can make adjustments, and then control the LG refrigerator or other manufacturer with Wi-Fi. Also there is a description in the instruction, why this module is installed in your unit and what functions it gives.

Let’s look at the peculiarities of application by the example of LG. To connect a third-party device to your home appliance, you’ll need an app, which is available on Play Market or the App Store, depending on your phone model. The adjustment algorithm looks like this:

  • Download the LG Wi-Fi refrigerator app called LG Smart ThinQ.
  • On the device you’re plugging in, press the button with the Wi-Fi icon on it. Press and hold down the button for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • As soon as the Wi-Fi symbol stops flashing and lights up steadily, we can say that the installation is successful.

Similar applications are provided for refrigerators of other models. Further control takes place via the program with the set functionality. In addition, the software can be used to work with other “smart” appliances of the manufacturer.

LG. rules of registration of a personal account

LG is a South Korean company, which is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances and electronics in the world market. The range of products manufactured by the corporation is extremely wide, including TVs, audio and video, home appliances, monitors and smartphones. LG company cares not only about maintaining impeccable quality standards of products, but also to provide consumers with high quality service.

At the official LG site users have the opportunity to register a personal account. a common unified account to access and manage all LG Smart services. LG Smart TV, LG Mobile Smart World, LG ThinQ, LG Health and LG EnerVu can be controlled by a single account registered by the user at

How to turn on Wi-Fi

To use the features of Smart TV after the first connection to the outlet you must turn on Wi-Fi on your LG TV. This is done to update the software, use the multimedia and other features of the TV. In contrast to the usual wired pairing, this option allows you to transmit the signal over the air without loss of quality and at high speed. You can do without many wires.

To figure out how to connect LG TV to Wi-Fi wireless, can any user without technical knowledge, and the procedure itself takes no more than 1-2 minutes. Note that since 2012 all televisions are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module, and older versions may require an additional receiver.

Common Pairing

First, let’s look at how to turn on Wi-Fi on your LG TV and connect to your home network. Take the following steps:

  • Make sure that your home Wi-Fi settings allow you to connect new devices. To check it, you need to go into the router settings and remove the restrictions (if they are set).
  • Turn on your LG TV.
  • Go to “Basic Settings” and then the “Advanced Settings” section.
  • Look for “Network” and then select “Connect to Wi-Fi network.
  • See the list of networks that you can connect to Wi-Fi on your LG Smart TV.
  • Select your Wi-Fi from the list and click on it.
  • Enter the password and confirm with the OK button.

All you have to do is turn on Wi-Fi on your LG TV once, and it will connect automatically when you turn it on. You may only need to change your password or router.

Via Receiver

The situation is more complicated when you need to turn on Wi-Fi on LG TV through the receiver. Such a need may arise on devices manufactured before 2012, and having no built-in Wi-Fi module. With these models, you can’t do without buying a special receiver. In this case, the connection of LG TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi is as follows:

  • Install the adapter with the TV on the back panel in a special slot.
  • Make sure the device is plugged in. In this case the corresponding message appears on the screen.
  • Go to the settings on your LG TV and follow the steps above.

From your phone

Another way to connect to Wi-Fi on your LG TV is to do it with your cell phone. Wi-Fi Direct technology is used for this. To turn on your device this way, do the following steps:

  • Using the remote control, go to LG’s “Settings” and find “Network”.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • When connecting for the first time, fill in the field with the name of the device or do it in the appropriate section of the menu.
  • Click on the “Options” button on the remote control, and then go to the “Manual” section. There should be an “Other Methods” item. Enter the encryption key that appears on your smartphone.
  • Wait until the name of your smartphone/tablet appears in the list of available devices.
  • Select the menu item and confirm pairing with the OK button on the remote control.
  • Confirm the connection on your phone by entering the encryption key and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to configure

Figuring out how to set up Wi-Fi on your LG TV is easy. To do this, follow the instructions described above. The router must be available for connection and must not have any restrictions. If after selecting the network and specifying a password the message appears that you can not connect to the network, you must turn off the router for 20 seconds, and then turn it on.

You may also need to set up Wi-Fi on your LG TV and enter your own DNS information. Do the following steps:

  • Go to “Settings” on your LG TV.
  • Select “Network”.
  • Click on “Connect to Wi-Fi Network”.
  • Click on “Advanced Settings.”.
  • Click on “Change.”.
  • Uncheck the “Automatic” option.
  • Enter 8 in the “DNS” line.8.8.8.
  • Click on “Connect.”.

This method provides the connection of LG TV to Wi-Fi, if the standard method does not work.

How to connect your refrigerator to Wi-Fi

Connecting a refrigerator with Wi-Fi is a simple task that any schoolboy can handle. All you need to do is have smartphone app skills and be able to find the right function.

To connect to the Internet through the refrigerator, you need to do the following steps:

  • Download to your smartphone or tablet a special application LG Smart ThinQ.
  • Install it, following the standard algorithm of actions.
  • Launch the application and go through a simple registration procedure.
  • Enter the created account, where they select the item “Refrigerator”.
  • On the control panel of the appliances find the button labeled “Wi-Fi”.
  • To connect on the refrigerator Wi-Fi, press it and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • After that, the button will light up continuously.
  • A window will appear on your mobile device asking the LG Smart ThinQ app to confirm synchronization with your refrigerator.
  • Press “Yes” and finish the connection process.

Setting Wi-Fi on LG refrigerators

In order to connect such a fridge, it is possible to use a special application, having downloaded it from the official site of LG company or Play Market service.

Synchronization is performed according to the following scheme:

  • The LG Smart ThinQ app is downloaded to your mobile device.
  • After that, you need to press the button with the Wi-Fi icon on the cooling equipment. It is necessary to hold it for 3-5 seconds.
  • The button should light up continuously. This completes the setup.

The application allows controlling many types of LG equipment. These include ovens, clothes washers and robotic vacuum cleaners.

LG refrigerator control possibilities from smartphone

  • remote control of the equipment operation using a tablet or Android smartphone;
  • receiving data on the availability and quality of products;
  • listening to online radio;
  • communicating with friends on social networks using the built-in touch screen display;
  • Automatic food ordering over the Internet;
  • sending messages about the need to replenish food supplies;
  • recording important information;
  • making a grocery list;
  • monitoring the shelf life of various foods;
  • diagnostics of equipment operation and detection of any malfunction.


  • the application can be downloaded and used for free;
  • the utility allows you to connect your mobile device with appliances from the manufacturer LG;
  • it is possible to remotely control appliances;
  • You can buy related products, spare parts and consumables;
  • the application is compatible with current Android versions.

Features of refrigerators with Wi-Fi

Equipped with LG Wi-Fi refrigerator allows you to remotely adjust the temperature in the freezer and refrigerator compartment. It is controlled by a smartphone, which receives notifications via a Wi-Fi wireless communication unit. The technology allows you to change settings or monitor the equipment remotely (as long as your phone is connected to the Internet). When storing food, the user indicates the storage period and the refrigeration equipment automatically alerts the owner when the storage end date is approaching.

The capabilities of refrigeration units with Wi-Fi depend on the model and manufacturer of the equipment:

  • LG GBB 60 DSMFS smart refrigerator is equipped with a diagnostic unit. If a malfunction is detected, an error code is generated, which is then sent to the service center and transmitted to the owner’s phone. There is a control panel on the outside of the door with touch keys and indicators.
  • The VioMi Smart Refrigerator iLive Four Door, assembled by Xiaomi, is equipped with a separate 10-inch display. The screen allows you to change settings or order products via the Internet, there is a function to order on a schedule. The equipment can be used to control lighting in the room.
  • Samsung Family Hub, which is the center of the smart home. The equipment is equipped with a 21.5-inch display, installed Samsung Connect system, which allows you to control household appliances. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to display notes or photos from your smartphone, stream video, or play audio through the fridge’s built-in speakers.

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How to control the fridge-freezer with Wi-Fi function

It is extremely easy to control the cold room with a Wi-Fi module. This requires a tablet, PC or smartphone with software support from the manufacturer of the equipment. In addition, the connection requires access to the Internet. After purchasing the equipment, you need to carefully study the instruction for its use.

For iOS and Android you need to install different software shells. The corresponding information should be specified in the user manual. Software installation can be performed automatically or manually. Once the program is installed, it can be used to control the refrigeration equipment. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the menu items. For example, if you need to turn off the fridge remotely, you need to go to the “Power” section of the software and select the “Disconnect” item there.

Changing the connection method

If the data was entered manually, it is possible to use Wi-Fi technology. To activate it, you need to use a special button on the router (WPS).

Software update

To “smart” LG TV worked without interruptions, it is necessary to regularly check for software updates, which are released by the manufacturer.

  • Go to the “LG” official website in the user support section.
  • Select the “Drivers” tab.
  • Find “Firmware Software”.
  • Enter data on the page that opens: TV model, or choose a product in a particular category.
  • Download the firmware on USB flash drive.
  • Connect the USB memory stick to the TV via USB port.
  • Go to “Support”, select subsection “Update now”.
  • A screen appears requesting to download the software from the mass storage device.
  • Confirm this action.

Once the files have been checked by the system you can press the “Update” button to start the process. Your TV will automatically reboot after these actions.

Important! Only download software from the official site, otherwise there is a risk of downloading a virus to the TV.

Changing the adapter

External Module Adapter resembles an ordinary flash drive, which is connected via USB connector. But you can buy other equipment, which is equipped with a directional antenna. In this way, the best signal for Wi-Fi data transmission is created.

This information is enough to understand how to turn on Wi-Fi on the LG TV and make the necessary wireless network settings. As you can see, there are quite a few ways to connect to the Internet, and they require settings, which may seem difficult to a person who has not done it before. But if you follow the instructions clearly and do not violate the rules of operation of the device, you will be able to connect in a few minutes.

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