How to connect the LG machine to the phone

How to install the app and manage LG’s smart washing machine diagnostics?

The struggle for the market pushes manufacturers to make new models of home appliances every day getting smarter. Allowing you to solve a large number of household problems with less time and effort.

At the forefront of global innovation in home appliances, LG is constantly developing and improving its product software.

Thanks to a program developed by LG Smart Diagnosis, the washing machine automatically collects and transmits information when there is a malfunction, alerting you with a modern smartphone.

Review of LG F12U1HBS4 smart washing machine: Washing from a smartphone

I was very unpleasantly surprised when the new washing machine was rinsing the laundry only with cold water. And in winter it was completely freezing. It didn’t wash out the standard powders all the way to the end. I didn’t even believe in the reality of what was going on. I thought I had a defective copy. At the IFA in Berlin, I caught a representative of the company that made the washing machine and asked. how to turn on the water heating while rinsing? “No way,” the representative replied nonchalantly, “You have to save energy. And not to waste it on silly things”. Then there were many experiments with various detergents, and it seemed that the expensive Japanese magic machine washed until the end. But then another show of concern for saving money crept up.

The drum of the machine was designed for 6 kg of laundry. If you fill it up completely, everything runs smoothly. And if two-thirds of the way through, that’s pretty much it, too. But sometimes there is an urgent need to wash a couple of things without waiting for the pile to pile up. It is clear that thrifty Europeans would never do such a thing and would wear their dirty clothes to the end. But we, the inhabitants of rich Russia, can still afford a little extravagance. Apparently, no one really tested the low-load mode, because the machine just went crazy. The scales in the drum seemed to see something appear and then immediately disappear. That’s why the water was drawn in and immediately drained. And so several times. But the best part was at the wringing stage. The drum would not spin up to its maximum speed and would spend hours sluggishly tossing things from wall to wall. At the same time, the screen mockingly showed that one minute was left until the end of the wash. In fact, the process could go on for three or five hours. And all night long. Sometimes you had to stop the whole mess manually, wait for the hatch to unlock, and save the wet thing.

connect, machine, phone

All this is so tired that I began to think about buying an old machine, change all the parts in it, what is possible, and wash at your pleasure. But faith in technical progress overcame conservatism. Well, the warm water rinse could not be destroyed by the root?

It turns out that in few places, but it survived. For example, in Miele machines. Very good brand, everyone recommends it, but the most budget model costs more than 100 thousand. We can’t be intimidated by such numbers, but I still wanted to check if there were any cheaper options. Proper rinsing found in LG flagship models of washing machines. precisely, by default it is like everywhere else, cold water, but if you press a button. everything will be fine.

It was not possible to test the operation with a small amount of laundry, but I decided to take a chance. And some time ago I got a silver LG washing machine with a musical and easy to remember name F12U1HBS4. With a depth of 45 centimeters, it promised to wash up to 7 kilograms of laundry.

Immediately conspicuous is the giant hatch, which seems to allow an adult to crawl into the drum, but it has mostly a decorative function. In fact, the diameter of the loading hole is quite standard. The drum is driven by a direct-drive inverter motor, which, according to LG, increases reliability and saves space in the cabinet. About the reliability, you can believe it: the warranty on the motor is 10 years. I feared that such a design would be a bit noisy, but no. If the steel were a couple of millimeters thicker, the washing would not have been heard at all. But ever since they learned how to prevent the machine from bouncing around the apartment with concrete blocks, the steel has become thin everywhere. It’s good, though.

The controls are fully touch-sensitive, and at first I was afraid I’d never learn how to set a program. so many options. In practice, however, to start the wash, you must press literally in two places. And if you want to turn on the cherished rinse with warm water. in three. We are an IT issue, so I will not bore you with the details of washing comforters or removing stains. I will only say that the machine washes very well. Doesn’t stall at low volume. Powder washes out completely, so your laundry won’t feel like a brick when it’s dry. It practically squeezes it dry. Especially noteworthy is the hot steam treatment during the wash and spin (TrueSteam function), which makes things softer and more pleasant to the touch, as well as the drum cleaning function. The latter is extremely useful if you wash mats, sneakers, and other pretty dirty things in the machine. After those, it’s a good idea to rinse the drum, but most machines won’t turn on if there’s nothing inside. You can also turn on full drum cleaning without stuff here. Men usually don’t understand these subtleties (“Oh, it’s just a rug! It’s not dirty!”), but women will appreciate.

And one more feature which provoked me to write this text. On the right side of the control panel is a picture of a hand with a smartphone and says Tag On. As it was explained to me, you can download programs to the machine from the Internet(!) and run diagnostics on its health. We’ve been joking about Internet penetration in home appliances like microwave ovens and washing machines for so long, and here it is, the future!

In fact, it turned out to be a little more prosaic. The machine itself does not go to the Internet and does not connect to Wi-Fi. But if you put an NFC-enabled smartphone to it, it prompts you to install the LG Smart Laundry app. There’s a mind-boggling number of laundry programs to choose from, much more than you can find in the machine itself. After that, you just put your smartphone to the icon and the laundry starts. From a smartphone you can set it much more accurately. Simply because the description of some items on the plastic panel will never fit. Older people will probably still prefer to press the touch buttons on the last one, but younger users may prefer the idea of turning the machine on with the phone.

Choosing a wash program

Once everything is ready to start the washing machine, we need to select the desired washing program. Different washing machines have different washing programs, but they all have the same functions. The difference is that they are designed for different types of laundry. On our site you can find the labels on washing machines of different brands. Search for your model there, and see what programs are on your machine.

The program should be chosen depending on what kind of laundry you wash. If let’s say it is wool, then you need to select the program for washing woolen clothes. If you’re going to wash your cotton clothes, then choose the “Cotton” program. For fabrics made of silk and other delicate fabrics, select “Delicate Wash”. Also pay attention to the choice of temperature. The washing programs are set to the necessary washing temperatures by default, but in some models of washing machines you can change them.

Depending on the type of washing machine, you may have different types of program controls. On the more simple washing machines is a wheel, by turning which you can set the desired program. On the more advanced models these are the usual buttons or a touch screen with control directly from this. On the display you can select the washing programme and other settings.

When you have decided on the type of laundry, then turn the wheel or select the desired program on the display. You can also select the extra rinse or economy wash functions, this also needs to be done before you put the washing machine in washing mode.

Once this is done, you can start the washing machine. To do this press the start button.

After you press this button, the machine will immediately lock the door to load the laundry for safety. The corresponding indicator light will light up on the display, and the machine will start to draw water for washing.

If you have small children in the house, you can put the childproof lock on the buttons, so that they can not interrupt the washing program. This feature is available on most washing machines.

Now you just have to wait for the machine to finish the wash.

Useful tips

If you would like to reduce your energy consumption, here are some useful tips to follow.

( LG Top Load Washer). How to use smart Diagnosis using LG thinQ app

  • Do not wash things in the machine that can only be washed by hand. You can find this information on the labels on most washing machines;
  • never overload the appliance when you overload it (this information should be obtained from the user manual in advance and followed).
  • it is important to avoid putting metal parts into the appliance. they can damage the drum and the clothes themselves.

During the first use, it is advisable to pour into the device a special product designed for the first machine washing of linen. It is taken in a small amount, less than is usually required.

The remedy for the first run is sold by specialized stores. For example, you can buy Helfer Start. This composition is suitable for almost all models of newly purchased machines.

Tips for the user

In some cases, the problem can be solved by yourself. Some of them are not breakdowns at all. Therefore, the Smart diagnostic function will save time and money spent on consultation with an independent specialist.

So, the problems that can be solved independently include:

  • Badly closed or blocked the door of the LG washing machine;
  • the water supply valve is closed;
  • lack of water level in the drum of the LG washing machine;
  • too much weight of laundry loaded in the drum;
  • clogged LG washing machine drain filter;
  • screwed up water hose;
  • insufficient voltage in the mains;
  • Problems with water drainage due to clogs;
  • the spin function is disabled;
  • clogged drains;
  • clogged drain pipe, hose or siphon;
  • poor water pressure, due to which the underflow of water occurs;
  • Sudden water shutoff;
  • incorrect connection or improper installation of the washing machine;
  • The water takes a long time to heat up due to the heating element. this can be resolved using special products.

Smart washing machines: smartphone control

Many well-known washing machine manufacturers, keeping up to date, are trying to implement into their equipment the operating systems, controlled via mobile devices or the Internet. It allows you to transmit data and commands from a distance, so that you can now control the washing from the comfort of your armchair in the bathroom or kitchen. Smart washing machines are so smart and advanced that even a child could use them for their intended purpose.

Controlling the technique with a smartphone

Smart washing machines. comfort and ease of control during the washing process

The potential of Smart technology is impressive. Let’s see what new pieces of equipment manufacturers have prepared for us:

  • Siemens offered an automatic washing machine that recognizes the type of stains on clothes by itself. After such diagnostics, the machine itself chooses the right program for washing. It allows you to wash chocolate or soy sauce in one cycle, lasting about 15 minutes.
  • German manufacturer went even further, inventing a talking washing machine, giving it a patriotic name “Hermina”. As soon as you come up to it, an announcer will begin to explain how to divide the laundry and correctly load it into the drum. It also tells you how to remove wax or chewing gum, and how to choose the right detergent. But that’s not the beauty of the German development. The machine recognises commands from your voice, so you can set the temperature and washing time without going near the machine.
  • In its model of Premium Touch WA65205a Gorenje has attempted to introduce artificial intelligence, called UseLogic. Thus, the electronic novelty collects and analyzes the data by itself, picking up the best mode of washing. It takes into account the minimum amount of water, amount of detergent and the required amount of electricity.

Model from Gorenje Premium Touch WA-65205a

Time manager is an assistant in controlling washing time

The Smart washing machine determines the weight of the load

Smart washing machine. comfort for you and your family

The use of modern models with intelligent functionality and remote control:

  • provides less time spent on the washing process;
  • makes it possible to control via the Internet, even when you are not at home (remote access);
  • No need to study the manual because the app will do everything for you;
  • will make a diagnosis and issue recommendations on how to fix the problem;
  • Increases the energy efficiency of the washing machine.Smart washing machines. comfort in every home

Remote control: your washing machine in your

Of course, you will not be able to put a modern washing machine in your. but you can control it with your smartphone.

connect, machine, phone

Smart washing machines, controlled by your smartphone, require the downloading of special applications to your mobile device. For example, for Samsung models, you need to download Samsung Smart Washer.

As a rule, developers try to “fit” their software to the Android system, which is used much more often than Apple or Microsoft. The data transfer between devices is performed via Wi-Fi.

Sitting in a room and using your smartphone, you can:

connect, machine, phone
  • Turn the appliance on and off;
  • select the washing program;
  • set the spin mode;
  • select the desired water temperature;
  • activate the timer;
  • delay the start;
  • Know what stage your washing is in.

As soon as the spinning process is finished, your mobile device will receive a notification.

No matter where you are (home, office or other city), you can always control the work of your Smart washing machine.

Smart washing machines on the domestic market

In our country the modern models, controlled by contactless way, are delivered. Smart washing machines are the choice of people who want to create the most comfortable conditions for themselves.

Samsung WW10H9600EW Model

WW10H9600EW has not only touch screen, rich functionality and pleasant futuristic design but also can boast of controllability via smartphone or tablet.

over, this model is equipped with Eco Bubble technology, that allows the detergent to penetrate better into the fibers of fabrics.

Optimal Wash technology provides automatic laundry washing, and Auto Dispense will pick up the right dosage of conditioner and detergent, saving you the extra hassle of doing it manually.

Eco Bubble function of Samsung allows to wash laundry better

Another interesting model is the WF457. Rich functionality of washing machine provides all the comfort for the user. Smart Control gives you full remote control over the whole washing cycle. This feature is especially relevant for residents of large houses and young mothers, who are “tied” to their babies.

Smart Control lets you know when something goes wrong while the unit is in operation. They won’t just tell you what went wrong, they give you practical troubleshooting advice. Thus, you will be spared the need to study the manual.

Smart Vent Sensing detects contaminated dryer drains. Your smartphone notifies you when it’s time to clean.

The equipment is equipped with an inverter motor, so the manufacturer and establishes a high warranty period. 10 years.

connect, machine, phone


This company offers users SimplyFli washing machines, which are able to do everything at once. Full control with the gadget, multiple prompts of “smart” equipment, control of power consumption and each step of the washing process. Now the only thing you have to do manually is to load the dirty laundry.

Overview of washing machines with self-diagnostic function

Not all Elgie washing machines have such a function. It can be found in the latest models, the price of which is quite high.

The presence or absence of the function, by and large, does not affect the price. It depends on other parameters: drum capacity, number of washing programs, availability of additional functions.

Let’s look at the technical characteristics of several models with the option of error diagnostics.

Model LG FH296WDS is a multifunctional washing machine, with washing class A, energy class A. Has 13 programs for washing clothes. In one cycle, washes up to 6.5 pounds of dry laundry. Spinning speed 1200 rpm. Among the additional options it is possible to note True Steam (steam treatment), technology of 6 Motion (6 directions of rotation of the drum).

Model LG F-10B8ND is a free-standing narrow model, with a capacity of laundry up to 6 kg. Number of washing programs. 13. The maximum drum rotation speed is 1000 rpm. The features of the model include the presence of the load detector, auto-balancing, as well as an intelligent washing system. It will cost about 22 000.

Model LG F-12U2HBS4 is a compact washer, with an interesting design and direct drive system. Has a capacious drum that can wash up to 7kg of laundry in one wash. Its special features are the presence of a fast washing Turbo Wash, technology “6 Movements of Care” and “Tag On”.

As you can see, the Smart diagnosis option in automatic washing machines is a useful and necessary technology. It will help not only to identify quickly a breakage, but also to eliminate it as soon as possible. You can save time and money, because in some situations, calling a master will not be necessary. And the technical support service can improve the quality of services provided. But it is better that in practice you have never had to use self-diagnosis, and your appliances always work properly.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the Smart diagnostics option include:

  • convenience. the check of failures is carried out by the user from the comfort of his home in a few minutes;
  • economic benefit. no need to call a master and pay for diagnosis;
  • In case of serious breakdowns, it is easier for the technician. he knows in advance which spare parts to buy and which tools to take with him;
  • The user saves time. the “call a wizard” step is reduced.

Along with the advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages of Smart diagnostics. Perhaps the main drawback is that there is no guarantee of high accuracy. You can also note that this diagnostic system is a modern development and is present in the latest and non-budget models of LG. The second point is considered a relative disadvantage.

LG Smart ThinQ App Setup & Demo. Front Load Washing Machine

Models with Smart diagnostics

This function is not in every model “LG”, it is equipped only with the latest models, usually from the expensive segment. If you are concerned not only about the technology of quick troubleshooting, but also about the parameters of washing machines, have a look at the features of such models in our review.

LG FH-0B8WD7. “buyers’ choice”

This model earned the maximum score. 5 according to buyers Yandex marketplace.Market. 1 year warranty on the machine and 10 years warranty on the inverter motor Inverter Direct Drive.

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